Jacob & Renesmee: I just can’t imagine it

I realize that reading this NOW after the big MAJOR SPOILER BREAKING DAWN LEAKAGE OF STILLS OF BASICALLY THE ENTIRE TWO MOVIES is pretty anticlimactic, but I wrote this Wednesday night & I’m currently on a plane to Florida, so there was no time for an update. But laugh with me that I considered THIS a spoiler as of Wednesday! Xo

Dear Breaking Dawn,

Today’s letter is brought to you by a MAJOR SPOILER ALERT. Well, I think. I could have actually imagined that I heard this little Breaking Dawn rumor. I’m not SEEKING out info. If I come across it, I sometimes read it, but I’m not opposed to being completely surprised with this movie. Just because… I can’t imagine how it’s not going to be so freaking’ creepy. Like when I imagine Breaking Dawn, I picture this Halloween costume:

So I try to not to go there, ya know? Anyway, back to my SPOILER ALERT. I remember hearing that they “Cast” the older Renesmee. And, as a result, speculation was swirling that there would be a “grown up” scene between Jacob & Renesemee. Aww sweet. Less ick factor, right?


Jake needs a Do-over

That’s where I have a problem. IS that less “ick factor?” Let’s say, for example, that Taylor gets his day in the sun. Or Jacob does, rather. They both need to get some- doesn’t matter who. Taylor needs to prove to the world he CAN kiss without major head-bobbing motions like with Jake’s big moment with Bella, but….. with Reneseme? Renesmee who we see as a baby one minute, a child then next & then flash forward to a scene where she is potentially kissing her big bro-protector-turned-lover Jacob Black? Umm… ick. Right?

Team Jacob deserves this, I get it. There is a HUGE portion of the Twilight fandom on Taylor’s side & they’d LOVE to see him with a little tonsil hockey action with anyone (Suggestion: Maybe Jake & Leah sip a few too many Mike’s Hard Lemonades down at La Push one night? Give Team Jacob a little french-kiss action there? Just a thought) But what if there is a Jake & Nessie scene that is…. HOT? Maybe Alice is seeing the future or something (creepy, Alice…has life with Jasper really gotten that stale?) but then we go back to the present, where Renesemee is a CHILD? I can’t wrap my head around this….!

I know I should probably trust the movie makes on this one, but, of course I don’t.

During my first read of Breaking Dawn, Jake & Nessie never creeped me out. I didn’t like that a kid was introduced.. I wanted Bella & Edward love making 24/7 without the distraction of a mouth to feed a deer to, but I never really thought about the creepiness till I met you all & your aversion to the creepiness effed with me! But NOW it’s all i think about… WHAT WILL THIS BE LIKE!?

Think on this for a few minutes with me. The following is cute:

Aww! It's like Jake's a 24/7 petting zoo

Only thing creepy about this is Bella creeping in the corner (Reminds me of Creepy Eddie in the van. Remember him?)

Everyone needs a fluffy friend to comfort them

and my own personal favorite:


Jake, Nessie & Seth

All appropriate, right? Weird, sure. But we’ve known that Jacob imprints on Renesmee now for like 3 years. We need to get over this. It’s time to move on. We get that he’s not creeping on a kid. It’s just a weird thing that doesn’t actually happen in real life.

But THEN…. this:


Jake & Nessie of Green Gables

"This is how your mom liked to be held too!"


Am I right to be worried?

Don’t creep me out,

So…. WHAT do you think? How is this gonna go down? Am I overreacting? Will it be all cool? Will we be able to look at little McKenzie Foy the same way again if the flash-forward scene happens like is rumored? (PS: I found the link where I think I read the spoiler)

*UPDATE – this seems ironic now that we’ve sen them together (allegedly). This is a reminder PLEASE DO NOT LINK OR POST ANY OF THE LEAKED IMAGES. We like our limbs and our money. THANKS!*

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