What came first the Damon or the Edward? The Staceys dissect Twilight and Vampire Diaries

If you already watch Vampire Diaries, this post is for you. If you don’t, this post will show you WHY you should!

Dear Twilight,

As you might know (or the wonderful readers of LTT), we, The Staceys of Talk Supe, love Vampire Diaries. Almost as much as we love you, Twilight. No scratch that, as much as or, when Uncle Mason was on, a little more. (Seriously, did you see that guy? I bet Stephenie Meyers did a double take and almost said “Jacob who?”) I (East Coast Stacey aka EC) even started reading the books when she was a freshman in high school. (Vampire Diaries was the Twilight of the 90’s)

We feel pretty confident that we are well schooled on all things Mystic Falls due to taking copious notes while watching the show. I (EC) will ACTUALLY put her vanity aside and wear her glasses to get a better view of Somerhalder…the plot of the show.

SWD (aka SnowWhiteDrifted): It’s ladden with Twi references:

  • That one vamp’s computer password was “Kristen Stewart”.
  • They even have “Rose” who IS Alice 2.0.
  • Both set in upper middle class high schools with wolf packs and 6 packs

EC: We also noticed in our research that certain actors (ahem…Mr. Ian Somerhalder.) keep mentioning Twilight in interviews and Twitter comments. Also, have you noticed that Vampire Diaries keeps popping up on the comments here on LTT? (That might be mostly by us. Umm… #obsessed)

We discussed this amongst ourselves and thought, well 2011 would be the perfect time to compare and contrast the ‘good’ citizens of Forks and Mystic Falls. Though they reside on two different coasts (you know, rainy and chilly Washington and good ol’ North Carolina ya’all! But where, oh where, are the accents?) these two should be able to play nice! Just like the Staceys!


There is much comparison between Edward and Damon, but this is incorrect. (We say this pointedly to Mr. Somerhalder, who keeps bringing it up. Good thing, you’re cute mister!) The real hero of VampDi is Stefan, who is quite often forgotten about. (Poor Paul!)

Stefan and Edward share many common traits: intense emo-ness, a love of hair gel and a need to raid the closets of old men. Just put Edward in his New Moon Grandpa suit and stick Stefan in his flannel, plaid shirt/cardigan combo, then take them to the firehouse on bingo night. Honestly, Stefan would make a fantastic edition to the Cullen family. He could teach new vegan Vampires to catch bunnies. (He was an excellent teacher/camp councilor to Caroline!)
SWD: Oh I’d love to see Stefan absorbed into the Cullen family. Stefan and Edward would be besties! Bros!! The Harold and Kumar of the Pacific Northwest!! Also, Stefan could instruct the Cullens on putting a spell on their Cullen crest so that they could walk in the sunlight too. Get rid of that whole sparkle-plenty business. Carlisle would share his scarves and Esme would fluff his hoodies (In the dryer, people). I think Stefan would hit it off with Alice. *wink wink*. Leaving Jasper (sorry Jas, but you’re still my fav) to pack up and go to Bon Temps to play Confederate soldier with Bill Compton. (wait a minute, this may be in my fanfic… I digress).


Where there are emo boys and sexy baddies, you have to have the damsel in distress. These two movie/television characters are practically interchangeble danger magnets. Unlike, the Buffy days of old, Elena and Bella are saved by their men. I seem to recall that book Elena was more proactive than Bella, also blond.
The important part is that these two are also torn between two men. Elena gets to choose between Stefan and the fabulous Damon. Bella has Edward and…Jacob, who needs a shirt. (Side note, Damon doesn’t) (Disclaimer: EC is only Team wolf/shifter on True Blood. Except, for the too short of time on VampDi when she was Team Dearly Departed Uncle Mason. * sniff *)


Like True Blood’s Eric, Damon is a semi-villain. He can do good or really bad things if he wants to. Damon ‘killed’ Elena’s brother more then once this season and the dearly departed Mason was one of his causalities. (SWD, I still think Mason’s coming back. He’ll reincarnate, like Bella’s flannels) Yet still, there are far worse characters on the show. Twilight, on the other hand, except for Laurent’s momentary walk on the veggie side are primarily all bad boys and girls. James and Riley were bad. Not too much redemption possibilities with those two. Perhaps, if James had a better wardrobe and a bath? Hmm…
SWD: I think it’s his odd arm poses and crouch stance that make him so irritable.

BUT, the true baddies of both are the ladies! Victoria was a badass. If only her bad girl antics were shown in more detail, she would have been really scary. VampDi’s Katherine has the same Victoria qualities, but they show her doing the evil things. I wouldn’t want to meet her in a dark alley! (Of course, I probably would just think its Elena and ask if she wanted to go get a manicure. Unlike, Bella, Elena seems to be a girl who wants to get her nails done.)
SWD: I want to go boot shopping with Bonnie and Alice.

Sexy times:

VampDi has them. Lots of them. Twilight doesn’t until the implied loving in Breaking Dawn. Which leads to the biggest difference, Damon and Stefan thankfully can’t procreate. The Cullens, with their sparkly manhood can. This leads to all sorts of spine breaking hijinks. Yuck!
SWD: Ever wonder what kind of music Edward and Stefan would choose for smexytimes? I do. Is that “Normal?”

EC: Totally normal! I like to imagine some Dave Matthews Band or Train! Through in some vintage Counting Crowes. I could do this all day!


We touched on this in the Villains category, Twilight seems to shy away from a lot of graphic violence. It has it, but it’s quick. The Vampire deaths in Eclipse were all crystal shattering, which looked cool, but not scary. The scariest Twilight book scene was in Breaking Dawn…you guessed it Bella’s childbirth scene. Still having the nightmares!
SWD: For me, I think the wedding braids are even scarier than the childbirth scene.

VampDi is traditionally violent for the CW. Not Supernatural violent. I only watch that show for the Winchester Brothers and my eyes are covered for most of the show. VampDi is tame in comparison! But, there’s a much bigger mortality rate of major characters. If Newton was on that show, he would be dinner by now.
SWD: I can see Newton walking into the Mystic Grill. Trys to lay down some moves on Caroline. Caroline is annoyed and has herself a Newtontini.

More after the jump!

Vampire “Sopranos” :

While Twilight’s mafia, in charge of keeping everything secret and insuring blood flow, is the Volturi, led by good ‘ol Aro, VampDi has this “Klaus” dude (which we haven’t met yet) who sees to it that the troublemakers sleep with the fishes. His hitman, Elijah, is out to capture Elena for some reason. Like how Aro is very focused on Bella. With both Elijah and Aro, we don’t know if they are going to protect, capture, or dispose of said vampire bait. We don’t know if they wish to leg hitch, imprint, or hunt Bella and Elena.

EC: I love you called them the Vampire Sopranos! Do they hang at the Vampire Bada Bing? Because, I really don’t see Aro and his boys hanging out there with their scarves and penchant for baroque chamber music. No Ke$hia at their club. Also, how would Jane EVER get a fake ID? She looks like she’s twelve. On a side note… Elijah is kind of cute!

The Secondary Characters:

The Cullens are a great bunch of characters. It’s easy to get attached to them. Particularly, Emmett and Alice. There should be an Emmett and Alice comedy spin-off. It would be brilliant!

Other then Bonnie (coolest witch ever, after Buffy’s Willow) and Caroline, the VampDi characters take awhile to get used to. Jeremy has been nicknamed Whiney, solely for season one. Yes, he is more tolerable and grew abs, but these things stick. He was insufferable last year. Tyler aka Pissy, is still the most annoying wolf on the block. There you go, Twilight’s Paul. You are no longer the jerkiest wolf. You’re welcome.
SWD: True. I didn’t think much of season 1 Matt, buttttt season 2 Matt grew some moonstones or something. Now, I’m Team Matt.

EC: Poor little Matt! I just want to be on his team, because he never wins! If I could create a Twi/Vamp Di spinoff, I would hook him up with Angela. They are both nice, plus Ben never made it onto the movies anyway!

Wolf pack:

I must admit that I (EC) was never really ever the Wolfpacks biggest fan. I, did, want to buy them some comfortable Hanes teeshirts. Affordable, comfortable and you can tell they can easily rip when morphing into a giant, hairy beast. Because, sometimes boys you really should wear appropriate attire. You know, around the children/vampire baby hybrids you imprint on.
SWD: Dear Wolfpack, I design t-shirts, I can get you a deal on the tagless! Call me.

The Vampire Diaries wolves aren’t the greatest either. One has been nicknamed Pissy and another is some girl who was on One Tree Hill. (Not that I watch One Tree..fine I love basketball playing brothers. Don’t judge me until you see Nathan’s abs.) Now that Mason, the one fabulous wolf is gone, I am eagerly awaiting summer and True Blood’s Alcide. Now there’s a wolf!
SWD: *HOWLS for Alcide*


We like the Music/Soundtracks for both Twilight and Vampire Diaries. (Except EC only sort of likes two Muse songs, so she could do without those) It’s nice to be introduced to new bands…hello Black Keys!

Fun note, Team Seth pointed out that the background music for the movie Twilight and the Vampire Diaries are VERY similar! See they are alike!

So what do our observations have to do with anything? Well, you can like both Twilight and Vampire Diaries! It makes perfect sense, they go hand in hand. Like Robert Pattinson and Ian Somerhalder, (SWD: Go on, picture it) you should really appreciate both for their…umm…attributes…ahh…acting skills…fine, their prettiness.

Check out Talk Supe for our Vampire Diaries and True Blood Compare/Contrast. We would do Twilight and True Blood, but it would be mostly differences. Lots of naked differences.
SWD: Sorry Cullens, the only vegetetarian items in Bon Temps are served at Merlottes.

With Love Bites,
East Coast Stacey and SnowWhiteDrifted (West Coast Stacey)

What do you think about the gals compare & contrast? Are you a VD watcher? I AM! Do you feel weird calling it VD? I DO! Are you excited for it to return on 1/27? What are you MORE excited for? Twi shooting in Vancouver? OR the return of Vampire Diaries!? Would you DIE if Rob & Ian hugged & a picture was released of it? I WOULD

Oh- btw… since NOTHING is going on, we’re trying to catch up on email & finding GEMS that people have submitted. If you have a GEM you think we need to post, send it on in!

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