PostSecret- your Twilight secrets

Dear Secret Keepers,

One of my favorite books/organizations/sites on the web is PostSecret. For the unfamiliar, people anonymously send in secrets to a PO box and sometimes they get published in a book, are used in their traveling art show or are posted as “Sunday Secrets’ on the PostSecret blog. The secrets are often funny, sometimes heart-breaking and many times really, really honest. They are so honest that PostSecret now works with a suicide hotline to help people who are struggling. The honesty & transparency of these anonymous people is truly beautiful.

This is one of my most recent PostSecret favs (and only the Harry Potter dorks like myself will think it’s funny)


Every Sunday when I read the Sunday Secrets, I am reminded of my own secrets which, of course, these days mostly have to do with Twilight. I know I am not the only one with Twilight secrets. So I asked a group of random LTT/LTR contributors to send me their secrets- funny, heart-warming or sad. And they did. And I loved them for it. After the jump read the anonymous secrets I received and love them with  me:

Pssst: Click if they pics are too small













I can keep a secret.


What secrets do you have? Share some here in the comments but e-mail us too! We might feature you in our next TwilightSecrets Post! Send us completed secrets with images OR just your secret in a sentence or two and we’ll make it look all pretty for you.

Thanks to everyone who contributed and especially to Kristin who did all the graphics work and rocked my world. XO

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