#RIPTwilight- Your Stories Day 5 – We’re still not done…

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Dear Twilight,

so this is it. You’re leaving. Fine. We all know how well that worked out last time! But just in case you’ll actually be able to stay away this time, let me tell you a little about what you mean to me, okay?

When you came into my life in 2009, I was in a slump. You energized me, made me remember what it was like to dream impossible dreams, what it was like to be in love. I sort of rediscovered who I was and who I wanted to be, and started making some changes in my life. You brought love, sex and sarcasm back into my life, in that order.

Because then I discovered LTT, and a bunch of fantastic women of various ages who shared one trait: they all knew how to love something passionately, to the point of nerdiness, without ever letting that stop them from fondly poking fun at it, and at themselves. It was like joining a religion where the followers make fun of their religious leaders and gods every day. And a religion with a sense of humor can never turn into a cult. It was also a community where people were generous with their love and support as well as their sarcasm, and where random comments made you think and important issues were raised and dissected tweed seriously. (Like how vampire erections really work.) It made me feel Normal, when not much else did. I will miss it – a lot.

This feels like graduating from college (if you had a good college experience). You know that you have to move on to someplace else, but you really hate leaving all those wonderful friends you’ve made behind. That’s how I feel now that LTT is shutting down, even though I still think our love is forever, Twilight. Not because you’re a bunch of sparkly vampires but because this kind of love IS forever. (And if I kill myself next year, jumping off a high cliff, I will still have had some really fun years with you, so it’s still worth it!)

A thousand hugs and kisses!

P.S. If you see Rob around, tell him he can come to my Halloween party dressed as Edward, anytime. I have Heineken and Hot Pockets. Seriously. Second turn to the left after the dumpster.

“Friendship is born at the moment when one person says to another: “What! You too? I thought I was the only one.” -CS Lewis

Hi ladies,

That’s the quote that came to mind, when I saw your post “The Time has Come”. I knew that inevitably this would be happening, so here I am writing to you one last time. This is what I think of when I think about your blog. I’m not the only one. When I finished reading the Twilight series, back in February 2009, I was all by my lonesome. No one told me about the books or the movies, so it was serendipity that I found you guys. It is through you that I connected to Random Acts of Rob, and met some of my dearest friends there. I also found out about fan fiction, because of The Forum. Without fan fiction, I wouldn’t have been a part of RAoR’s fan fiction fridays. Now I’m a part of a book blog called Bookish Temptations. It’s the circle of life. *giggle*

Here are some of my fondest memories:

Your letter to Xavier Samuel. That’s the first letter I read here. I remember laughing out loud at work, with my head down on the counter. I was thrilled to realize that I was actually normal in my obsession, in the great scheme of things.

Thanksgiving 2009 post. The first time my name is featured on a post. I was so thankful for Edward and Chris Weitz that year.

All Things lead to Twilight. My own personal letter was posted on LTT. How cool is that?

My husband’s letter to Rob. Robert Thomas Pattinson. Seriously, how could I not talk about Rob. When my husband mentioned in passing that he wanted to thank Rob and Stephenie for that matter, I immediately wrote a letter to him, and again it got posted. That’s so normal.

Twilight soundtrack posts. I loved all of the posts about music. There is alot of really great music on my iPod because of you guys.

One day I would love to meet you guys in person, but would probably embarrass myself, being the fangirl that I am. If you are ever in Chicago, give me a head’s up, so we can meet. I’ll buy you a drink. It’s the least I can do, right?

Thanks you guys for bringing so much fun and joy into my life. I look forward to more laughs at That’s Normal too.

Huge crazy fan girl,

Katherine aka katiebird

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