#RIPTwilight – Your Stories Day 3

Dear LTT-ers,
Here we go again… I’ve been avoiding these for the last few days… pretty much since the last time I saw Breaking Dawn Pt 2 (without LTT people/UC) made me cry the most. WAAAAAH. Ok, let’s get on with it. Before we jump into your stories I wanted to share one of my own..
The LA/OC Twilight fans/chapter of LTT have been some of the best friends I could ask for. Who else can you call up at 10PM and suggest seeing a show of a terrible band or going to a certain bar “JUST BECAUSE” and they totally get it and meet you there and then act like everything is totally normal? Yup, only your Twilight friends. Since UC and I don’t live in the same city we each have our own band of Twi pals who we’ve done unspeakable things with from grinding with the Bananager to posing with Bobby Long in front of a dumpster to creating a sign with a mullet on it and then taking it to the Runaways premiere. Without these people we wouldn’t have a. had much to blog about b. known how to cope with our Twilight tendencies c. lived!

Remember the red ribbons guys?! Yea, our barely concealed identity worked for a few years and guaranteed we could sort of make fools of ourselves and no one would REALLY know. Now, we just make fools of ourselves sans ribbon (we’re too lazy) when we can pull our old asses out of bed at 10PM to go do something Twi-related. We had some amazing and some regrettable times but I won’t forget one. Now, you better still pick up the phone when I call at 10PM LA ladies! You never know what trouble we’ll get ourselves into now.
And now a note from your guys…

From Proselyte3–

It is with MUCH WOE that I pen my #RIPTwilight letter to LTT/LTR after first finding you in the spring of 2009. You don’t even know, YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW.  And, I’m crying…( stupid, stupid, stupid!!!! )

I remember when I found you, I went back and read all the old posts.  I finally began commenting after awhile, and you all were my morning coffee routine every day for a very long time.  And it was during a period of time that I truly needed an outlet.  I had never been obsessed with a book series, an actor, or anything really before.  It was frenetic, exhilarating, oddly motivating and special.  I’m glad now that I couldn’t channel the intensity into something with structure.  Now that it’s all ending, it brings me happiness to know that my passion was left unchecked and wild.  It was the small bit of freedom I needed, even if it was only in my head…and here (and then Twitter…I blame you all for steering me over there.)
I could write pages on what the last four years have meant to me.  So much.  Thank you Girls for that, for everything. I mean it, dang it.
Much love to my LTT/LTR chicks.  Special shout-out to the original group!  ::gang sign::
Thanks Stephenie for putting your story out there.  Dude.  (ARIZONA REPRESENT!  #Tempe)  <—-I’m old, and I can hash tag wherever I want to girls.
Alright, I’m just dragging this out now because I don’t want to say goodbye.
About three things I am absolutely positive. First, what happened to the last four years of MY LIFE? Second, there is a part of me, and I don’t know how dominant that part might be, that may or may not still love Twilight. And third, I am unconditionally and irrevocably going to miss this. But, hey…

From Bubs —

Hi Moon and UC

Clearly we all hate Ros now

Firstly I have to start by thanking you both for all the effort you’ve put in to make LTT amazing fun.

I didn’t “discover” these incredible books till 2010. Luckily they were all published by then-although I still think Bella should have chosen Jacob.

I remember finding out about LTT through Stephenie Meyer-it might have been when she mentioned that your site came up with “Jorts” or possibly some other time but it prompted me to visit my good friend Google and I found you. It was like coming “home”-everybody related to how addicted I was. Cosi Bella called me her “Twi Twin” [due to our love of Jacob], Sisterpenguin and I bonded over being Aussies [even though she works in London now] etc. etc.

The movies just added to the fun. I was continually blown away by the level of awareness and intelligence in the comments from the girls and occasionally guys, from all around the world. Yep, Twilight and LTT definitely “crossed cultural boundaries”. Boy, will I miss it. I didn’t always have the time to comment but at least I read them. Some day in the not too distant future I hope to be able to pick up a wine or two and go back to day one of LTT and follow it through. That’s on my bucket list.

I wonder if he has to go to the bathroom…

In October I was lucky enough to win a competition that allowed me to attend a Red Carpet Special Fan Event in Sydney for BD2. Rob was the draw card-it was a cold, wet, windy afternoon. I took my husband [who is one very patient and understanding man] and we waited outdoors, along with other fans [wearing rain ponchos] for Rob to arrive. He was 50 minutes late but when he did, the rain ceased and he was very gracious and attentive to all the fans. Following photos n autographs with him, we were entertained in a venue that was decorated to look like a Vampire Disco. Rob came in, sat down and answered questions put to him by a female journalist for about 20 minutes. We were only a couple of feet away from him and it was like we were at a camp fire –sitting, just chilling, drinking mocktails and listening to Rob, nobody screamed or carried on, although he did have us laughing. As it was all happening I kept thinking …how would the girls at LTR be reacting if they were here. I’m attaching some photos taken on the night.

Yeah, the whole Twi world is “special” but Moon and UC you’re both EXTRA SPECIAL. I’m sending you lots of positive energy, from the other side of the world [I’m big on the Law Of Attraction] and hope it helps you in your future endeavours.

To summarize…LTT means “family” to me and I’m very sad to see it finishing :-[ . Although at least I’m on Facebook with you  .

Blessings to all …

Ros [aka Bubs].

From Luludee —

I can’t say for sure how much Twilight in and of itself has really changed my life, other than that it led me here. This is the first and only fandom that I have been a part of and it has been a BLAST!

I was out of work when I first started reading LTT and LTR (back in’09) and the daily posts were often the highlight of my day, as were the conversations in the comments. Seeing and hearing about your (UC and Moon) friendship growth and the development of other friendships (EC & WC Stacey-s for example) has been truly awesome and inspirational! Reading LTT is such an ingrained part of my online routine, it’s going to be weird without it and I will truly miss and cherish all the laughter I’ve enjoyed here. Had I remained only a lurker/reader all these years, the laughter alone would warrant a thank you, but it’s been so much more than that. You guys have created a special little community here and I’ve been privileged to be a part of it. Thank each and every one of you for falling in love with a sparkly vampire (or the Trinity) and coming here to share some silliness with the rest of us! See you over at That’s Normal!

Irrevocably Yours,


P.S. I have a question for you two: I’ve been unable to figure out the meaning behind your screen names and I’m wondering if you would reveal them to us now that we are at the end….assuming they have anything to do with Twilight at all. 🙂

To answer your great question Luludee — I don’t know if we’ve ever officially written about our pen names or just mentioned them in passing. But have no fear my friends, all will be revealed… this is the end after all!

Moon –
Full Screen name: Themoonisdown
Themoonisdown was a name I’d used before we ever started LTT/LTR and had no other Twilight connection than the word “Moon.” It’s actually the name of one of my favorite albums and songs from once upon a time by a lil band called Further Seems Forever. It is also the name of a novel by John Steinbeck. Not for everyone but enjoy:

The lyrics seem oddly appropriate now.
PS Don’t get me started on how many things I own with Moons on them now!

Full Screen name: UnintendedChoice
The words “Unintended Choice” are lyrics from a Muse song called “Unintended” and as we all know, the leading lady herself, Stephenie LOVES her some Muse. UC chose this name when we began the blog.

These lyrics also now seem oddly appropriate.

Actually, I’m kinda creeped out by how closely these songs kinda fit our lives and these blogs. So thanks for that Luludee and thanks to Proslyte3 and Bubs for sending in awesome letters! There’s still some time left, if you want to write a little to LTT or Twilight or what this has all meant to you send us an email with the subject “RIPTwilight” and we’ll post as many as we can.


  • MariaCecilia

    Yes, Ros, LTT and LTR definitely succeeded in crossing all kinds of boundaries – and I mean that in a good way! Cultural, gender, background, literary, sexual, national and second-hand-embarrassing boundaries: the lot. I myself have become a different person thanks to my four years with you guys, and I mean that in a good way – even if all may not agree with me, lol. Sarcasm + love = improved mental health. (Even if I may have become a more sarcastic and dirtier-minded person IRL, too.)
    I have never wanted to meet a celebrity in the flesh before, but I feel differently about Twi-celebs, probably because it’s as if I know them after all the speculating we have done here on their personal habits, hang-ups and likes 🙂 Solomon, never cut your hair!
    And I still think we should wear a pin of a dumpster or something, so that we may recognize one another when we meet. “Oh, you’re an LTT-person, too! Do you remember when..” We’ll be the next veteran group having reunions in bars around the world…

    • MarbleNutSlut

      I will say it again, I am fascinated (Aro Voice) by the amount of people who came to this fandom from a very low place IRL, and who had never done this weirdo fandom thing before. There’s a study in there somewhere.

      ALSO, this reminded me: @goteamseth, please share your Solomon FB story from Fan Camp!

      • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

        There probably is a study in there. I first became aware of the Twilight world through Larry Carroll’s( to who I will be forever greatful) Twilight Tue’s on MTV. I was going through an ugly divorce and health problem at the time and Twilight gave me a place to go to get away from the crap going on in my life.

        • daretodream

          Def a study in there! I was also at a hugely low point IRL and found the Twilight world and LTT/LTR to offer humor above all:), and a chance to escape a bit, envision a different world where ANYTHING could happen—because I sure needed SOMETHING to happen, something to change in the world I was living in. So UC and Moon, you were therapists of a sort…always able to take what came and put the most hilarious spin on it. It was a life lesson of sorts to do the same with whatever came my way IRL. And the community you created was one of goodwill and kindness and ACCEPTANCE of whoever joined the party. I posted maybe twice and lurked every day—so take me as an example of the ‘hidden’ folks who benefitted from the work you put into maintaining this little community. When I would introduce friends to the books, I would always introduce them to LTT/LTR as well…so many memories here I am grateful for…the Rob trucker profile stands out at this moment and the hilarious memes you posted—all classic. I am way too old to have liked these books, but you made it OK:). Thanks for that and everything—what a gift you both are!

          • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

            I think of Twilight, like Romeo and Juliet, its about teenagers, but appeals to all ages.

  • Proselyte3

    All the sads. By the way, what am I supposed to do with all my time now? Work? Bwa hahahahahahaha. No.

  • ashfrag

    Oh man….seeing this completely made my morning….SO many great memories!!! I love those pictures of us, Moon…(haven’t called you that in forever!, btw.) Twilight, to me, was definitely about the friendships, yeah, and some vampires, I guess, (THAT’S NORMAL), I just want to say that, well, because of Twilight, YOU ARE MY LIFE NOW!

    I love you girls.

  • janetrigs

    I hate you bitches

  • Luludee

    I always figured your names came from songs and now I know for sure! Thanks!
    Wow, it’s really starting to hit home now, that it’s the end. :*-(

  • Jazzled

    Oh those ribbons….how do guys hold them on your faces anyways??? (LOL, remember that?!) My introduction to LTT way back when, I’m always good if you need someone to laugh at…Honestly, I don’t know how you guys have nurtured such a long, involved relationship with Twilight (I got bored after Eclipse aired in theaters and haven’t even seen BD Pt 1 or 2 yet…or was it after Jackson knocked his pole dancer up…?) but kudos to you ladies! And to all the fabulous people I’ve met and kept in touch with over the years too. For as second-hand embarrassing as this fandom has the tendency to be, it’s one I’ll never regret joining! xoxoxo

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