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NMsoundtrackcoverDear LTT-ers and music nerds alike,

Yesteryday’s the day I had been waiting for with baited breath… the Soundtrack track listing for New Moon was released. Would Alexandra Patsavas, Chris Weitz and team knock New Moon’s soundtrack out of the park this time? Would they avoid the pitfalls of the Twilight soundtrack? Mainly the inclusion of shiz like Collective Soul and Perry Ferrell? Well we still have a little bit longer to find out since the soundtrack itself isn’t released till October 20th and the ultimate test: the movie isn’t released till November 20th, but for now we have a track listing that looks SOLID. And like any good music nerd, I’m here to break it down for you, introduce some of these artists and also learn a bit about the ones I’m not familiar with.

Hold on tight you little creep!

Hold on tight you little creep!

As explained on Stephenie Meyer’s website as well as the super awesome New Moon Soundtrack site “…all of the music is original, and exclusive to the soundtrack.” Though I have to point out that Muse song was released on their latest album The Resistance, but according to them they were asked by Chris Weitz to cut a different version of the song. All that to say not only is it exciting that we’ll be hearing all (almost) new music but how telling is it that this saga can get TOP artists like Thom freaking York to cut all new music for it?! That’s called pull and this saga’s got it.

Anyway, on to the track listing…


I really love the line “Oh darling understand, that everything ends…” which works so well with the themes of New Moon. Bella learns that nothing is forever and that as much as she thought she’d be with Edward forever, it wasn’t meant to be. Little does she know! I can almost seeing this being a song from Jacob’s perspective, not only did we learn Chris Walla is SO Team Jacob the lyrics have so much longing, so much want. Wanting to be that person for her but needing her to meet him halfway. Hmmm love to ponder the lyrics, my friends!

Get your coffee and follow the cut as we jump into the rest of the tracklisting…


I Know What I Am – Probably their most recognizable single. It’s kinda fun not knowing whether it’s going to be upbeat like I Know… or if it’s going to be a slower ballad. But I do love the title, “Friends” this can go so many ways. I really hope there’s a Jacob/Bella theme song and maybe this is it?

Oh Thom… You’ll remember Thom from the Twilight Movie which featured his band Radiohead’s “15 Step,” which sadly, didn’t make it into the final Soundtrack that was sold but it is included in the movie. I’m not sure what you need to know about Thom other than he’s one of the most prolific, revered, critical and commercial darling of the last decade. To get him or anything from his band onto a soundtrack is a big licensing coup that I’m glad Alex and Chop Shop pulled off. His music can kinda go in any direction, I feel, so I’m going to post two sides of the Thom coin…

“The Hallow Earth” which will be on Thom Yorke’s new EP which coincidently is out today! Lots of loops, tech-ish sounds, and his unmistakable voice.

And on the flip side we’ve got the more melancholy side of Thom, this song is one of my most favorite’s called “All I Need” and it from Radiohead’s album “In Rainbows.” I have a feeling we’ll probably be getting more of the sad Thom since New Moon is all about the sads. Now enjoy this and let’s hug!

A UC favorite! This Swedish gal plays sparse, pretty electronic-y type music. Her debut album, “Youth Novels” came out almost 2 years ago, so this should be interesting which way she goes with her music now…

Enjoy “Little Bit” and for extra credit: “Dance, Dance, Dance

Well, I’m sure most of us know The Killers by now and if not, drop what you’re doing and get their first album “Hot Fuss” and then report back. As for the rest of their discography, meh. I don’t really care so much for their esoteric musings on whether we’re human or dancers… I just want to dance to their hot beats and don’t care so much for Mr. Flowers’ recent pontifications. Oh well, can’t have it all I suppose.

And just for KStew I’m picking this Killers song to embed: “Smile Like You Mean It”

I actually first learned about Anya through Greys Anatomy which coincidentally (not so much!) is a show Alexandra Patsavas is the music supervisor for, and as a matter of fact Anya is on her label Chop Shop, so we can see the connection here. I really like the title of this song and wanna see if it has any connections to the film or characters

My fave Anya song called “Move You”

Ms. Meyer’s favorite band forever and ever. Dude if you don’t have their new album The Resistance RUN to your local (I said LOCAL) record store and get it, like yesterday! Like the Muse dudes told MTV, Chris Weitz asked them to cut a different version but for your litening pleasure here is “I Belong to You” the original version…

Extra credit, have your face rocked the ef off by their song Uprising. The roomie and I just rocked to this while getting ready to go out on Saturday night, oh memories.

This is one UC and I called way back in the day, ever since we became addicted to the aptle titled song and EP called Blood Bank that UC suggested for inclusion but since New Moon is hot sauce we will most defs take a new song from Mr. Vernon and like it very much, I’m sure.

Bloodbank! For you UC! and if you want to die (in the most awesome sense) listen to this a capella version of For Emma found by UC herself. Seriously it kills.

Now for St. Vincent – the fact that she plays in Sujan Stevens touring band makes me want to french kiss her or punch her cause I’m so jealous but we’ll save that for a different blog. So she was pretty much all anyone talked about on the music blogs/music magazines like a year ago… I can’t wait to hear her and Justin sing whatever this song may be…

BRMC holds a lot of memories for UC and I. See one of our music teachers loved them long time and so we heard about them quite frequently, so this is like seeing an old friend show up at that party where you know 1 person. I liken them to Kings of Leon in the fact that they’re an American band that is way more popular everywhere but here. All they need is their own “Sex on Fire” and they’ll break through.

I hope “Done All Wrong” is a song for Jacob after he’s wronged by Bella one too many times and he’s out riding his motorcycle. Hot. At least this is my imagined idea… imagine that and this song…

Spread Your Love

Ok now we’re into one of the artists/bands I know the least about and had to do some major digging as they have no videos on youtube or info from wiki, so good ol MySpace is where I found Hurricane Bells. And from the looks of things, if their MySpace is up to date, they are an unsigned band, though I’m sure that won’t be for long now that they’re on this soundtrack. Which just tickles me pink that an unsigned band ended up on a major soundtrack besides bringing us new music from artists we already like we are treated to a new artist that from the sounds of things is pretty interesting…

Since I can’t find anything to embed for you here, go to their MySpace and listen to their music… I liked “The Winters in New York,” “This Year” and “Tenterhooks” for it’s Explosions in the Sky quality…

I heart Sea Wolf and not just because he’s from LA and not because he rocked Sunset Junction a few years ago… ok maybe that’s why. So “The Violet Hour” maybe a reference to Twilight Hour?? Hmmm… And just because here’s my fave Sea Wolf Song: “You’re A Wolf” I know, good choice right! HA

No don’t shoot me Ok Go! Just make another video of you guys doing that treadmill dance and we’ll call it even. I’ll always know them more for their “Get Over It” days and less for that treadmill song so here we go…

Indie darlings and cute boys from Brooklyn Grizzly Bear, so it wasn’t a complete shock to see them included on this soundtrack that is heavy with the sads (and probably plaids).

Their song “Shift” as recorded for the super cool LaBlogtheque which is where that stellar Bon Iver extra credit video also came from. Who doesn’t like a clarinet in a bathroom?

Love these folks they’re so Joy Division meets Interpol meets rad! So this title “No Sound But The Wind” maybe a motorcycle riding scene… or maybe cliff diving? I know I’m being super literal but this is all we’ve got so far folks…

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.3466793&w=425&h=350&fv=allowFullScreen%3Dtrue%26]
The Editors – Munich

And now we reach the other name I didn’t know on th tracklisting and with good reason he is the composer for the movie! But here’s good news he’s composed over 100 movie scores and has been nominated for an Oscar twice. He’s done stuff for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Girl with the Pearl Earring and Golden Compass (you see how Hwood works now, dontcha?) among others so looks like we’re in good hands.

Why not end this with some Benjamin Buttons shiz?! “Growing Younger”

Well if you’ve made it this far, I personally want to give you a high five! And also ask you what the heck do you think? Anything stand out, anything you’re looking forward to especially? I gotta say I’m most looking forward to this Bon Iver/St. Vincent collabo… we shall see next month!

Off to the record shop!

PS (begin rant) Dear record labels such as Universal, Sony/EMI and others, you DON’T GET IT! Every time I would search for an OFFICIAL video from one of your artists and was greeted by “embedding disabled by request” I could feel my blood pressure rising. Way to not sell your artists and way to suck royally. Instead of embracing a medium that has already eclipsed you you try to remain in the dark ages. Instead we’re forced to use shitty, non official versions of the videos/songs. Good job. No Love, Moon (/end rant)

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Source for that awesome Thom/Bella image: Rollingstone! Thanks for having a sense of humor!

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