Kristen Stewart in Bella's new wig!

Oh crap, those were real scissors

Oh crap, those were real scissors

Dear Eclipse Wig Dept,

Since Eclipse started filming last week and no one’s seen Kristen Stewart in her new Bella get-up everyone’s been well: wigging out. Heh. Clearly fans have been flipping out since they saw Kstew’s Runaways hair and wondered what the crap you were going to do with it for Eclipse. Wigs? Tracks? A weave? Extensions?! The mind spins with options! Ok, maybe that’s the 2 “big girl” drinks I just had, but spinning none the less.

So maybe we weren’t so kind to your New Moon counterparts a few months ago when we saw poor Jackson in that god awful poodle wig that was designed for Jasper. I still shudder even now when I see it and don’t know if I’ll be able to overcome it when I’m watching the movie, but well, I guess that’s something you have to live with and not me. Just don’t be surprised if I have Vietnam style flashbacks during the premiere anytime Jasper is on screen. But anyhow, what I’m now currently worrying about is what Bella’s wig will look like. I know we all let out a collective gasp and clutched our throats when we saw that KStew up and got crazy and cut herself a mullet for Runaways filming (you guys more than us I’m sure). Cause now you have to deal with that dead raccoon on her head and turn it into beautiful Bella hair. Sucks to be you all. BUUTT since we’re professional bloggers and total Twilight nerds around here, we’re here to help and I’ve got a few suggestions that just might work for The Great Mullet Fiasco of 09…

Since we’re in a recession and Jacob is now a werewolf you won’t need his old wigs, so why not reuse that for Bella’s wig? Almost the same color, just curl it up a little and presto long hair! We’re in a recessional yall and we all know how Summit likes to save a few clams so WIN WIN!
bellajacobwig bellajacobwig02

And since we’re talking about re-using why not try out the old Jasper poodle wig?! What, Bella’s not blond? Who cares, make her squirm a little for cutting it all off.

Follow the cut to see some more AWESOME wigs!

Well since he’s dead now why don’t we just throw Laurent’s dreadlock wig into the mix? This way it will be easier for Bella to blend in in Forks. Ok, ok maybe Melissa Rosenberg will take a couple artistic liberties in Breaking Dawn and set Isle Emse in the Caribbean instead of South America. Jamaican Edward crazy, Bella!

Oh crap, they’re all dead, why not James’ wig too?

Meth-y Bella!

Ya know what? Forget it, let her rock the mullet in Eclipse! Eclipse will be like Bella’s rebellious stage, give her an I <3 Vampires tattoo crossed out, then Werewolves crossed out and then Vampires again and a piercing uh… you know where and let’s really see some leg hitching
(fan poster jacked from and messed up by me)

So lovely new Eclipse Wig Dept. I’ve give you some lovely ideas for Bella’s hair and I guess we’ll just wait till Kristen appears in public to see which one you chose. I’m betting on the Laurent wig… what about you?

Getting wiggy wit it!

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