Appreciation Sunday: Nikki Reed

Dear Nikki Reed,

No, it’s not April Fool’s day and YES, we mean YOU Nikki Reed. We are going to be appreciating you this Sunday for our reoccurring post Appreciation Sunday. I know you’re probably pretty surprised but we do have a lot to be appreciative about when it comes to you… so let’s get started shall we?

We appreciate…

Your body
While some of the gals in Twilight have the bodies of 13 year old boys giiirrrrrrl you got some curves in all the right places. I can’t lie I was super jelly of your booty in that vampire baseball uniform. Thanks for keeping it real for the rest of us and all I can say is: You better WORK girl.
Paris Latsis
I think I speak for all woman kind when I thank you for falling on this grenade. Poor poor Paris spent an unfortunate amount of time with a one Miss Paris Hilton and for that well, he’s considered unclean and probably lacking a little in the mental facilities BUT he did find you and you both seem to be happy and while he has looked like a member of Color Me Bad in the past, he IS a greek shipping heir so I gotta hand it to you boyfriend who owns yachts that sail around GREECE ain’t too shabby. Well played my dear.

Find out what else we appreciate about Nikki Reed after the jump

Catherine Hardwicke
Again we gotta hand it to you… you took what could have been an unfortunate situation: you dad bringing home ol cougar Cathy and you made lemonade and Jamaican vacation braids. With Catherine you wrote and starred in Thirteen which besides scaring the bajesus outta parents everywhere turned out to be nominated for about a bajillion awards and you even won a freaking Independent Spirit award for your acting which is more than we can say for some of your costars. And most importantly you used your connection with Catherine to get the role of Rosalie (the most beautiful girl in the world) in Twilight.

You were in The OC
Sure we didn’t really care for your character Sadie, but you were IN the OC which mean you shared screen time with Ryan and Seth and therefore I am so jelly especially of this clip: You, Cam and Ben Mackenzie… SIGN ME UP!

You don’t own the url of your name but I gotta say it’s probably better than way… instead of some boring fan site with NO information or just a number to your agent like Kellan’s official site is owned by a crazy ol lady who does dinner theater in Canada and dresses in about 50 costumes. Seriously Nikki if you haven’t been to GO NOW! We will wait.

So that’s it Nikki! How does it feel? You’ve just be inducted into the appreciation club which until now has been ALL men… can you blame us the men of Twilight are hot sauce. But for some reason I don’t think you’ll mind being the only girl in a club full of guys. HIGH FIVE, girl!


So what do you appreciate about Nikki Reed? Do you love her as Rosalie? What did we forget and who should we appreciate next?

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