I saw Rob Pattinson (and everything in the world was right…)

Dear LTT-ers, gossip hounds, lookie loos, Robstens and Nonstens-

As promised, my recap, all the juicy deets & the insane moment for which I should receive an Oscar since I kept my fangirl squees INSIDE:

RadarOnline.com is featuring my storyย of seeing Rob & Kristen at Bobby Long’s show exclusively! Why? Because we love to spread the LTT/LTR love around.

This is exactly the story I wrote this morning after I called UC & relayed my experience to her (we may or may not have fangirl squeed in unison)


And then come back and discuss it in the comments!


PS: Tomorrow we’ll have more thoughts- cuz today was too crazy to post them all- plus I’ve been sitting at the hairdresser’s, attempting to communicate with UC via text all day and I’m tired. Don’t hate! *Hugs

  • Yay!

    • Erin

      Quotes from LTT Readers below;
      “am glad they had a night off no papzโ€ฆ”
      “so happy for rob and kristen because they got to see their palโ€™s show undetected and without bodygaurds almost like normal people”

      It is thanks to LTT’s story via Radar (and ‘confirmation’ of the taxi’s destination based on…what exactly?), this didn’t happen.

      Rob obviously wouldn’t be happy about your ‘scoop’ given his obvious attempt to have an incognito night out, which he may have actually done for once were it not for LTR/LTT.

      First time I’ve ever been inspired to post such a negative comment. I would have expected this from X17. Not from fans who get so much from Rob. So much for your LTR post this past Wed that I so loved. I’m disgusted.

    • I’ve lurked today to allow all of the insanity and wonderful goodness of last night be absorbed. It was truly awesome meeting Moon and being there. I was one of a few people that actually was there and saw him. Ask everyone, I said nothing until Moon could get her blog out there. and it’s absolutely her right and her photo to do so.

      It was so much fun and i’m thrilled that LTT is recognized. Even for just being there I’m being asked for details from total strangers. Because she got the photo it’s her moment. While it’s ok to have an opinion I stand by and fully support her choices whether radar online added the last sentence or she agreed to have that on there is neither here nor there.

      The server space and the cost of keeping this wonderful forum has to come from somewhere so let her have her moment with out loosing faith in our fabulous LTT girls!

      until you’re there and in that moment… don’t judge.

  • I <3 U and loved seeing you last night!

  • achc

    Wow. Just, wow.

    Good for you, Moon!!!

    • achc

      By the way I’m so jealous and wish I lived in LA.

      • HeyyyBrother

        DITTO! What the crap am I doing in NJ??

    • Lindelle

      we clearly had the same reaction ๐Ÿ™‚

      • achc

        hahaha yeah ๐Ÿ˜‰

        Great minds think alike!

  • Lindelle

    wow Moon, just … wow!

  • Ashley Fragomeni

    I can’t believe this happened last night.
    “When he came in the air went out…” of my lungs.

    I feel bad–I wish he wasn’t so scared all the time. and also that he wouldn’t deny our love. <3 WHY Rob why??? haha.

    • it was that weird adrenaline rush feeling like you just ran a marathon! wonderful evening!

  • amylouwho

    I am sqeeeing right along with you!! yay and Kudos!

  • sassysmart

    Shut your face!

    I am so proud of you for not just jumping on his leg.

    • Yes. You are one classy fan!

    • Oedipal Art

      Yes, Moon, congrats on the decorum I’d never have had. I fear I’d have endured spontaneous Tourette’s in the form of “I KNOW YOU’RE BEHIND THERE I LOVE YOU PLEASE COME OUT OH GOD I’VE PEED MYSELF”. Either that or I’d have snatched his beanie and run like the wind. So kudos all around.

      • Oedipal Art


        • HeyyyBrother

          I don’t know you but I love you.

          Uh… sorry if that’s weird?

          • Oedipal Art

            Aw, shucks. I just got schooled by Det. Bella Cullen of the Robstenville Police Dept., somewhere else on here, and I’ve been crying miserably about it. She recommended Zoloft for my jealousy; maybe I’ll give that a try. ‘Til then, thanx for loving me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • collective SQUEEE…hehe. That was some hawt post Moon. Thank you for the story and keeping your cool. I heart you Moon.

  • jjsintx

    That is Awesome! Sounds like a great night!! I am so jealous!!

  • Pinky

    It’s good to know that they can go out undetected. Great story, Moon.

  • Natasha


  • Go Moon!!!!!!!

    It is because of statements like this that I seriously adore you guys —
    “At this point I was looking for my Comic Con preparedness kit because we all needed a paper bag for hyperventilating because I was standing one person away from this curtain.”

    Never, ever change! <3 yous

  • allryans

    Wow. That’s a pretty memorable little evening. I’m excited for y’all.

  • LTT girls always keep their cool… I think only 10 people actually knew he was there. and was awesome that word didn’t spread… when we waited to see bobby after hardly anyone knew what had happened.

    • Lindelle

      Sounds like you remained calm — LTTers are a class act, after all! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • allryans

      That’s why we love it here. Brava, chicas.

  • KatieDid

    @achc….u took the words right out of my mouth!

    WOW is all i can think to say right now! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Great job Moon!!!!!!!!

  • HeyyyBrother

    YOU LUCKY GIRL! Good on you for leaving them alone… But I probably would’ve done the same. Only because I would’ve been too stunned to react. I hope you and he both had a blast that night!!

    Congrats on a crazy day here at LTT – you girls deserve the best!!

  • thanks for waiting so long everyone xo. my work hates me now and moon will have streaks in her hair from a bad dye job from getting up to talk to me every 5 min!

    • HeyyyBrother

      you guys, and the story, are worth it ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for feeding our addictions…

    • Natasha

      We love you! Thank you thank you thank you. I almost pissed in my pants reading the story. LOL
      Hugs and kisses

    • superhumanmoron

      Sacrifice. Moon wins!!

    • Jena

      You both take one for the team and I love you for it!

      • superhumanmoron

        Yes! I didn’t mean to indicate that UC doesn’t win, because she does. Long time. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • rjm

    Girlfriend got paid for spilling the deets to Radar.

    • keg

      Agreed. Is that what people usually do? Seems shady.

  • BrookeLockart

    Moon, you are such a big deal! Love it!

    UC, you are the best bloggy partner that Moonie could have for dealing with a trillion new pending comments.

  • dj

    NOOO!!! I can’t read it!!! Apparently the big whigs at my job are totally okay with me spending all my time looking at LTR and LTT, but NOT okay with Radar Online and it’s blocked!! BOO! How can anyone possibly expect me to wait until 6pm when I’ve been waiting for 5 hours already!!


    • SAME. FOR. MOI.

      Grrrrrrrr Arrrrrrggghhhhh


      • dj

        Seriously. I’m dying. I think I may have to fake an illness just to go home to read it.

        I think I feel a fever coming on…

  • SoapsDiva

    Holy Shit Moon! You found the HolyGrail – Rob w/Beanie! All I can say is YouGoGirl and good for Rob&KStew that they weren’t bothered by paps and fanaticfans.

  • SQUEEEEEEEEEEE very awesome Moon.

    I’m glad that Rob can still go out and enjoy his friends music and ALMOST completely get away with it. I mean now we all know that he was there but mission accomplished in not being bum-rushed and going somewhere sans body guards.

  • Fantastic !!!

    Thanks so much for sharing Moon your a goddess xox

  • sassysmart

    Moon! You didn’t mention…when you saw him did you hear the angels singing?

    You know that’s how they say you know you are in Heaven.

    • sassysmart

      Sorry, I forgot, Bobby was there.

    • JellybeanRainbow

      When you saw him and he was walking near you did he smell of sunshine and angel dust and jellybeans?
      Because that IS important?

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  • bluerose71

    Wow thanks for sharing. AMAZING

  • shiloh

    ahhh yay..wow am glad they had a night off no papz…its funny hpw they ave to act all MIA just to spend nights with friends

  • JBell

    Loveeee you!

  • Valerie

    Great recap Moon!

  • Holly

    You’re my hero, Moon! Why, oh, why didn’t you just reach out and touch him? JK, I would NEVER do that. How does it feel being famous? Cuz, you are, ya know.

  • Dee

    OH NO MOON!!

    You spread that crap to Radar Online?

    Boo Hiss. Sorry. I adore this sight, but you’ve just lost a fan.

    Bad move.

  • Oh my god, I am SO envious of you right now!! You could have freakin touched him?? Well, did you SMELL him? I’m so outta words, I don’t know what the heck I’m writing here.

    DAMN, Moon, you RULE!!

  • Sara

    wow thats pretty great! im so happy for you because you got to see this! and so happy for rob and kristen because they got to see their pal’s show undetected and without bodygaurds almost like normal people (:

  • Jena

    I think it’s awesome how you two were practically the only ones who saw them….It’s like it was meant to be just your little moment! And what a flash that must have been, like it all went by in a whilrwind! Why the hell don’t I live in LA?

  • Lynda from philly

    Thank you, Moon, I love you!!! Thanks for giving us the basic facts of the night instead of any speculations or misconceptions! You’re SO awesome, and I’m very proud of you for not even touching Rob even though he was so close to you. But I know you probably pulled that paper bag out again after you realized HOW close you were to him all night, huh??It is a shame that he has to crouch and duck down to run away so as no one gets to see him, poor guy, I feel really bad for him, he doesn’t deserve that!!!
    So I know you won’t be forgetting that night, huh??

    • In my mind, Rob got into the cab and hyperventilated into a paper bag because he stood that close to MOON.

      • summergirl

        BEST. COMMENT. EVER!!!

        Thanks DQM!

        And THANKS for sharing Moon and Emme ๐Ÿ™‚


  • calliope

    “did i ever tell you, you’re my hero?
    you’re everything i wish i could be….
    you are the wind beneath my wings”

    Moon, today you are my hero. UC you are my hero too. But like Moon is Batman today and you are Robin. sorry slunch. it’s jsut how its gotta be.

    • hahahahahahahh bitch

    • “slunch”?

      Ahahahaha! I’ve never heard that word before. Leave it to you Calli. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Pinky

        Half slut, Half wench ?

    • Marie

      Oho calliope! the famous calliope! Twi-theatre calliope! OMG! you’re my hero
      but today you come second to Moon – and UC who managed a straight face right through this blog yesterday.

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  • la vie est belle

    Happy for you. Moon! Congrats on the Rob siting! You must’ve been a good girl lately.

  • And I am so happy to hear that they had a night with no paps. Good for them!!

  • awesometeenmag

    We have no words. NO WORDS!!! Gah!!

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  • OCD

    duuuuude! HOw much does everyone love you right now? Tons.

    Great job Moon! You r now famous, and will be on E Access and ET!!!!!!!!!!!! woop woop!

    I dont know what I wouldve done if I Saw Rob like that, if it caught me off guard I might fall over. I wouldve needed to be prepared. wooooww you r awesome! I am pregnant and emotional!

  • m244robp

    Oh good God! So I guess it’s true. I trust you and it seems that there must really be something going on between them.

    Oh well, it was good while it lasted. If they are together, I wish them the best and hope they enjoy this special time in their lives.

    • m244robp

      Oh yeah, congratulations Moon on getting published on Radar Online!

    • well.. she didn’t say it seemed like it! she just said they left together (with marcus!) tomorrow she’ll have more thoughts!

  • Alison4828

    Congrats on scoring that exculsive! Having Rob walk with in touching distance of you is a memory you will cherish for a lifetime I’m sure.

    Was so glad to hear today that the people who did see him and knew he was present were cool and let him be, that was awesome in itself!

    And you were able to get the scoop as well…nice to have the facts from a trusted source then these lame reports that have been coming out lately.

    Great score…congrats again!

  • Dear Moon:

    You’re my hero! just sayin lol

  • Kristen

    YAAA!! I am so happy for you, Moon! How freaking awesome! You didn’t go into detail how he looked. I know you only saw him for a second, but did he look hot? tired? Sounds like they were only there 30 minutes??? (If I read the story right.) Glad that Rob was able to get out, even if it was just for a bit.

    great story!!!!

  • Way to go with the scoop!

  • Janetrigs

    GAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! That’s all

  • superhumanmoron

    I love how everyone today has freaked assuming that Rob and Kristin were doing it in the cab because of your picture, and turns out Marcus was in the car too! Ha!

    • achc

      hahaha totally.

      I might or might not be guilty of assuming such things (hint: I am)

    • That doesn’t necessarily needs to spoil the party… just sayin’…

  • ReedsMom

    I was there too. Sitting on a speaker right by the “curtain”. They were not quiet! Listened to them chatting and giggling as Bobby was finishing his set. I couldn’t decide whether to be annoyed or go fangirl!

    • shuddertothink

      lmfao! I would not have have been able to remain all cool -would’ve lost my sauce with the giggle! You are def a better woman than I ๐Ÿ™‚

    • superhumanmoron

      Uh….and what were they saying??!!!

    • kt

      dude… you cant drop something like that and not give specifics of their conversation.

      • achc


        So fucking much.


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