Edward Cullen sightings in Missouri

Dear Twilight,

Earlier in the year we heard from Jessica about a phenomenon occurring in Blue Springs, Missouri:

While shopping at my local grocery store this weekend I noticed a display of my newest sweet tooth craving…. Twizzlers. As I walked around the rather large display to the front of it, I noticed something, NAY, some one shares the same affinity as myself for the awesome red candy!

It is important to add that this is a full size cutout standing in the middle of all these boxes, and somehow I doubt that Twizzlers would be the product of choice were he to have a say in the matter…

It’s not the only appearance he has made. The other week he was selling Sun Drop soda! I sign next to him says “A drop of sun will make you sparkle like me.”

We want to sell you Kale

And a few weeks later Jessica wrote again:

Our Edward has made another appearance. This time he isn’t selling anything, just looking down from the 2nd floor balcony with a Justin Beiber cutout next to him. It’s funny because birds like to find their way into the store and their new favorite perch is Edward’s head…. My dad said to the cashier the other day “There’s a little pecker on Edward’s head.” Kudos to dad for knowing who he is… Epic fail for the cashier who didn’t even crack a smile.

But then sadly:

Bad news… Edward was shat upon and has therefore been sequestered into an interior chamber at the store for cleaning. I know cardboard is not submersible but I could possibly come up with some sort of moisture barrier… I will keep you updated on any sightings henceforth as now that he is sparkling (hehe) clean, they will for sure want to show him off somehow. I have an idea, he could sell us dog treats! I must phone the grocery store at once!

The sighting in Blue springs got me thinking about all the places I’ve seen Edward: Hot Topic & FYE music store in the mall (Did I ever tell you about the time that the mall cops yelled at me for taking a picture of the cutout in Hot Topic (This was before I knew what “normal” was!) and made me delete it from my phone? (I tweeted it quickly first. I rule) And Edward is, of course, in the background of all the pictures you all send us of your bedrooms (don’t TRY To tell me that you’re teenage daughters room!) But I don’t see Edward in NEAR enough places! I live in a MAJOR CITY. Edward should be all over the place. Like the Rocky Statue:

(True story: I’ve never seen it. I don’t care) Or on top of city hall, hanging with William Penn:

And a TON more people would visit the Liberty Bell if Edward was nearby:

And I’d SERIOUSLY reconsider my 10 year foray as a vegetarian & partake in a Philly cheesesteak if Edward was selling them!


Has Edward been anywhere interesting in YOUR town? Think the marketing gal (obviously!) at the grocery store in Blue Springs, MO is an LTT reader? Where have you spotted one of the Twi-charcters cut outs!?

After the jump, an important announcement!

Worst News Ever Alert

Okay I’m being melodramatic, but this is bad news for all of us but Moon: Moon is off for a nice long trip to Europe today- specifically to South Barnes, England, to stalk the Pattinson family. Her dad is really excited to meet Dick.

No seriously. Moon is leaving us today until June 3-4ish (She doesn’t remember which day exactly- UGH!) and I’ll miss her terribly.  Since she’s going to be gone & I’m on my own as a blogger, well, I have to admit that’s a much tougher task that it was say, a year ago, when there was actually stuff to write about. Sooooo I’ll most likely be using this time to catch up on some much needed projects I’m working on, work, personal stuff, care package to Rob, etc. etc. That’s not to say I won’t be around- I will be- I just might not post often (or ever! We’ll see!)

Make sure you sign up to your right to get emails with the latest LTT so you don’t miss when I DO decide to post. And I’ll be around on Twitter & I’d like to chat with you on Facebook more (and maybe even update our St. Patrick’s Day profile picture! So like us!)

And don’t forget to Watch The Biggest Loser Finale tomorrow night to see LTT friend Olivia & her sister Hannah compete for the WINNING PRIZE!!!!

I’ll miss you all  (EXCEPT YOU MOON*) and hope to catch up on emails from long ago- so if you’re waiting for a response, maybe I’ll talk to you soon!



*just kidding I’ll miss you so much Moon

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