Brooke's year was full of new friends and FUPA's!

*To finish out the end of this special Anniversary week we’ve been having afternoon letters from reader-friends and today’s letter is from Brooke, missed her thanksgiving letter? Shame! Read it! Also make sure you see the VIDEO I made of the last year of LTT LTR!*

"Book Club" meeting in Seattle

Happy Anniversary! Break out those little bottles and make Buttcrack Santa proud! Sorry I didn’t get you a gift, but I figured my loving contribution today would count for something. Since I have already shared with you my thankful thoughts for this blog and the fandom (the non-crazy ones, of course), I wasn’t sure what else I could say without completely repeating myself. After eating my weight in caramel popcorn (damn you work vendors!! *shakes angry fist*), I had a few ideas…

At first, I had planned on writing about LTT/LTR momentous occasions: the first post that *I* read, the first time *I* was mentioned in a post (with my picture)***, the second time *I* was mentioned in a post, the time *I* was a guest panelist and taught the world about the FUPA, the time *I* talked about needing more batteries from all the fic and rob porn, the time I coined the phrase “I don’t give a flying fucksten”, the time when *I* gave my eloquent opinion on fan fiction, or finally the time when *I* had my pic with Sam Bradley show up on LTR this past weekend. This idea fell flat, because clearly I have not been included on this blog nearly enough times.

Follow the cut for the rest of Brookie’s letter

The trinity of Philadelphia!

Then I thought of talking about the enormous number of hours I didn’t bill to clients due to this blog (reading, commenting, responding to comments, tweeting about it, chatting about it, emailing about it, etc)… about 3-4 hours a work day, 5 days a week, carry the 1, account for inflation, subtract the time I really did bill to the clients while reading the blog and I’m not good at math, but it’s A LOT of money. However, can I really complain? My job is boring.. next idea.

I could talk about the people from this site that I’ve met in person: UC, Calliope, Marta, JanetRigs, Freya, LaPushBaby and DanySpike (there were more people that I met at the suckage that was the 100 Monkeys concert, but I was 5 drinks and 4 shots in. Sorry don’t remember your names), but really this community from LTT is so much more.

In the end, I decided to talk about the awesomeness of UC and MOON.

Ladies, I don’t know how you brought the snark day in and day out, but you keep me smiling. I appreciate your humor, your participation with your followers, the friendships that we’ve made, and the understanding that Moon and I have dibs on Rob before UC (single ladies unite!).

To another year of this crazy twi-obsession! Raise your little bottles… to UC and MOON!

Gros Bisous,

***Yes, I used to go by a different handle on the blog, you weren’t imagining things

Awwwww Brookie we heart you and will gladly raise our little bottles to ourselves and YOU! Thank you for your letter and your friendship!

Don’t miss out on this mornings post complete with VIDEO

One Year later and our internet game is still ridiculous: The Forum, LTR, Twitter

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