Edward & Bella: Why we do this thang

Dear International LTTers (since all the US LTTers are recovering from the 10 hot dogs, 4 cheesebergers, 3 cases of cheap beer, 2 bags of chips & 12 deviled eggs they consumed yesterday OR nursing their hangover in the ER since their cousin blew off his hand with the fireworks),

Today we want to remind you with a great fan-made video, as we often do, why we bring you posts each & every day, thru rain, hail, snow, earthquakes, hangovers, migraines, and crabby moods:

for Edward and Bella (mostly just Edward though)

Note to YouTube vid makers, it's lame when we can't embed your vids

Note to YouTube vid makers, it's lame when we can't embed your vids

Oh fine, we also do it because we love you all a lil’ bit (plus it’s a whole lot of fun!)

Thanks for letting us have so much fun & reading our silly little letters!

International LTTers, go back to your hangover-free days, and US LTTers, cold compress, tylenol, dark room, quiet, sleep it off.. you’ll be golden for work tomorrow!

UC & Moon

Sunday interaction: What’s your favorite thing about Edward & Bella? Favorite moment between them?

The Forum

Sunday BONUS: Enjoy this awesome New Moon vid from ifOnly & Soccermom set to one of my fav songs- Breathe Me by Sia!

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  • Rubytuesday

    LEG HITCH……..
    Need I say more, after all the tension in these books the leg hitch is the first thing to jump into my head {though now the images are flooding with other Bella and Edward ‘moments’}. Am now off to pick up twilight again to ‘start the circle’ was trying sooo hard to read ‘normal’ books……..
    Hope you all have a good recovery day <3 all…

  • Rubytuesday

    Congats and many thanks Ifonly and Soccermum….first class video really really enjoyed it you had the essence of New Moon in there beautifully <3 you…

    • Rubytuesday

      Sorry to be messing I should have watched video’s before posting still…….
      Watching the first video all I could think of was Moon’s excellent comment ….
      “Moon: I would run after him and attach myself to his leg. You don’t let Edward walk away.”……..Need we say more…

    • IfOnly

      Thanks so much for the great comment on the video! Glad you enjoyed it. I love watching it. I get so excited for the movie each time I see it. Smom and I can hardly wait for it to come to theatres. XO

  • leg hitch= SO amazing…

  • lapushbaby

    Yeah, sexiest leg hitch ever.

    I also love the line in New Moon when Edward comes back and Bella has her epiphany and says “You love me!” and he answers, “Truly, I do.”

    I LOVE that line and use it all the time for regular stuff…

    “Honey, do you want pancakes for breakfast?”
    “Truly, I do.”

    • “Truly, I do” is so much more compelling than “yes”! That’s going to be my new thing. I’m totes stealing it from you.

  • Aurélia

    Oooooh Breathe me is one of my favorite song ! 😀

  • My favorite Edward and Bella moments are when they are arguing or upset with each other, like when Bella went to the Cullens at the end of New Moon, or when Bella defies Edward to see Jacob in Eclipse. It shows Edward in a less than perfect light, and Bella as having her own mind.

    My favorite Edward and Bella moment is the tent scene from Eclipse . . . I can’t wait to see that shiz on the big screen. Bella gets to hear Edward being vulnerable, which he doesn’t do in front of her very often.

  • Jena

    I love in New Moon how Edward is running with Bella on his back on their way to the Cullen’s for their “vote” and she kisses his neck and he says “thank you”.

    The leg hitch.

    When he kisses her when she gets really anxious or nervous about something.

    The “Surprise” chapter in Breaking Dawn…bedroom floor, need I say more?

  • Jena

    btw, that “Never Say Never” video has got to be the most beautiful, emotional and creative vid made.
    When Edward goes backwards in the end. BRILLANT! I also love the splicing together of the Italy photos.

  • Jena

    ifOnly and Soccermom…I love that song so much! Love the vid!

  • pinj

    My favourite Bella/Edward moment is in Eclipse, when Bella decides to visit Jacob, but Alice alerts Edward, and he does something to the truck, that it won’t start. Edward explains what happened and says something like “Shut your window if you want me to stay away tonight, I’ll understand”. Bella is furious and goes inside and to her room and slams her window down. She watches the glass shaking and then opens it as wide as it goes <3 There is something in this scene, I think it somewhat sums up what is Bella and Edward. Edward is always thinking about Bella and her safety and Bella doesn't always agree, but still nothing can keep them apart <3

  • bellasnemesis

    Honestly, although these videos are beautiful, I can’t help but get annoyed with KStew when I see them. I just wish they had cast someone else. She just bugs. Ugh.

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