Crazies in motion

Dear Crazies-

In honor of UC’s post over at LTR honoring the crazies, I thought I’d put together a video tribute post to you all! I present some of my favorite YouTube Twilight related crazies, freak outs and general 2nd hand embarrassment.

Love you crazy freaks!

This Twi-mom takes the cake for either freakin craziest woman alive or so funny she’s come full circle and right back to crazy. Kudos!

More whack-a-doo’s after the cut!

This crazy goes on for 9+ minutes about Stephenie Meyers with flipping cold cream on her face… honey, I don’t know what look you were going for but it looks like someone took a moneyshot right on your face. ew. If you watch all of this maybe you should send us a letter cause you’re whacko

One word (hyphenated): crazy-eyes!
ps the term is “CAST” my dear

this is your brain on twilight-crack. if you watch no other videos, watch THIS ONE!

9+minutes of nerds video taping themselves waxing poetic about the Twilight cast but totally pronouncing things incorrectly: COLIN, s-ME, pattERson, pattesson, patterinson

Seriously, they should make you pass some sort of mental evaluation of competency test before you’re allowed to buy a web cam, or get a YouTube account.

PS none of these videos features the glow worm. We’ll save glow worm for an extra special post some day.

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