It’s a Twilight Christmas!

Dear LTTers,

I don’t have too much to say, it IS Christmas Eve afterall & that means I have way too many presents left still to wrap, snacks to make for a party this evening, and a champagne bottle to stare at longingly in excitement for Christmas morning mimosas! (I love that suddenly since all but 1 of my sisters are of age, this has become a new tradition. In fact, it’s the one thing I’m looking forward to MOST this holiday!)

But I wanted to drop a quick note because it wouldn’t be a LTT holiday without creeping you out with a few things Twilight & holiday-esque!

So while you put your presents under your Christmas tree topped with a Burger King Crown:

and hang your Edward Cullen doll hagning from its branches

and also your Jumping Rob ornament that turns into a magnet after the holiday (I actually own this – THANKS Texas Lili!)

Jumping Rob ornament

and after you hang your tinsel on Cardboard cut-out tweed serious Edward:

please gaze at the beautiful Twilight-themed Christmas cards I have come across this season

Those are just a little Christmas gift from me to you. You’re welcome.

May all your Christmas dreams come true- like Robsten getting engaged

And whatever other dreams you have. World Peace & stuff. And while I’m too hungover from the 3 beers I drank last night (seriously) to create new Christmas cards (and we know I can’t top these from last year) Here are a few that we & friends have made over the years and whose messages remain the same:

We love you & hope your holiday is magical, no matter what you do or wish for!


UC & Moon

Things might be a little quiet around here since lots of people are celebrating the holiday! But  comment when you can, share the crap-tastic holiday Twilight stuff that you’ve seen circulating around! We’ll be back next week sometime!

Most of the decoration pictures came from The Twilight Examiner. Check out the gallery for mostly 2nd hand embarassing but some cute Twilight-integrated holiday decor! The rest of the pictures found by googling “twilight Christmas” then deleting my browsing history at work

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