Jackson is all of a sudden a side mouth talker? What’s up with that?

Dear Jackson,

Since when did you start talking out of the side of your mouth? I started noticing it when you were doing press for Eclipse and I couldn’t help but wonder wtf was up. When and why did you start talking like a stroke victim? Since I didn’t remember this from previous interviews I thought it must have been a one off incident. Then I saw Eclipse and noticed Jasper was doing it too! I get that he’s from Texas and all and supposed to be a southern gentlemen with a slow drawl but you’re NOT Jasper, sure you’re family may live in Texas now but you were born in Indonesia and went to school in Michigan. That’s not exactly the land of mint juleps and hot summer days with your ya-ya’s and cousins down at the “crick.” So I can only think that something’s wrong.

When did this start? Because I’m concerned for your health I took a look back through the annals (heh) of time to see if this is some sort of slow moving medical issue you should have checked out or just some sort of “method” character trait you’re adapting.

First up we have crazy Jackson as a plucky teen journalist on Disney 411 visiting Hilary Duff backstage at her concert. You really should list Hilary as a musical influence for the monkeys. How else do you explain the sound? So nothing here except maybe an intense addiction to speed or the product of like 5 red bulls from Hilary Duff’s craft service table.


Next we have Twilight red carpet event… besides being the most bored interviewer ever she asks some dumb-awesome questions. Slow dancing with a vampire? And which actress do you want to suck?! WOAH there missy slow your roll this is a family show. Ask if again! Ask it again! But alas no paralysis or side talking here, just the ol crooked smile.

(ironic that Bryce Dallas Howard was mentioned?)

New Moon

Not even 8 months ago and there was no side mouth talking just creepy catfish facial hair. Please don’t watch the whole video if you’re scared. Just love the Twicon backdrop and how Jackson may have called Kristen “Kristina” at 128, he just may have been that confused fan at the Eclipse premiere.

And now we have one of the most recent things you’ve done. And the weird side talking mouth comes out. Hey cowboy, you’re not foolin’ anyone!

Of course we have our very own SUPER FAN interviewing you as you talk solely out of the left side of your mouth while giving ef me eyes… no small feat.

So obviously this isn’t some speech characteristic you’ve had forever and ever it’s new and a little bit put on, right? Or is it… Did you have some sort of mini stroke or is that paralysis on one side of your face from a rancid Botox injection you got at a 100 Monkeys/Botox/Pampered Chef private party in a cougar Milf’s house? Are you ok? Do I need to call a loved one or give you 2 aspirin while we wait for the ambulance?

Just let us know, otherwise knock it off.

Seriously, am I just imaging this or did anyone else notice this weird side mouth accent come out of no where during the last month or so? Oh and crazy Jackson fans save your breath I know he’s not paralyzed and his family is from Texas. Thanks.

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  • Bwahahaha!!!!!!!!
    Gosh, I am practically peeing myself laughing!!
    “Catfish features” = effing hilarious.
    I actually haven’t noticed in interviews, nor did I notice in Eclipse until Sparklecakes pointed it out on Twitter and now it’s all I see when I watch it!

    P.S. I totally giggle when he says “puppet”. It sounds so odd and kinda cute the way he pronounces it.

    • I had to giggle at ‘puppet’ too!
      “I though whot Muria ènd aaai hèèd wos luuurve, b’t aaai wos her mmpopput!”

      • Bwahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Ohhhh jebus, I am literally laughing out loud!!!!!!

      • Robjunkie

        LMAO. I just read that out loud.

      • Stacey

        That’s hilarious! I will also be hearing that in my head all day!

      • ICanHandleIt

        So funny to read that out loud!! I’m from Texas so I hear people talking like this all the time, so I didn’t even really notice Jasper’s accent at first, but you are right, when he said, “mmpopput” I lost it.

        • ICanHandleIt

          No side talking though…. just the accent.

      • *Still giggling an hour later*

    • ChillinWithCullens

      Me too Jayde – the catfish facial hair was just too scary looking (shudder). I could’nt even watch the video. Did anyone else notice that in the Twilight interview he says “Stephanie Meyers”?

  • Ish

    So true. The things you guys notice! I still crack up at UC’s sever namedropping “Oh I was talking to S last week….” I guess you´ll be pulling that one still 20 years on
    YEAH love it

    • Ish

      severe not sever spell fail

      • Jamie

        Didn’t you hear? They have their own server to host the website now. They named it Stephanie. There was no other choice.

        • TheColdWoman

          Stephenie as The Host?? 😛

          • StotheP

            Haha. Hahaha. HAHAHAHA.

            The Nylon interview? I was all “ewwwww, look at that fake “Mom” tattoo! How . . . corny or cliche or something.” Then I was all, “ehhhh, at least it’s fake.”

            Oh. OHHHH. Oh, no.

          • If I HAD a job, that would have been a coffee meets screen/keyboard situation! Bahahahaha!

  • tuesdaymidnight

    Sigh… Jackson videos make my morning better. Oh right, staying on topic. I HAVE noticed that he has become a side-talker. It’s not just you! I’ve associated this with his accent as well. When he lets the Texas accent come out, he seems to speak more out of the side.

    However, he has a dimple on the left side of his face that is highlighted with this affliction, so I’m going to let it slide.

    Jackson + drawl + dimple = A very happy tuesday.

    I swear I’m not a stalker…

    • celestialchic

      Ok – “Jackson + drawl + dimple = a very happy tuesday” totally had me trying to figure out if today was Tuesday or Wednesday for like five minutes. Then immediately after I decided you’re crazy and it is Wednesday I noticed your name again and cracked up at my blonde-ness (spitting granola cereal on laptop). I need more coffee . . .

      • I was on the verge of replying “I’m about to make your day happier, it’s Wednessday already!” but I restrained myself just in time. 😀

  • I don’t know. I think the side-talking thing is sexy…reminds me of Rob’s sideway mark.

    Oh and UC, I want to thank you for developing my Jackson lovin’. I’ve never thought much of him (don’t hate me). He was just there, with the rest of the cast. But, after watching Eclipse I was beginning to fall for him and then BAM! Your interview with him pretty much did it for me.

    P.S Haha in that Twilight premiere interview he said he plays Jasper Cullen!

    P.P.S I love that smile! GAH..*dies*

    • Oops typo! I meant Rob’s sideway SMIRK, not mark..

    • Cathy

      Actually I think they might have dropped the “Hale” surnames for the movie? Twi-geek moment: In the movie Angela calls them “The Cullens” when Bella asks who they are, and in the book they introduce them as the Hale twins, and the Cullens. Also I think I remember seeing “Rosalie Cullen” and “Jasper Cullen” in the credits?

      • Whoa… Twigeek of the day award!

      • Krystle

        no – it’s Jasper and Rosalie Hale still – look on the World of Twilight web site. But sometimes reporters will screw it up.

        • Cathy

          Actually I just rechecked, and for Twilight they had no last name listed, just “Jasper” and “Rosalie”, even though all the other Cullen’s first and last names were shown. But in New Moon they are listed as Hale.

  • Noticed during the Superfan interview and wondered what was up! As a native Texan, I have never seen this Jackson phenomenon in our hot men. For the sake of research, I will try to notice if Texans talk out of the side of their mouth today. Super awesome husband did *not* wake up this morning side talking. He is, however, from RI and only a transplant. Off to do some research…

  • Jerzeylisa

    At the superfan night, I thought he was drunk, remember? UC came to his defense with the southern drawl excuse. I hope you ladies get a chance to ask him about this sometime.

    • Robsessedgirl

      Can you actually watch that video? It says it’s “been removed due to terms of use violation”.

  • Unashamed Twi-wife

    I noticed it too. Creeps me out. That and the little bit of “lishp” he has. *shudder*

    • Krystle

      LOL! about the lisp!!!!! I noticed that too. I’m so glad Moon brought up the side talking because I noticed it in the last few interviews and was like “has this been going on the whole time??”

  • Stacey

    When I wake up in the morning I never know what I’m going to find on LTT. Then you give me Disney Jackson. It’s like a Christmas present with a Hillary Duff bow on top! (wait…is that a good thing? Hmm…)

    Anyway, this post was almost better than coffee. Almost, since I really needed the coffee. It also made me think about my side talking dad. He was southerner who was transplanted to MD, so his accent comes back at bizarre moments. And during those moments, he forgets to open his whole mouth. I will now call it the Jackson effect. My dad might get confused when I randomly shout, “Jackson!” Probably not, because he is so sneaking around with Twilight behind my mom’s back. He’s got that glint in his eye.

    • Rob’s flaming dashboard

      Watching delightful Disney Jackson and Hilary with my cornflakes and my 3rd grader looks up and says, “I saw that video already.” WTH my kid is more uptodate on the Twidom than I am? Must devote more hours to “research.”

      Jackson was brilliant in the Twilight premiere interview. “I love *eyeseyeseys* music.” I am second hand embarrassed for the bored girl asking the questions.

  • O.M.E.

    I know Japser is from Texas but I never really got his accent in the films-ever. Then in interviews I would wonder if Jackson was from there too(didn’t do my research) , but his speech still didn’t sound real. It’s not really a drawl, more like talking through drool (from the stroke??). Love Jackson, not the side talk.

  • superhumanmoron

    Jackson was in my dream last night. Side talking? No. Smirk? Hale yes!

  • JodieO

    HAHA! I totally noticed that in the Nylon interview, too. Maybe he’s just been smirking so much his face froze that way?

    • TheColdWoman

      He’s definitely been rocking the smirk lately. Probably his own little inside joke about how much publicity he gets from his (admit it!) small role in the Twi films and all the sold out shows 100 Monkeys plays. So unbelievable it’s funny. Btw, I LOVE me some Jackson so don’t hate! Beautiful People anyone?? Remember that show? Anyone? Bueller?

  • natashadushi

    I noticed it for the first time in New Moon at school where he wish Bella not a happy b-day.

  • “catfish facial hair” made me giggle snort water up my nose.

  • TeamJacobEdward

    (Hahaha! I LOVE the Disney 411 Jackson! Hilar! I have to see that one again!)

    The mouth thing. I’m guessing that someone, maybe his agent, saw him talk out the side of his mouth once when he did it accidentally and told him it was sexy and to do it again. Now he, Just. Can’t. Stop. Ack!

    It’s like a teenager saying “like” like all the time. Like you know? 🙂
    Or like with here and commenting. Once you start; You. Can’t. Stop.

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  • operarose

    I didn’t know Jackson went to Interlochen until I googled what school in MI he went to. It’s an amazing acting/music school in northern MI. He should be in a better band if he went there… (and probably a better movie, too.)

  • Emily

    I don’t care if he uses his whole mouth or just half, but please PLEASE don’t bring back the catfish look! I don’t know if my weird attraction to him could last through another “hairy and don’t care look at my cool glasses” phase.

    • HowToBe

      omg, that’s my favorite Jackson look too. I’ve got a thing for unkempt men (Dirty ROB, anybody?). And the glasses are sexy!

  • lieutenant.twilight

    As an import to Texas I have noticed very few men who speak out the side of their mouths, and generally its the older set. My husband is a native Texan and he is not a side-talker, but his father is sometimes! However, where Jackson’s family lives in Midland, there are quite the number of country folk and I imagine a number of side-talkers as well!

    You’re still my #1 Jackson, even with your strange side-talking ways! <3

  • dionrenee

    Umm Jackson is so hot, I think he could talk sideways to me anyday and honestly I wouldn’t even care!!!

    The Disney clip – delish! He has really gotten better looking as he gets older…he is just hawt!

  • robsfuturemate

    I just wanted to say that I saw Jackson Rathbone (and the 100 Monkeys) live and IN THE FLESH last night! I don’t care how he talks, he is so adorable!! They put on a great show and he seemed super sweet! Couldn’t meet him cause they had crazy security…but I could lit’rally reach out and touch him!!!! He was standing about 4 people away on stage!

    Seriously, SAW JACKSON RATHBONE IN THE FLESH LAST NIGHT!!!! (P.S. Rob, I’m writing you a letter tonight about your non-appearance.)

    • i gave you a thumbs down cause you were there and i wasn’t. 😉

      • robsfuturemate

        It’s all good LiLi! I like to get thumbs downed every now and then! And especially for that…cause I saw Jackson, baby! (sorry, had to rub it in again!) The only other celeb I’ve ever seen was the dad from Family Matters. (If you wanna call him a celeb!)So I’m kinda excited!!!!

    • Robsessedgirl


  • StotheP

    My favorite thing of this entire post?

    ‘Oh and crazy Jackson fans save your breath I know he’s not paralyzed and his family is from Texas. Thanks.’

    How well you know your readership.

    • ICanHandleIt

      I was thinking the same thing! or rather, how sad it is that there must be such disclaimer!

    • Stacey

      Of course, there has to be a disclaimer! The great Nikki debate post just happened. There is going to be at least one superfan (not you, UC!) that might get upset that his facial hair was called catfish like. But he does have the cutest catfish facial hair that I’ve ever seen. I think that might be my new nickname for him. (I mean it to be a compliment!)

      • The Old One

        I have no idea what kind of music 100 Monkeys plays, but Jackson should seriously consider changing his name to Catfish Rathbone and getting into country blues, because that name is too good to be wasted.

        • The Old One

          Also, if he developed the side-talking into country blues side-singing, it would be even more WIN.

        • Stacey

          Catfish Rathbone! That’s great. Rob can be in his band, because he has a bluesy singing voice. They can wear matching plaid flannel shirts and sing duets. Now Rob needs a special blues name! Hmm…lil’ Papa Pattinson? Maybe not. But I will obsessively think of one while I’m packing.

          • The Old One

            Think of it, Google it, and there it is:
            “Make your own Blues name Starter Kit:
            a. name of physical infirmity (Blind, Cripple, Lame, etc.)
            b. first name plus name of fruit (Lemon, Lime, Melon, Kiwi, etc.)
            c. last name of President (Jefferson, Johnson, Fillmore, etc.)
            For example: Blind Lime Jefferson, Jackleg Lemon Johnson or Cripple Kiwi Fillmore, etc. (Well, maybe not “Kiwi.”)”

            Hmm: Jackleg Lemon (because of fanfiction) Pattinson?

          • Stacey

            That’s great! Now that they both of their special blues names, they’ll be the best blues duo, since the Blues Brothers! Well maybe if I’m slightly tipsy.

          • The Old One

            Why are you packing and tipsy at the same time?
            I’ve been thinking about this all morning instead of working.
            Black Knickers Pattinson
            Mumbles Pattinson
            And when is this comment squeeze gonna be fixed, gals?

          • Stacey

            Packing, yes. Drinking, no. However, if the stars align and Catfish and Black Knickers (that’s a good one!) hit the road for a cross country tour, I’ll maybe be there. I maybe will also be tipsy.

          • The Old One

            I’m so there with you, groupie-girl!

  • HeartForMichaelNeckForEdward

    So glad someone other than me noticed this. It drove me crazy the entire movie, which made me drive everyone I was with crazy by constantly pointing it out.

  • sassysmart

    He still makes me think of a leprechaun every time I see him. The side talk just makes it more pronounced.

  • Cat

    Not to get technical, but…. I think he’s been a side-mouth talker and Texan from the beginning, it’s just when they got him on Disney he had to lose that accent to do the “news accent”. Every newscaster has one. No matter where you watch the news, they have the same dialect. Then we got lucky and he brought back the Texan for Jasper 😉

  • HowToBe

    Yep, the whole, “I can only talk using my entire jaw” is annoying, and then to add using only the left side, it’s too much, and I’m a Jacksper fan. But HOT DAMN that new nylon tv video of him is some nice lady porn.

  • Owning It

    Taylor did it, we want Rob to do it- badly, but how about Jackson hosting SNL?? He is clearly versatile and would fit in well. Think about it- fugly wig wearing, musical ability (errr….), ability to do several different accents… and they wouldn’t even need to get a separate musical act!! (Well, maybe they would!) They could even address the side talking issue in a skit~


    (I can totes see the 100 Monkeys banana doing a dance in the background during this)

  • Veronica

    I happen to think that the side talk is really HOT!!! – Especially the side laugh…..aaaaahhhh (I’m melting).

    • So do I! I love me some southern drawly accent – not sure why, to my English ears it just sounds so naughty…

      • teresa

        I love the accent too! I wonder (forgive me if this was mentioned already) if the accent was meant to replicate the “civil war era” accents…(insert long paragraph regarding linguistics and early American colonization effects on dialect HERE) 🙂

        Either way, I could stare at his side-talk all day. 🙂

  • Dudes!! I noticed his side mouth talk when I first saw Eclipse.. I was like ‘what the..?!’ And he sounded like stopped up throughout the entire movie… Jackson, hunny, are you okay?? Does mama need to come be your nurse for a while? Cuz I totes would. ;]]

    Seacrest out! Wait….

  • For some reason, none of the pics/vids would load for me *grump*.

    Moving on….

    Being a Texas native, I can attest that his off-screen accent is genuine. That being said – in New Moon/Twilight, it was a tad exaggerated. THAT being said, his character is as old as dirt, and I wouldn’t doubt that his peers spoke the same way while battling the Yanks, so I will not fault him for that.

    The side mouth talking? While this may be a new development, I can’t find it in myself to complain. At. All. Smirky McDimplester can talk out of his forehead and I’d be a happy boy (ok – that might have been a bit over the top…..but….no, no…I’d still be happy)


    I’m sorry – what were we talking about?

    • dameironfury

      I didn’t even notice the side-mouth talking. I just look into those beautiful eyes and listen to that voice and then just… what? Oh, sorry, I got lost.

      Smirky McDimplester! OMG. that is a classic nickname. Good call.

    • kitkat

      Ironically, the only video that wouldn’t work for me was the one that UC is in.

  • lovethesefries

    Yeah definitely noticed the side-talking in Eclipse. But what I noticed more was the way he stiffened his upper lip as he spoke. Very weird. It actually made me think of guys who talk with dip in their mouths. Do you think Jackson…? No, never, it’s impossible *remembers UC’s description of his minty fresh breath*. Also I thought it was kind of funny how they played up Jasper’s Southern accent so much more in this movie than the others. Probably just because we get his backstory with the Confederate Army and all that. Anyway I just wonder if it’s like someone said earlier, did he have the accent before and then had to lose it but brought it back for Jasper? All I know is, I will never hear the word “ma’am” the same ever again!

  • See?!? That Jackson from Twicon was what I got to see when I saw the Rathbone in person. And you all wonder why I don’t get it…

    P.S. Can Hilary Duff have ANY more connections with the Twi crew?!? Jackson interviewing her, Kellan in her music vid. Please let there be more… I need a guest appearance on Lizzie McGuire from someone.

  • “…or is that paralysis on one side of your face from a rancid Botox injection you got at a 100 Monkeys/Botox/Pampered Chef private party in a cougar Milf’s house?”


    er. no. that’s totally from when Kellan knocked him out during Eclipse fight training. #duh

    Poor Jackson. He’s just trying to re-learn daily living skills.

    PS– i will take Catfish over Creepy Pirate/Willy Wonka look any day.

  • Jasmine

    I saw that when watching Eclipse and just thought I never noticed because that was most he talked between the three movies.. I think its kinda cute.. 😉

  • cedvanhalen

    Why did I never realize before now that Jackson was on Disney 411?!?

  • DJTanner&theFullHouse

    Pretty sure my favorite part is at the end of the Disney 411 video…”SEE YA!” What a nerdbomber!

    • eatmyjorts

      DJ! Where have you been? I was just about to send out the search party (pack) to find you…lost in ff were we?

  • dameironfury

    The video with UC interviewing was removed! I’m so ultra-bummed! Everytime I’ve tried to watch it, either my computer has crashed or the video was removed. I’m going to pout now.

  • Hating you today on behalf of the Jackson fans, even though you’re right and they are blind.

  • imnoddin

    WTH, when I try to play UC’s interview video, it says “This video has been removed due to terms of use violation”!

    I hadn’t noticed the side talking. Of course I will now!

  • StotheP

    Shut the front door. I just realized something.

    Drew Barrymore is not from Texas. She INVENTED side mouth.

    I, however, am from Texas. I talk out of the front of my mouth (and sometimes my ass).

    There is no moral to this story.

    • So funny, StotheP! I just caught part of Riding in Cars with Boys last night and totally had that same thought – “why does she keep TALKING that way??”

      • loey

        Many of Drew’s relatives were also actors. If you watch her great uncle, Lionel Barrymore, in a film (It’s a Wonderful Life among others) you’ll see that he was a slight side talker, too. Drew also looks a bit like him in the chin and mouth.

  • MrsKowski

    Seriously, I hadn’t realized that Jackson looked like a catfish at twicon …but he TOTALLY does!! I may be a little creeped out by this now …

    …nah, I am still a Jackson lover. Catfish & all.

    I hate that you had to put the dislcaimer on the bottom. Boo

  • Starley

    I am a newbie to LTT and love, live, live it. I have a huge cougar crush on Jackson. But, I seriously think he’s been practicing the side talk and grin in the mirror. Thanks for saying what I am thinking. The Nylon shoot….a grown woman’s fantasy.

    • teresa

      AND, I think he has been practicing the “one eyebrow raise” too! I noticed it on the red carpet for Eclipse on the live feed, he would walk, stop, smirk, and raise one eyebrow…repeat!

  • Ang

    I think Jackson side talked some in the movie Dread. Not that I’ve seen it or anything.

    Recent or not…I quite enjoy the side talking, the accent and the smirk.

  • Robsessedgirl

    I think it’s just Jackson’s quirky personality. & let’s be honest with ourselves, he could talk in any way and he’d still be sexy as hale. He’s my second favorite Cullen boy(tied with Emmett and one of my top five celeb crushes) 🙂

  • agusap

    Oh yes, I’ve noticed it too. My first thought was that he must had lost a tooth or something during Eclipse’s training or shooting, and he got used to speak that way to hide it.

  • PinkFluff

    It should be known that he really DOESN’T have to talk…he can just smirk. And wear his little faux hawk.

    I’ve let go of the height just not being ‘there’…and I’ll do the same with the talking.

    So if he could just I dunno…LAY THERE..and SMIRK…I’m good.

    • BayWolf


      Just lay there and smirk – WIN!

      Haha – i love that image 😉

  • eatmyjorts

    Do you think he kisses like that too? I’d feel a little cheated, personally.

  • Elliebelle

    I think he’s been reading too much Jasper fanfiction late at night. (I know I have.) Poor dear, it’s clearly affecting his speech.

    • Robsessedgirl

      HAHAHAH yes! If he was reading Jasper fanfic that would be such a win. I hope Rob reads Edward fanfic, that would be HOT.

  • Robsessedgirl

    I got pretty pissed off when he called himself ‘Jasper Hale’ at the Twilight premiere. He’s SEXY regardless of the way he talks, thought it is a bit annoying.

  • Morns

    Just to had more to the “stroke” theory, here’s a screen cap from the Nylon shoot.


  • Jennyluvsjax

    Well I love jaction’s mouth. He can do anything he wants with them and I have no problem. He is super talented and very kookie so maybe he just changes things up to keep himself creative. I guess I will just have to let you know when I finally met the sweet man. Then I will report back.

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