Appreciation Day – Gil Birmingham

Dear Gil-

We took a break from appreciation Sundays to feature all the awesome entries in our Imma contest last week but it’s once again Sunday and it’s time to show some reverence to one of our favorite actors in the Twilight saga. It’s time to appreciate you. After all you’re Billy Black, you’re Jacob Black’s dad, you come bearing gifts such as Harry Clearwater’s fish fry and most importantly, you’re down with the kids! Not to mention you were somewhat of a foxy beast in your day (ok, and now!).

Here’s are the reasons we love Gil…

Gil’s Twitter
You’re so down with the kids you even have a Twitter, you PFach and Billy Burke help keep us up-to-date on not only Twilight news but also tweet some of your own personal pictures and hilarious happenings. Including one of our very own entries in last week’s Imma contest!

Follow the cut to read everything we appreciate about Gil

You could have been in the 70’s version of the Wolfpack

(starting at :55)
Here is some vintage Gil in Dianna Ross’s music video for a song aptly titled “Muscles!” Check him flex it while Dianna withers and rolls on the bed looking super frustrated. I mean she has GILL BIRMINGHAM lifting up her bed whilst shirtless and she can’t do anything about it. Ugh, the unfairness of it all. Keep an eye out for Dianna Ross flying over what looks to be a Christmas village but will end up giving you a Birmingham smile.


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Gil’s MySpace
Gill still rocks a MySpace like it’s 2005. I just hope someday I can be one of his top friends. I might actually need to log in to MySpace to make that happen but I’ll worry about that later.

Gil love’s a good cast picture
And I thought the one of you KStew and skinny Taylor from the Twilight set last year was the pinnacle but then you go and post stuff like this this week!
Oh Gil! You and the Wolfpack ladies?! You animal!

Did someone call for a Forest rescue team?

Gil’s musical ability

Gil makes the Twimom’s panties drop when he starts strumming that guitar and singing all sexy like. Meow! Or I guess the appropriate term would be: Grrrrrr!

And lastly… well you guessed it…

He’s Down With the Kids

Oh Gil how we love you, how your little quips helped make Twilight a killer movie for us and how much we hope that you have more awesome lines in New Moon and Eclipse and God willing Breaking Dawn. We just wanted to show you a little Sunday appreciation!

Just keepin’ it real,

PS Are you following Gil on Twitter? You should! He tweeted the Imma entry this week! Are you following us here at LTT?
PPS I will update you on the scream awards tomorrow! It was amazing, we’re still freaking about the NEW footage from NM and all the stars we saw!!

What’s your favorite thing about Gil? What do you appreciate? And what scenes with Gil/Billy Black are you most looking forward to in New Moon?

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*personal photos from Gil Birmingham’s MySpace/Facebook*

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