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What I’ve learned from Twilight by UnintendedChoice

I’m kicking off our day of last LTT letters ever (yes, this day has come). Moon’s post will be up at 10 am and you can catch our last, joint letter at 12 pm ET.

Dear Twilight,

As I’ve thought about you coming to an end, the transition of LTT to That’s Normal and this chapter closing in my life, I’ve been reflecting on how much I’ve changed over the past few years and what I’ve learned.

Here are a few examples:

I gained 5 pounds. Let’s say that’s from stress-eating during all the “ARE THEY AREN’T THEY DOING IT ON THE BEAR-SKIN RUG” questioning I’ve done. Back when this started I was the most perfect age of 25, now I’m about to turn 30 and will cease to exist (<– yep I’m being that girl). When we started all this I had short hair and now my hair is long. Thats all. That’s the only way I’ve changed.

No that’s just the superficial stuff- I’ve changed big time on a deeper level. I think back to UC in 2008– and I’m much more confident. In the past I wasn’t a risk-taker. These days… I’m less afraid of risks & the unknown. LTT has taught me so many things about what I’m good at (and NOT good at) and I know a ton more than I ever realized! My job changed because of LTT. I actually get paid to do marketing online which is a skill I learned mostly from running a blog.

I’ve learned that some of the (okay a lot of the) Twilight fans are weird. Really weird. But everyone comes to Twilight with a story- and that theme is the same. “I had a hard time in life & Twilight picked me up. Twilight reminded me of love or better days. Twilight introduced me to people who got me through.” And that is not weird. That’s beautiful.

I’ve made countless friends online. I used to think only weirdos met online, but I was wrong. Normal, amazing, exciting, talented and beautiful people meet online. And I’m so glad they do because I now have friends all over the world!

My beautiful LTT friends from Belgium.. right before we had drinks at TGIFridays in NYC!

I met some famous people– and my most favorite meeting by far was meeting Stephenie Meyer. I still remember the day she gave LTT a shout out on her blog like it was yesterday. And then the day when we got the email from her assistant-life handler Meghan inviting us to interview her- I can remember where I was standing when I called Moon. And meeting Stephenie for the first time was an incredible experience- because she was so normal and down-to-earthAnd liked us. I still don’t understand it! I liked Stephenie before I met her because she created this world I love so dearly, but I like her even more now that I’ve met her, hugged her and got to apologize for nick-naming her husband after Mexican food. Stephenie has always treated us like we’re old pals catching up over drinks (virgin for her!) at The Olive Garden.

Oh yeah… plus once Moon leg hitched her and I made that TERRIBLE face..

I met others with similar stories When LTT began I was coming out of a really dark place– I shared my story on our 1st anniversary. But I have years that I don’t remember before Twilight. And LTT was my distraction– a distraction that aided my healing.

One of the biggest surprises with LTT was meeting as many people as I have that have lost parents– I feel especially close to girls who have lost their mothers when they were far too young too, but losing a parent long before their time is so similar no matter the circumstance. My life has been enriched by these amazing women.

I have an incredibly supportive husband who not only tolerated the many many hours and late nights and bursts of laughter from the other room and screams of joy (and sometimes horror) over things he’ll never really understand, but embraced LTT. He came with me to midnight showings, he made drinks for our parties, he met, entertained and came to love so many of my LTT friends. Very few husbands would be as supportive as Mr. Choice has been, and I’m a very lucky girl!

Moon and I are stuck together forever. Moon and I were friends before this– we loved chatting online about old school memories or making fun of stuff we both loved to hate, but I can’t imagine LTT with anyone but her. LTT wouldn’t exist with anyone but her. We went from friends who probably would have seen each other a few times over our lifetimes to close friends who feel weird when we go more than a day without talking.

My love for Moon is as much as I can fit in this little bottle… (that’s a lot.)

Moon is one of my dearest and closest friends- we have memories together that no one else has. We’ve had moments of just looking at each other as if to say “Is this our life?” and know the other one gets it. She truly is my Twi-soulmate, and no matter if we give up on TN (not happening!) and life sweeps us up and keeps us from our daily chats, I know that we will forever be able to pick up the phone or grab endless breadsticks and reminisce about this life-changing experience we both went through together.

And You. I could gush over you forever and forever. Yes you. And I did. But Moon and I are going to share that part together in our joint letter.

So for one last time. Thank you, Twilight. For everything.


  • sweetinator88

    Soooo saaaaadddddd!!!
    I’ve always been more of a lurker than a commenter but this blog has meant a lot to me for a long time!
    I found it just when I thought I was the only one who didn’t either hate twilight or get Edward’s face badly tattooed on myself
    I was so happy to find other people who loved Twilight but at the same time could to make fun of it
    And make fun of it you did!
    I don’t even know how many times this site made me crack up
    I could see myself coming back and reading the archives every time I do something twilight related lol
    And I will always remember when you guys posted my letter on LTR!!!
    Thank you so much!!!

  • I can’t believe it’s over. I can’t believe I’ve been following you for years (!) now. Wow. I did have tears in my eyes when the credits rolled after the last movie was over. So much has changed over those last few years. I had another baby, I moved from Germany to Canada, met so many new people, started a new life. It was great coming here and having a place to share my obsession with others. I still love Twilight and always will!

    • itshowtimenikki

      ive cried all four times ive seen it in the theaters.

  • MrsKowski

    *wipes tear* Well said UC, well said!! We are eternally grateful for the time and effort you put in and sacrifices Mr. Choice has made in order to make this part of our twi-world what it is/was.
    Thank you.

  • Melissa Twilightlover

    So sad. How did the last 4 years go so quickly?? I miss the pre-NM days when the hype was so BIG. I could walk into Border, B&N and even Walmart to get my Twi-fix. Thanks for countless LOL posts and snark. My thoughts are similar to yours: A simple book about a girl and her vampire has given me so much. I can’t imagine how different my life would be if my hubs had not insisted I but the paperback book while we stood in Walmart. I read the back, made a face upon reading vampire and out it down. He cajoled me to buy it and the rest is history (much to his chagrin.) 😉

    • itshowtimenikki

      right?! SO quick.

      and i too used to just walk in those stores and stand and look. HA.

  • Roni G.

    OME! This letter pretty much sums up my feelings. I will miss you girls!

  • ashfragn

    Ugh…tears. I love you gals so much. Thanks for the memories 🙂 Best letter ever…and now on to new adventures. Xoxox

    • Blondieinco

      Well said! Thank you UC!!

    • yay! so many more adventures

  • UC – I’ve been reading this blog since 2009, but I never knew your story…and I never really realized why I loved Twilight so much until you put it into words. It literally saved me too from a hard time in my life and helped me find myself again. Thank you, THANK YOU for writing LTT and LTR with Moon and for making me laugh outloud at your “break-it-downs” with Moon. BTW – Can you post your very first letter?

  • VixB

    I <3 you! That is all.

  • BrookeLockart

    Thanks, UC. I’m totally crying at work.

    Let’s make Mr. Choice buy us drinks tonight.

    Love you all.

  • fangbanger

    Aww… I haven’t read or commented in so long but I’ve gained so many friends from this ickle twilight sight that I had to say goodbye. Good luck in your future endeavours! Twilight and you all have a special place in my heart!

    <3 Angel/fang/fangbanger/I can't remember what my screen name was whoops.

  • MarbleNutSlut

    **ugly cries**

  • janetrigs

    OH MY GOSH!!! I cannot handle this!! It’s breaking my heart! Stop making me have the sads and make me laugh!! Ok…..I will miss you too.

  • TeamJacobEdward

    *whines* But I’m not ready!!

  • Luludee

    Love you UC!! <3

  • operarose

    Well said as always UC! I will miss you but then again I will continue to follow you on TN. Glad you learned so much and got so much out of this experience. 🙂

  • alice_av

    Thank you, I will now go a cry in the office bathroom buaaaaa

  • itshowtimenikki

    Hey remember that time we totally ended out letters the exact same way?!?!? Yea, me too.

    Ditto-> “LTT wouldn’t exist with anyone but her.”

  • BeaDee

    Awwwwww! Y’all + pregnancy hormones are gonna kill me today. Think I’d better go read the other two post and have my cry and then take a nap to recover!

  • BeaDee

    I can’t comment on Moon’s letter for some reason, so I’m back here to say I’m so glad you decided to photoshop Taylor w/ alpacas instead of going to med school… it makes taking my little ones to fairs and petting zoos so much more entertaining! I’m just the crazy lady giggling under her breath from the moment we see the alpacas…

  • TeamSeth

    I’m listening to “Edward Leaves” on repeat, eating leftover enchiladas. (deep breath) The song totally came to the swelling point right after he kisses her on the forehead and vanishes RIGHT WHEN I got the line: “So for one last time. Thank you, Twilight. For everything.”

    And I totally started to cry. I couldn’t even control it. Stupid, shiny UC.

    Okay, next letter. *Cues “Possibility”* (so glad NM score and soundtrack exists)

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