Update on Biggest Loser & LTT friend Olivia

I failed so much & didn’t post this last week like I was supposed to. So technically this update is 1 week behind, but our darling real life friend through LTT, Biggest Loser contestant Olivia, is STILL kicking it week after week at the Ranch (she made it through this week too!)

Here, Olivia & Hannah are "Tempted" by delicious snacks which they declare "don't look as good as a hot guy" AMEN

Dear LTT Readers and Friends:

It’s time to give a lil blurb of our Olivia’s progress thus far, especially for all you non Biggest Loser watchers (shame on you for not watching. Glee Smee). Let’s see….since the show’s premiere on January 4th, we’ve learned that Olivia and her sister Hannah are two sassy, spunky women. They’ve often given the best one-liners of each and every show, with Hannah having a special gift for those hilarious quips.

We’ve fallen in love with Olivia’s relationship with her hubby, including seeing their reunion during the at home show, sharing his love letters to Olivia, and even watching his Valentine’s video message to Olivia. In Week 3 of this Biggest Loser Season 11, we’ve seen the mouth watering Bob Harper (@mytrainerbob), I mean incredibly competent, world class trainer, Bob Harper speak to the Team Purple Girls about their worry.

Olivia has even brought to the world and Sami Brady (aka, Allison Sweeney) the wondrous delicacy known as monkey bread. Olivia and Hannah have gone through MAJOR physical body changes and the dropping of sizes and have gone from being Team Purple, to the black team (or Team Blurple), and finally to the Blue Team, in last week’s airing.

Through all this and lots of blood, sweat and buckets and buckets of tears, Olivia has lost a whopping 81 pounds and over 231 of her beginning body weight, while Hannah has lost an amazing 76 lbs and 31% of her weight. We certainly can’t wait to see what the next few months bring us of our dearest friend. I just hope she doesn’t dissapear altogether. Gurrrll is looking skinnnyyy.

To follow along for weekly recaps/snarky commentary on each show of this Biggest Loser Season 11, please go to Letters 2 Team Purple

NOTE: Please pretend like the “Letters2” format is a totally new concept and also please ignore the fact that there seems to be a gap in some blogging in the month of Feb. I will make it up I assure you.

Watch this behind the scenes “Getting to know Olivia” video. (Girl needs to just  ADMIT on National television she’s a twihard who has pictures with Rob Pattinson already!)


Love and Tissue Boxes,
Jane Trigs @Janetrigs (also known as 1/2 of @DearTeamPurple)

We are SO Proud of you Olivia (And Hannah!) Keep kicking weekly ass & making us cry! Make sure you follow Olivia on Twitter & like her on Facebook!

Psst- keep sending in your stories/comments/blog posts/emails etc. from when you were a Twilight virgin! The contest runs through tomorrow!

  • natalie_MKH

    My husband and I have watched this show for, well, ever. I usually skip through the parts where people cry because I am just one of those people that cries at Halmark commercials but not for these gals. I love them and have stocked up on tissue just for them this season!

  • Anonymous

    Cause they’re AMAZING

  • Anonymous

    I don’t watch the show, but there is very little TV I do watch. Don’t have a lot of time or know how to work a DVR. I have read the blog though. Way to go, Olivia! I am so proud of you! And who knew it would enhance your vocal skills. What a beautiful voice!

  • JustGoWithIt

    I would love to do one of those weight loss shows, for all the personal training and butt kicking. I have a half written up submission for The Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp. But then I picture myself standing up their in a sports bra and workout pants on TV, and I don’t know.

    • JustGoWithIt

      up there. not up their.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, Jane, for updating us, non-US people.

    Go Olivia( & Hannah), you look amazing!

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