Peter Facinelli Appreciation Day!


Fat man in a little tie! (yea yea you’re not fat!)

Dear Peter,

So a few weeks ago we started this whole “Appreciation Sunday” thing quite by accident but has turned out to be a fun way to spend a few minutes on a Sunday. Another happy accident is that we’ve been featuring the “dads” of Twilight for the last couple Sundays and by popular request YOU’VE been chosen to complete the hat trick of dads! So we’re here this Sunday to appreciate YOU, Peter Facinelli!

What we appreciate about YOU:

You are Mike Dexter!

As most of the folks here know Can’t Hardly Wait is one of my most favorite movies ever and when I found out last year that you would be playing Carlisle Cullen I couldn’t contain myself. I mean you played Mike Dexter the high school jock jerk who dumps AmanDUH and befriends William Licther (spoiler alert!) only to show his true jerk feelings the next day. For someone who seems like a nice dude you play a great d-bag! Mike Dexter you are a GOD!

Bonus Mike Dexter clip (cause I can’t help myself):

You’re one of our favorite DILF’s


The family that wears Crocs together stays together! (I’m just gonna assume this wasn’t your idea)

You, much like Chris and Billy our one of our favorite DILF’s! You’re the dad to a gaggle of girls and that probably gives you a special understanding of this whole Twilight thing. You live with all ladies so you “get it” and we love ya for that! Oh an Jennie Garth is one lucky chickadee!

Follow the cut to keep appreciating Peter

Tweets about Paper Towels
You’re a smart guy, you realize the power of the interwebs and have been taught how to harness them for good, AKA using Twitter as your own personal marketing tool and link to the fans. Mostly you tweet pretty interesting shiz but I think the one that stands out most to us is your rousing tweet about buying paper towels! I think we might have to put that one up there next to Ashley Greene’s tweets about dog food. Thanks for that look into the mundane life of celebrities! They’re just like US!

You delivered one of my favorite lines in Twilight: Animal Attack!

Carlisle knows how to deflect suspicion about the Cullens with a well placed diversion, my favorite being “Animal Attack” and then a “Sounds like you were lucky.” Oh Carlisle how you kill us with your subtleties!

You’re a Unicorn who “Gets It”
Seriously? This still makes us laugh. We love you both for getting photographed while “reading” New Moon. Thanks for being a “fun celebrity!”

There’s about a billion other things to appreciate about you, Peter and personally I could have started and ended with the fact that you played Mike Dexter, but I guess these other reasons are good to post too. We love you as Carlisle and appreciate your ability to connect with the fans and keep it real. Keep on keepin’ on and no more bikini dances on Hollywood Blvd, next time bet your friend something else!

Yo, Trip McNeeley!

PS I’ll kick everyone’s ass  in this room!!! (ok, ok… I’m done with the Can’t Hardly Wait quotes)

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