We interupt this Kellan post…

We interrupt this Saturday morning LTT post to bring you this important Public Service Announcement (letter)

Dear Robsten,

We stopped caring months ago. But thanks for trying…

(i love how cute this little girl is!)

Rob and Kristen seen on the Isle of Wright and snapped with this super cute girl. Little paparazzo in training.

Now follow the cut to see our real Saturday post

Thank you for rejoining us for this regularly schedule Saturday morning LTT programming. On with the show…

Dear Kellan,

It’s the New Year… it’s 2010… it’s a new decade so I thought I’d treat everyone to some gratuitous shirtless pictures of you… ya know, just because…

Deal breaker #1 in Moon’s book: Puka Shell/Hemp Necklaces

With arms wide open… next dealbreaker? Men who like bad music aka Creed

Deal breaker? That other dudes hair. yuck city.

Gang banged by the Lacrosse team? Yea, deal breaker…

Deal breaker? Sharing you with another woman…

Wait, what were we talking about……………………

Happy Saturday

Thanks to my hard drive and Kellan Lutz Online for pics
Thanks for Robsessed for the PSA pics

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