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Dear LTT-ers,

Since it’s most folks first Monday back from the Holidays I thought we could all use a good laugh and since there’s pretty much nothing new in the Twilight world let’s have a few laughs shall we…

Bella and the Beast – Someone mashed up Beauty and the Beast and Twilight and it pretty much kills. Too bad they didn’t make Mrs. Potts as Alice.

Way to jump on the Twi train a bit late but still… Guermo from Jimmy Kimmel Live talk show takes a turn as everyone’s favorite Vampire.

This totally appealed to the 13yr old boy inside me. YOUR MOM!

Follow the jump for more laughs

Give them a cell phone and Twitter and this is a pretty darn accurate picture

Headed out on their double date with Quil and Clair…

So how is it? Are you hanging in there and laughing while you answer all those emails? Have you made your resolutions yet? Speaking of Emmyloowhoo is hosting “The Biggest Loser” over at the Forum. Are you wanting to shed a couple pounds, get in shape, get up earlier, clean out the garage, make new resolutions and stick with them? Well this is the place to join in, make some friends, be accountable and make those resolutions a reality. Learn more over in the Biggest Loser Forum topic and say hi to Emmy she is good times… trust me I know!!

Here’s a sneak peek at one of their motivational posters…

Um, yea I definitely think I’ll be headed over there right now…

Happy Monday!

PS Watched a funny video? Have a funny Twilight comic or image? Send it in!

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