Billy Burke Appreciation Day!

I want YOU to appreciate ME!

I want YOU to appreciate ME!

Dear Billy,

Your fans have spoken!

I took to the twitter-webs (one of your favorite places) to ask our lovely followers who we should appreciate this Sunday and we got the message loud and clear. They wanted to appreciate YOU, Billy Burke! Can we blame them really? You are the man who plays Bella’s pops Charlie AND you were Jack on My Boys, one of our personal faves. There really is too much to appreciate here but how about we give it a whirl this Sunday…

We appreciate:

Your Tweeting skills
What other celeb uses Twitter to call out journalists, lame-o tweeters and to just plain #drunktweet? You, that’s who! Never let your agent/manager cramp your twitter style! Keep on tweeting country songs and bitching out dumb folks who @reply you and we’ll keep following!

Your Copstache
I’m gonna have to let the other girls wax poetic about your stache because I, like Bella, grew up with a dad who rocked a stache so I in no way think it’s sexy but apparently the other ladies about these think your copstache is the best thing since sliced bread and I’m gonna let them talk about it in the comments, but just know your stache is one of the best “props” Charlie has and might just give a bunch of gals naughty thoughts.

Your gun cleaning, Vitamin R and lil Halo-

I can’t lie you had some of the best lines and actions in Twilight. But we all know the humans rocked Twilight the hardest. But how you play Charlie is so spot-on… in fact dare I say your version of Charlie might even be better than Stephenie’s version of Charlie. SHHH!!! Don’t tell!

Follow the cut to see what else we appreciate about Billy and add your favorite things

You were Jack on My Boys

Missing from this picture: one coptache lovin' man named Billy

Missing from this picture: one coptache lovin' man named Billy

My Boys, also known as: one of the best “guilty pleasure” shows no one knows about that comes on randomly during the summer and strangely mirrored my own life for about a year. You were in it and you were PJ’s boyfriend for a hot second!

Your love for a good hat!
I’m beginning to think it might be your ONLY hat! I’ve seen you in this at like every Twicon, at Comic Con and apparently at the Playboy mansion. Why the crap you wore THAT at the Playboy mansion I’ll never know but rock on wit yo’self.

Owner of the only flat screen in Forks
Clearly you’re the only person in Forks who owns a flat screen TV and thus you must entertain mooches like the Blacks who bring crap like Fish Fry, that they didn’t even make, just so they can watch the first Mariner’s game of the season and since you don’t say much and you’re nice, you let them take up your couch space. Maybe you should get Forks “Neighbor of the Year” Award. And yes, I know you’re NOT Charlie! But what fun is this without a few Charlie shout outs?

Participant in the worst/awesomest group chat in the history of the interwebs
Mashable hosted a chat with You, Peter Facinelli and that dude who danced in a bikini on TINY CHAT. It turned out to be the most crazy, unorganized, under prepared for, awesomest 10 minutes of my life I’ve ever spent in a chat room. Mashable is probably used to have 10 social media nerds show up for their online chats and didn’t expect THOUSANDS of Twihards to show up to ask you guys questions. There were so many people asking questions you couldn’t read them and Peter Facinelli couldn’t hear or see anything so I spent the chat “yelling” in all caps “COPSTACHE IS HOT!” and “MIKE DEXTER!” Please do a chat again. Only not with Mashable OR on Tiny Chat!

RPattz WHO?! Where's my Vitamin R? Ef That Heinken shiz!

RPattz WHO?! Where's my Vitamin R? Ef That Heinken shiz!

So dear Billy, I hope you know how much we appreciate you and all the little things you being to not only your portrayal of Charlie but all the little things you bring to the fandom! From your hats to the coptaches we love you so and your fans are loud and pround! Oh and we beg of you PLEASE live #drunktweet from the New Moon Premiere!

I’ve heard that one before!

Ok now you may commence with the totally appropriate/inappropriate DILF comments! You know Billy loves ’em! What did we miss? What do you appreciate about Billy Burke?

PS This is the 2nd week we’ve featured a “dad” on Appreciation Day… should we go for a hat trick and appreciate the crap out of Carlisle/Peter next week?

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