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Eclipse: Why didn’t we demand MORE

Dear Eclipse,

I have a confession. And it’s difficult to admit. I only saw you once. As of midnight tonight it will be a full 7 days since I’ve last seen your mediocrity brilliance on screen. I’m forgetting the details. Did it look like Sam Uley had eaten four or five donuts before running onto the screen shirtless for the first time? Was Jacob’s kiss with Bella as smooth as I imagine my first kiss with Rob will be? Or was it like my first kiss in 9th grade when Pat Samson’s tongue was shoved so far down my mouth I started to gag while my best friend’s dad looked on, waiting to take me home? Did Bella really not blink or stutter? No…. that can’t be right…And was there really no tweed? Not even a tweed pillow on Edward’s bed? The details.. they’re so foggy…

So while I wait to see you again, I’ve been chatting with some pals about you. At first it was “OMG GAH LEG HITCH LEG HITCH LEG HITCH I’M TIRED.” Then it was, “Man that was a great movie- well, except for the part when….. and then when…. remember how unintentionally funny it was when….” To “Was it really as good as I remember in my mind?” And that’s what we’re here to discuss. Because Lainey Gossip wrote this review, and while it was harsh and mean and a little more snarky than I usually like for something I love so much, it was mostly pretty much correct- especially when she said Kristen’s wig was the same one Taylor wore in Twilight. I know this to be a fact. I had a one-on-one with the wig lady to ask what the crap she was smoking (No I didn’t- but it’s my 2nd biggest dream next to bread-sticks with Big Daddy)

Lainey ends her review with this:

This, then, is the fundamental flaw about this franchise and a question I’ll throw out to fans of it: why don’t you demand more? Why do you keep rewarding garbage? If you love the series, why don’t you insist that they spend more time and money making it better? Why do you continue to support a mickey mouse production that cuts corners and insults your intelligence?

While we all have different experiences & like different things and disagree about what makes “art”, I think we can all agree that the critics don’t like the Twilight saga- maybe you think they’re SO wrong and should go to hell, but you have to admit that there’s a better chance of Butt Crack Santa & Harry Clearwater coming back from the dead to throw a joint block party where they fry fish & provide little bottles for the kids than for Eclipse to be nominated for any sort of legitimate industry award. Harry Potter gets legitimate nominations & the critics rave about the films. Why can’t Twilight be up to that level or caliber? And why don’t we demand it?

I answer all your burning questions after the jump!

Coming to UC & Mr. Choice's bed SOON

I think in the most simplistic of terms- we don’t demand MORE because well…. do we really care that much? And yes, I say that as someone who has dedicated her LIFE to this saga and it’s handsome star since 12/8/2008. I mean… what’s the difference if the books are brought to screen in Harry Potter perfection? How will my life change? Maybe I would’ve cried a little bit more in New Moon. Maybe I would’ve swooned a little harder when Edward walked into the cafeteria for the first time in Twilight. Maybe instead of waiting until Eclipse to feel like I was watching a “real” movie, I would have felt that a year or two ago. But at the end of the day, no matter how bad they are- I like the movies. I’d like them more if they were BETTER… but… I still saw both films a bunch in the theaters, bought the DVDs, own a couple stickers & trading cards (happy birthday to me from Moon!) and plan to take the Edward duvet out of the box sent to us by Stephenie after the interview & replace my bedspread while Mr. Choice is out of the house very soon, and will see Eclipse again and will blog about it daily. And all the while, Summit will still make billions.

EastFriend from The Quad added: “We don’t demand more….Because we’re happy with the very small moments of brilliance we get in each movie, that’s why.

  • “I don’t have the strength to stay away from you.”–Twilight (You know we all swooned. OMG, it’s EDWARD! There he is. Right there.)
  • The months in New Moon, while “Possibilities” was playing. (You know you cried. I still cry. Homegirl nailed it, too.)
  • The entire bedroom scene in Eclipse. Eff Lainey. That shit was GOLDEN. It played out beautifully & perfectly displayed why Eclipse is my favorite book in the series.”

Amen. Amen, EastFriend. LTT reader turned real-life friend @_Freya added,

They’re not great movies, but I LIKE THEM. No one’s forcing anyone to go see the movies. And maybe I don’t want to be so jaded about these movies that I have to pick everything apart. Is there anything wrong with just enjoying entertainment without expecting it to change your life? At this point, Twilight is more about the deep friendships that I’ve made than the actual quality of the movies. The fact that I have you all in my life is a testament to the strange power of this series, and I for one could not be more grateful.

There should be an Oscar category for that: “Movie that really did change your life but probably shouldn’t have changed your life” And she’s right. I just LIKE it. And while I’d like an answer to the CONSTANT question I’m asked, “Why do you think Twilight is SO well-received even thought it’s not critically acclaimed?” I guess “Eff you, I like Twilight, now leave me alone” will have to do for now!

Can’t wait to see you again!

Business Time

We hear you we hear you. You want more from our interview with Stephenie. We GOT it! We figured once we saw that the LEGHITCH really DID happen no one would care anymore, but we were WRONG! We are still waiting on EPIC pictures of EPICNESS and are editing some more audio clips to share! We haven’t forgotten! Believe us… we’ll never forget!

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  • chochang

    or maybe it just has to do with summit being such a young producer of films? do u think the movies would have been a lot better had warner brothers produced them?

  • Batty_old_pug_lady

    Your sooo right! Some parts I literally laughed out loud when they were meant to be all smooth and serious. But still because of my love the books, I WILL defend it till the end of time!

    • LissyLoo

      Lol yes I know! I couldn’t stop laughing when Victorias head came off!

      • Amen sister! I’m glad someone brought it up. In the book, I remember Bella saying that when Edward bit Victoria’s head off, it scared her. Edward and his vampire-ness scared her. Yet, when i watched it in the movie, I started giggling like I did during the chicken run in Twilight.

  • TeamJacobEdward

    “Eff y“Eff you, I like Twilight, now leave me a

    Yep! That’s it, right there!

    Yey! Good job LTTers, We’re going to get more SMeyer interview! Woohoor now!

    • TeamJacobEdward

      Now how the eff did I mess that up? I copied and pasted the quote! *sigh*

      • Obava

        I thought you were going for a Spanglish vibe as tribute to Jacob in NM.
        You loco chicka, TJE!

        • TeamJacobEdward

          Um…yeah…that’s what I was doing. Uh-huh.

          No I just end up with a lot of commenting fails because of my phone. For every one thing I love about it there is at least one fail to counter balance it. I have a love/hate relationship with my phone.

  • LissyLoo

    I dunno what it is! But I just got back from seeing eclipse for the second time and loved it just as much as the first time! Edward at least gets to be a lit more happy in this film ( better enjoy that while it lasts!) and Bella didn’t blink/stutter/lick her lips! The only cringe worthy part is the wigs!
    Anyway summit have loads of money but just don’t seem to know where to spend it! Costume dept would be my first port of call! Their soundtracks have always been good and well recognized at least!

    P.S. I bet summit wishes they could do a re-write and somehow keep Riley in the next 2 films coz he was awesome!! Best opening scene from the movies yet!!!

    • Obava

      “Edward at least gets to be a lit more happy in this film ( better enjoy that while it lasts!)”

      A- to the effin’- men, sister!

  • eatmyjorts

    Actually there was a lot in Eclipse I really did like. Even though I feel like I’m cheating I thought Edward & Bella’s kisses were hawt, & felt his pain (just a tad) when she kissed the wolf. I thought Taylor & Rob did a really good job, & was moved by their performances.
    My immediate issues (as I said in the w/e post) was Rosalie as Evita, Mr Tumnus’ traumatic day & Bella turning up to a party in her old painting clothes…weirdness.

    However much I loved it though, I do not love it as much as I love hearing about Stephenie, & your new lives as her correspondents in Hollywood. And what else was in the box? And when does mine get here? And did you tell her about Cyn? And if you don’t set about answering these questions PDQ I’m going to track you down, phone you up & go all English on your arses. And I won’t say either nachos or underpants.

    Of course, Stephenie, if you’re reading this you could just log on & give your POV on the interview 🙂 before we all die of old age.

    • Hmm.
      Maybe we need to use reverse psychology on them, too!

      UC and Moon –
      Do NOT tell us anything else about your stupid interview with Stephenie. We don’t want to hear it. We don’t care about Moon’s special claps and who Steph would eff, marry, or kill. We don’t want to know what she thinks of fanfic, OR what the title of LTT is in her bookmarks bar. Please keep it to yourselves.
      Love, Jess


    • Obava

      CYN! Somebody tell her “hi” and that we miss her!! How is she doing? Is she getting audio files of LTT sent to her everyday so she can keep up on the awesomeness?

    • forks4eva

      talyor was awful! Rob was great, but maybe just compared to taylor? Anyway, I literally had to look over at my hubba hubba (big twiman, btw) and had to tell him to get over it once taylor started botching up his beloved Jacob. Now, we are true twifans. I like the movie, but I wanted more from the fight between Victoria, Edward, Riley, and Seth. They could have spent another couple minutes on that and gotten it right. The movie started out awesome, but lost steam and left me saying why couldn’t there have been more scenes with Charlie and Bella?

  • Nelle

    UC you’re so right. I also could spend hours picking it apart. So much they left out or missed, but so much golden. (One does have to wonder how it’s possible that they couldn’t have come up with a better wig for Bella- but who REALLY cares when Rob is nearby?) So I too loved it, but would have loved it better had it been better. And I still think adding 15 more minutes to it could have made a huge difference. Why do they think they have to stick to 2 hours? Do they really think Twilight fans would complain it was too long?

    And anyway- how can we “demand more?” You think they’re going to let us on the sets to advise the director/producers?

    • Pfluffy

      Exactly, how are we suppose to “insist on them spending more time and money”? This franchise is not the well oiled machine of Harry Potter and maybe Summit it not as adept at spending it’s money in the right places, but I hardly think the films can be described as “garbage”. I wish my garbage would make me millions of dollars.

      • Robjunkie

        Yeah, Laimey’s patronizing question about why the fans don’t “demand more” irks me too. I think she’s just taking a cheap potshot at the fans, which is par for the course for her. I just wish she would stop being such a miserable cow about Twilight. Stop drinking the haterade Laimey, that shit can make you bloated.

    • natashadushi

      “And anyway- how can we “demand more?” You think they’re going to let us on the sets to advise the director/producers?” Duuuuh ofcourse they will let us on the sets *putting my microcamera in my LTT spycap so I can take sneaky pics*

  • Cazza

    I don’t know any other movie franchise that has drawn me in so much.

    I also have never ever been to a midnight showing until the Twilight Saga hit the screens.

    I have also never ever hosted a party for upwards of 40 women at my house prior to seeing said movie.

    I have never ever carried a cardboard cutout into a movie and received cheers from everyone for doing so (ok, I’ll be honest, the blood orange mimosa helped)

    I have never ever worn a t-shirt indicating I heart leg hitches and Edward and leaving the house for the world to see (alright, only one outing)

    So there you have it my Lord, the evidence speaks for itself!


    • ChillinWithCullens

      “cardboard cutout”

      “I heart leg hitches” tshirt

      Oh Cazza, where have you been all my life!

      • Cazza

        Just chillin in Texas 😉


    • BayWolf


      When I think about the new friends and the gained closeness of existing friendships – it really doesn’t matter how good or bad the movies are – they are there!

  • Shameless_Hussy

    OH!! Thank you so much for this post! I had been clutching my pillow nightly wondering if my experience with Eclipse was because of the audience or having to tend to the kiddies I brought with me to see it. Then like a Windows 7 commercial, it hit me that one of the reasons I walked away feeling a little empty is because the movie was a little empty. Now of course that certainly won’t stop me from going to see it again (tonight is the night!) but I just want to thank you ladies for once again taking a walk inside my head and putting my thoughts to screen.

    Thanks for letting me share

    • purplescool

      All of the movies are a little empty….but maybe we feel that way b/c the books are so intimately detailed and deep with the characters’ feelings/surroundings/happenings. I have to say I still fill disappointed/disatisfied with the “makeup” scene from NM, and a little empty with the last scene from Eclipse – isn’t it supposed to be a little more about her choosing Edward, not just his “world”?

      • raven

        What was up with that ending? When the credits started rolling, I was still sitting there going huh? I distictly remember in the book Bella saying that she was making her choice because she wanted to be with Edward. Something to the effect of ‘forever would mean nothing without you”. WTH? Way to kick a dude when he’s down Bella. Refuse to marry him, basically cheat on him and then say you want to follow him into immortality because you dig the lifestyle and want to be all cool and sparkly. I’m pretty sure that was exactly the answer Ed was afraid of.

        • purplescool

          Amen – exactly my point. The whole movie he looks sooooooo into her and she’s sort of lukewarm back. At the end I expected some moment that would be a little deeper than it was and I have to admit I felt a little let down.

          • Shameless_Hussy

            I know that ending was sooooo not the bizness!! it felt like the ending to an ABC movie of the week (Did I say that out loud?)

  • sonata

    ok, so I have a hugely busy day and 12 hours worth of stuff to do (and a 4 hr time slot in which to do it all), and how to I start my day? A solid half hour at LTT, of course! 🙂

    Ok, so why does TW movies suck compaired to HP? Umm, I am going to throw this out there (and you are going to throw ‘thumbs down’ back at me), but maybe because….TW books suck compaired to HP books? I mean, c’mon. I can’t even talk about the TW books with a straight face anymore. “Well, you see, yes, he is a sparkly teenage vampire that drinks bunny blood–but he’s soooo dreamy! Yes, he does drive around in a hatch-back Volvo and wear kahki…um…yes, in the last book, her ex-best friend does fall in mystical wolfy love with her nasty demon newborn spawn–but, you see, it’s not *like* that…it’s pure!!!”

    Ok, so TELL me how ANYONE can take that trainwreck of a plot and make an Oscar Award Winning Movie out of it?

    I had a talk with a TwiVirgin the other day, and I just told her straight up–“It’s crazy, stupid, and unbelieveable. But I LOVE it and would defend my pretty hard-back four-set with my LIFE. It’s MINE–the only thing in my life that’s just for ME. My secret love–sometimes, I wonder if it’s all that keeps me sane” (or insane–but that’s another post).

    Stephenie has said numerous times that she is not an author. Maybe that’s true. Maybe she did the best she could with the crazy dream-plot she was given (last night, I dreamed I drove a truck up a wooden latter while eating a snow cone. true story). But I am not sure HOW you translate that into an epic movie.

    For some reason, “A boy turns 11 and finds out that he is a wizard and travels to a school to learn to use his magic” doesn’t sound nearly as crazy……

    • OutOfF(l)avour

      I agree with what your saying. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the Twilight books (obviously, or else why am I here writing this) and there are some absolutely golden moments, but if you compare them to the Harry Potter books, well…..the HP plot is just better. And it translates to the big screen better, too.

      But i’ve forgotten why we are comparing twilight to harry potter….

    • I brought my cousin to see Eclipse this weekend and on the way to the theater I was explaining the whole storyline to her (she was a total Twi-virgin) and as it was coming out of my mouth I realized just how insane it all sounded. However, she was very gracious about it and assured me that she understood that things often make more sense in books. She also said, in an effort to assure me that she did not think I was a total loser for being excited about the saga, that if someone explained HP to a HP-virgin it would sound similarly nutty, and she really liked the HP books.
      What was my point? I don’t know except that I have decided to try to stop being so embarrassed that I like Twilight and the movies. I’m not saying I’m going to be loud and proud, exactly, just that I think I’m going to keep enjoying and quit explaining.

      • I also want to point out here, not that it really relates to this post or anything, that I have found that I am WAY more into Twilight since I found LTT. This whole site (ESPECIALLY with all the hilarious comments) are the most fun thing I’ve been into since I played with Strawberry Shortcake dolls 30 years ago (I am OOOOOLD). I am just realizing now, as I type this, that I may in fact be more of a LTT fan than a Twilight fan….? Perhaps (for me, anyway) Twilight is just the excuse for all the fun that is LTT.

        • Sj

          LOL, pulled out dusty box of Strawberry Shortcake collection for little niece recently, they still smell!!! God knows what chemicals were used but THAT is pop culture endurance.

        • Nelle

          If you’re old enough to have played with that doll I might be old enough to be your mother! I’ve often thought I am probably the oldest one on this site. But I agree with you – I might enjoy this site and all the clever, funny people who contribute -even more than the books/movies.

          • WakeUpDead25

            I played w/ those dolls too!! And I’m 25. So ur not too old 🙂

  • ambushed by twilight

    well, as movies go of course we all know that this series is “lacking” in all kinds of ways… obsessed over the books and yes, i DO love the movies, no matter how “bad” they are. i’ve now seen Eclipse 3 times. uh-huh, sure have! nad i do love it. bad wig and all it teen-infused angst. yes i AM 30, and sure if it was another story on the screen i would not be satisfied w/ the production… but i love it and i will own it and no matter what Breaking Dawn is like, i will watch and but it too… sad. i know. oh well! there’s no accounting for taste, right?
    (oh, Edward looked so good in this one… *swoon*) finally got his face makeup right. i did notice the “line” on his wrist from the makeup when they were on the bed, but i cose not to stare at it and, instead, fawned over his lovely mouth. Mmm-mm-MMMm.


  • Pfluffy

    Yeah, it’s hard to take Lainey’s review seriously – she is not a fan of the books, so why would she even remotely like the movies and when she hates, it seems she really hates. It’s all a matter of opinion and what what a person views as entertainment. I liked the movie, I mean really liked it. Sure Kristen’s wig had some major failing – sometimes looked ok, but at other times looked fizzy and what was with the side part?? And I had a real problem with the lack of Bella’s outerwear coming out of the tent the next morning after nearly freezing her ass off night before. But for all the shortcomings, there was still some major win moments and I will go again just to see the parts I loved from the book brought to the screen.

    • Robjunkie

      But see, this is the thing, she didn’t always dislike the books and everything about them. When she started writing about the saga, she admitted that the books drew her in. When she went to interview the cast on the set of the first movie, she gushed about Rob. Something musta happened after that. Maybe she became Robsessed and got banned by Summit after trying to sneak into Rob’s trailer, who knows. And then in an attempt to regain her dignity she started bashing on the saga. Now she’s all, Oh, twifans are losers, Rob is a mouth breather and has mothering hips.
      So very lame. Stop fronting Laimey and admit that you puffy heart Rob and want to do him on a bearskin rug in front of a roaring fire. But you’re gonna have to stand in line bitch.

  • Stacey

    The first Twilight brought me to the books, then the New Moon DVD, a borderline obsession with a Mr. Pattinson and to all of you at LTT & LTR. For that I will be very grateful to a certain cougar. (Her Twilight commentary with Rob still makes me giggle and feeling a little creeped out).

    My favorite movies are usually the imperfect ones. You get more out of them like unintentional laughs and just pure fun. It’s a love story about a clumsy girl, a self-loathing vampire and a horny puppy. It’s fun, pure and simple not Citizen Kane. Let the haters complain and let’s ignore them. I would rather continue with happy talk of jorts and Carlise wig helmet.

  • SarahG

    My expectations were managed and I was pleasantly surprised by how much that enhanced the positivity of my movie-going experience. Was it perfect? No. Has any book-to-movie translation been perfect? No. There is always something left out or changed or given too much weight or not enough weight. I think critics are full of it anyway, so why listen to them
    now? I’ll be taking a second look at Eclipse soon. My hubby finally watched Twilight last night and his “heart didn’t go aflutter, but it was interesting enough” that he wants to see the others. I’m so proud.

  • Midnight_Cyn

    Why do I care about this movie when I have so much going on in my life right now that I am barely getting through each day…b/c I. Have. So. Much. Going. On. in. my RL!!! It was ALL I could (wanted) to think about these last few weeks (months). I wasn’t looking for perfection. I was looking for distraction and a glimpse into more..much more of the lives of characters (Edward) I have come to love. Life sucks sometimes (ALOT) and I want to escape into a world that allows me to lose myself for 2 hours! A place that can make me smile (everytime) when Jasper (even with a horrendous wig and whose hair shouldn’t grow, right?) finally kisses the lil pixie Alice (who I want as my BFF)….to see THAT moment when Bella says yes (and I glance down at my finger with a slight smirk and be thankful that I own that butt ugly ring that is really pretty and I wear all the time b/c Eddie would want me too.lol)…when to my surprise I actually felt sorry for my nemesis Rosalie (for just a second)…b/c it makes it possible for me to laugh out loud when Bella pops Jacob for stealing a kiss (and I could use a great excuse for having my arm in a sling right now)! Yes I love, love, love this movie and I don’t care who knows it nor do I feel the need to explain WHY to anyone who would question me…and if they should consider arguing with me that it is not “Oscar worthy”, it would be best to keep in mind I have one good arm left!
    Eclipse is all I had hoped for and more because I wasn’t looking for the same things the “critics” were. There are plenty of (those) movies out there if I wanted to see them ( I don’t) I want to spend more time with Edward/Bella, its like dropping in on friends that you haven’t seen in a long while to find out what they are up to these days (they have been very busy) and get lost in their lives/loves just long enough to forget about my own (not so great right now) life! Which is why I am pretty much watching it 24/7!
    So why don’t I demand more? Well actually I do…which is why they are making Breaking Dawn…lol….
    Good morning everyone! Sorry for the ramble but still heavy on the meds…. 🙂

    • Obava

      CYN! You are back! Good to see/hear/read you, girl! Am glad you’re getting your fill of the movies. I totally agree with you on the escapism/old friends aspects of this thing of ours.
      And I loled at your “butt ugly ring that is really pretty” 😀

      xo obava

    • operarose

      Could not agree with you more Cyn! And glad to see you commenting on here again!!!

      I typed out my novella below before I read your comment, which is similar to my pov. I sort of regretted going into the cheesy “the world sucks so let us have something happy” argument below but it really is true. I don’t think every film that’s made or book that’s written needs to explore the depths and darkness of the human soul. I am happy that there are books in this world (and movies that are faithful to said books) that let us experience love, friendship, and family.

    • Sj


      • Sj


      • Midnight_Cyn

        LOL MISSED YOU TOOOO………<3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sue G.

    For me, the Twilight movies are entertainment. A lot of times, the Oscar nominated films are either so depressing or so serious, they are not entertaining. I don’t care if the Twilight Saga’s are not Oscar worthy! Just bring on Edward!

  • Demanding more just seems… weird. What are we supposed to do? Call Summit? Picket Rob’s house?

    I don’t understand.

    My daughter’s dance teacher always says, “You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.”

    The world of Edward and Bella COULD still be stuck in a book. No one HAD to make it into a movie.

    So, I’m grateful that Edward says, “You better hold on tight, spider monkey”. And I’m ECSTATIC that Bella blinks… maybe a tad bit too much for a normal person. I’m EVEN happy that Jacob exists. Even if I do want stab him in the face with a soldering iron.

    Because without it, you know, I wouldn’t be commenting on a website at 8:16 am… Hmm, seems I need to rethink my priorities. 😉

    • claire’s mommy

      I was totally up and on LTT before my 2 y/o was even up. Something is seriously wrong with me.

      • Stacey

        Absolutely nothing wrong with you, because I too was on LTT when my three year old was sleeping, while feeding a 4 month old. So if there is something wrong with you, then there is also something wrong with me. Then we can start a club wearing our LTT tee shirts!

    • Stacey

      I absolutely love what your daughter’s dance teacher said! May I please use it on my three year old? Like right this minute? yikes.

    • Sj

      Curious, was dance teacher’s comment directed at students or their parents?Def. storing it away in words of wisdom part of brain.

    • kristen’s bestie

      I have said this at least once a day to some or all of my kids for the last 8 years when I heard this from my oldest daughter’s pre-school teacher. Love it!

    • TeamJacobEdward

      Your priorities sound just fine to me: do the thing(s) that keep you relatively sane to make sure you can function for the rest of the day. Yep, perfectly fine.

      Hahaha! My kidlets’ daycare lady says that too (“you get what you get…”) Which is a lesson my 3yo still needs to have resonate with her. She’s a spit-fire, strong-willed, stubborn creature that one.

  • tuesdaymidnight

    I don’t know anything about the movie industry, so this is probably ignorant speculation on my part. It seems to me that Summit was sort of blindsided by the success of Twilight. It was a low budget movie that came across as a low budget movie, but it was so wildly successful that it enabled them to set the bar low for the sequels. It’s a numbers game and Summit is winning.

    So, why don’t we demand more? I don’t know. Maybe because they give us just enough to satisfy us without having to thrill us. To continue the awful metaphor I’m creating here: sex is sex, even if it’s not great sex.

  • Just me

    I just saw it on Friday and yes there were a couple of moments of brilliance although the golden bedroomness was ruined by some idiot sniggering behind me.

    About three things I am certain

    One – Bella’s wig sucked

    Two – Charlie rocked it

    Three – Any enjoyment of Edward being on the screen was marred by those RIDICULOUS sideburns.

    Never mind they’re NOT bears. They’re NOT hair!!! More like giant stick on pieces of beard.

    And don’t get me started on all the white makeup in his ears.

    A good film takes you away and makes you forget about the actors. My internal monolog was something like

    Makeup in ears
    No tweed – good
    Wig Sideburns
    Leg hitch – oh
    Muse – to dance to?
    Why isn’t she wearing a coat in the snow? Or gloves?
    Riley is hot

    • Ish

      OMG please stop, that is the funniest thing I have read in ages,

      “Never mind they’re NOT bears. They’re NOT hair!!! More like giant stick on pieces of beard.”

      your entire post was win win win a million thumbs up i will be laughing all day now thanks a mill

    • ICanHandleIt

      I couldn’t get over Kristen’s wig the whole time either, or Rob’s sideburns! I totally agree with you… “Wig. Wig. Sideburns. Wig.” Charlie more than nailed it, he stole it!

    • tuesdaymidnight

      THANK YOU! I was able to ignore the distracting wigs and was quite engaged with the movie until the scenes where Bella wasn’t wearing a coat. What was the point of the “space heater” if she doesn’t get cold in the snow?!?!

      However, I was able to suspend belief for a lot longer than I was able to do with New Moon. I think New Moon lost me as soon as Jasper’s wig showed up at school on Bella’s birthday… if Cougar Cathy had just mentioned his ability in Twilight, they wouldn’t have needed to wrongly keep him high school for another year… *wanders away muttering*

    • natashadushi

      “Never mind they’re NOT bears. They’re NOT hair!!! ” This must be a LTT t-shirt! HAHAHAAHAHA
      About the makeup in the ears, I thought I was the only one who was thinking that. I thought maybe I saw it wrong because I was so concentraiting on Robward talking about iced tea.
      Can we be BFF? Loved your comment!

    • Goodgirl goneplaid

      Haha! WIN!
      Muse to dance to?! IKR all I could do was think of those two doing some kind of modern interprative dance that song. *shudders*
      Copstache was the best tho, and where is Team Seth?! The sink was witness to possibly the best lines yet again “I’m a virgin!”

      • Sj

        Sink deserves a special recognition day, or has it had one already?

    • michelle

      OMG Please this is exactly what I am thinking having JUST got to see Eclipse for the first time! (hubby overseas’s and every sitter I know had to see it BEFORE ME!)

      But I had a hard time the first 30min. It seemed so choppy, like a rough cut, like Slade was trying to get in book material anywhere he could but lacking order of the book. I was loosing hope.

      But Bella’s wig was able to keep me chuckling through and Charlie STOLE THE MOVIE! “Make’s like Edward a little more” I LOVE IT!

      I was won over yet again, and while I would have loved to have seen Alice in the looney bin and her and Jasper’s first meeting, I will live. I will go on and wait for Breaking Dawn pining away as I did for Eclipse and PRE BOOKING A BABY SITTER MONTHS IN ADVANCE!

      PS Sideburns flamable was all I could think when he went to torch Victoria…

  • LoveSpelledBackwards

    So, I went this weekend with hubby to see Eclipse or the first time and afterward I was f*ing depressed for the rest of the day (long weekend). For some reason, in the mood I was in, all I could do was be annoyed with it. I liked a bunch of scenes- but to me- something was missing. Then I came back to LTT/LTR and read that mostly everyone LOVED it, and I felt – Not Normal. I am going with my only Twi-friend to see it again on Wednesday and maybe that is the magic I need. I look back and there were certainly parts I loved. But the details, like… Why is Jessica giving a speech (Because she had an Oscar nom??) Why does Jacob tell us he turned down being alpha? (because they can’t copy the book exactly word for word like I wished for?) I don’t know. I guess, I really liked the book. And yes, it is really really hard to explain why. And any and every time I do, I feel so silly and ridiculous. But that is why I am here. So thank you UC, the start of your blog made me feel Normal again.

    The saddest part, even knowing that I wasn’t entirely happy with Eclipse, I am still unconditionally and irrevocably in love with the Twilight saga, and therefore happily fall to Summits whim. And I am okay with that.

    • rpisthenewps

      I was depressed the day after I saw Eclipse too. They left so many of my favorite parts outs! I wanted kidnappings and angry grizzly bears! It didn’t help that I read the book the day before seeing the movie. I swear not to read BD within one month of the movie coming out! Anyway…. now that I’ve seen Eclipse 3 more times, I do love it. The wigs are distracting, Bella’s wardrobe sucks, and I try to ignore the sideburns, but Edward looks sooo nice, and his voice is sooo sweet. That’s all I ask for.

      • same

        I too was disappointed. I kept remembering MR response to question of how to condense a long book down to a movie script. She kep talking about taking the audience on the same emotional journey as the book did. That’s where they fall short. The first movie was cheesy, yes, but I got that same giddy sense of wonder, and I’ll admit a lot of that has to do with Rob walking into the cafeteria. There was an emotional response. With the last 2, I feel like Summit just missed what we were connecting to. Rob makes a pretty good substitute, but even the pretty can’t replace the heart for the whole movie. Still, I find I’m responding to. Eclipse more than NM. I’m feeling the compulsion to see it one more time. To see the pretty and the pup and the Cullen family who stand together because they choose to be family despite any disagreements. To see Jasper & Alice’s’kiss and remember the back story. I love movie Charlie more than book Charlie, and movie Jess just seems less shallow… Anyway, there’s’enough of the heart there to keep me rereading the books to chase that feeling. And of course, LTT and the snark to help me keep the sap in perspective.

      • WakeUpDead25

        Bella outfits are so butch, she had a slightly better look in NM. At least her face looks prettier in this one.

  • Ish

    Hello, summit has the Robster. The man could stutter and dribble for 1 1/2 hours and we would still buy the dvd xxx

  • anne stirrat

    I have to say i loved the wolves in eclipse thought they were awesome the rest of the movie was good but as always the books were better as you cant put that much detail into the movies.It was worth going to see and would recomend it but if i am honest the first film twilight was the best so far and it was done on a smaller budget.But will still look forward to the last movies just to see what the pull out of the hat next.

  • MrsKowski

    @Freya – I couldn’t have said it better myself! They may not be great movies, but I enjoy them and this series is about so much more than just mediocre movies it’s about friendships that are invaluable to me!

  • obird

    I love the movies. Yep, I do. To be honest, I really don’t think I would love them as much if they were “super serious” Oscar nominated films. I mean can you imagine a life without “Buttcrack Santa” or “They’re NOT Bears”….that would be TRAGIC. That being said….I still want to kill the hair and makeup people….there is NO excuse for that. Ever. Even Corky Sinclaire wouldn’t have put up with wigs like that.

    I know everyone throws Twilight and Harry Potter in the same boat, but they are really apples and oranges. HP is in the same category as Star Wars in my opinion….it has a much more in depth mythology than Twi….therefore requires a little bit more “seriousness”. Wow…that was way too deep for 10am.

    Pass the coffee….

    Long live the LegHitch!
    Obird 🙂

    • You said Corky Sinclair!! LMAO– ILY!

      • obird

        Best. Movie. Ever. ILY back mucho! 🙂

  • OutOfF(l)avour

    I don’t care if Twilight is considered ‘award worthy’ or not – I’m just glad that it has been ‘brought to life’ (so to speak) at all. There are enough moments of brilliance in the movies that I don’t care so much about how much they got wrong or did poorly (but having said that I DO like that discuss what they did wrong and how they could have done it better, in my expert opinion).

    I don’t want to demand more of the movies cause I don’t really care if it’s perfect or critically acclaimed – I like them just the way they are (with the exception of Twilight (i.e. the first movie) – but that’s another story for a different post).

    UC said it best:

    “Eff you, I like Twilight, now leave me alone”, to all the people that roll their eyes or groan in embarrassment (or just generally act more superior) at the mere mention of Twilight.

    P.S. am I the only one that not only doesn’t have a problem with Bella’s wig, but actually likes it better than her real hair in SOME scenes?

    • WakeUpDead25

      “Eff you, I like Twilight, now leave me alone”, to all the people that roll their eyes or groan in embarrassment (or just generally act more superior) at the mere mention of Twilight.”

      So right! I hate having to defend something I enjoy. It’s like people who love crappy music or crappy tv, everyone can like what they want, and we shouldn’t have to defend it.

  • Since you’ve already mentioned HP, there’s no harm in bringing it up again. For me, Twilight and Harry Potter books have only ONE similarity between them – you relate to the characters. Ok, that didn’t make sense since they are books about vampires and wizards. What I mean is, you feel some sort of connection with the characters. I once read a review for the Twilight books where the reviewer compared it to HP and LOTR saying, “You don’t want just read the books. You want to crawl inside and live in that world.”

    When I was reading Harry Potter, I longed to be in a cool school like Hogwarts. I wanted to know a family like Weasleys. I wished I had friends like Ron, Hermione and Hagrid. Likewise, while reading Twilight, I wished I could live in Forks for a while. I wished I had bio lab with someone like Edward. I wished I had an annoying yet adorable friend like Alice. I wished I knew the Cullens…

    You see that’s where the appeal of the books lie. As for the films, like chochang said above, they might have been better had they been made by a bigger production company. But that’s where Sonata’s comment comes in. Twilight books are nowhere even near to the Harry Potter ones when it comes to quality. So, if the source material itself is crazy and at times, nauseatingly cheesy, how could the films be any better?

    That being said, I would say I enjoyed Eclipse. I have to see it a few more times to know if I liked it the best among the 3, but I have a feeling that might be the case. Rob has never been more Edward than he was during the tent scene. Oh, and the critics who bring the Brokeback Mountain tent scene reference while mentioning the Eclipse one, two words for them: NOT COOL!

    • LissyLoo

      Couldn’t have said it better! The ONLY thing in common is that we seem to love them both!! The characters are easy to relate to despite being wizards, vamps and wolves but the story lines are pretty different. Particularly the fact that twi is pretty much a romance novel!!
      There are always themes such as good vs evil etc that is in a lot of books!

      Ps wish I was friends with Alice too!

    • Stacey

      Now if you ask my husband, Twilight is Harry Potter and you can just switch up Rob and Daniel Radcliffe and you would have the same movie. I also would like to point out he switched to BBC America and asked why Harry Potter was on and isn’t that the dirty Rob Boy I like. It was actually Dr. Who. I also would like to mention, that while I love my husband, he is an idiot.

    • TeamJorts

      Yes!!! So well said!

    • OutOfF(l)avour

      Okay, I agree with EVERYTHING you just said. haha especially your quote:

      “You don’t want just read the books. You want to crawl inside and live in that world.”

      This is exactly how I feel about all my favourite books.

      Is it weird that I like to fantasise about the characters from my fav books being my friends (or that I am somehow related to them), and then make up new scenes in my head and insert myself into them?

  • NotWutheringHeights

    Still loving the movies. Just saw Eclipse for the third time. Sure, there are flaws. None of us go to the Twi Saga flicks expecting high drama or Oscar perfection. But I reserve the right to escape into a little lust-filled bubble of irrational vampire and werewolf action. It’s mine!

    Sideburns… I like them. I think Edward is hot and edgy and sexy as hell in sideburns.

    Charlie… freakin’ hilarious. “Virgin huh… I like Edward a bit better now.” I suppose we have Melissa to thank for a lot of the giggles, not forgetting “Doesn’t he own a shirt?”.

    La Wig… I confess, it didn’t bother me much UNTIL that horrid scene in the woods when the vamps trained for battle and the wolves came to watch. The wig then was hideous. Absolutely gut-wrenching terrible. And the rest of the flick it didn’t bother me again.

    The Bella and Edward yummies… some nice scenes. The bedroom scene gave me the hot flushes (oh yeah). And Rob was looking totally delicious in a few scenes (the opening meadow scene, the tent, the leghitch… I think when he wasn’t so pale).

    One thing that does bother me… the Rosalie eyebrows. The Evita reference… oh yeah! The should have done better with the black eyebrows/blonde wig. That said, I think Nikki nailed her flashback chat with Bella.

    And Riley… hot, hot, hot!

  • MelisSaa

    When I read the books I felt like I was back in high school experiencing first love and awkward moments all over again. If the movies were perfect in the critics’ minds, they would not ring true with the high school experience–both in Twilight world and the real world. I find the movie characters more believable because they aren’t portrayed by the best actors (not you, Rob, we all love you and think you’re perfect).

    Harry Potter is true fantasy so those movie makers can go crazy with special effects and it’s appropriate for that franchise. Twilight is set in Forks, WA, with a bunch of fantasy characters. What do the critics want? Green trees and rain are what you find up there. I think Summit has done a fine job overall. The wigs are ridiculous, wardrobe questionable. Why aren’t Rosalie’s eyebrows blonde, or closer to blonde? This always distracts me to the point where I lost track of the dialogue. And now I’ve forgotten what the heck I was saying. Darn those eyebrows!

  • i too wanted more but not a lot, just like 10 minutes.
    I was hoping for a bit more of Rosalie’s story, like her being the most beautiful girl in town, (fail) or what had she done to make Royce so crazy, i totally didn’t get that from the 10 second clip of her coming for him in the hotel room, why was he so scared?
    Alice & Jasper well, we’ve already discussed that it needed more there
    and then the battle training, yeah that needed more too!
    also, seeing it on the imax screen was a little distracting, granted i was taking photos but i could see rob’s stray eyebrows and pores on any face larger then 30 feet high! and bella’s wig went from chestnut to auburn in all the wierd places, darker in the florida sun then in the meadow, lighter inside then out… two obvious wigs people! but this wasn’t about the wigs.

  • operarose

    Okay back up here a second. I was NOT happy with how Harry Potter translated on screen. Warner Brothers put a ton of money into it, the sets are amazing, and the cast of Harry Potter is PHENOMENAL, yes. But the Harry Potter books were the epic story of our generation and Warner Brothers did a hideous job of translating the stories on screen. They consistently made unnecessary changes throughout the movies (from that goofy Disneyesque car-flying scene in Chamber of Secrets to the horrible Burrow-burning-down scene in HBP and the complete lack of anything from the book other than the basic tournament scenes in Goblet.) I also recall the critics being less than impressed with some of the earlier HP films. It was only later (now that the series turned “Dark” and “Adult” and there’s Twilight to compare it to) that the critics decided it was “ok” to “approve” Harry Potter.

    So let’s go back to Twilight series. The one thing I think all of the films have had going for them is that they were very, very loyal to the stories. I had some issues with Twilight – we all know what those issues are as we mock them mercilessly on here – but New Moon was extraordinarily loyal to the book and Eclipse was even moreso. I absolutely loved watching NM and E because to me they were so loyal to the book and somehow managed to capture the feelings I had when reading the books. It’s sort of hard to describe, but it worked. I hate to admit this but I’ve seen Eclipse 3 times already. The reason (other than the amazing air conditioning in the movie theatre) was that it brought me back to when I was reading Eclipse for the first time back in 2007. I could sort of just enjoy the movie and let it wash over me and take me back into the book’s world. I don’t know how it managed to do that – maybe because it was almost a literal translation of the book on screen and I think the cast really put their all into it and did well to capture the range of angst, anger, anxiety, love, passion, tension, and friendship from the books – it worked. It’s hard to put into words.

    Because the movies tried so hard to please the fans rather than the critics, it’s going to get big box office numbers and happy fans and is going to be scorched by critics. Could we have had a critically-acclaimed movie and enjoyed it? I don’t know. Maybe. But I’m not sure how they would have achieved that without drastically changing the story and the characters. I would much rather see a movie that I purely enjoy rather than some art house film that the critics are going to like. If I want an art house film, I’ll watch one of my European movies. I can’t imagine Twilight being done in that style and still effectively satisfying the fans. Look, I think Summit did the right thing by trying really hard to please the fans at the risk of irritating some Rita Skeeterish critics. Because Harry Potter tried to do it all, I feel they landed somewhere in the middle. And no Harry Potter movie has been as satisfying to me as New Moon and Eclipse were.

    Finally, I really think Stephenie Meyer gets some credit for making sure the movies are faithful to the books and to the fans. She has consistently defended her stance that the books are to be enjoyed, it seems to me that was her main goal with the books. The movies should have the same goal, and for the most part have been successful. Let’s face it. The world kind of sucks right now. We have oil spills, wars, diseases, financial crises, crime, selfish and incompetent politicians, and so on and so fourth. Why can’t we have something that makes us happy? Twilight, as cheesy as this might sound, makes a lot of people happy. And it’s about positive things in this world: love, friendship, family. If more people valued those things, the world may be a bit of a better place. I really can’t understand why anyone would want to ruin the fun for those of us who want to just have a bit of enjoyment amidst all of this insanity. The critics are welcome to critique – that is their job, after all – but I wish that others wouldn’t ruin all of the fun. If you want to see a dark, scary movie, don’t walk into a Twilight film.

    Finally, as much as we may joke about it, I have a little faith that Breaking Dawn movies are going to be decent because SM’s a producer and I think she’ll make sure that not too many creative liberties are taken with the story. Hate it or not, I think the final movie should be just as faithful to the books as NM and E.

    Now I’m going to run and take my tweed off because it’s too hot for this!

    • Thanks, operarose! Good stuff.

    • Midnight_Cyn

      Opera, hoping my narrator got most of what you said correct b/c I totally agree with you as usual!! (Yes Dell finally helped me to get “her” to work correctly) The few things that I think are legitimate gripes are the ones that are so blatantly obvious and have nothing to do with the story/translation from novel to movie or acting etc., As my Mom always said “Its all in the details” and this is where Summit consistently drops the ball and I find inexcusable. The movies are HUGE money makers and therefore the budget IS available to make sure all the details are “fine tuned”. There is NO excuse for lousy wigs/makeup/wardrobe failures. This is where I think they short change the fans. It is distracting from the movie when all you “see” is a wig that looks as though it was made from my dogs last clippping appt. They can afford to hire the BEST makeup/stylists etc. Spend the extra few bucks to make sure Bella doesn’t show up to the “graduation party” in the day before’s “I just helped Charlie clean the garage” attire. (One of my best moments is how beautiful Bella looked at the prom…the hair/makeup were spot on…details) So in this area I think it is fair to “politely” (demand) Summit to step it up a notch…ahh its good to be back amongst my LTT friends..I feel such a sense of release being back here with my normal BFF’s..oh how I have missed thee…(In honor of Edward)…love you guys…xoxo

    • OutOfF(l)avour

      Good job – well said.

      Your first paragraph on Harry Potter has made me rethink – I did actually think the first few movies were craptastic, but I have liked the last few. Perhaps HP has more POTENTIAL to translate well to the big screen, even though they may not have done it as well as they could.

      I too love how loyal NM and E movies are to the books. A literal translation of the book onto the big screen is what makes me happy (I’m actually really picky and if I’m being honest, I would have like certain scenes in Eclipse to match the book even more closely), and I too really hope they keep Breaking Dawn as faithful to the books as NM an E have been.

  • soosiedoosie

    My twifriend and I went to see it on the Thursday morning, had lunch, then saw it again. We liked it better the second time, after we got over the ‘what was in and what was out’ conversation.

    The next day my teenage son wanted to see it too so I drove him and his friend an hour to see it. So I’ve seen it three times. I didn’t love it at first but by the third time I know I will watch it as much as the others…over and over…it’s my happy place after teaching all day and studying at night…I need an escape and I have chosen this. So keep them coming Summit, I have a few more years of stress ahead and will need the distraction!

  • soosiedoosie

    My twifriend and I went to see it on the Thursday morning, had lunch, then saw it again. We liked it better the second time, after we got over the ‘what was in and what was out’ conversation.

    The next day my teenage son wanted to see it too so I drove him and his friend an hour to see it. So I’ve seen it three times. I didn’t love it at first but by the third time I know I will watch it as much as the others…over and over…it’s my happy place after teaching all day and studying at night…I need an escape and I have chosen this. So keep them coming Summit, I have a few more years of stress ahead and will need the distraction!

    • NotWutheringHeights

      Right there with you. It’ll be my new happy place in the midst of a stressed out life.

      Bring on some feathers in 2011 and keep those Cullen smiles coming.

  • lieutenant.twilight

    Since I FINALLY saw this glorious movie, I can agree! It may not be the cream of the crop in terms of cinematography, BUT I love it still!

    I went with my husband and our marriend friends and we agreed that the boys would all sit together so they could make fun of the movie with each other and not interfere with us wives that have read the series! AND they had hardly any complaints, most were “there was too much just talking, needed more action.” Still I plan on seeing it by myself a few more times before it leaves theaters!

  • KinkyKiss

    Besides the puggy belly amd horrid wigs, I LOVED eclipse…
    It was everything I wanted…
    Love excitment funny and passion..
    The books can’t be turned into perfection,
    but eclipse was close, very close…

    So if you don’t like it, stop watching it :]
    Simple as that

  • Robjunkie

    I don’t think it’s a question of the fans not demanding more, more that Summit is simply not delivering the technical excellence required. And therein lies the rub. Although there has been plenty of criticism from the fans, especially about the epic fails of the wardrobe, hair and make-up, these things are not deal breakers for the fans. Ultimately, it’s their love of the saga that will keep fans going to the movies.

    For me personally, it’s more than just the technical details that make me like or dislike a film. It’s whether or not the story is portrayed in the best possible way, not whether shit that gets blown up looks fake, or whether the CGI is 100% perfect. Yes, those things can be distracting, but in the bigger scheme of things it doesn’t make the like or dislike the movie more.

    And really, when all’s said and done, I’m just here for the hot vampire dude y’all.

  • jazzled

    I know I’m in the minority on this one (or at least one of the few willing to take shit hitting the fan for saying something a lot of all you probably will acknowledge to yourselves but wouldn’t admit under pain of death) but I really don’t think that Twilight and Harry Potter are even *comparable* outside of the fact that they are both series and appeal to adolescents as well as adults.

    It all comes down to the source content, and let’s face it, Stephenie got LUCKY. I say that with all the love in my heart, Steph, truly, but Twilight saga books are NEVER going to be works of Classic fiction. Or at least they shouldn’t be. She had a great dream, it probably turned her on a little (hey- who hasn’t had those dreams?). I’d want to re-live that shit over and over again too. As a matter of fact, I HAVE had great dreams about unattainable men and written stories around them, but I’ve never gotten published. Why? BECAUSE NO ONE CARES WHO I WANT TO SCHTUP. She found a publishing company willing to take a chance, and had a demographic primed for the taking, and ended up with a rabid fan-base. And probably because she wanted to KEEP re-living that dream, she kept writing and feeding their crazy.

    The movie productions have only served to fan the flames here but because of Summit’s overall horrible production choices, the movies have made an even more complete farce out of something that could never be taken seriously in the first place, thus cementing Twilight’s place in the literary world- a long-lived FAD.

    Don’t get me wrong, I have all the books. I have the movies. I enjoy Twilight, for what it is. I felt Eclipse was the best so far of the three, but maybe I’m biased because MY favorite character was given respect in this one. Also, I’m glad they omitted a lot of Bella being Bella, because she’s freaking annoying- and only gets more so with each book. If she was even 1/10 as interesting as any of the other characters, that might be something, but she’s not.

    I do agree with Lainey though, for once in my life- I really don’t understand why this fan-base accepts the crap that Summit peddles to us willingly and then complains when Rob’s hair is out of place. You people (by that, I mean all of us) have voices. If you didn’t, the atrocity that is Breaking Dawn would never have been written, Jasper’s hair wouldn’t keep getting worse and Jacob might wear a shirt once in awhile….oh the horror.

    I wish these movies could have been done right and kept the charm of the books (the first three anyway), but it appears that’s not how it’s meant to be so now we’re stuck making the best of it. That’s fine by me. I’ll watch the movies. I’ll probably laugh along with my husband (who only stops what he’s doing to laugh) at parts not meant to be funny, but still enjoy it. I’ll enjoy the eye candy. I’m not asking these movies to be cinematic pieces of brilliance; they never could be. I’m fine with that.

    And for the record, I have plenty of grievances about how the Harry Potter movies turned out as well- that’s just what happens when you flop a continuous story between directors with their own artistic visions, who want to leave their own mark on something.

    Just sayin’.

    • JodieO

      Hi Jazzy! It’s true, comparing Twilight and Harry Potter is like comparing apples and wands. They really aren’t in the same category other than ‘books made into movies’. The first two HP movies were certainly nothing to write home about. The acting was bad, the special effects weren’t all that special, and they really didn’t know just how much of a cash cow they were going to be. Same thing happened with Twilight. Who knew? The difference here is once Warner Brothers realized what was happening they stepped it up hardcore. That’s why these later movies are getting recognized for the effects and art direction and whatever. Summit got dollar signs in their eyes and stepped it up smallcore. Yes, the movies have progressively gotten better, but not by a lot. They are still rushing to get the movies into the theaters, in a frantic attempt to snag as much money as they can before we are all sick to death of vampires and werewolves. Six months between movie 2 and movie 3? Personally I’d have been happy to wait a few more months for some better wolves and better wigs.

      And as a major Harry Potter nerd I have TONS of issues with the HP movies. They change things, omit things, cut characters, make weird decisions, but they allow me to spend time in this world that I love so much. So I cling to the parts I love and I overlook the spider monkeys.

  • Jessica

    I think anytime you are dealing with turning a book into a movie you will be disappointed. There is nothing more powerful than your own imagination. Having said that, I think it’s appropriate to wish for certain parts to have been either included or more accurate (the third wife story!). When you write like Stephenie does, detailing thoughts, smells, sensations… It’s really hard to convey that on screen without some kind of narration. I saw it for my second time this weekend, and I actually liked it more the second time around, but will always be a little disappointed because my imagination was able to take these key scenes in the book and even stretch them a little to make them more personal and of course that won’t convey on the screen. I mean really, the only way to have this series completely live up to my expectations would be if I were bella and this whole thing was real…. Lol

  • Danielle

    The reason real twihards or whatever will like the movies is because it was never really about the movies themselves but rather finally getting to see the books we’ve grown to love come to life. And in the end despite the fact they aren’t that great and I admit when I watched Twilight I thought it was horrible (God knows I would have never admitted it then) I still in one way or another had a soft spot for it. I even own the DVD. For me the book was what was good and the book was enough but getting to see a movie was like icing of the cake. Getting to see the actual Cullens, The real Jacob and his fantastic abs, the wolves, the meadow, the everything was great.
    I can overlook its mediocrity for the pure simple reason that a movie actually exists. But as a fan of the Harry Potter series I do agree that those movies embody the books very well and there is no excuse why The Twilight Saga couldn’t have done better. It had the fans and eventually the budget and although some may disagree the talent. I blame the screenwriter and directors enough said.

  • Jessica

    P.S. They did the sparkly vampire thing better this movie! I loved how it reflected on Bella’s face when Edward sparkled at the beginning!!! But I HATED the “I’m Switzerland” part…. Note to self: DON’T re-read the book a week before going to the movie. Then you won’t remember what they left out…

  • Midnight_Cyn

    A moment if I may to go off topic (yup I am back)
    I just need to thank a few ppl that have really been there for me these last few weeks (of hell) b/c seriously I couldn’t have made it w/o you…

    UC/Moon..For putting up with me, keeping me updated, sending me info on the topics and just letting me be a pest in my lonesomeness….

    JodieO-As always, for sending me daily updates and for hooking me up so that I can actually participate in any convo that has to do with Eclipse and on a day when I was literally at my lowest…you always seem to know 🙂

    A special thanks to all who sent emails wishing me a speedy recovery and well wishes….I can’t tell you how much they have meant to me. <3 you all!

    • Just me

      Very glad you’re back! Now if we can just find bobbygee…

    • raven

      Yay! Glad you’re doing better!

    • JodieO

      HUUUUUUUGS! You are most welcome! I couldn’t just let you starve, could I? =)

  • surfsister

    so yup, eclipse was AWSOME and also kinda SUCKED. i dunno how, it was just both. i loved it completely when watching it because my fav family and people in the whole world were in front of me again (sooooo good to see them, i miss them), but i also left the theatre feeling…meh. but as mostly everyone here says…i effin loooooove the series and movies with a passion and don’t give a crapsten who doesnt agree…i just do.

    and as a quick aside…anyone going to the gorge in washington to see KOL on the 17th???? i aaaaaaammmm, wahooooooooooooooo! sure would be cool to know my other twisisters were haunting the gorge listening to the awsomeness and swooning at jared and caleb (affectionately rolled into one…jaleb)

  • Shauna

    And really how much more could we possibly ask for? Sure there are a few more scenes we probablly would have gushed over like when Alice showed Bella her wedding dress, or when Edward was away and Jacob came and kidnapped Bella from school after she had already been kidnapped by Alice (yes I already have a mental picture of Bella running in slow motion as Alice looks horrified to see Bella on the back of the DOG’s bike, but will NEVER see on the big screen), or when Bella has her epiphany about who is coming after them and tells Edward at their graduation ceremony and he is completely speechless, or word for word proposal that was from the book but I am so ok with the one they went with, ooooooooooo (ok last one I swear) Edward chasing Bella’s car when she came back from La Push and then when he showed up in her room when she got back from helping Angela or ok I know I promised but this would have been cute to see too trhe scene with Bella in Angela’s room and Angela tells Bella that Edward is only a boy and is probably jealous of her relationship with Jacob and it finally dawns on Bella that Edward’s feelings might just be more than prejudices against that werewolves. So yes we would have liked there to be more scenes from the book, but for the ALL the ones that didn’t make the cut there are SO many that did that we can be proud of and the movie does provide an escape into that world that we ALL desperately love and crave to be in so much. And we don’t ask for more because we are already given so much and if they were to make the movies just as the books played out then we’d be watching a six hour movie (and I would totally love that and be there with my Edward pillow and blanky cheering on Bella as she hit Jacob and Edward as he got down on one knee (awww true happiness), but it’s just not realistic). So to all you critics who ask why didn’t we ask for more we are going to kindly ask you to SHOVE IT. We love our twilight movies and seeing as how we can’t sit and read the books ALL DAY TO OUR HEARTS CONTENT, although we may try, and try our damndest we do, we get to watch the movies and relive all of our favorite parts from the books.

  • Let’s also keep in mind that the source material is not ground breaking, so why would we expect ground breaking movies?

    These books were so great for me because they were easy and fun. The type of books you read on a beach, not as part of an English class where you right 1,000 word essays on how Edward’s self depreciating attitude wins over Jacob’s hot body.

    And the best part of this series will ALWAYS be the friends I’ve made from it. For that, I owe SM the world!

    • And then you fail on those 1,000 word essays because you write “right” instead of “write.”

  • Sj

    I get the feeling that a lot of critics/commentators think it’s ok to blow off Twilight because the fanbase is largely female, and young female at that.

    Yes their job is to critique, but doesn’t that involve being able to understand what they are critiquing, what/who drives it etc? Yet while Twilight is being trashed, B-Grade ’70’s horror is being ‘appreciated’.

    Critics need to understand that we want Twilight and want it right now and Robward isn’t going to be able to remotely pull off 17 for too much longer, and with that attitude something has to give.

    Besides, this way we can look forward to a beautifully crafted BBC version to appear in 20 years time.

    • Sj

      And frankly, we didn’t demand more because we’re all so scared about what COULD be.

      PS Critics also need to understand that many fans find it hilarious when they realise they’ve used the words ‘Robward’ and “pull off’ in same sentence. BHAWHAHA.*

      *Yes I have been to university and no I am not a 14yo boy.
      Ok, putting tweed back on now.

  • TeamJorts

    These films aren’t meant to be cinematic work of arts to go down in History as legendary. They’re about sparkly vampires and wolves and imprinting. We like them, we like the books, we go see them cause it doesn’t matter to us. I don’t understand why people who don’t GET IT, insist on trying to dissect it and trash it. Snark.

    Also, as a huge HP fan, I think the HP movies are done well…BUT they are no where close to the magic (no pun intended) of the books. And the acting in the first ones was a tidge bit rocky. I mean I love me some Dan Rad, but his horrible fake crying is awkward to watch. Also, I don’t agree with people that compare Twilight and HP. I love them both, but there is nothing to compare except they were written for a younger reading audience.

    • Sj


    • TeamJorts

      *works of art. Spelling fail!

  • I saw Eclipse four times. i know, i know my friends have already said I have an addiction, but I swear I’m done seeing it, for now 😉 that’s normal, right? right?!

    In any case, I loved it all those times. I wondered around the 3rd time why I was going to see it again and why I had plans to see it AGAIN. I answer this by saying: I love it. That’s all. I just love it. The bedroom scene made me swoon every time, the part after Bella punches Jacob is great, the tent scene is spot on, so many things I was thrilled with. This doesn’t mean that I thought all of it was fantastic. I was bored during some parts as I waited in anticipation of my favorites. I can’t say I would demand more because what can I demand? I can’t make them put every single detail of the book in. I can’t imagine something and expect them to get it right.
    I kept my expectations low for this one and was thrilled in the end. I don’t think this movie/franchise is made for the critics. It’s made for the fans to an extent. There’s only so much that can be done when you have millions of fans putting their input in. Love it just the same and please love me through my Eclipse withdrawals. I’m kidding, I think..

    • Shauna

      Your not the only one addicted my friends tell me that all the time and I say I don’t care I’m addicted and Twilight is my drug of choice haha it’s better than crack right?

  • O.M.E.

    I have watched Eclipse twice and LOVE it. I love Twilight, I love SMeyer, I love Edward, Taycob, and Bella (I can’t even hate KStew and kind of missed her ticks and lip biting-WHAT??). People who hate on the movies don’t GET IT. They don’t understand what true Twifans feel for this stuff. and I don’t even want them to get it-they don’t deserve to. It’s for us. So what if the wigs suck (I find them endearing at this point) and at times it seems like the cast its going to burst out laughing in the middle of delivering a serious line. I too swoon every time I rewind Edward in slow motion, I still cry during New Moon (yes Kristen nailed the crying scenes), and I almost passed out several times during all the close ups of E and B kissing in Eclipse, but I actually miss the cheesy lines (did llike the “virgin” line in E) and miss all the ferns and moss and tweed from the other two movies.

  • wow. you know what? i just came down from the Eclipse high. Saw it twice. The first time i couldn’t believe how great and funny and awesome it was. The second….well, i walked out sort of let down, blaming it on the family that brought their three kids ages all under 10 that continually talked and should have been in bed since it was like 11:00 PM!! but…now that you mention it..you’re RIGHT! if Warner Brothers had their fingers in this, we’d be seeing all sorts of phenomenal stuff, right? but then…would we have Rob? something to ponder….

  • WORD, Lainey Gossip.

  • Sigh…

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