Much needed Twilight funnies on a Monday

Dear Twilight,

It’s one of those Mondays that I’m dreading- last week was a 4 day work week & this week has 5 days I have to work- plus there’s a heatwave. And I’m just in the mood to complain. So when I sat down to pen something Twilosophical to you, I just couldn’t. I didn’t want to think hard & since all Twilight fans think alike, I doubt LTT readers want to either.

So I went to our email inbox, to see what treasure I’ve been storing for such a rainy/boring/horrible/hot/Monday such as this. This is what I found:

1) Antonella’s boyfriend (who she described as “Who is totally not a unicorn. At all. More like a buffalo.”) found us the holy grail of “2nd Hand Embarrassment”

Yes this is real

What’s even worse is that is that it’s in MOANtreal, which has French Canadians. And the French are supposed to be classier than the rest of us

The birds can enjoy the view

And of course that little white paper (INSIDE the car) says “I love Rob.” Of course it does.

2) The Old One took the time to take the Breaking Dawn calendar image & photoshop it to look exactly like the rest of us were thinking it should look:

After seeing the weird purple & orange lighting she couldn’t resist. She said it just screamed “we’ve just beamed down to the planet’s surface and encountered a strange half-man, half-lizard life form. He’s been eyeing Lieutenant Commander Swan and I don’t trust him.”

3) MarbleNutSlut wrote to tell us she’d love to see a “This Random Thing Reminds Me Of Twilight post.” She saw a whole rack of these at the Hartford airport and thought:

“ZOMG is KStew gunning for CoverGirl status?! That seems…uncharacteristic?”

And then her bleary cross-country traveling eyes adjusted, but still. This is the patented HairGrab pose. They teach it in modeling classes now, apparently.

I did a double-take too. That is a nice KSTEW knock-off!

4) And finally, Melissa thought of us when she came across these new JorJeggings: Yep. Jorts in Leggings material:

Think Leah will rock these in Breaking Dawn?

Oh Twilight, always popping up in our lives, even in the mundane!


Where has Twilight “popped-up” in your life recently?

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