Worlfpack pride!

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Dear Wolves-

Shhhhh what I’m about to tell you is TOP SECRET!! Ok, ready?

I’m having second thoughts…

I feel like a traitor for saying this around these parts… but for the first time I think I get it! After the photos of the wolfpack came out this week I can say I understand what all the fuss is about with Team Jacob. Only I want to call it Team Wolves! You boys are smoking hot and every kind of WIN I can think of. It got me thinking ‘wow, the Cullens seem kinda Pansy-ish all of a sudden and maybe the Wolves really could take them in a fight!’ I know!! I know, don’t spread it around but you’re totally making me have second thoughts.

I also gotta say that this is the first time I’ve felt really excited about New Moon after seeing you guys I was like let’s get this OOONNNN and I mentally started picking out songs in my head for the wolfpack and when that happens I KNOW I’m interested! While driving to work “Woman” by Wolfmother came on and all I could see was Jacob shredding on a motorcycle in a hot leather jacket!

I’ll always be Team Edward in the end but for Bella to be able to move on we needed some kind of convincing and boy, did we ever just get it. Now, I feel like this is totally possible. These guys are showing up ready to DO WORK SON! (name that quote). Now with hunky, hot, do-able Wolves this is easier to swallow and is already making me itch to pull out New Moon and Eclipse and read them again right now, just to imagine you boys as those characters. With you Wolves the fights in Eclipse are completely plausible now and I’m DYING to see how this all turns out.

I was talking to good pal Lula about how you guys are hot red blooded American MEN, real men and how this makes us feel like we’re cheating on Edward. I feel a little naughty and I like it! I just can’t help myself now. No need for Team Switzerland and we get Team Jacob finally but ef all that noise we wanna call it TEAM WOLVES, stand up and declare yourselves folks!

BIG UPS to casting, Chris Weitz, the PA, WHOEVER it was that made THIS happen I can totally see it now.

I feel the trembling, would you please phase me?


  • brummielover


  • trixi

    yes! can’t wait to see them less bundled up!

  • I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. Ick.

  • JBell

    Um hello?! Big Black son! It’s tough in tha streets, son!

    • themoonisdown

      WINNER!! do work!

  • DO WORK, SON!!!!!

    Amen. Love me some Rob and Big.

    And Summit’s casting department DID WORK. Fo’ sho’! I give them an enormous thumbs up on this…suddenly, New Moon is shaping up to be a lot better than I originally hoped. (Still fasting and praying, of course…)

    I love Edward. He is my hero and I will always be loyal to him, bar none. But these wolves? DELICIOUS! Truly fantastic.

    Yes, they are some hot-blooded men. And there ain’t a thing wrong with that.

    • themoonisdown

      giiiirrrrlllll you know in the end Edward will ALWAYS win but in the mean time this is some niiiice eye candy!

  • These guys def fit the bill. Now I’m more excited to see Eclipse then anything, cause I want to see these hot men in action, kicking some serious vampire butt.

    I have the Team Edward shirt (yes, I know, but look AND not at my boobs, but the shirt: http://twitpic.com/279it), so we know where my loyalties lie, but these boys are gonna make the time Rob isn’t on the screen not quite so depressing.

  • “Phase me baby” loves it.

    moon- am i gonna have to fight you for the dorky wolf? You know I declared him mine when these pics first came out…

    • trixi

      the dorky wolf is a super cutie!

    • themoonisdown

      NOOOO i want the adorkable one!!! we’ll have the little edwards arm wrestle this weekend for him.

      2nd runner up that red shirt guy!

  • vickyb

    Moon, I think I might cross the lines with you on this one too! The more news that comes about New Moon the more relieved I am that Catherine H. is no longer involved. Filming hasn’t even started and already Chris W. is way ahead….those wolves are YUMMY!

    • ur right vickyb… i am glad CH isn’t involved either…

    • amen! fresh new badass director! Team Wolves!

      • themoonisdown

        amen sister!! this is shaping up to be the shiiiizzzz. good riddence CH, thanks for helping the first time around but onward and upward!

    • I bought her book, but I’m gonna have to agree that it seems like Chris gets it more than CH.

      I’ll blame the low budget for her.

    • Thank goodness! People are finally coming around on the CH thing! I’m not ready to call Golden Compass Boy my hero, but I knew he could do better than CH. The Armored Polar Bears give me hope for fur-sploding wolves.

  • Glad I’m not the only one who has found her way over to the dark side 😉

    It’s getting hot in here…

    I could go on and on, LOL…but I need to get some work down before the Twilight DVD finds it’s way into my clutches…I’ll never get any work done ever again.

    • themoonisdown

      the dark side is feeling awfully warm and cozy!

  • Tigerlily

    I always thought that a man might be good for directing NM because it could be so boy-licious and have a such a red-blooded masculine vibe that the tone-on-tone neutrals of the Cullens lack. And when Chris W was talking about adolescent boys and werewolves in USA Today, I felt like he got it.
    I started thinking of the pack whenever I hear Destiny’s Child’s “Soldier,” because I kinda think they’re BALLERS like that.

  • Emmmes

    OK, so THIS is what I’m talking about!!

    I never really got the whole Teams thing cause I was always INTO the Wolves ( I mean please… hot red blooded American MEN…hello….SEXY ).
    But Moon you just made so much sense…I’ve never been Team Jacob…I’ve been TEAM WOLVES since the second Jake phased in Bella’s dream.

    Cause God..I’d love me some Wolf action and putting faces to the Pack…and not just any faces THOSE faces (and tan skins,and pecks,and six packs,and long shiny black hair….is it me or is it getting really hot in here??)…is making New Moon seriously RoCK right now!

  • Jessica G.

    Anyone else notice how edward-esque that black peacoat is? especially in the second picture…

  • wow

    ooooooo I’m getting a fever…

    • JBell

      Are you phasing Malia??? LOL

      • Emmmes

        can you feel the tremors coming …hands shaking?

        • Ohhh I’m feeling it!

    • themoonisdown

      baby i got that fever!!!

  • peculiar1

    Taylor is definitely looking HOT!
    Will it be an even competition?? dkw

    • Emmmes

      Can u imagine him saying “does my being half naked bother you” and all of us at the movie theater …NOO!!

  • carter.hearts.rob

    I can’t discriminate when fine, built young men come into the picture. Thus, I’m totally on the dark side now. I love me some Rob/Edward/Robward, but come on.

    Lainey, let’s get some new pics, stat! I need more fodder for my fantasies!

  • I totally agree! Team Edward till I die but the Wolfpack is lookin’ smokin’!! Come on New Moon!!! Thank you Movie Gods for this gift to distract us a little from the absence of Rob.
    BTW: Do work son! Christopher Big Black Boykin in da house!!

  • j

    I am sooooo glad stephenie made it clear in the books that the boys wear as little clothing as possible in case they need to phase….can’t wait to see the images of this in my mind to end up on the big screen!!

  • ” I feel a little naughty and I like it”

    Love it. Love you.

  • Ashley

    Thank you, Casting Directors. Hellooooo Team Wolves.

  • Amanda

    Welcome the the dark side ladies! I was waiting for someone to join me.

    • It’s nice and toasty over here. I like it!

  • hahaha – “talk nerdy to me” is classic

  • Sass

    Wow. All of this talk about hot, young, well muscled wolf men is making me a bit feel a bit like er, well, um, a bitch in heat.

  • hahahahhaa. TEAM WOLVES. they are pretty amazingly gorgeous.

  • brummielover

    Hey soooo which was in Embry? Which one is Paul?

  • Aww maaan! I go out for retail therapy today and miss all the good stuff! And it’s some GOOD stuff. I’ve been secretly TEAM WOLVES since the Access Hollywood video.(shh..don’t tell Emmett)

    Remember?!……little hottness Taylor lifts his shirt for a split second!!! A split second just long enough to catch a hott-y glimpse at his EIGHT-pack!…..whoa….

    My Emmett would NOT approve of such betrayl. But it’s too much to resist….there’s a whole pack of em’…..holy shizz man! And they’ll be shirtless?!

    Hope my theatre is as cold as a meat locker….I might just pass out from a heat stroke when they take the screen!

    • Linsey

      Tasha~ i’m hoping Emmet will be forgiving b/c after all we are ONLY human! ‘Cause I got the Wolf FEVA!!!!!

      • He forgave me….we’re currently making up…or out!

        Yeah…in my mind….

  • brummielover

    Ummm these guys are much bigger that Jacob is..and he is suppose to be biggest ..well next to Sam. I dunno I think they make him come off younger and smaller looking..I am not complaining though hahahaha

  • TheColdWoman

    I agree 100%! Seeing these pics totally got me super excited for New Moon and Team Wolves!! The guy they cast as Paul is a hottie and a half! And I am way excited for Chris Weitz’s take… thanks CH but move along!

  • MissScarlett

    Rawr! Who let the dogs out? (oh yeah the newbie just went there) Thank you casting people because that is one HOT pack!! Maybe Edward will not mind my wandering eye….or mind.


  • Melissa

    omg..i think i might be team jacob.

  • And another Finally! I finally have some Team Wolves company! I’ve been cheating on Edward from the beginning. I love Edward, don’t get me wrong, but he’s taken. There are some wolves who aren’t imprin…

    Sorry, went away for a sec…

    “Talk nerdy to me,” and “Adorkable,” I love it!

  • ErinLuvsTaytay

    always been on team jacob! shout out to BD…enjoying the secret site. 😉

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