Jackson got hurt. Did he try the leg hitch?

Dear Jackson,

Rumor has it that this week on the Eclipse set, you fell down and went ‘boom.‘ You poor baby! What happened? Tell me, it didn’t happen to involve a ‘leg hitch’ between Edward & Bella did it? I have no idea why you’d be on set for that scene, but I’m just double checking. Uh, if not, you don’t happen to know if there IS a leg hitch scene do you? Could you ask David Slade? Yes. Now. Get off the couch, stop icing whatever body part is ailing you (or remove the female currently helping you to “feel better”) and go check for me. And relay this message: “Dear David Slade, if there’s not a leg hitch you’re gonna wish you never took this job as director (well, you’ll wish it again). Trust me- you’d rather be shot by Charlie’s bb gun, attacked by wolves while a vampire sucks your neck and Cathy the Cougar offers to pleasure you orally then experience my wrath if Eclipse doesn’t include a leg hitch.”

To help you feel better, Jackson, I’ve provided, with the help of the gals at Rob’s flat in The Forum, Zephyersky & JodieO (okay they did ALL the work),  a little “Jackson porn” as well as some caption action. Okay, most of that is for us- we’ve been so worried about you- but I’ve included a little somethin’ somethin’ I think you’ll enjoy.

Feel better,

Celebrating Jashley!

I’m starting to feel better! Are you? More after the jump!

Even better…

And for you, Jackson:
(or for me- I won’t object…)


In case you are not familiar: Lunchbox


I feel a LOT better!

And to cap it all off- to make our sad feelings about Jackson getting hurt go completely away, Jazzled has made a vid where she promises 575 pictures of Jackson in 3 minutes. I wasn’t aware that there were 575 pictures of Jackson available out there, so I’m wondering if Aunts & Grandmas houses were raided, but nonetheless, if you’re not cheered up yet…..you will be now!

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Thanks, as always, to the gals over at Rob’s flat chat! And specifically Zephyersky, JodieO & Jazzled!

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