A Harry Potter fan comes to the dark side. And likes it!

(hello lovelies! I am in the midst of moving to a new place so while I’m packing away all my valuable Twilight merchandise, double bubble wrapping the signed Saga and tucking Action Figure Edward into my handbag for the ride over, I’m going to let WickedRed take the reigns today and tell us about her secret friends with benefits relationship with Twilight while being a hardcore Potter fan. Enjoy and light a candle for me that our movers will not lose my jorts and Jacob tshirt! xo- moon)

Sshhh it'll be our little secret...

Dear Twilight,

I don’t know how much longer we can get away with doing this.

It’s only a matter of time before someone discovers the truth and then it’s all downhill from there! I’ll be marked as a traitor! My friends will disown me! Worst of all, he’ll never forgive me.

I’m talking about Harry, of course. Harry Potter.

I know. I KNOW! Stop judging me! You knew his world was part of the deal when you got involved! …I know you two are very different novels and I’m just as sick of the comparisons as you are, okay? But sadly there are enough idiots in the media that think to compare you to Harry simply because you’re both phenomenally popular fantasy novels. It’s caused a rivalry between you two that’s worse than vampires and Death Eaters… I mean, Dumbledore’s Army and the Volturi…. Fuck it. You get the point!

That’s why I’ve got to keep our relationship a secret, you see.

Coventions, huh? Which costume did you wear?

I met Harry and his friends before I was old and wise enough to fill in the S. Meyer’s blanks on Isle Esme. We grew up together. I started looking at his fan sites. Then I started working on a fan site for one of the cast members. I made a network of friends. I traveled to premieres and conventions. CONVENTIONS! I interviewed the cast and crew. It was clear that Harry Potter was the only one of me.

And then, years later, you came along.

Honestly, you had a bad reputation. A BAD reputation. But my best friend, who wasn’t involved with my other escapades and loves you, insisted that I give you a try. I was intrigued. One quick reading through wasn’t really cheating if no one found out, right?

But it wasn’t just a quick read through. It was a serious, this-could-cause-an-obsession connection. It was love. If I were a fan of any other series, it wouldn’t be a problem, but it is. People think I can just tell my hardcore Potter family that I like both series and they’ll accept that. I think these are the same people who still believe that somewhere far far away, unicorns are dancing under an everlasting rainbow high up in the sky. The world is in the midst of a cloaks-on-jorts war, people! Get in step!

Uh, cause these fans have much room to talk!

I’ve noticed it’s pretty much a one-way street, Twilight. Your family lets Harry be, mostly. If you weren’t natural enemies, your crowd might even like him.Β  If you weren’t stealing his thunder and getting endless comparisons, Harry’s crowd might even like… no, not even then. To be a major part of Harry’s family, hating on you (and your crowd) is practically a requirement. I must admit that I did it myself for quite some time before giving you a chance.

So I read your books without telling anyone. I actually HID them when Potter friends visited. I watched your movies with an alibi prepared (I’ve seen Toy Story 3 like six times!) I claim that all knowledge of the books and films are secondhand, because my mother is a big fan. That’s acceptable, because my mother also watches daytime soap operas.

I’ve tried to divide my obsession time equally between you. I even considered starting a blog called “Letters To Potter” before I realized that I’m not a hack who likes to rip people off.. and I’m really not that funny.

Here’s the problem with this situation: Remember that annoying, confused Bella that you just want to facepunch all through Eclipse? I am her. She is me. Dammit, I’m THAT girl.

It all begins with a choice...

The truth is, Harry Potter will always be my Edward Cullen. The irony of that sentence kills us all. But you, Twilight, you’re my Jacob. Yes, I’m using your plot line to justify that shortcomings in our relationship right now. Sorry.

What I mean to say is this– just because I didn’t fall in love with you first doesn’t mean I want to keep you by my side forever.

Maybe someday they’ll all find out under some crazy circumstance. When that time comes, let them say what they might. I’ve heard it all before! They just don’t understand our love.

In the meantime, will you keep being my sweet literary piece of ass on the side?

Right then. See you tomorrow!

Your Secret Lover,

Oh WickedRed, we love you and your secret love affair with the Twi. Can’t we all just get along though, Twi fans and HP fans, because it seems like the line is blurred A LOT. UC is a HUGE Potter fan, Stephenie herself is a HUGE potter fan and I’ve heard the 1st book (ok, ok sorry I know!) But can’t the Potterheads just live and let live? What say you readers? Are you an HP fan? Can we really get along?

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  • Not Quite Normal

    I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to love both HP and Twilight! Who made that rule? (I definitely don’t agree to follow it!) I love them both…for different reasons…but, to be honest, both series will always be my Jacob. Mr. Darcy is my Edward!

    • Somebodyelse

      Mr. Darcy FTW!

      • Not Quite Normal

        Ok, sorry that I’m so lame, but does FTW mean “for the win” or something I’m not guessing? (I clearly need a texting/comment/IM abbreviation lesson!)

        • Somebodyelse

          You’re right, it’s “for the win” πŸ™‚

    • LoveSpelledBackwards

      Ahhh…Darcy, swoon. Darcy, Mr. Gilbert Bly and … Edward. You can love more than one at a time.

      • raven

        GILBERT!!! Gilbert made my little ten year heart aflutter! Were you freaking out during the engagement scene of Eclipse like I was? Courting? Iced tea on the porch? I think SM made Edward from that same time period on purpose. Us closet Anne of Green Gables fans didn’t stand a chance.

        • Oh YES, Gilbert. Saw AoGG the other night for the first time in years and I literally got goofy-smiley and teary-eyed when he said he couldn’t promise her diamond sunbursts and marble halls, then touched her face and whispered “carrots.” Talk about SWOON! Edward and Gilbert would have been chums, for sure. They could have swapped iced tea recipes and had a “who had a more chaste walk down the lane with their girl” competition.

          • raven


        • Lovespelledbackwards

          Exactly Raven, exactly. Ahh, I love it here in LTT land.

      • Not Quite Normal

        I forgot about Gilbert! Add him to the list! And, yes, you can definitely love them all at once. There are so many great literary crushes out there!

      • TeamSeth

        Aw, reading Mr. Gilbert reminds me of Uncle John Gilbert from Vampire Diaries… Oh, david anders, I will forever love thee.

        • Stacey

          I love David Anders!

          • TeamSeth

            When Sark walked onto the screen, I was done for.

      • Stacey

        Gilbert was my first literary crush! That’s another series of books added to my daughter’s future reading list. (Along w/Little House on the Prairie) Plus, she’s a red head so it will be something she can identify with. Edward is like Gilbert, a bit. hmm… it is all making sense now!

        • Lovespelledbackwards

          That was a fun letter Wicked Red. I get HP fans wanting to keep their obsession untainted by this whole Twi-thingy.

          I must be too old for Harry Potter, that is all I can think of. I like it. I have read 4 books. I have seen 3 movies. It just didn’t sink it’s claws into me like Twilight did. Twilight was like a unexpected storm that took over my life and has not let go. Let me go, Twilight, let me go. (Just kidding, I NEED you, and LTT.)

          • Lovespelledbackwards

            oops…that was not meant to go where it went. FAIL.

    • Sj

      Mr Darcy could totes handle any vamp/werewolf/wizard situation. And that house?!

      • Not Quite Normal

        Love the house…the Austen description, the BBC-version house, and the Keria Knightley version house. I’d take any of them πŸ™‚

    • NotWutheringHeights

      Mr Darcy, Harry and Edward in one post! Swoon!

    • WORD! Mr. Darcy was my Edward when I was 17. I’m definitely a Jane fan first and foremost before I’m a twilight fan. Darcy and Wentworth first, Edward might come up there somewhere even after Mellors in Lady Chatterly’s Lover…hey Mellors puts out and satisfies his lady! Actually Edward is probably behind Colonel Brandon and Mr. Rochester as well on my list! Wait add John Thornton to that list as well. And you can add Robbie Turner and Lewis Aldridge from modern books to the list tool. So, um yea sorry Edward you’re pretty low on my list but for some reason I still love you….and blog about you instead of them…. *scratches head*

      p.s. I’ve never read Harry Potter. I have nothing against the books but they’ve just never been on my radar.

      • Not Quite Normal

        Who’s Lewis Aldrige? ( I might have some reading to do!)

        • He’s the main character from the book “The Outcast” by Sadie Jones which, if you’re a fan of atonement you might enjoy! I wrote a book review for it on my blog: http://iloveboyswhosparkle.com/?p=13834 he’s a bad ass and completely broken the kind of guy you want to just hold lol.

    • Not Quite Normal

      Other literary crushes I’ve thought of today: George Knightley and Atticus Finch–although it shows how old I am that a part of me loves someone b/c he’s such a good dad!

      • same

        I’ve had a crush on Atticus Finch since I was 12, but that probably has a lot to do with Gregory Peck.

  • natashadushi

    Raises hand –> BIG Harry Potter fan. But I love stuttering Bella, Edward’s boufant, and the Black eyed peas (vampires suck)

  • tuesdaymidnight

    Wonderful letter, WickedRed! I understand your dilemma, as I am also a Harry Potter fan. I’ve found that I don’t get embarrassed when people find out I’m really excited about the DH trailer. I frequently use (without any shame) the phrase: “I wish I could just apparate there.” I can talk to people about it without them judging me.

    I guess for me, HP is more like my Jacob. HP is the sensible choice, the easy choice, the choice my family would understand. HP and I will always be friends.

    But, Twilight’s my Edward, and ever since it walked into the cafeteria of my life, it’s always been Edward.

    • northernlights

      β€œI wish I could just apparate there.”

      Same here. I’ve also made a request for the watch that enables one to be in multiple places simultaneously. In a performance appraisal. Twice.

      • tuesdaymidnight

        Oooh, nice! You’re kind of my new hero for that! I’m fairly certain I’ve used the time-turner as an example when teaching… adults.

        • northernlights

          Thanks!!! You made me blush with your reply. I usually lurk as I feel intimidated by the wittiness / snarkiness / general awesomeness of LTT community but you made me feel welcome.

          • tuesdaymidnight

            Aw, we’re all friends here! πŸ™‚

    • TheColdWoman

      So true Tues. Harry Potter is my Jacob too. Always waiting on my shelf for when I feel like giving it some attention. Standing by while I continue to obsess over Twilight. I feel like we played together when I was a child but then I got older and met Edward. And while I always want HP in my life, and may be salivating for Deathly Hallows, Twilight is my true love.

      PS – Great letter WickedRed!

    • StotheP

      Awww, Tooz! Everything about this just makes me smile.

    • Sue G.

      tuesdaymidnight, your response could have been mine!

      I first read the Twilight books in 2008 and fell in love with Edward and everything Twilight.

      Then in 2009 I finally read the HP books. It took me until the Order of the Phoenix to really enjoy these books.

      While I am not as obsessed over HP compared to Twilight, I did enjoy the HP books and love the movies. And I was just as excited to see the DH trailer!

      But in my heart, it will always be Twilight.

  • Nelle

    Love both. They are both good enough and different enough to stand alone. Don’t know why there is even an issue. I’m tired
    of hearing things like “SM only uses 2,000 different words” in the books and Dickens used 7,000.” I’ve read thousands of books in my lifetime, and I say she uses just enough and just the right words
    to tell herb story. She only missed a few- like “jorts” and s”parklepeen.” Otherwise she rocked it!!

    • Nelle

      “her” story. iPhone keyboard fail!

    • Not Quite Normal

      It would quite the WIN if she’d use jorts in her next Twilight novel!

  • shleeeigh

    I don’t like the thought HP fans really hate on Twi fans? I believe it was Kevin Smith at Comic Con that said obsessive fans hating on Twilight was like some Trekkie hating on someone dressed as a Jedi? Erm, HELLO! Can we see the irony here?! Let’s just all get along and be our nerdy obsessive selves.

    • Not Quite Normal

      Here, here! (or is it hear, hear? Total grammar fail!)

      • Ish

        I believe it’s hare hare πŸ™‚

        • StotheP

          Major Whitlock? Is that you?

    • Luludee

      I wasn’t even aware that the hardcore HP fans hated on us Twilight fans. All my Twilight loving friends are Harry Potter fans as well.
      I don’t understand this rivalry. This hatred doesn’t even make sense!… unless someone (collective fandom) is jealous?? ::shrugs::

      • WickedRed

        I don’t necessarily think it’s a jealousy thing. I think, in the very beginning, there were a lot of fans who turned their backs on Harry Potter because of Twilight. I’m REALLY involved in the HP fandom there were some influential people quitting the HP sites, fan fic, podcasts, etc. that they worked on altogether in favor of Twilight stuff.

        I think A LOT of it is backlash from that.

  • JodieO

    Wow, I didn’t know I was supposed to be in a moral dilemma! Come to the forum, WickedRed! We openly love both there. We love them both so much that we actually started a Harry Potter book club on a Twilight web site! We’re just finishing up Goblet of Fire this week, so there’s still time to join! And to tell us all about the interviews you’ve done with the Potter cast so I can live vicariously through you, of course. =)

    Here’s this week’s thread: http://letterstotwilight.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=4381

    • sassysmart

      I was looking for you!

      Yes! Come to the HP bookclub on the Twilight site! We are awesome. Duh. No judging, no spoilers and we are bringing the love together.

      East Coast West Coast UNITE!!

    • Krystle

      I’m halfway through the Sorcerer’s Stone. I need to read faster!!! But I’m definitely enjoying it πŸ™‚

    • WickedRed

      Thanks Jodie! I’m actually not on the forums yet :/ And this post is the first time I’ve commented!

      I’m heading on vacation but when I get back, I’ll definitely check out the book club!

  • bookworm

    I’ve been following LTT for a while, and decide it’s time to comment, yay!! I love the way you used lines from twilight to tell your story, WickedRed. I also love both twilight and HP. Twilight will always be my Edward though.

    • Sj

      Yah! A new xmas tree commenter. With chicken feet at that!

    • Welcome! I’ll say what I’ve said to newbie commenters before – “Commence downward spiral.”

    • Luludee

      I also loved the use of the Eclipse lines in the letter!
      I’m apparantly having a slow morning though, because at first I was like, “what?! we’re not natural enemies….oh wait she’s using lines to illustrate her point. Haha, brilliant!!”

  • Ish

    Hell Imma book whore – IΒ΄ll read anything. I did not obsess with anything though until Twi cam along. I started reading HP quite late – started once the 7th book came out. I do remember ridiculing a friend of mine for going onto fan fic sites and blogs……………ahem (I seriously thought “What a complete tosser get a life” judge not lest you may be judged…..)

  • Stacey

    I’ve said it here before, but since i find it hilarious, I’ll say it again. My husband still can’t tell them apart! Even worse, he’s now added Dr. Who,True Blood (?!?) and Being Human to the Harry Potter confusion. However, when the Harry Potter movie with Rob was on, he asked why I was watching Lord of the Rings.

    My daughter also decided to tell him she was, “Team Edward”. (Little girl needs to stop hiding under tables listening to Her mommy’s phone conversations) My angry husband asked if that was the kid in the glasses and I had admit that it is the dirty English boy that he hates so much. Sigh.

    • Obava

      So why were you watching Lord of the Rings? πŸ˜€

      PS Love your new avi, Stace! <3

      • Stacey

        hee hee!

    • StotheP

      So next time he wanders through your viewing area, make sure you’re watching “Ring of the Nibelungs.” Tell him it’s a spin-off of Lord of the Rings. Watch his head explode.

      (It’s a Rob movie? You can Google it.)

      • Stacey

        I love that idea! I will be adding that to netflicks today! My husband might have a mental breakdown from the confusion. It will be fantastic!!! ha ha!!!

      • snowwhitedrifted


        The LOTR comment by the hubs is so WTF and classic!

  • dionrenee

    Hellllooooo, Huge Harry Potter Fan, Huge True Blood fan, Fanatical Twi fan, it’s ok, we can all be friends,……

    • lunabella

      Thank you! This is me to a T, I am a huge HP fan, huge Truebie and a huge Twi-fan. I think we can all be friends.

  • I wish I could do a slow clap in a comment, I’ll try.


    Harry Potter I love thee. I even have the costume. (no judgment people!)

    But I agree with @diorenee above- we can all be friends!

    • JodieO

      Who would judge here?

      PS. I made myself a Bellatrix Lestrange costume a couple years ago…

      • Sj

        You may have had the costume but did you channel her mental state? That would be fangirling.

        • JodieO

          Well, my best friend was dressed as Tonks, so I may have made it a point to call her a lot of nasty names…

    • I was Hermione one year for Halloween.

      PS I still judge you, cause you asked me not to. Also thumbs down to you and thumbs down to me.

      • I had that hermione costume too, man that thing was short!!!

        thanks for the thumbsdown. means a lot coming from you!

      • Stacey

        I am so going as Bella this year for Halloween. But, where oh where, will I ever find a flannel plaid shirt? Plus, I heard that “beautiful” engagement ring sold out at Hot Topic.

        • you can borrow my Bella ring! my sister got it for me!

        • TeamSeth

          Flannel=thrift store or 2nd hand store (seriously though)
          Plaid=still in fashion so decently easy to find…I got my purple plaid at H&M
          Bella Ring=screw hot topic and their overpriced merch! Go to Forever XXI and get an almost exactly right ginormous ring in the bowl of costume jewelry by the cash registers (and pick up an I love British Boys shirt at the same time) Beware of those 2 finger rings… I’m not sure why those exists honestly. How can you do anything when two of your fingers are hooked together?

          Also, Bella rocks other clothing options too…like that super cute grey sweater she has going on in most of her charlie scenes (see scene where charlie says that he wouldn’t give up looking for her if she were lost. *tears up*). And you can always go with the walmart cami!

          • Obava

            I can think of something you can do with two of your fingers hooked together- Brooke Lockhart talked about it the other day. Something about “pink” and “stink”? πŸ˜€

    • TeamSeth

      I’ll always remember that Thanksgiving when you found Twilight because it came out on the original HP release date. Thank goodness you were so mad.

      • Yes! I do admit I hated Twilight at first because the movie came out when Harry Potter was supposed to!

      • sodarknessibecame

        That’s how I found Twilight, too. I was so annoyed when they pushed the release date for HP6 back, and that Nov/Dec I just really needed an escape from real life, so when I saw Twi for the first time and then read all the books in about 5 days, I was hooked. I’m pretty sure that if 6 had come out that Nov I never would have found Twilight and it’s great fandom, so I guess I should thank whoever at WB made that decision.

    • snowwhitedrifted

      I was Wednesday Addams one year.
      …Ooops wrong franchise.


    • WickedRed

      I’ve gone to conventions as Luna before! All I really had to do was crimp the hair!

  • Stacey

    I forgot to say WickedRed that I loved your post! You can be the architect that can build the bridge between Harry Potter & Twilight.

    I can’t wait until my daughter gets older and I can start reading Harry Potter with her. I have a feeling she’ll love them! She’d love them more if they were about pirates, but we still have a few more years that she can grow out of that phase!

    • Obava

      How old is your daughter? She might like “Bloody Jack,” a book about a little orphan girl who pretends to be a boy so she can join a ship’s crew and battle pirates. (It’s a whole series but I stopped after #2 where Jackie goes to an all-girl’s school which I thought it was very boring)

      xo obava

      • Stacey

        She’s three. But that sounds like a great series of books! She would love it.

        • snowwhitedrifted

          LOL- my 3 year old daughter loves pirates too! She goes by Cap’n Mary Marrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgaret!

    • Rob’s flaming dashboard

      Oh, Stacey, you do know there’s a series for children called Vampirates, right? Way to keep mother and daughter happy! http://www.vampirates.co.uk/

      Great post, Wicked Red! Another vamp lovin’ Potterhead here. Trying to figure out how to get the family to Florida to spend my upcoming significant birthday at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Must quit dumping my paycheck on Twilight ephemera!

      • Stacey

        A vampire series for kids. I am part excited, but worried that the husband will divorce me if I get her started with it. All he wants her future reading to consist of is The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew. Which is great, but I want her to like alot of different things!

      • snowwhitedrifted

        Ahhhhh, that may be too much WIN for my poor little heart to take.

        *shuffles over to site to investigate (buy)*

      • Obava

        Ooo Imma check these out, too! Thanks, RFD!

  • j9necessary

    It is because of the Twilight books that I read Harry Potter. I had resisted any book series that was in the YA (young adult) section because I was a “grown women” with sophisticated taste in literature…or so I thought! After seeing the July 2008 cover of Entertainment Weekly…you know the one with a very bad picture of Rob and Kristen as Edward and Bella…I finally broke down and read Twilight the summer of 2008…and I was hooked or obsessed is a better word! I read the books over and over and over again! I even went to the midnight release party for Breaking Dawn! After many months of re-reading all the Twilight books (I lost count after 6 times each) I decided I needed to find something else to read plus it was getting harder to disguise the Twilight covers from my husband! I decided to read the Harry Potter series. I enjoyed the series (finished all seven books in a month) and plan on reading them again…sometime. But…I will always go back to my true obsession…….Twilight!

    • Sj

      j9 – you’re my reverse twinsie, I took up Twilight because I was distraught when I came of the end of HP The Deathly Hallows. Oh, I was so reluctant and cynical…

      • j9necessary

        Well…to be 100% honest I must say I watched GOF to see HHH and was intrigued by the storyline and then I read the books.

        Whatever it took to get you to the Twilight series doesn’t matter…just that you are one of “us” now!

        • Sj

          Awesome Blossom. (LTT either hates Macs thumbs-upping or has blacklisted me due to Jacob love.)

  • Maria Jose

    Whaat? I loove HP and Twilight. My first book crush was HP but when I met Twilight I fell in love. I still remember HP and I always will. This is stupid, that “rule” shouldn’t exist. Just let us love both!

  • operarose

    Dear Wickedred,
    Because of this line, “The truth is, Harry Potter will always be my Edward Cullen. The irony of that sentence kills us all. But you, Twilight, you’re my Jacob.”
    I am pretty sure we are soul mates.

    P.S. I found Twilight through one of those nasty Harry Potter comparisons. At the time, I had also dedicated too many of my formative years of my life to the boy with the scar. I was getting ready for work and SMeyer was on America this Morning a few years back, and I was pretty impressed by what she had to say about Twilight and decided to finally give the book a try that weekend when I’d make my weekly pilgrimmage to the bookstore. But then they ended the segment with “is it the Next Harry Potter?” which was the nail in the coffin to me; I was offended by the comparison so I had to, at that point, read it if nothing else to prove it was not HP. I think SM said something at the end of the segment along the lines of “JK Rowling has nothing to worry about…” that really sums it all up to me. No Twilight fan (or author) is trying to tread on the feet of HP fans (or authors). The books are so different and stand on their own merit. The only comparison is that they have been both massively popular books during this past decade.

    But for HP fans, little did they know how much Twilight would steal some of their Harry Potter fandom thunder. Hallmark would eventually start clearance-ing out their HP stickers and replace them with Team Jacob and Team Edward stickers. Bella’s jacket (which I do not own, Summit, so you don’t need to come to my house to re-claim it) would soon replace the Gryffindor scarf as the must-have buy on ebay. And so on. I think you either “get” Twilight or you don’t, and not getting Twilight just leaves some people confused, especially die-hard HP fans who used to be “in” but have now been replaced in pop culture by Twilight fans. Sour grapes a bit?

    But I agree there is room for both, in fact there are many, many, many of us out there who fell for Twilight just as hard as we fell for HP (twss) and are loyal to both. Including me.

    Thank you for your letter WickedRed!

    • WickedRed

      Soulmates? Yes please! haha

      I think the comparisons were a little much. There’s not much to compare! It ticked off the literally snobs in the HP fandom and people started taking sides. The bigger the HP fan you are, the more you’re expected to hate the Twi. I don’t even know when this came to be, but the first time I had EVER heard of Twilight, it was from a hater. It took a lot of convincing to get me to read the books, but I’m so glad I did!

  • They really, really don’t compare.

    I think the “news” sites just say that to start fights in the comment section. Nothing like a good argument to draw people to a story.

    Harry Potter… I didn’t fall in love with him. I don’t consider him sexy or want to read dirty fanfiction about him… ever. Harry is like my best friend that I grew up with. My best friend who lives next door and we’d have sleepovers since the age of three. Nothing will ever take his place in my heart.

    Twilight is… a confusing story where (most) readers say, “Edward’s so prettttttttttttttttttttttttttty. Why did he leave? When’s Edward gonna come back? JACOB?!?! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS BLINKY, FALLING DOWN OVER DUSTBUNNIES GIRL? Oh, she came back to her senses. WHY DOES THEIR NEWBORN BABY HAVE TEETH?” Then you get online to see if other people are thinking the same thing as you, THEN you fall in love with the fandom.

    I had a hard time becoming friends with Harry Potter fans. HARRY IS MY BEST FRIEND. No way you could feel the same. He kept me sane after the most tragic week of my life. I was the only girl in my family and have a very difficult time sharing.

    But Edward Cullen…
    I love you, Edward, but I love your fans more.

    • Sj

      I am destined to be a freak…Jacob is my Harry and Snape is my Edward…or the other way, dammit what is it with the bad boys?

      • j9necessary

        Love me some Snape…..I don’t know what it is about him….maybe that cool, aloof manner of his…definitely not his looks!

        • Sj

          He knows stuff.. then handles it.

      • fangbanger


        I can’t understand this Snape love. He makes me… ewwwed.

        Oh, Snapey, always so mean to my homeboy, Harry. I don’t care what his daddy dude to you, you overgrown bat! Harry’s just a kid.

      • Twi Mom (not like on “O”)

        I love Snape too!! When I read the books I hear Alan Rickman’s voice for Snape’s lines. The best is in OoP when Umbridge is asking him about trying to get the DADA job. When she says “and you have never got it” he replies “Obviously”. I laugh everytime I read it.

        • Twi Mom (not like on “O”)

          I failed that was for SJ

    • StotheP

      See that hawt librarian up there? I have her to thank for my introduction to the Potterverse.

      When the first HP book came out, I was 18 and obviously much too mature for that type of reading. A couple or 11 years later, I was older and wiser and had just joined the Twilight fandom after reading and loving the books. Through LTT (or was it LTR?), I met Hawt Librarian, who insisted . . demanded . . cajoled me into beginning the series at 29.

      I could go on about why the two shouldn’t be compared and how everyone can love both (although I CAN’T compare one to Jacob because EWWWW he’s gross). I won’t though.

      Instead I’ll just dole out praise. Thanks to Smeyer and Rowling for sharing their wonderful creations with the world. I’d give you two an award except I already have – many, MANY of my dollars. Thanks to LTT/LTR for providing a home for all of us where we can live in peace and harmony and all of us agree that HP and Twilight are BOTH great and that Nikkie Reed is a gutter skank who probably tattooed her mental picture of Rob’s peen on her arm so she could rest her cheek on it because she knows she’ll never get that close to it again. Thank you finally to Hawt Librarian because holy shiiiiiiiiiit a cliiiiiiiiiif . . . . . . . . . . . . (thud).

      • Sj

        That hawt librarian has a lot to answer for. FanFic. I’ll say no more and will even ignore the Jacob slur (not really, I’ll bury it deep in my heart to fester over *much evil manical laughing*).

        • StotheP

          I think LTT is mostly to blame for my fanfic . . . issue. The fanfic posts, the fanfic comments, etc. Although Hawt Librarian is a damn good enabler.

          Awwwww. I’m sorry about the Jacob thing. (beat) Sorry that he’s such a skeeve, that is.


          Winky face.

          • Sj

            Skeeve? Means? Will take that in the worst way possible, as sure it is intended. Oh my poor heart πŸ˜‰

      • Robjunkie

        …all of us agree that HP and Twilight are BOTH great and that Nikkie Reed is a gutter skank who probably tattooed her mental picture of Rob’s peen on her arm so she could rest her cheek on it …

        Oh.My.God. You are keeellllling me!

      • fangbanger


        I love you, dearest StotheP and your willingness to jump off any cliff I shove you toward.

        *lemming cuddles*

        But really, be nice to Nicki Reed. I’m the prezidant of her fangirlclub. πŸ˜‰

        • StotheP

          Ya know I love the Reed, Fang. How much, you ask?

          I love her more than Rob does anymore, but much less physically than KStew still loves her every time Rob is away filming.

          • fangbanger


            That’s hawt…

    • Robjunkie

      Fang, I so agree with you. Never ever do I want to read fanfic about Harry sticking his wand into Ginny. Eeeww.

  • TeamJacobEdward

    I’m like that (but kind of the opposite). I resisted Harry Potter for a long time. Heck, I remember sitting in the theater for the first showing on the first day of Twilight and the newest Harry Potter preview played and I’d forgotten it the moment I saw it. One of my friends I’d gotten to come with me to Twi was like bouncing in her seat excited. I didn’t get it. Then at the end of the preview they splashed the release date. My friend gasps too loudly, “it doesn’t come out until July?!” (or was it June? Whatever.)

    I didn’t get it. Sure, I’d seen the first one at some point years before because someone was watching it at their passe and remember it being surprisingly enjoyable. And part of another for the same reason buy never felt compelled to go rent them. Nor had hearing all the excitement when the last book came out made me want to read them.

    But my friend’s reaction to that preview was what got me intrigued. So the next time I saw my work friend I asked her to loan me the HP books she’d kept trying to get me to read. And downward spiraled from there and wonder, why can’t we be friends?

    Now, while I don’t love HP like I love the Twilight series, I found myself all bummed when I went to Eclipse saw the HP preview that I had to wait until November to see the next HP movie.

    So I get it. πŸ™‚ Spread the love around.

    Twi? HP? Why can’t we all just get along?

    • Robjunkie

      Yes indeed, why can’t we all just get along?
      Won’t anybody think about the children?

      • WickedRed

        I think there’s more of an effort now to just get along. There are sites not their like the HP Alliance that will align with anyone in any fandom to support literacy.. and stuff like that needs to be noted too!

        But frankly, I think a lot of HP fans are just flat out elitists. Twilight is only the series that’s really threatened its status at the top (though statistically, it’s not even that close) and they feel the need to crush the threat.

        The funny part is that some of these HP fans that hate on Twilight are obsessive fans of some of the stupidest movies/TV series/books I’ve ever laid eyes on! EVER!

  • Robjunkie

    Fantastic letter WickedRed.

    I’m a HUGE Potter fan. In the world of YA literature the Harry Potter series is my first love and I will always cherish it. Then along came the Twilight Saga and knocked me off my feet. And to my chagrin, I have fallen irrevocably in love.

  • Sonata

    Harry Potter was my gateway drug to reading. Twilight is my herion.

    Other books such as Posion Study, Vampire Academy, and The Hunger Games give me the latest and greatest high, but none will ever match the addictive nature of Twilight.

  • Somebodyelse

    I grew up with Harry Potter, and loved it, of course. But I don’t think I was ever obsessed with it. (and it has been slightly tainted by all the blatant sexual innuendos that are impossible to ignore once they have been found. blame bored teenagers.)

    For me, Twilight is a whole different thing.

    I love HP, but i’m completely obsessed with Twilight!

  • northernlights

    Another huge HP fan comes out… I read the first two books before moving to UK as a sort of guide to British university life. I must say that life has been quite close to the books. Sans flying brooms, dragons and Voldemort but still. The strangest moment so far has been when I wanted to purchase a cloak and the ancient shop looked to be directly from HP films. I was expecting the clerk to ask me “Would you like a wand with that?”. No such luck. The cloak however makes me think more of elves in LotR than wizards in HP. How weird is that?

  • Nadia737

    The channeling of Mel Mel Rosenberg’s Eclipse dialogue for “The Tent Scene” in this post was all kinds of win, Wicked Red…all kinds of win!

    I am also a Harry Potter fan but he’s not my Jacob or my Edward…more like my Mike. He’s nice but doesn’t get me hot and bothered like Twilight. I think for me True Blood is my Jacob…it’s a good friend that keeps me warm at night between Twilight films but you know I’d skip an episode if anything Twilight related was on another channel–trust.

  • Sj

    Twilight unbalanced my life. I’m working hard to get excited about the Deathly Hallows movies.

  • Great letter WickedRed. I soooo get where you’re coming from. Ok, so here’s the truth. I started reading Twilight back in Sept 2008 BECAUSE I read somewhere that Meyer is the new Rowling. Vampires are here to fill the void our favourite teenage wizard left behind.

    I realize I may get a gazillion thumbs-down for the above lines, but hear me out people, I QUOTED those lines. They’re not mine. So, after reading that article, I was intrigued. I was really missing Harry and the gang and wanted to check out the book, whose movie adaptation ironically starred none other than our favourite Hufflepuff seeker, the rosy cheeked Cedric.(RIP)

    And so it begin. After the HP book series ended, I got really lonely and that’s when Twilight saved me. That may sound like Twilight is my Jacob, but that’s not the case. Since HP and Twilight are the only two series I’ve obsessed over, I’d say Twilight is my Edward. I haven’t been in love, but reading Twilight made me feel like as if I too were in love. HP made me want the friends, that school, a family like the Weasleys and a mentor like Dumbledore. Twilight makes me want to believe in true love and soul mates and all those stuffs.

    • Sj


    • WickedRed

      There’s definitely a different kind of love displayed in the two books. In Twilight it’s made very obvious who’s in with FTW!whom dating-wise and its pretty much the focal point. It HP it’s much more subtle, I feel like you see love developing more and having its ups and downs (RON & HERMIONE), which is more real to me, personally. HP also deals with different kinds of love between friends, family, etc. while Twilight focuses in on soulmates, I think.

      • WickedRed

        Apparently my “FTW!” which was supposed to go after “Ron & Hermione” ended up in the middle of my second sentence.


  • hepburn

    I started reading the HP books at the age of 12 and was immediately in love! Then I got my little sister to read them when she was old enough and she became obsessed. Then, after reading Twilight in 2007, I naturally gave it to her to read after and she loved it just as much.

    Then the movies came around… Ever since the movies and the hype my sister has turned her back on Twilight. She says she doesn’t follow ‘hype’ and because Twilights to popular she hates it. Which is really stupid and has caused a lot of HP v Twi arguments between us… She’s 16 and thinks its cool to hate on Twilight, I’m 5 years older and yet feel like I’m to old to like both series… Then again, she loves 90210, so there’s no accounting for taste with her either.

  • twigirl_world

    I’ll tell ya what I am!! I am Switzerland!! And ya know what else, not only do I love Twilight and Harry Potter but I also enjoy True Blood and Vampire Diaries. So there I said it, I love it all!!

  • dizzyladybug

    I read the entire HP series, those books launched my reading in English because I just couldn’t wait for the translations, but it was always a pretty moderate love affair.

    Twilight completely threw me off, I didn’t think I had it in me to obsess about something the way I do about this!

    Now, if we could just get J. K. Rowling and Stephenie Meyer to sit together and co-write a series…(Hey Renesmee could totally go to Hogwarts or something!!)

    Who’s with me?

    Just imagine the fandom craziness that would create…

    • Oooh, Renesmee at Hogwarts…cool.

    • WickedRed

      That’s the thing too! J.K. Rowling and S. Meyer have both praised each others’ work! You think that would be enough for fans!

      That being said, crossovers make my head explode. And not in a good way.

  • cedvanhalen

    “The truth is, Harry Potter will always be my Edward Cullen. The irony of that sentence kills us all. But you, Twilight, you’re my Jacob.”

    Yes. I have to agree with this.

    I love Harry Potter. A lot. A WHOLE lot. But I think it’s really funny when people compare Twilight and HP. They are two totally different stories. HP will always be my true love though…

    And I have heard of the “battle” going the other way. As in Twilight fans not getting along with HP ones. A friend of mine wore a Harry shirt to see Eclipse and people kept giving her dirty looks. (Although that could have been because the shirt said “Harry Potter would beat Edward Cullen in a duel”……but that’s beside the point..And she totally is a Twilight fan..)

    • Robjunkie

      I think your friend got the stinkeye cause her t-shirt is stoopid. Ding. Edward is immortal, he cannot die. Harry can duel all he wants, but he doesn’t stand a chance against the sparkle.

    • WickedRed

      I do think that Twi fans hate on Potter too. I just don’t happen to hang out with many Twilight junkies so I don’t see that side as often.

  • Twi Mom (not like on “O”)

    Great letter WR. I too love both sets. I did not start on HP till about 1 yr before DH came out but I was hooked. I cry everytime I read the chapter in HBP when Dumbldore dies. I am a nerd what can I say!!

    I started Twilight about 1 1/2 yrs ago after the 1st movie was out in theaters. I read them all in 4 days and went and bought the set for myself. I do feel I have to be more on the DL about Twight. In truth if I cannot find any books interesting at the library I will start to reread which ever series I have not read in a while. No matter how many times you read them they are both still GREAT!!

  • OutOfF(l)avour

    I read a lot of Laurell Hamilton (pls don’t judge!) so i’m a strong believer is having more than one “Edward Cullen” in my life (if you read hamilton, you’ll know what I mean) – and i’m talking purely in the fictional sense, of couse.

    Harry Potter series was my FIRST Edward Cullen, but believe me, I have added a lot more Edwards since 1999 – they all satisfy me in different ways, so they just had to learn to share me.

    • Twi Mom (not like on “O”)

      I think I have read every thing she has written about Anita Blake. They are a sure cure for the “Fade to Sad” with out being to P0rn0-ish.

      • OutOfF(l)avour

        they might be a little porno-ish (haha) – but i think its just the right amount for the style of the books. defs a cure for fade to sad!!

        as an irrelevant side note – I <3 Nathaniel so much

  • I have never read the Harry Potter books. Everyone I knew growing up loved them. I, however, tried to avoid every craze possible (except Pokemon). I even thought Twilight seemed RIDICULUS! I was ashamed to admit I had a cousin who read the saga. However, during the summer of ’09, I saw the light (kind of). I gave in and watched Twilight because I was bored. I loved it! I was so naive. But the next day is when I ordered all four books from half.com and read them in a week. I fell in love. πŸ™‚

    Twilight is my one and only…although I do cheat sometimes with The Host. :/

    PS- I GOT A TWITTER! Now I just need some people to talk to! Get at me…please… @crdeerw

    • YEEEAHHH!! Be sure to add me, my accounts blocked right now cause I am getting a new job and junk and you won’t be able to see mah tweets if you don’t add.

      Oh I am @Janetrigs. πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to chat with ya

    • Midnight_Cyn

      Hi , I am stareide on Twitter! (Not very good at it though, lol) I too am locked so just send a friend request or whatever it is..see I rest my case! πŸ™‚

  • I’m a fan of both. The way I put it is I can’t choose one series over the other. I’ve been a fan of HP for half my life. 10 years is a long time to love a series of books. I got excited when the new books/movies were released. My Twilight love has been different though. I’ve only been a fan for just under 2 years. I never went through the wait for the books so I feel like that made my love of it more immediate.
    I don’t go on the HP fansites though only the Twilight ones. I still wonder why that is…

    • OutOfF(l)avour

      well i don’t know about you, but the HP fansites i’ve encountered just aren’t as interesting/good as twilight ones….maybe thats why.

      • WickedRed

        HP fansites, if they stay serious and professional, get tons of perks from the WB: red carpet spots, interviews, premiere tickets, prize packages for giveaways, etc. The WB will also be the first to strike down a fansite think don’t like (in the beginning, they actually tried to legally ban fansites altogether). So HP sites have to be on their toes.

        Summit, though it seems to be stepping up its intimidation game in the last 6 months or so, isn’t so crazy about regulation.

  • Im so Team Switzerland in this matter i say why choose when you can have them all Harry, Ron, Edward, Jake, Mr Darcy, Mr Bingley, Damon, Stefan and so much more i mean my heart is big enough to love them all

  • Robjunkie

    And what’s the deal with the hard-core Potter heads being such assholes about Twilight? Remove the wands from your asses, and let’s hug it out bitches.

  • Loves this letter, as I love HP. I also love TB, HG, but not BP.

    • Boo, BP. Why can’t the Cullens just dive down there and straighten things out?

  • lovethesefries

    From what I’ve seen (and I’m generalizing here) it seems that people who are fans of both were Harry fans first and then (begrudgingly or not) started Twilight. It also seems there are more Twilight fans who are also Harry Potter fans rather than vice versa if that makes sense. I don’t know why that is necessarily except that maybe most hardcore Harry fans are very protective of their series and are somewhat scared to cross over to “the dark side”. But they really should because there’s honestly no comparing the two and it IS possible to love both!

    I’m like many of you here in that I grew up with Harry. I was probably 12 when I read the first book and it grew from there. He will always be my true love! I’ve been trying to decide which of them is my Edward and which one is Jacob, because I can really see both sides. But I think I’m going to go with Harry being Jacob because he’s like my best friend who’s always been there and who I’ll love forever. But Twilight is the hot piece of ass that just came out of nowhere and that is somewhat embedded in me now. Irrevocably. Plus Twilight will always = Edward and Edward will always = Twilight. As soon as my letter from Hogwarts comes though, I’m peacing the hell out of Forks! Trust.


  • Midnight_Cyn

    Sadly I have no knowledge of Harry Potter so I must wave my wand and be gone……………

    • JodieO

      Boo. I wish you could read Harry Potter. You would love it so much. The story is so rich and the writing is so witty it would be right up your alley.

      You *could* watch the movies, though!

      • Midnight_Cyn

        There is more than one? Movies I mean?

        • JodieO

          Right now there are six movies out. Movie seven comes out this fall, then eight next summer. Then it’s all done. And then I will have no reason to live. *dramatic wail*

          • Midnight_Cyn

            With that dramatic wail you should try out for BD!!! LOL..geez if I were to get into watching HP movies and with my daily Twi movie viewing..shitz that would fill my whole day and night…looking for movie’s now… πŸ™‚
            YOU will ALWAYS have a reason to live..WE LOVE YOU..and WHO would come looking everytime I get lost??… xoxox

          • JodieO

            Awwh, Cyn, you’re so sweet! The first two movies are fairly childish, but they get more mature as the characters age. Either way they are a lot of fun even if they aren’t as good as the books.

  • Midnight_Cyn

    P. S. However, I did find my Twiter account! So the day was not a total waste! Gone again….

  • TeamSeth

    I won’t lie, when I see a Harry Potter trailer, I get a little more excited than when I see a Twilight trailer. That said, I’ve read Twilight more times than HP for sure. In fact, I’ve only reread 1 HP book. And I don’t own any HP movies or books (well, except the dvd my sis gave me from her bluray/dvd set…but that was free, does it count?), but I did buy the Twilight and NM dvds. And the scores. And the soundtracks.

    Fangirling wise, I have made shirts for both… HP6 got a “Wands at the Ready, 7/15/09” and NM got a movie still of Charlie giving Bella her bday gift and saying “Sit down. Have some plaid.” Plus I don’t read muggle.net, or any HP sites.

    Is it a books vs. movies thing? Maybe.
    A Gary Oldman vs. Billy Burke thing? Definitely.

  • eatmyjorts

    I’m loving all the love.

    And for the record Harry is my Jacob , & Jacob is my Edward.

    You’ll find me in the Doghouse, in the giant sleeping bag, reading J/B fanfic OUT LOUD. Hermoine’s here too, she’s Team Jacob.

    • eatmyjorts

      Ow, ow, Hermione’s just poked me with her wand for spelling her name wrong. Wish it was Jacob. Sigh.

  • Liz

    Are we supposed to be soul mates, or BFFs or something, because I think I may just possibly love you.

    Harry has been my love, my shoulder to cry on, and my drug since I was a little girl. I read the entire series every year as a personal tradition, and I have my own movie marathon weekends. I am, in a word, a “Pott”head. ;_;

    I hated the Twilight series for what is was, and what the media was making it out to be. I finally took the plunge and read them, thinking that in doing so, I could become an “educated basher”. I never thought for a second I would fall head over heels. I’d hide them when my boyfriend and roommate came home. I still told all my friends how much I hated Twilight, while deep down, I couldn’t wait to get home to read them.

    Now, Harry is my Edward, because it’s just meant to be. Nothing can break that soul mate bond (the same as nothing will ever break my dream of receiving my acceptance letter to Hogwarts – nevermind that I’m ten years too old!). But Twilight will always be my Jacob – that hot, steamy, fill-in-the-blanks passion that feels so wrong and so right all at the same time.

    I will secretly worship you both, Harry and Twilight, forever and ever. Maybe we should try a threesome sometime. ;D

    • WickedRed

      I think our friendship may be meant to be, because you pretty much just described my fandom story word-for-word! <3

  • same

    I unfortunately got the same reaction from friends & family about both series, “Aren’t you a little old to be reading that?” With HP I could respond that it’s so well-written and with Twilight, I can say that I love a love story. Mostly, I just try to hide – except for here!

    • Reading Harry Potter is definitely more socially acceptable. My husband is an attorney and came home from court one day and told me about a district attorney who was reading HP in the office where all the lawyers hang out in between cases. Totally public, no shame. Probably half the attorneys (including my husband) there had read them, too. I’d be willing to bet that any attorney reading Twilight in that crowd would laughed out of the room.

      • JustGoWithIt

        My husband also read and liked the HP series, but won’t go near Twilight. He does however seem to want to see what all the fuss is about. At least a few times he has seemed interested in watching/reading, and then dismisses it. He said the first movie was “budget”, but I don’t think he has ever watched it. It would be funny if he stayed up one night after I went to bed watching it on the Movie Chanel without telling me. My dad makes funny Twilight jokes and references sometimes (for my amusement I’m sure), but he has watched the movie.

        • My husband mentioned about two weeks ago that maybe he should read Twilight, just to see what the fuss is all about. I shut that idea down REAL QUICK. He doesn’t need any more ammo with which to mock me.

  • Crazybookaholic

    I’m sorry twilight I love you and might be a wee bit obsessed but Harry Potter has always been the book series for me. When I was little I went as Harry Potter for Halloween one year and i’m girl…

  • I have been an HP fan for many, many years. Never to the point of conventions and what not but a pretty big fan nonetheless. And because of it I did shy away from Twilight for the longest time. Not because of any comparisons or elitist feelings on “my” series but merely because I thought, “yeah. that’s what I need. ANOTHER obsession with a YA series”.

    Naturally, Twilight’s siren call was too great and well….you all know….here we are. It’s like many of you have already said, HP is my Jacob while Twilight is my Edward.

    I just wish I could be loud and proud about it….er…wait…not really. Too many crazies. πŸ˜‰

  • WakeUpDead25

    Ok so plz don’t shoot me but I haven’t read HP. Don’t know why, it just doesn’t appeal to me. I’ve seen the movies and I still wasn’t convinced to read the books. Actually I think I fell asleep during one or two of them.

    But I’m not judging, my 12 year old sister-in-law keeps begging me to read the 1st HP bookvso I can discuss it w/ her, so I might give it a try. Hell, I might even love it.

    • JodieO

      The movies are cute, but they lack most of the flavor from the books. I love the movies because I love all things HP, but the movies are definitely HP lite. It’s definitely worth giving them the chance. =)

  • Minutes

    This letter is just brilliant.

    I love both HP and Twilight. But I’m not as obsessed with HP as with Twilight. I didn’t like the HP movies and for some reason I like the Twilight movies better. Weird, I know.

  • JustGoWithIt

    I liked the HP books, I read them all. But what I liked best about them was totally difference than what I liked about Twilight books.
    HP I liked the potions and spells and schooly whimsy of it. I wasn’t really grabbed by any of the romantic plot lines, or really the angsty or dark parts. I didn’t cry when Dumbledor died (like my husband did!).
    Twilight I like the fantasy world and the Cullens, but oh boy did Edward & Bella’s love story get me. I can’t recall any love story that I have felt more emotionally invested in.

  • Jen

    I was a big Harry Potter fan before Twilight came along. I even dabbled in some HP fansites, but my devotion was nothing like that of my love for Twilight.

    I loved the HP books, but there was never a romantic aspect that I felt invested in. My love for Twilight had A LOT to do with one Edward Cullen (I NEVER crushed on anyone in the HP series…well, maybe, the Weasley twins cause they were so stinking funny/cool) and the romance between him and Bella. For me it is epic, and I am seriously invested. Rob may also have a lot to do with it. πŸ™‚

    So yeah, since Twilight my HP devotion as fallen by the wayside, but I still see/own all the movies.

  • Owning It

    Since I am usually late to the party, I had the pleasure of reading both the HP and Twilight series straight through with no breaks. I read HP during the 5th and 6th month of my pregnancy (late 2007), and I loved it! Besides resisting the urge to name my daughter Lily, I would often fantasize about reading it to my girl when she got older. I read the Twilight series when she was a little over a year old — total visceral experience! I fantasized again, but NOT about reading it to my daughter!! So, I love them both, but there is no comparison- Twilight owns me.

  • ChocolateStarburst

    So I’ve been trying how to best describe this. Twilight is like a rob-Jacob-Edward-Taylor-Xavier man sandwich. I wouldn’t trade that mancoction for the world. While Harry Potter…..well he’s my Mike Newton. I read HP first thought it was a pretty good series but then my heart got stolen by another and I hope they never give it back.

    Or a better was to put it is twilight is my Emily while HP is my Leah.

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