We’re playing favorites (with Vampires) and think you should too

Dear LTT,

In continuing with our recap of our #RIPTwilight week together (and more specifically the Breaking Dawn Part 2 premiere) we wanted to share a few videos from some of our FAVORITE cast members.

We all know we love the Cullens– I mean Hello Rob yum yum forever. Jackson is WORKING it these days with 100 Monkeys and terrible outfits & hats out of his system. Even though I’m not into the big muscular type, Kellan’s personality makes up for any d-baggery and you have to love a guy who admits to reading The Purpose Driven Life. And Peter Fach is like the world’s best dad.

That’s established. But our favorite cast members as of late have been the newbies. Maybe it’s because they’re active on Twitter & we get to see their personalities. Maybe it’s because we’ve met them in person and shared a meal and some drinks (and they EAT unlike some Cullen girls who I assume do NOT) or maybe it’s just because they’re all-around good people and they deserve to be on our favorite list. Either way, here they are:

We know, you’re busy. No time to watch videos. You have time for these! Trust! 

Erik Odom

Oh Erik, we called you Z-list last year and you read it (and remember it since you mentioned it to us recently) and yet you still talk to us. We weren’t sure what was going on with your jacket at the premiere this year, but it sure was interesting to touch. And we love you because you aren’t afraid to share your deep knowledge of all things Hobby-Lobby. Plus you treat us like we’re not fans (WE AREN’T. WE’RE NORMAL PEOPLE) and your Grandma posts cute things to your Facebook wall:

Toni Trucks

Could this girl be ANY cuter? First she ends tweets with “Beep Beep” (last name is Trucks. It took me a few days to figure that one out. So smart) and then she’s the most real, down-to-earth actress I’ve ever met. Someone give this girl a sitcom. Or a role on Downton Abbey:

JD Pardo

JD is a new addition in 2012 to the “yum” list. Plus he’s on one of our fav new Fall TV shows (Revolution) and is pretty great! From what we can tell in the storyline, they’re making his role even more important, so I think he’ll be around for awhile. We have a joke with JD about visiting Wilmington, NC that comes up every time we see him (listen to the beginning of the interview & you’ll hear it) Plus we will one day do shots together. If we do shots together IN Wilmington I’m pretty sure the world will explode. Or at least the lights will go out (Revolution joke, holllaaaa):

I’ve never done red carpet interviews for any other fandoms, but I can’t imagine they are all as great as the Twilight black carpets. The actors & people involved are great to talk to– even when they get to us at the end after they’ve talk to HUNDREDS of others. I know it’s their JOB and some people are better at it than others, but we’ve had such a great experience with most cast members, especially our new favorite vamps! Oh, 1 of them is a 1/2 vamp if you want me to be technical (SPOILER ALERT)

Hope you love them as much as we do!!!

UC & Moon

Who is your favorite random Twi cast member? Don’t say Rob!

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  • MarbleNutSlut

    Agh. Odom is so super adorable. And I got to meet his mom, too, who is also adorable! And all his Virginia friends on Facebook just give him shit about being all Hollywood and it’s funny. He does talk about sports a lot on Twitter, though, and that is very boring. To me.

    I saw the Hobby Lobby play and zomg. It’s seriously good and intense and Erik does this AMAZING, hilarious “performance art” piece as his teenaged character. It’s just as awful as it sounds, some Idaho teenager thinking he’s all deep and doing performance art…and it ends with him looking meaningfully up into the lights and saying, “Consumerism”. So. Funny. And then he straight up has an panic attack on stage and you Freak. The Fuck. Out.

    Toni Trucks! Beep Beep! How cute is she?!

    Aww. Not being in Tent City is no fun. 🙁

    • Luludee

      Seriously, Toni is so one of us.

  • Luludee

    So did you guys ever get to actually see (any of) them and hang later at the after party?

  • Rina

    Love love love JD Pardo. I also think he should play four in Divergent. He would be perfect.

  • MEH

    I think you should play favorites with the assistants… just saying.

    • oh no worries- my mantel is full of pictures of myself + my favorite assistant. (please believe this is true) x

  • Clara

    Erik, Rami and Guri.

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