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Open Post: Love Letter to Jackson Rathbone, her new #1!

(Oh Jackson you’re always getting the love even when we dog you! Lieutenant Twilight writes you a letter today while we’ve Gone Fishin’. Tuck it between your banjo-lin and the trimmings from your catfish facial hair to read when times are tough. xo, moon)

Ladies Love Cool J

Dear Jackson,

I love you!

Whew… Glad I got that out of the way.  You see, most people in the twi-fandom have been cast under some sort of spell by Rob.  I never was.  I never understood the draw, ok well I UNDERSTAND it, I just remain unaffected.  You see, for about 11 years I have always had the same #1 celeb crush.  That’s dedication my friend.  And now, you’ve won me over and… well you’re my #1! I don’t know when it happened and I don’t know how I am supposed to let HIM know.  I mean, he’s been there from my tween years! However, after staring at you and hearing what you’d like to dress up as, I at least know WHY it happened!  You see the previous winner of my top 3 was the Johnny Depp.  I was committed to his sexiness from a very early age and continued on until I was introduced to you.

Ranks higher than Johnny Depp?!

You have similar features and want to dress up like characters he has already played.  You play “music” and have terrible tattoos.  It’s like you’re a younger version of him, only you have something that appeals to me more, and that is your awkward sense of humor and outgoing personality.  Unlike my Mr. Depp, who is shy and reserved.  Therefore, you’ve become my #1 man.  My list now reads #1 Jackson Rathbone, #2 Johnny Depp, and #3 Scarlett Johansson (nope, not a lez, but ScarJo is too pretty for me to deny my crush).  So lately I’ve been trying to scheme my way into meeting you and getting in your pants…  I’ve considered a 100 Monkeys show, but alas there are none in driving distance.  I’ve thought briefly about flying to LA to go to a show, but then my conscience kicked in and said that was too extreme.  But is it? I mean I could meet you and never really fall in love or give special hugs because I have a fantastic husband who actually owns a Stetson and Spurs (cuz he really is in the Cavalry! I know… I’m a lucky girl!!)  So I shall continue to swoon over you from a distance and die a little inside if ever you should develop an actual relationship with someone.   Because you have overcome Johnny Depp on my list and he was a multiple winner of “Sexiest Man Alive” and maintained a #1 position in my heart for 11 years!  I hope beyond hope that you can do the same!

Playing Dress up with my husband,

DUDE a hat AND spurs… forget Jackson let’s see pics of Lt. Twilight’s hubs! So what is it about Jackson? Besides Rob Jacky gets the next highest number of letters in our inbox…higher than Taylor even. Whats up with that? Is it the side talking? The weird band? Is it because I love to call him Jacky?

Today is the day- Moon returns home!! I am SO ready! I only wish I could give her a big hug. We’ll talk to you Monday- ready to jump back INTO it!

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  • Tink

    Jackson gets more love then Taylor because Jackson is actually a MAN, not a barely legal teenage boy. He is sweet, charming, funny, gracious, always smiling, very approcahable, and looks (and walks) like sex on two legs. Lets not forget his propensity for cowboy boots, tight jeans, and an accent that comes out every so often when he speaks. Oh and that he has a voice you could listen to for hours and never get tired of, singing or speaking. And those gorgeous eyes you can get lost in and a smile that makes any woman’s ladybits quiver when its directed at her. He has this way of speaking to you as if you are the only person in the room even in a room full of screaming crazy fangirls. And we wont mention the physical reaction almost every woman has if he tips his hat at her and/or calls her darlin.
    He’s every woman’s desire for a Southern gentleman, as if we all have this fantasy of being Scarlet O’Hara getting carried up the stairs by Rhett Butler.
    He’s the physical embodiment of a dangerous, seductive, gorgeous, Confederate Army Major vampire who can manipulate how we feel and wants to drink our blood, and we’d all gladly let him snack on us.

    I for one do NOT understand all the Rob hype. Is it cause he plays the main vampire love and he’s British? Guess since cause Im not in love with Edward is maybe why I dont get it… *shrugs*
    I dont have much of a thing for Brits either….

    Joke is Jackson’s not even my #1. He only ranks 3rd for me. My #1 is his bandmate Ben Graupner, and #2 is his castmate Kellan Lutz.

    But damn he was f***ing sexy in that Confederate uniform. Ive been waiting FOREVER to see that. Just wish he’d had more screen time in it. Or it wasnt in it at all…just the boots and the hat 😉

    • robsfuturemate

      @Tink You’re number one is Ben G! No way, he is crazy!(but fun) I’m all for Jared, IF I have to pick a Monkey! But Rob is really the only one for me! 🙂

  • Ashley

    Oh, how I love Jackson! *swoon*

    And it’s Banjolele…not banjo-lin…GET IT RIGHT PEOPLE! 🙂

  • superhumanmoron

    I love Jackson and all, but Johnny??? There is no replacement.

  • efam

    This definitely helped me understand the Jackson craze. I have never been a fan of Johnny Depp, either, and putting Jackson in the same category with Johnny makes so much sense!! I totally get it.

    Was a Leo fan back in the day and now I’m into Rob. I wonder if those two are in the same category???

    • robsfuturemate

      I’m a fan of Johnny Depp, just never had a huge crush on him. But, I too love Leo and now Rob. I think there must be some connection!

    • gemmajean

      Hmmm you might have something here. I had (well technically still have) a huge crush on Leo and now its all about Rob…now I have always liked Johnny but it was never a big crush for me and Jackson, yes he is quite easy on the eyes but doesn’t hold the same appeal that Rob does.

  • ICanHandleIt

    totally see that comparison between The Johnny and Jacksper! And now I feel a little bit justified in my little Jackson crush ’cause The Johnny Depp has been in the #1 spot for me as well. I can’t say who is #1 now….. you wouldn’t know who I’m talking about. Just this British boy. 😉

  • Jackson is so gorgeous! Now that you mention it, he does remind me of JD!!

  • Jackson is better than Johnny Depp?

    Imma pretend I’m too tired and misunderstood. Nothing compares to CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow.

    Jackson can be hawt though…. when he showers.


  • dionrenee

    It’s so true!! Jackson is such a cutie!! Not from the Twi-Saga though, they uglied him down way too much. Except the EC flashback. wow, he looked so good, but it’s his quirky personality, sexy eyes, side smile,lol, and his cute lil accent that makes him hot!! And why is every black and white photo of a guy with a cigarettee in his mouth so damn sexy??? I don’t smoke but i effing love those pics of Rob and Jackson with the cigarettes…..

    Johnny is was and will always be “hot”

    • lieutenant.twilight

      I agree.. Twilight does him no justice!! Although I cannot deny his flashback!

  • JodieO

    It’s those gorgeous eyes. And the dimples. And that sultry Southern easy coolness that becomes pure hotness. And because you can totally picture him chasing you around the house wearing nothing but his boots after you’ve stolen his hat off the bedpost and… oops! I went too far…

    • lieutenant.twilight

      Thanks for this, as if I needed to be thinking of Jackson any more, I find myself finishing that “too far” of a thought!!

    • eatmyjorts

      O! Jodie…

      • dionrenee

        Awesome visual!!!!

    • tuesdaymidnight

      Nope! You didn’t go too far at all. Please continue. 😉

  • *gasp*
    i dont believe it…
    see that will never happen to me because Johnny Depp has his own category, and in this category, he is the Johnny from Benny & Joon, all young & hot with long hair AHHG hahah
    even though hes still hot, hes old :/ i mean hes the hottest old guy ever hahah but hes still old :[
    OH yeah, Jackson is also hot! i like him too haha

    (p.s. im going to a powwow today. haha. hoping to find a Jacob 😛 lets hope my heart doesnt get broken when i find no awesome muscley tan boy :[ )

    • lieutenant.twilight

      Benny & Joon FTW!!!

      • JodieO

        Some cultures are defined by their relationship to cheese.

        • eatmyjorts

          Random interjection: one of my mini-wolves is also known as The Cheese Detective. Truth.

  • haha! ^^^ it IS the dimples!

  • lieutenant.twilight

    AH! Its my letter! Ohhhhh Jackson! <3 swoon…

    • robsfuturemate

      Yay for you and your letter! Great Job! (I recently had one posted on LTR and was so excited! I can totally relate to how you must feel!)


    • eatmyjorts

      Er, ladies, let’s take this down a notch…

  • Robsessedgirl

    I LOVE Jackson. He’s my Johnny Depp. Don’t get me wrong, I love JD, but I think Jackson will be the new JD when Johnny stops acting. But Rob is my #1 and will always be my #1. ALWAYS. Awesome post!

  • SusGr

    I’m glad that I’m not the only one that immediately went, “But… it’s a banjolele…” I’m so glad that I’m not alone. 🙂

  • robsfuturemate

    I have seen two 100 Monkeys show and let me say, it’s worth it! They are amazing! And it made me see the appeal of Jackson a little more. But, my heart will always belong to Rob (hence the name) and that’s pretty much why I went! And because I have a friend who LOVES Jackson (whom I recently turned on to LTT). But alas, Rob has not shown up to a show that I’ve been to. *sniffs*

    Wow, sorry! Got a little carried away in the proper talk and over dramatics areas!

    Oh, and the odds of meeting Jackson at a show are pretty slim. Even he has pretty tight security these days!

  • Morgan the Finn

    I have never liked dirrrrty guys. That look has no appeal to me. But Jackson has that cheeky quality that makes you think that he could whisper fun sexy dirty things to you and I have always had a weak spot for that.

    I started to drool for Rob after he cut his hair. I like clean cut boys. He’s too wet noodle for me though (as I had a chance anyway 😉 ), doesn’t shower enough and smokes, so I cannot obsess about him really. Little Taycob for me anyday (he reminds me of my husband).

    Ugh .. ScarJo is always a mystery to me. Scratch that. I mean that anybody thinks that she’s attractive is a mystery for me. She is like a plastic doll, but more plastic. There’s nothing intriguing about her. You can read her thoughts from her eyes (blank, btw).

    I once thought Johnny Depp was attractive, but he’s bit old now.

    • robsfuturemate

      Yay for short haired Rob!

  • JennyluvsJax

    Well I have been hooked on Jackson since he was on two episodes of the O.C. Those eyes are beautiful and I love his smile. True his hair in the first two movies of the twilight sagas made him look crazy. But his part in Elcipse is so great, I love his smirk so cute when he is teaching everyone to fight the newborns. And props to robsfuturemate for taking me to the 100 monkey shows. My heart skips a beat everytime his amazing voice starts to sing. I love how he makes you feel like he is singing to you. I can’t wait to go to the next one and not only get pictures but a hug from my jacks.

    • robsfuturemate

      You are welcome my dear! I’m still so happy that you got to see J. Action live and in person! Now we gotta find Rob!

      P.S. Welcome to LTT! <3

      • lieutenant.twilight

        I am soo very jealous of you both!!

        • robsfuturemate

          The pros of living on the West Coast, I guess! Hopefully you will get to see him one day too!

  • twigirl_world

    Yeah so I’m married, and in lust w/ Rob…but lately there has been something about Jackson catching my eye.
    I LOVE 100Monkeys…and sidenote…it irritates me that some of his fans are rude to Twilight fans. I don’t have my Christian TwiShirt on or scream go Jasper. I really do like their music….
    And the band came to my town once but I couldn’t get out of my plans for that evening. And as I look back as mad as I am I couldn’t go its probably a good thing cause I would have all of you 2nd hand embarrassed for some of things I may or may not attempted to do that night…
    I completely get this Jackson lust, even the side talking and sometimes southern twang has me sometimes questioning my Robsession but then since I realize I’m married and won’t ever have either I can obsess over both, da yum!!

    • robsfuturemate

      At the first show I went to there were crazy twifans yelling out Jasper and all that nonsense. But the second time it seemed like people were there to support the Monkeys! Hopefully that trend will continue…they are an awesome band! Great music and wonderful live performance!

  • i bet 100 monkeys doesnt come yo michigan right? goshh
    no good bands ever come to michigan, its the whole peninsula thing, cuz they cant just drive through.
    it suucks!

  • JennyluvsJax

    To lieutenant.twilight, I hope you get to see 100 monkeys. They are touring and doing a 100 shows right now. They are only half way so you could still catch them. To sweetinator 88, I hope they do make it to you. I know you would appreciate the show they put on. I will keep my fingers crossed for both of you. More power to those who love jackson. He deserves the best fans. Thank you again for the awesome jackson love letter. TO Jackson, Love you always!

  • Stacey

    What a wonderful letter! Now Jackson seems like a sweet guy. And funny. I want to bake him some cookies. So what I am saying ladies is, I want to adopt him and make him my little brother.

    Don’t get me wrong he is a cutie. But when I see him I feel protective. For instance, before Jackson heads out to a 100 Monkeys gig I would say,” Dude, seriously be safe out there with all those girls throwing themselves at you. And honestly, pick out another shirt. You are seriously embarassing me with that choice.” See pure sibling affection. Oooo, I should create a new celebrity list. Actors that I want to make into my little brother. I’m looking at you Elijah Wood!

  • Its no irritable grizzly…

    he is sexy I dont think he is sexy as Jasper honestley but in interviews, especially this one where they showed him playing like 5 diff instruments…..
    And Peter Facinelli does not get enough attention he actually surprised me when I first saw him in an interview. Dark hair and just a touch of bad ass attitude……….to me, Rob is over rated…sorry girls

  • Seeing Jackson in person singing in his band and playing multiple instruments did it for me. I had never seen him prior to Twilight and now I love his younger days pictures and him.

    Love to watch that boy sway his body and groove to the music. With any luck, there we’ll see him dancing at the Cullen wedding reception. 😉

    I love the clips of him in this fanfic trailer @2:03 there is footage of him from a movie that was never finished and he looks absolutely 100% adorable.


    ps:he is also a descendent of Stonewall Jackson, kind of ironic for jasper’s backstory.

    Hope you get a chance to see 100 Monkeys play someday. 😉

  • Oh and I forgot…when going to see 100 monkeys you should be forewarned about being mesmerized by both Jackson and his bandmate Jerad, aka Mohawtie–the guy with the mohawk. He’s just as hot and schmexy!!! -kiTT

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