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The following *super* special friends are some of our favorite sites. Best yet, Buttcrack Santa agrees with us and actually personally requested we link to them here when he was on his deathbed (err deathboat). We can’t deny Buttcrack Santa his dying wish, so without further ado:

New Moon Movie Spunk Ransom TwiCrackAddict

*You cannot achieve this level of greatness. You must be asked.


86' Rabbit The Danger Magnet Whimsical Ficery Eyes of Amber
Indie Twi Fic awards I saw Forever in my Never Irish Twilight Fans
Make me a Vamp Twilight Moonlighter Not an Addikt On a Special Diet
Puerto Rican Twilighters
The Cullz Family The Twilight Sisterhood
Touched by Twilight
Twifans Twilight Lounge Twilight Braz TwiRemedyr
TwiFic Promotions TwiFicNews

Clevver TV
Peace Love Twilight

Mt Fairytale Life
Swedish Twilight Moms
The Cullen Coven
The Irish Twilight Sisters
The Volturi Approves

Total Eclipse
Twilighter 4 Fitness
Twilight Blog
Twilight Gossip Girl
Twilight Hijinks

Twilight Lounge
Twilight News from MTV
Twilight Whisper

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