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Dear Twilight,

Not only did I get a sickness to end all sicknesses (not really, but I’m a big baby when it comes to pain or getting sick & I was pretty damn sick for about 5 days) but then I had to travel for work, so to say I’m lost when it comes to what is going on in the inter-workings of the fandom right now is an understatement (but besides the inevitable Robsten vs. Nonsten Twitter brawl & maybe a drunk tweet or two from Billy Burke, I bet I’ve missed nothing) So I’m so glad we have such a great group of readers who e-mail us (despite our now terribly embarrassing delayed response time) with stuff they come across in their daily lives.Β  Here is what I learned about what has happened recently in the world of Twilight:

More like “Super Gay”

Christina sent us this picture from the March 2011 issue if Cosmopolitan magazine. No- it’s not a “100 new positions to try so that your vampire husband doesn’t break your vagina” guide. Nor a “10 ways to remember your birth control when you go on your husband with your Vampire husband” list. It was titled “Superheroes We Wish Existed.” Christina lamented that this is getting slightly out of control and a little bit on the flamer side. I agree:


(Don't they mean 1/2 Edward & 1/2 Jacob?)

Twilight invades our non-Twilight Lives

I don’t watch Parks & Recreation but I heard that they were planning on getting in some good Twilight jabs in last week’s episode. They did. And I laughed:

Fan Vids Bring it all back

I love fan vids & haven’t seen a good one in so long. I was so happy to have this emailed to us this weekend! GOOD fan vids are amazing- they bring back those feelings that sometimes seem so lost about the saga. They remind me why I loved it in the first place- Edward & Bella. I know this isn’t a unanimous thought about Eclipse, but I didn’t feel like it captured the real passion between Edward & Bella. I’m not sure the movies have really portrayed the love that Stephenie writes about in the books. But do you know what does? Fan videos. And they use the same clips as the movies. It’s just something about the way they are edited together & the music chosen along with the scenes- it reminds me what the story is actually about! So TIP FOR SUMMIT- pick your favorite fan video maker (or hey- run a contest!!) and give the winner access to specific scenes in Breaking Dawn- and have them create a video FOR the fans. A promo video that WE will love! DO IT DO IT! (If this doesn’t remind you why you love/loved Twilight- you don’t have a soul. You’re like Edward. Except not as hot. Probably. Unless you are as hot. Then send a pic)

2nd hand Embarrassment fail

Lastly, I always love opening the mail (electronically) and being 2nd-hand embarrassed by one of your horrible Twi-art finds.Β  When this one was described to me, I couldn’t WAIT to see it! My Little Pony decorated like the Twilight book covers? What could be more embarrassing?

Turns out I’m not embarrassed & I kinda want it for my collection. What happened to me? My childhood self & adult-self worlds are colliding! These little ponies are incredible!!

What’s next? Am I going to confess to owning Twilight-painted Chuck Taylors & a Cullen Boys Track Suit?

Until next time (with hopefully some real Twilight news!)


Have you seen anything marvelous/horrible/interesting lately? Tell me how much you loved that fan vid!!

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  • GeminiGypsy

    You know, I think a lot of people would go for Wolfpire (he just needs a cooler name/ maybe Jakeward?). Also, those My Little Ponies were epic! So cute and creative πŸ˜€

    • TeamSeth

      I’d go with Two-Face, but it’s more than just their faces…

      Which makes me wonder, would the fade-to-sad now become “luke warm” instead of freezing cold? Or would Halfcob take “108 over here” to a new level of meaning? And tent scene would have to change to something like, “You know, if you weren’t trying to suck the life out of the woman I loved, I might–yeah, actually, no I would be friends with you because if I killed you I’d be killing myself.” and Edward reply, “I wonder how that would be deemed in court–homocide or suicide?” These are the days of our lives…if that’s what we are.

      And omg, what would happen with Renesme!!!! EWW!!!! A-w-k-w-a-r-d.

      I think that’s the moment when Bella would just sign on board with Welch and cut her losses.

      • TeamSeth

        Oops! I meant Newton!

      • Anonymous

        Awkward for sure! And speaking of awkward, A Charlie-Edward Vampstache would suit me just fine. Only I want front to be Charlie and back to be Edward. That way they don’t have to see each other, and when I get tired of Edward’s mood swings (or Charlie’s beer burps), I can just flip him/them over to the other side. Charlie-ward would make for a good “Dad, I’m a VIRGIN” scene. Or a good leg hitch scene, where Bella inadvertently leg hitches dear old Dad.

  • Nelle

    Loved the FanVid. And I immediately knew which movie each scene was from. Normal?

    • alice_av

      yeah that’s totally Norma =)

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  • alice_av

    I loved the ponies, they are cute…

    • Anonymous

      Totally want one. Even though I would hide it behind the books (which are double shelved behind other, more respectable books). Bad fan.

      • alice_av

        lol, we have to do that because people judge us, but we are totally normal …

      • natteringyeahrobber

        Reminds me of that scene in Bridges of Madison County where the kids find all sorts of dirt about their mom in the treasure chest (after she dies). I guess my kids will find all sorts of goodies if they look in my bookshelves….way….deeeep, behind the Dante and the Borges there is Twilight, and behind that will be my TomStu:HE. And hopefully they will not be exploring my computer folders, god, they’ll disown me (good thing I’ll already be dead, because I could not face them after that). πŸ™‚

  • Mariacecilia

    I totally agree with the comment that the fan vids manage to capture the love in the books better than the actual films, (although I still watch Twilight with much greater pleasure than I do New Moon or Eclipse.) I hope Summit watches and learns!

    I never liked My Little Pony, but if there was a Twilight Barbie collection I just might fall for it. Victoria – stunning, redhaired Barbie! Bella – darkhaired flannel-clad Skipper! Edward – deathly pale, pea-coated Ken! and Jacob – hey, Jacob already looks like a semi-naked Ken, so that’s obvious! And they could give us the Cullen residence as Barbie’s house! And the garage! And Carlisle with his doctor’s coat and bag! Mattel, pleease make this happen, I wanna play with my Barbie dolls again!

    • Anonymous

      there are twilight barbies

    • Did you not see the commercial for the Jacob “barbie” You have to watch this. IT IS NSW even though I watched it at work

    • purplescool

      Yes, there are twilight Barbies – but what I’d like to see is a fanvid recreating the movies all done with with the twilight Barbies. I’m sure there’s got to be something like this out there somewhere….

      • Anonymous

        I’m too lazy/scared to look, but hopefully such a video exists. Or a video where someone has Twilight-bastardized all toys from the 80’s. Like Cheetara as Victoria. Monchichi as Jacob. My Buddy (or Snarf?) as Mike Newton. Jem as Jessica. She-Ra as Rosalie. Edward…not sure about Edward, though. Glo-Worm? Wacky Wallwalker? For some reason, I cannot come up with a good bastardized 80’s toy Edward.

      • MariaCecilia

        Dear friends, I am now going to go to ToysRUs and look for my Twlight Barbies. Once I get a webcam I will make awesome movies and Summit will sue my ass off. Thank you for aiding and abetting! πŸ™‚

        PS- That was SO not Jacob’s equipment in the commercial. Barbie Jacob is chaste and would never pee!

    • Anonymous

      OMG I read your post and I was just soooo there, I could picture all of them and the house and everything, and then I clicked on @lindsaylee’s link (below) and they just didn’t live up to my expectations at all – they were just so plastic and there was no angst in their expressions and all the good feelings went away πŸ™
      (nothing against your post @lindsaylee :-))

      • Anonymous

        i dont work for matel, you have not offended me at all! and your right, they are all smily

        • TeamSeth

          Maybe they had recent plastic surgery? (hehe, that was punnier than intended! And maybe only funny to me who just had a lot of coffee….)

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha…that Wolfpire poster says “Spoons” in the background.

    And, confession. I have never watched a fanvid…until today.

    Um. Is that what I’ve been missing? Cause if so then I could’ve saved myself some hella money in buying all those DVDs and just watched these vids instead.

  • THIS. “[Just the] TIP FOR SUMMIT- pick your favorite fan video maker (or hey- run a contest!!) and give the winner access to specific scenes in Breaking Dawn- and have them create a video FOR the fans. A promo video that WE will love! DO IT DO IT!”

    And did you *have* to show the My Little Ponies last? I was so touched by the video. Then I scroll down and holy cringe! You’re diabolical.

  • I just had to comment since I submitted the My Little Ponies! I spent an hour and a half trying to figure out if I could buy them. That’s the 2nd hand embarrassing thing, even after I emailed LTT.

    • Your avi. I love it.

      • Yeah that’s what I did with the other half of that day… Making my avi. hehe.

  • Anonymous

    This was a super post with some very estute observations for a monday morning. I watched P&R and laughed the whole time, it was awesome.

    Yes cosmo, I do not want Taylor Lautner, I want Rob, not some half breed dressed like their characters – Nor do I want a Cederic Diggory/Tyler half breed.. come on people.

    Super bad want the MLPs. so cute.

  • I am all mushy inside after watching the fan video…it washed away all the confusion and anger over the Wolfpire thing.

    (wait, it’s back a bit: who is agonizing over which TEAM they are on? Nobody, that’s who.)

    Damn, now I have to go watch the mush vid again.

    • Anonymous

      Only Bella agonizes. The rest of us either A) choose immediately or B) decide we’ll just take both. They don’t need to combine!

      • Anonymous

        Team Greedy!

  • Keisha

    I loved the Parks & Rec episode. Aziz Ansari knocked it outta the park!

  • Anonymous

    OK, I feel insulted that the Wolfpire was in what is supposedly a woman’s (not children’s, but woman’s) magazine. They should accompany it with a guide to 100 ways to be creeped out, insulted, and generally super embarrassed by the Wolfpire. Would anyone think that was funny/appealing? Seriously? Ok, I guess that’s why I don’t read Cosmo…?

    The 100 ways to please your vampire guide could be fun, though.

    And, really. Some of us may playfully love Jacob on here but I doubt anyone who can read (and has read the series) would seriously be on his “Team.” Anyone who is truly “agonizing” over that needs to learn to pick up a book.

    Sorry, can’t get over that Wolfpire.

    My Little Pony = I am holding out for the American Girl Twilight dolls. Or maybe in the year 2060 they’ll release a “historical” American Girl doll from the 2000’s with a little set of Twilight books. Must save up so I can have that in my retirement home.

    Finally, I don’t seek out fan vids on my own but always enjoy the ones you feature here.

    • TeamSeth

      I can’t wait for the itty bitty Twi books!

      • TeamSeth

        OMG! TomStu:HE could read them!!!

      • TeamSeth

        OMG! TomStu:HE could read them!!!

    • TeamSeth

      I can’t wait for the itty bitty Twi books!

    • Anonymous
      • Anonymous

        Hm, I never felt the urge to decide whether my dolls were Team Edward or Team Jacob. I guess I’ll have to now (shame on me!) and then buy their wardrobes accordingly!

        And as TeamSeth pointed out, if I eventually get my own pocket TomStu, he can share my dolls’ wardrobe. I imagine he’s Team Edward. I’ll be sure to get an extra Team Eddy shirt for him…

        • natteringyeahrobber

          Wait, you don’t divide your dolls into Team Edward and Team Jake? What kind of fan are you? Dude, I divide my SOCKS into Team Edward and Team Jake (argyle is Eddy, SmartWool socks are all Jake). I divide my cereals (Frosted Flakes = Team Edward, Trix is all about the Jacob), my pajamas, even my birth control into categories (don’t need to tell you which guy gets rhythm method and which gets abstinence, do I?).

          • Anonymous

            I would assume by your name who is getting the rhytm method, lol! But it got me thinking…are there any Rob fans that are Team Jacob or visa versa? Yeah, probably not.

          • natteringyeahrobber

            LOL. I was thinking Edward is abstinence. I pretty much separate Rob from Edward, they are totally different to me. I cannot imagine any Robsessed fan on Team J- no, no, just doesn’t make sense. To to avoid getting pregnant with Edward’s second demon child, I’d have to raid my OB/Gyns office with everything she has in stock.

          • Anonymous

            I hear you; abstinence is definitely Team Edward. Not at all worth risking getting pregnant with Renesmee’s 1/2 sibling.

            What is more intriguing to me, however, is how you determined Frosted Flakes are Edward and Trix is Jacob? Ok, maybe I get that the Frosted Flakes are sparkly (sorta) … but Trix?!

          • Anonymous

            It was late. I was grasping.

            Frosted Flakes are grrr-eat (if you are a Rob fan that is, and btw, are you still having Rob dreams? it was you having the Vogue-induced Rob dreams, right?).

            Trix are for kids. As in Jacob will always be a kid to me – sorta like Ricky Schroeder will always be Ricky, not Rick, and always playing with his rich boy train sets.

          • Anonymous

            Makes perfect sense!

            Also, yes I was having the Vogue-induced Rob dreams. Unfortunately however they stopped as soon as I told you all about them πŸ™

        • Anonymous

          If TomStu’s not Team Edward there might be some serious issues!! lol. I did see a Cullen Clan shirt as well, so you might not have to pick after all!

  • Anonymous

    They divided Edward and Jake-Jake the wrong way. It should be cold stone vampire upstairs and untamed wolf beast downstairs. Not side-by-side, yuck. Also, I wonder if the vamp right half would be capable of turning into wolf. I mean, otherwise, you’d have this half wolf thing on the left dragging around half of an Edward on the right, like a freaky appendage.

  • Anonymous

    Also, it’s just cruel to put that apple on pony’s back, just out of mouth reach. Ponies love apples – sad, sad pony. It would be like gluing a glass of Pinot Noir to my back after another long crappy Monday. Just out of reach. Sad, sad, me.

    • TeamSeth

      Just name that pony Tantalos!

  • Goldberrybecca

    ha!! great post for a Monday morning! Especially after a week of being snowed/iced in AND having to endure the super bowl being in my city. That fan vid was so great. Dang, I feel the 2nd hand embarrassment coming on! The ponies are pretty cute, I have to play ponies with my two year old every day so I can appreciate a cute pony. πŸ™‚ Did anyone see the “Twilight Sparkle” Pretty Pony?? It’s PURPLE!!! Subtle, very subtle. Not. And, I want it…. for my daughter.

    • Yes, sadly that is what I was gooling, “Twilight Sparkle”, when I came up with the Twilight My Little Ponies. Don’t ask but it was work related… Really.

      • Goldberrybecca

        Ha! Well that must have been some fun googlings

    • Anonymous

      If you’re stuck playing ponies that long everyday you totally deserve a Twilight pony.

      • Goldberrybecca

        thank you!! This morning my daughter was watching Diego and the animal featured was the spider monkey! She came running to tell me “spider monkey mom!! Spider monkey!!!” I wonder why she thinks I care?? πŸ˜‰

        • Anonymous

          My mom didn’t realize how much my little sister was picking up until she started naming her barbies after soap opera characters…

  • Stella

    ahhh that fan video, i am swooning and weeping and moaning “edward, edward…….” normal?

    • Stella

      oh and remember i am the one that wrote how my friends won’t read twilight because they are so above it? well one of said friends called me to turn on park a rec, a show i hadn’t ever seen. i was both totally amused, “twilight is dope” and “give me an hour with robert pattinson and he will forget all about skinny legs mcgee” and horrified because said friend was given even more reason not to read it. i mean why don’t they realize you can love it (fan vid) and make fun of it (my little ponies?!) all at the same time?? thank you moon and uc for proving that point everyday. love it!

  • TeamSeth

    Wow! Is Halfward holding a tasteful engagement ring? I think I’m a fan already!!!

  • Anonymous

    Wow. I audibly gasped and my hand flew up to my mouth like an old fashioned lady caught by surprise, at the site of the Twilight My Little Ponies. I kind of want them.

    I never seek out fan videos, but I will be sure to check this one out after work.

    I don’t even know what to say about Wolfpire. I’d expect that to come up on SNL or something, but not in a magazine. Yikes.

    • TeamSeth

      Wolfpire: Half bothered. Half, well, also bothered.

  • MyNieceIsAFanRIGHT

    WOW, I can so see someone doing this for a Halloween costume. The guy wouldn’t have to worry about pissing off a Team – he could just pivot when things started getting nasty! Get that JLo tape ready for the half a shirt thing going on.

  • Jess

    I need those ‘My Little Ponies’ like I need air. As ridiculous as they are, it would be totally cool to own them.

  • ~Penny

    Fanvid STELLAR ….how long until November? Condon, take notes!

  • Anonymous

    I have nothing new to say. I did send Olivia a reiculous Valentine’s Card that said something about Eddie and Wolfy and Forks and it had some musak that played. It was cute. She’ll laugh. But as you know, she NEEDED that card. It was necessary.

  • Anonymous

    I had never watched Parks and Recreation, but thanks to EC Stacey, I recorded it this last week. And I watched it last night; It was really funny. During my laughing, though, I wondered how weird must things like that be for Stephenie.

  • Yowza-that fan vid! I needed that. I am woman enough to admit I got a little verklempt. And from what I have seen (an ep. on a puddle jumper from Phila to Boston, and this) ) Parks and Rec is full of win PLUS cutie patootie Aziz Anssari, who I heart ever since he hosted the MTV Movie Awards so deftly!

  • efam

    I love the internet. To think…that someone actually sits around and makes My Little Ponies. Unreal! I don’t feel so bad admitting that I’ve read these book 10+ times now. If someone thinks I’m weird, I can just point them to the pony-making forum.

    • Anonymous

      That was the most amazing thing about them: there’s a whole forum of people devoted to them and she’s not even selling them. I understand if it’s a moneymaking venture… but it’s pretty intense for a hobby.

  • Anonymous

    Hmm, I’d like to make Charlie/Carlisle morph.
    “The Ultimate DILF: No longer do you have to decide between your cop and doctor fantasies – you can have both! Get a ‘full examination’ and try and make up for a speeding ticket at the same time!”

  • Anonymous

    Wow! On my search for American Girl doll shirts (see above) I found this…Twilight Nesting Dolls. Lit’rally 2nd hand embarassment going on here! I can’t even make out who most of these people should be!!

  • Mariflor

    I just noticed something…where Kristens hair was the best was Twilight. Go Cougar Cathy!!

    • TeamSeth

      Yeah, Cougwicke rocked it. I’m going to Applebee’s tonight, Cathy!!! For Trivia night! Please, please, please come! πŸ˜€

      • TeamSeth

        We won! The topic was Matt Groening, and we won by 1 point! No thanks to Cathy, who totally bailed. What a jerk.

  • Esteez

    Ok, I finally got the chance to view the fanvid (Oh my gosh!) and the Parks and Rec clip – funny! I’ve never seen the show, but will have to check it out. I don’t search out fanvids, but the ones I’ve see on LTT, this one is by far the best. I could watch it over and over, and probably will.

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better, UC. Welcome back.

    I hate when I get behind on my LTT posts. I spent Monday with my man celebrating our 19th year wed. He was sick, but the point was we weren’t at work and spent the day together.

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