A mid-day Sunday post

Dear Kristen & Nikki,

Yes I’m writing two letters today. Yes, I know that’s a miracle, but I need to know: Are you going to the Sage & The Dills show again tonight?

We just got an e-mail from Kari who is the street team leader for Sage & The Dills. Ya know, the band you drug Rob to hear last night in Vancouver?

Kari wanted us to tell everyone that Sage & The Dills will be back at the Metropole in Vancouver TONIGHT (as in Sunday 4/19/2009) at 10pm

Kari said this,

Sage-the lead singer-is Nikki Reed’s Best friend and has been in Vancouver with her for the last few weeks. Nikki, Rob, and Kristen were at the show last night and will most likely be there tonight as well.
Sage and The Dills have an official Myspace And an official fan page

There is music of theirs on both pages and they are hoping to get the song “Dawn” included on the New Moon soundtrack!!

How sweet, Nikki.. supporting your best friend! But wait… aren’t you Kristen’s best friend? So wait…. Kristen isn’t your best friend? How does she feel about this? Does that hurt her feelings? Are you guys in a fight? Does whoever wins this fight get Rob for the evening?

So many questions, so little time

PS: We have no idea if anyone from the cast will be there.. apparently 100monkeys also have another show in Vancouver tonight. Don’t shoot the messenger if Rob/Nikki/Kstew don’t show. But ask Nikki & Kristen my questions… kthxbai

  • newtonandyorkiehavethebestlinesEVER

    dear lord, i don’t like dawn at all.

    maybe if i was drunk?

    • themoonisdown

      best commenter name ever??!!

      • I agree! Haha!

      • LaPush Baby

        BEST name ever, wish I thought of it. Totally agree!

        • newtonandyorkiehavethebestlinesEVER

          thank you guys hahaha

  • themoonisdown

    my comment on this: GROSS.

    so many thoughts: lame band name, capitalizing off your friends success to try and get a song included, uhhh the inevitable BFF cat fight. and uh go to the 100 monkeys show. at least you’ll get to see jackson! and im putting money on it that rob/kristen and probably nikki won’t be at this second show.

    • amourpsu

      @Moon – Do you think that Kristen saw your post on nerdy Rob and thought the look might work on her? You could do a whole letter on Kristen’s fashion sense (or lack there of). Cheers!

      • Srsly. What’s up with those glasses?

        I am so over seeing KStew and NReed EVERYWHERE together. Nikki’s prolly officially done filming and she’s still hanging around. You think she’ll tag along to Italy? That’d be weird…

  • Kim

    “But wait… aren’t you Kristen’s best friend? So wait…. Kristen isn’t your best friend? How does she feel about this? Does that hurt her feelings? Are you guys in a fight?” – I did not see where this was going (I’m really tired today) until this and then I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Brilliant!

  • It turns out the whole fake lesbo thing is Rocket Science. No wonder we can’t figure it out. Huh.

  • Del84

    I am so very happy Nikki and her ilk are back in LA. I am usually not a rumor believer, but I CHOOSE to believe in the one where Summit forced her to go back to her non-existent day job and stop leeching around the Vancouver set.

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