Happy Trails To You… Until We Meet Again…

Dear Twilight,

Whoever thought that four years ago a trip to the bathroom would end up sparking an idea to write a letter to a vampire that would turn into a blog that would turn into a community? Not us, that’s for darn sure. Who knew that what started out, to us, as a way of making sense (and fun) of an obsession with a YA novel about High School-going vampires actually meant so much more than just cheesy jokes about Eric Yorkie and using the word “irrevocable” in just about every way possible? Yea, again not us. But then again the best things in life are rarely planned, they just kind of happen… with a little luck and a freaking lot of work!

The other day when we were both putting the writing of this off we decided to try an pinpoint what the highlight of all of this has been. Of course we couldn’t come up with just one thing (have we ever?) So we came up with:

  • First Comment EVER! (by someone other than us)
  • Red Carpet Premieres (New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn Part 1 and Breaking Dawn Part 2)
  • Sit Down with Best Selling Author
  • Friendships with D-list (but A-list in our hearts) actors
  • Concerts (Sam, Bobby, etc)
  • Being called See You Next Tuesday’s by people on the internet we’ve never met who are way too invested in this crap
  • Watching Robert Pattinson’s Dad eat eggrolls and Melissa Rosenberg leaving the BD part 2 after-party with a to-go plate of cupcakes along with what we think was the entire top layer of a fake Bella & Edward’s wedding cake. Hey, someone’s gotta preserve the memories, right?
  • Rob and Kristen have been in relationships with other people, rumored together, together, cheated on, back together in 4 years.

But the question still remains WHAT HAPPENED TO OREGANO??

Memorable Moments

You know about our big moments — we’ve shared basically everything with you all, but there are other things that have happened that might be small comparatively but have had a HUGE impact on us, on LTT and really stick out as those things we will remember even after amnesia sets in in our old age (Instead of being read a book about our love story like in the Notebook, we’ll have our husbands read us the LTT archives)

2009 Twilight DVD Release-This was the first time we were together since college, and the first time we got to REALLY see the fan madness. We saw Ashley Greene at a, you guess it, HOT TOPIC PLUS we got to meet Kynt from Amazing Race. We’re still not sure who he is…

This guy is kinda famous. Even though he has less twitter followers than LTT….

2010 LTT Party We left our first LTT party & snuck upstairs to come up with last minute trivia questions for the LTT prizes we had to give away. There was this moment when we just looked at each other and realized, “Holy crap– there are 50 people downstairs, many of whom we JUST met today, and the rest who we did not know before a year and 1/2 ago.. all here because of LTT” It was so surreal.

2010 Meeting Stephenie: But more specifically we remember the day we were told we were chosen to interview Stephenie Meyer. Moon quickly RAN to the office elevator to have a scream while UC was frantically googling Stephenie’s assistant’s name because she was convinced the email was a hoax.

And then Officially outing ourselves at the Stephenie Meyer interview. No more red ribbons, no more hiding and most of you probably figured out our REAL names. (Noreen & Bunny of course!)

2011 It’s Offical In 2011 we officially became followed by @Twilight – Hope everyone at Summit enjoyed all that terrible fan art we retweeted!

2011 Breaking Dawn Part 1 We will never forget our first red-carpet experience with Breaking Dawn Part 1

2012 We did it Together There are so many memorable moments from this year… from going to the edit Bay & seeing the musty edit room where Bill Condon made it happen to SCREENING STEP UP 4 (duh). We saw Stephenie a few times, and ended it all with a PERFECT Red Carpet experience TOGETHER (Those screams of joy when we learned we could represent both LTT & That’s Normal on the carpet and be TOGETHER was something We’ll never forget. Thank you to a fellow G&R fan…)

Since we discussed the highlights and memorable moments we had to wonder about the regrets from the past four years…


Never been to Forks, WA – Tragic, we know. But we vow, in fact we’ve actually already been talking about making a little pilgrimage one day up to the town that Bella and Edward call home. And yes, we SO want to do all the cheesy stuff… cause it’s a Forks trip and we couldn’t possibly miss going to Newton’s Outfitters or the Thrift Way or to see Dr. Cullen’s reserved parking spot (we’re told this actually exists) and we most definitely couldn’t miss out on having a Vitamin R with some local dude with a mustache who we’ll call Charlie but will really be named Bob. Shhh Bob… less talking… just go along with it.

Only person we’ve never interviewed: Kristen Stewart – We’re not sure what to say about this one other than how could we have made it four years without every having a truly personal encounter? We will not miss your (crazy) fans Kristen, but we regret not actually getting to chat for a minute. How wouldn’t want to see the hair toss or the lip bite/sigh thing up close and personal?

Never got to meet Big Daddy. Nevermind, that’s really our ONLY regret.

We truly tried to come up with more regrets than this, but how can you have regrets when everything has been SO MUCH MORE than you ever could have imagined? We just thought we’d be sitting in our offices on opposite sides of the country writing about Twilight between emails and expense reports, never actually being A PART of the fandom. Who would have thought Stephenie Meyer would turn out to be so cool and down to earth? Who would have thought we’d meet people on the internet who were just like we were and didn’t really want to make a skin suit of of us?

Speaking of people who didn’t want to wear UC & Moon skin suits…

You will never be forgotten.

That’s right– We’re talking to you. YOU. Maybe we know you because you’re a real life friend we convinced long ago to read silly rants about vampire stuff- Thanks for still loving us. Maybe we met you because of LTT and we rarely even talk about Twilight anymore- Thank you for talking to us about Twilight long ago. Maybe we’ve talked occasionally or even just once or twice via e-mail or online– Once or twice was not enough time with you. And to you lurkers who we’ve never talked to, whose names we don’t know and lives we know nothing of, we don’t know why you decided to spend your time on LTT but we’re SO glad you did. YOU have changed our lives. YOU are LTT. We are just two girls having a huge laugh by ourselves and we so glad you joined in. It would take all the words in all four Twilight books, plus Midnight Sun, plus Bree Tanner & whatever is written on Buttcrack Santa’s gravestone to put together the words that tell you how much you mean to us. So we’ll leave you with that. Know that you have been imprinted (<– couldn’t resist) on our hearts. Forever.

UnintendedChoice and Themoonisdown

Moon’s Last Letter
UC’s Last Letter

Dry your eyes. We’ll still be friends. Just because we’re not posting new letters to LTT anymore doesn’t mean you won’t hear from us. Make sure you Sign-up for That’s Normal e-mail notifications. (submit your email up top) We promise we’ll still be discussing Twilight over there. We’re gonna be tweeting the crazy for a long time to come so follow along: @letter2twilight. And what would Facebook be without the occasion 2nd-hand embarrassing post from us? LTT on Facebook

  • janetrigs

    I will stop calling you hookers and saying I #HATE you (even though I really do) to say, THANK YOU. Thanks for all the cullen smiles and other laughs and inside jokes and new friends and the trips to LA and the Jason Segal encounters and the Mr. Choice drinks and all of the past four years. But as I was just discussing with Brookie, it’s not like we never will speak again, or that our little community is dying…:

    Janetrigs: But it’s like High School, The people who will want to keep in touch, always will
    BrookeLockart: right
    some will remain friends and join us in college
    some we’ll see outside of college.

    And so it will be…..

    See you at that next Frat Party or just for coffee at the local coffee shop.

    • there were clicks: mean girls, popular kids, nerdy kids, goofers, and the loner.

      And Twilight brought us all together. xo

      • Guess I just outed myself. Hahah.

        • Sisterpenguin

          That’s normal

    • See ya for Thirsty Thursday!

  • HeyyyBrother

    Remember when I first found you and I wrote you that email where I called you guys my “soul mates” and you weren’t creeped out? That was cool.

    I know it’s been a while since I’ve shown my face (panda ears and all) around here, but thank you for being an outlet for my crazy when I needed it most. It was a pleasure making fun of Twilight and PT Cruisers with you over the years.

    Congratulations on 4 excellent years of fun. See you around on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc, etc, etc.


  • TeamJacobEdward

    *sits motionless, ready to watch months of emptiness pass while Lykki Li plays around me*

    …So tell me when you hear my heart stopYou’re the only one that knowsTell me when you hear my silenceThere’s a possibility I wouldn’t knowSo tell me when my sigh is overYou’re the reason why I’m closedTell me when you hear me fallingThere’s a possibility it wouldn’t show….

    Or maybe I’ll find my “Jacob” over at That’s Normal. Yeah. Maybe that instead.

    Thank you for demonstrating Twi #Normal on our behalf.

  • operarose

    I am all out of words… so I’ll just send you virtual hugs and one of those little bottles. xoxox

  • I am filled with sadness! I am also filled with a bunch of great memories and new friends! (I just got a Christmas card from my darling friend, Snowwhitedrifted and I wrote one to Team Seth. Yes, I know…I owe you an email TJE!)

    Remember that time, UC you called my house and asked me to talk to my accountant husband (aka Seth Green look alike) about tax advice? He then found out about my Internet friends, the blogging and the writing of Fanfiction. Fun times. (Actually, I was super excited to help until he wanted me committed for bring obsessed with “Harry Potter with Vampires.”)

    Anyway, I love the posts you girls wrote and made me giggle and it was so much fun writing letters to you guys with Snowwhitedrifted!

    So I shall follow you two to That’s Normal. Thanks for the fun UC and Moon!

    Hugs! EC Stacey

    • awww I forgot about calling your husband!!! Ohhhh the weird things I’ve done in the name of Twilight !

  • Awe, I keep hearing the (orig) 90210 HS graduation promo with “Don’t Dream It’s Over” playing in the background. And this, cuz I’m ol: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=liarrDZqG0E

  • Laxplays

    Wow, we have reached the end my friends. I thank you from the bottom of my Spanx, for the laughs, WTF moments and general craziness, these past few years You girls worked so hard on this site and I thank you.

    It wouldn’t be right, if Edward Cullen didn’t have the last word,

    “No measure of time with you, will be long enough. But we’ll start with forever”

    Forever in my memories girls!


  • Sisterpenguin

    Just… Thank you

  • Jordan

    Wow. This is pretty surreal. I can’t believe that it’s been four years since I first discovered Twilight, and nearly that long since I found LTT! There’s no way I wasn’t going to leave a comment today. UC and Moon, I’m so happy that this has turned into everything that it has, and I’m tremendously grateful for being able to know the two of you – and many other wonderful people – because of it. I also want to say Thank You for allowing me to be a part of it.

    Reading about all of the positivity and happiness and love that this site and this community have brought into people’s lives never, ever, ever gets old. I hope that everyone keeps it going, too, in whatever way(s) work best for each of you, whether it’s Twitter, That’s Normal, real-life hang-outs, Facebook, Skype, 3:00 a.m. text messages, or anything else. Don’t let the outside world take you away from each other. We’re all stronger than that, and all of this is just way too good to be allowed to go by the wayside.

    I love each of you, and I’m not going anywhere. Don’t be a stranger. I’d love to talk with you, or, for the newer LTT-ers, to get to know you for the first time.

    Also, I’m still on Team Alice. 4 LYFE.


    • awwww our original Unicorn! we love your holiday text messages– they mean so much:)

  • BeaDee

    Thank you for all the laughs and the little virtual community, girls. Thanks for posting my letters… and not sending the ones too lame to post back to me with nasty comments 🙂 Thanks for asking the Meyer my question at the BD1 premiere so that I’ve 2nd hand talked to her. Thanks for the new site so there’s still somewhere to come hang out with you!

  • Luludee

    Got in my car to come back to work after lunch and A Thousand Years was on the radio. That’s how long I’ll love you guys!! 😀

  • Thanks for the laughs ladies.
    Thanks for replying to my stupid tweets that I never expected to get a reply to.
    Thanks for making me smile every time I read a post (and maybe cry over these last few posts).
    Thanks for validating my Twi obsession – now I know the response to any of my random thoughts #thatsnormal
    Thanks for the snark.
    Thanks to all the regular commenters too – you make UC and Moon’s posts just that little bit funnier!

    I wish I had been able to meet some of you IRL life has had other plans for me (including being stuck in Australia with no money as I am a crazy poor uni student) I loved being able to live my Twi crazy vicariously through you all!

  • TeamSeth

    While I don’t want to wear your skins (quietly puts lotion back into the basket), I still am in love with that white dress you wore to the BD1 premiere, UC. Like stare at it and want it a lot in love with.

    (long sigh)

    I’ve been listening to “Ours” by The Bravery. It’s really the most fitting song for this letter reading. Thank you again, for this blog and this community of people. My husband has been more sensitive about LTT ending than about Twilight ending… he knows that I don’t really like Twilight all that much 😉 Only because of this blog have I kept up with it. I still don’t own the books, and I’ve only read Eclipse once and seen it twice. But jorts and fursplode and green=good and purple’s cool and little bottles. THAT SHIT LIVES ON FOREVER.

    “After today, who knows where we’ll be tomorrow.
    What if we’re never here again?!
    After tonight, this will be a lifetime ago,
    so let’s stay up until the sky bleeds red.

    Gone like a dream
    that I have just awoken from,
    Fading away just out of reach.
    And we are here,
    but I already miss you!
    Even as you’re lying next to me.

    This time is ours.
    This time is ours.”


    (Unbookmarks LTT on personal and work computer)
    (Opens Little Bottle from Buttcrack Santa. No really, I have one)

    (Clicks over to That’s Normal, where they apparently discuss great things like Smolderholder, Doctor Who, Revenge and Craig Fergie!)
    (Takes a shot of little bottle Absolut)

    Let’s Do This!!!!!


    • I’m coming over with you, Team Seth! You had me at Smoulderholder. (Actually, I was coming anyway…)

      • Sj_nuiph

        TWSS *snigger*

    • Sj_nuiph

      wait for meeee!

    • KStewBoy

      “Unbookmarks LTT on personal and work computer”

      Of all the things I’ve read here over the last week, why does THIS make me weepy?!

      I am not removing my links. Not for a long time.

  • thischickrunswithvampires

    I haven’t posted in a verrry long time, but I was so sad to see LTT, one of my favorite guilty-pleasure sites, saying it’s last goodbyes. I was here a lot, back when I only had one ankle-biter to chase around. First found you when I googled “Edward’s white sleeveless shirt,” because I couldn’t wrap my head around it…

    Then fell in love with all of your posts, and the hilarious comments.

    Feeling quite melancholy, with the last letters posting to LTT, and the final movie under my belt. Thank you for SO many laughs over the years. For making me feeling normal and crazy all wrapped into one. For calming down my initial Twilight-madness. I hope your next chapter is just as thrilling. I heart you. 🙂

  • Julie

    Now I finally understand how Bella felt when Edward left her…
    But we’ll meet up under the clock tower (aka That’s Normal)!

    Thanks for the great times, for being complete strangers (but not at all seeming like strangers) yet making me laugh until I literally cried, and for an amazing 4 years of ridiculousness!

    See ya on the flip! (aka That’s Normal!)

    Thanks, UC and Moon!

  • It’sJustMe

    I’m sad that LTT is closing up shop. It’s the one blog that made me feel like it’s okay to like Twilight. I’m especially sad that I didn’t post more and get to know all of you. There are some pretty awesome people here! Hopefully I can remedy some of that over at That’s Normal…

  • Sj_nuiph

    FERK! I finally understand Bella. I don’t want to be rational and move on with Jacob, I must have my Edward!

    • Sj_nuiph

      But I do love my Jacob *sigh*

  • Snuggler

    Sad panda! Although I’ve only posted a couple of times over the last two and a half years, I’ve enjoyed everything you’ve done, yes, in a stalkerish way. I’ll miss Twilight, but we have to be adult now and put away childish things. That’s Normal I suppose…. (but still not grown-up!)..thanks for everything, and see you on the other side…

  • Sue G.

    Thanks for 4 years of Twi-fun! My only regret is never being able to travel out west for all your Twi-fun. Life tends to get in the way with 3 teenage girls! See you over at That’s Normal!

  • HEA-Girl

    I can’t believe it’s over. Funny I can’t remember how I found LTT but I remember relaying your antics and comments to my mom since she was into this Twilight madness with me. You were the first thing I would read in the mornings at work and then wonder if anyone heard me chuckle and hope they didn’t ask why. You also introduced me to fanfiction. So for that my husband hates you, just kidding. (Not really, he’s pissed) Thanks for all the laughs. I’ve already signed up for TN so I won’t have to drink my coffee alone. Way to go ladies in bringing people together and sharing the love.

  • SarahK

    Wish I had posted more over the last few years, if only to tell you thank you, thank you, thank you every single day. This was truly the only place where my Twilight obsession ever felt Normal, and that is priceless. You deserve every good thing that comes out of LTT. Keep up the great work over on That’s Normal, girls! I promise I will be reading, and laughing, (and maybe even sometimes commenting!) every day, right along with your many loyal followers. Because you are the smartest, funniest, coolest chicks out there. Trust me. You don’t know how long I waited for you.

  • The Old One

    I’ve been in denial, refused to read the posts or write a letter or a comment but finally succumbed today. It really is irrevocably over. Must go back to real life and be the grumpy old thing I’m supposed to be, not an eternal teenager in love with a dream! I’ve loved every minute, but this is goodbye.
    Of course, I’ll always love you… in a way.

  • Guest

    Better late than never ~
    From lurker, to dedicated liker, to
    occasional commenter — I’ve
    looked forward to each new post on LTT (and the comments) since
    shortly after New Moon premiered in Nov ’09. (And then went back and
    caught up beginning with the very first post.) My friend who insisted I
    go with her
    to see NM, is still to this day the only person who gets it. Only
    she’s a workaholic. Helping to run her mom’s shop and at the same time
    taking on a new shop of her own, she’s back to working 7 days a week
    (from 6). She’s
    never had time to finish reading the books past a few chapters in
    Eclipse — but we’ve gone to every movie together and afterwards I
    explain all the details from the books that fill in the story for her.
    Beyond her, it’s only the LTT community that knows (and more
    importantly, understands).

    Best laid plans ~
    “Real life” has
    been beeeyond crazy (translate that into 8 surgeries in my
    immediate family — all successful thankfully) since late summer. I
    wanted (and planned) to make the trip to LA for the party at the Library
    to meet all
    of you incredible LTT’ers so much! But it was not to be (another
    surgery… mine). There hasn’t been time for “the end”. It all seemed
    rushed (in my mind). November seemed so far away — and then it all
    jumbleduptogetherintoafuzzyblur. Even the soundtrack dropped just days
    before the movie premiered. With my mom finally home
    recovering and feeling much better (the latest and hopefully last of the
    surgeries of 2012) I finally went and saw BD Pt 2
    last Saturday night for the first time. By the way, the theater was
    pretty damn full for it being 3 weeks since the premiere. And this week I
    dedicated some quiet time each
    day to sit and read all of the #RIP letters everyone wrote on LTT along
    with Moon and UC’s final posts. Wonderful! That is what every single
    one of you
    are. Absolutely wonderful! And brilliant! And funny! And genuine.
    I’m so looking forward to a Forks Reunion in ’13!

    Wishing you all a beautiful and joyful winter holiday season and lots of good fortune and happiness in 2013!!

    See you all over at #That’sNormal.


    • cyndibear

      Sorry for the wonky post. It’s the thought that counts right? Disqus keeps eating up my post, adding it’s own carriage returns, and calling me a “guest”. ~Classic~

  • just me

    girls and boy, please, vote for Rob on E!online, he can’t lose after winning for four years in a row, it’s been his year:

    you can find it on Robssessed


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