We make “That’s Normal” official, sorta.

Dear LTT-ers,

You know how we’re always saying, “That’s Normal” to stuff that probably isn’t normal to most people OR Twilight fans? The other day I was actually interviewed as a “Twilight Expert” I KNOW I KNOW, heaven help them all and as I was explaining the intricacies of a TwilightMom, a Krisbian and how special Twifans are I couldn’t help but wonder if I sounded as crazy as I felt. I was explaining “Robsten” to another ADULT. True, this whole fandom is beyond intriguing and who doesn’t love diving head first into something?

So I was thinking it was time we quizzed our amount of normal so I made this handy dandy quiz so that we can all find out after 9 questions if we are normal or not… the answer may surprised you…

something wonky has happened with the embed code please click HERE to take the quiz whilst I figure out what the HALE is up.

I’ll report back more on this interview in the coming days/weeks/months but until then… keep on keeping on.

Totally not Normal!

PS WHAT THE HALE is going on with Breaking Dawn?!!! COME ON SUMMIT!

Did you get your score? Were you shocked or saddened? Or both? Share your score in the comments!


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