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Open weekend post: Hosted by the unscripted Twilight actors

Dear Twilight actors,

Once Breaking Dawns 1&2 are out and a few years have passed and Summit re-releases the DVD’s into some huge boxed set can we get some extra special features. One I pray for is the outtake from when Rob pulled his groin trying to lift Kristen off the ground in Twilight and how about you make a few others up like a special featurette on Rob’s American accent couch teaching him how to say “Nachos” and “sidewalk.” Can it come with extras like a ziplock baggy of air captured in Catherine Hardwicke’s bedroom where the audition took place and how about have Kellan write an Emmett fanfic since he seems to have really thought about the backstory for Emmett that we know NOTHING about. And then as the extra extra special feature release the tapes of the Volturi doing their scenes nude. We all know Jamie Campbell Bower was telling the truth when he said they were nude for New Moon.

Stop lying and give us what we want! I’ll be more willing to fork out a couple hundred bucks in 5 years for the DVD’s I already own if these are the special features. Think about it!


What special features do you want on a box set of the Twilight saga?


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  • operarose

    How about the special feature where Robsten give a tour of their palatial pad during the filming of NM and Eclipse?

  • chochang

    whenever u say nachos, i still remember that’s what u used to call mr. pancho.. good times..

  • TheColdWoman

    Hang on, let me pick myself up off the floor after laughing so hard. I would love all those Unscripted interviews in full on a boxed DVD set. And the audition tape from the Coug’s bedroom she always teases us about. And video of Rob in a corset running on a huge treadmill. And any video showing David Slade standing next to Daniel Cudmore.

    • TeamJacobEdward

      “And any video showing David Slade standing next to Daniel Cudmore”

      Hahaha! WIN!

  • coopercohennichol

    most director are enablers when it comes to kristen- strokin her ego no matter how horrid the scene (i.e. hospital scene). I wanna see outtakes of her infamous stuttering or ackward pauses IN THE MIDDLE of sentences (i.e. ALL of New Moon where she turns 1 sentence into 2) and the the director yelling “CUT!! You have got to be sh*ttin me, right kristen??”

  • Jamie

    I want the “where are they now” interview like they did on the 253h anniversary of Grease where all the actors talked about who was sleeping with who, who hated who, etc. But we’d have to wait a loooong time for anything like that.

    • Jamie

      Oops, that was supposed to be “25th”. Damn palm centro….

      • dionrenee

        Yeah that sounds worth waiting for,

        We will find out that Sarah Clarke (Renee) was forking*lol* Jackson Rathbone , Billy Black came out of the closet and made passes at a young Taylor, Nikki & Kristen’s lesbian trist is confirmed, Ashley & Rachel had girlie fights on the set over Cam… oh the good times..of course Rob will come out unscathed because he is PERFECT

        • Robsessedgirl

          OMFG yes Sarah-Jackson. NOOOOO I want to believe Jackson stays with his age group lol. And I bet Nikki-Kristen really happened. AND OF COURSE ROB WILL BE UNSCATHED. he=perfection.

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  • Midnight_Cyn

    NoCoolName, tried to leave msg. couldn’t sorry..loved ur site! will be back more wehn better! πŸ™‚

    • Ok – if you want, email me at abbey_rice@hotmail.com.

      Don’t know why you couldn’t leave a comment, but somebody else told they couldn’t the other day either. Hmm. I’ll have to check that out.

      • Midnight_Cyn

        not able to type much..hopefully better soon.

  • Robsessedgirl

    Yes, the Volturi scenes would be much more effective if everyone was nude. Did I mention I love Michael Sheen? Did anyone else think it seemed as if Kellan was on speed during that interview? He seemed a little too excited. ROOOOOB looked so hot in that interview. “make your best sexy face. I thought I was already doing it.” YES. <33:)

    • ChillinWithCullens

      Yah, thought it was crazy how Kellan exploded out of his chair and nearly knocked Ashley over…wow!!

      • Robsessedgirl

        He was just pure energy, and a little craycray! Not that it wouldn’t be cool to know what Emmett’s backstory is, Smeyer never told us, but wow Kellan!

  • robsfuturemate

    Yes, I know this is LTT but I have the perfect LTR so it needs to be done here!

    Dear Rob,
    I just wanted to tell you that I too am a big fan of Flounder! He’s been my absolute fav for ages! I even have a huge stuffed Flounder in my storage. I’ll get it out and we can discuss “what it’s like to be a talking fish.” So yes, that was a way cool answer!

    Your Mate

    • Robsessedgirl

      OMG what if Rob played the British flounder in the next Little Mermaid remake? that would be all sorts of win. Also how are you RFM? it’s been ages.

      • robsfuturemate

        I think Rob might be able to pull off Flounder’s dad. His voice isn’t guppy enough for Flounder!
        Hi robsessedgirl! You found me lurking at LTT, too funny! I hardly ever post here! I’m good. How are you?

        • Robsessedgirl

          YES Flounder’s dad. I’m good, just creepin’ on Rob fansites and reading his GQ interview. WFE seems so far away!

  • The Old One

    There has to be much more footage from those Unscripted interviews that they cut out. I want to see it all! I also want to see every “B” roll moment of every movie, every audition tape, every bad take — I just want it ALL! Summit, if you think no one would be interested, you’re very very wrong. Think $$$$.

    • robsfuturemate

      “Think $$$, Summit”

      Way to catch their eye, @TOO! They’ve GOT to make that now! hehe

  • Behind The Scenes hosted by Cathy Hardi’s stuffed armadillo, with a long stop over at Wal-Mart, I mean, The Wig Department.

  • ChillinWithCullens

    Indeed, the Wig Department – let us know exactly what the hale they were thinking. Also, what was taken off of craft services the most – if Kristen actually ate more than that snap pea in twilight, what the Volturi do in their free time (like when they’re NOT shooting all their scenes nude), and I’d really like to see what the Cullens did between takes in NM when none of them had any lines and you know they were bored as hale – there must have been hijinks! We must see those!!

  • theseviolentdelights

    “And then as the extra extra special feature release the tapes of the Volturi doing their scenes nude.”
    The throwdown between Felix and Edward in the nude…it sounds completely enthralling and epically disturbing all at the same time….sign me up! πŸ˜‰

    • robsfuturemate

      “enthralling and epically disturbing”, so true. But any naked Rob is always FTW!!!

  • Twilight Fan

    What I would like to see in the Twilight special features is more about the Cullens. After Twilight is seems like they vanished without a trace. I would like to see their audition tapes. And I would totally like to see more of when Carlisle was changing Esme. I also want to see more of the Volturi and the wigs. And the behind the scenes of them going really pale. How long did it take the make-up to do each Cullen’s make-up throughout the movie. Also I want to see film footage of their game nights. Since they always talk about it and I think Kellan said in an interview how he always likes to win.

  • FacePunch

    *LTT’s resident gay unicorn reporting for duty SIRS!*



    *stumbles, falls down*


    Just wanted to let you know that I loved hearing the “Stephenie Meyer Tapes” from the last go-around… they were really great! A lot of insight into the series….

    Moon, I hope you have a great (and safe) visit to Africa! πŸ™‚

    I loved Twilight: Unscripted…. It was really, like, kewl. πŸ˜€

    I don’t even want to THINK about when the day comes that BD has come out, and most of this is just a fond, dazzling memory….

    (i haz a sad) πŸ™

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