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“Is Edward Gay?” And other things Guys say about Twilight…

I’m back from a business trip to Kansas City (Did I even tell you I was gone?) and Operarose shares a hilarious story with us today!

Breaking Dawn Letters To twilightDear Breaking Dawn,

My husband is perhaps the only person in the universe who does not know what’s between your covers. I know you might be surprised that there’s someone out there whose heart isn’t palpitating in anticipation of the impending magicness of the Robst-I mean, Bella and Edward wedding and subsequent deflowering that results in a precious birth scene followed by the “Sequence In Which Taylor Lautner’s Career Will Likely End,” but as a PhD student in industrial engineering, Mr. Operarose is far more likely to have his nose buried in a book on Pierce-Smith Converting than the tale on Bella Converting into an Anorexic Vampire.

That’s not to say he’s a complete Twilight virgin. Mr. Operarose was introduced to Twiworld back in 2009, accompanying me to New Moon when the only people in the world I felt “safe” seeing it with were busy. To my shock, a few days later he requested to watch Twilight and later insisted we go see Eclipse together in theaters.

Although he’s far from being a unicorn, it’s safe to say that he’s interested in seeing this Twilight experience through. So, it’s a given that we’re going to see Breaking Dawn together in November. However, he has not yet seen the Breaking Dawn Part 1 trailer and I have never told him what happens in the book. Over dinner tonight, I confessed that I wasn’t looking forward to the movie this time around. Naturally, he wondered why.

“There’s a part in it that not a lot of us are looking forward to,” I said (and by us, he knew who I meant because I’ve told him about LTT) “It’s not going to translate well on-screen.”

Mr. Operarose pushed me further.

“What is it? Does Edward turn out to be gay”

As if I hadn’t heard that one before.

Breaking Dawn White Trash

Bet Mr. Operarose will NEVER guess this one

I decided to have a little fun and see if he could really guess the outcome. He’d successfully guessed the major points of the ending of the Harry Potter series before the release of Deathly Hallows Pt. 1&2, despite having never read the books. But it’s one thing to determine that Snape is good, quite another thing to predict the birth of Renesmee.

He took up the challenge, and grew serious. “I think the Volturi want Edward and Edward is going to consider joining them.”

Not a bad guess – and not a bad plot idea. “You’re sort of on to something,” I said. “That’s a little bit of part of the story, but not the main thing most of us are concerned about. There’s something major that happens to Bella and Edward.”

I told him they got married and honeymoon in Brazil.

“So something happens in Brazil,” he said.


“Is Bella kidnapped by Columbian drug dealers?” he joked.

I shook my head. “I wish.”

I said Jacob would still be a big part of the story and gets a happy ending despite not having ended up with Bella.

“He ends up falling in love! So Jacob gets himself a little girlfriend,” he mused.

“Little being the key word.” I was getting worried, suddenly, not so sure I want to get into it after all. Thoughts of sippy cup blood and Chris Hansen chasing after Jacob were ruining my perfectly good macaroni and cheese dinner.

“A magical creature?” he continued.

“Sort of…”

“Jacob is gay!”

There it is again, universal straight male “I don’t know what to say” reaction to anything Twilight.

“A little GIRL friend is more accurate,” I said, trying to steer him back on course.

He starts to get really off track then, going on about how on their honeymoon, Edward will come over to where we are living now (which happens to be in South America, not too far from Brazil) and I will fight Bella for Edward. Before the conversation goes way off into a territory which usually involves me mud wrestling Bella (it may or may not have gone there before), I recap, and let him know that Jacob’s story gets brought in LATER, after SOMETHING happens to Bella and Edward on their honeymoon.

Jacob Black and Renesmee

Yep. This is about right

“Jacob falls in love with a vampire?”

“Pretty close.”

“But he falls in love with something much smaller? That’s bad.”

He’s so astute. “You have no idea,” I tell him.

“Is it a bird? A ghost? An Ewok? A short hunchback that is bald?”

“That may have been much better, for on-screen purposes at least…”

“So it’s not quite a vampire, it’s much smaller. Is it a bat?” He asks, joking again.

By then I felt a bit like an anthropologist, studying what people predicted would happen to Bella and Edward “BBD” (Before Breaking Dawn).” If Mr. Operarose, who is normally incredibly observant and extremely intelligent, can’t predict the absurdity that is Renesmee, then I decided that I should probably just let it be a surprise for him in November.

Besides, I realized just in time that I maybe shouldn’t risk him deciding not to go with me to Breaking Dawn. I don’t have anyone else to see it with (my social circle is small since we just moved here, and I’d rather not risk making it smaller by coming out of the Twicloset).

Breaking Dawn Scares meTo conclude our conversation aka my “BBD anthropology” research, I asked him how he wanted Bella and Edward’s story to end.

“I’d like it if we saw Edward trying to react to the Volturi’s attempts to take him in. It should be revealed that the Volturi are in conflict with a group of vampires who are challenging their power in the vampire world. The rival group should rise up and then there would be a Cold War situation between them.”

Duly impressed, I told him that he might just like Breaking Dawn after all… part 2, that is.


Have you had to explain the err more interesting parts of Breaking Dawn to a guy? I’m pretty sure I STILL haven’t told Mr. Choice what happens!

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  • The Plane Friend

    Oh, this is epic. Just epic. 

    And can I say I’m sorry you’re far away from Twi friends for the next movie? I’m totally out of the closet here in my hometown and will be organizing a midnight showing on FB…but I wouldn’t be so out in the open with new friends, either 🙁

  • The Plane Friend

    Oh, this is epic. Just epic. 

    And can I say I’m sorry you’re far away from Twi friends for the next movie? I’m totally out of the closet here in my hometown and will be organizing a midnight showing on FB…but I wouldn’t be so out in the open with new friends, either 🙁

    • ChillinWithCullens

      Sounds like a dream come true! I, too, have zero twi-friends anywhere in an eight hour driving distance, and will be seeing the movie (i.e. dragging her along) with my “less than excited” sister…

    • haha thanks for the sympathy! If there was some way to all see the movie together (without investing hundreds of $/flying) it would be fantastic!

      • Anabel

        Operarose, if you happen to be in Mvd,Uy, I could go with you. None of my friends are aware of my twinclinations, and I’m not planning to enlighten them, it’s a dark secret I carry with me. Even my teenage daughter abandoned the ship after New Moon. And I cannot risk my marriage so telling the hubby is totally out the question.

        • operarose

          ah – you are closer to me than most of my friends, but alas not close enough! Good luck & enjoy the movie when it comes out. Even if you have to go alone (alone with 400 others in the theater) at least there’s the internet community to turn to to dissect it with after!

  • MariaCecilia

    I love my husband, but just now I could do a limited-time swop with you OperaRose! 🙂 My husband would never be interested enought to engage in a conversation like that. I think the only conversations I have had with people on Twilight is the “what’s the big idea, anyway”-conversation, the “why is Bella in an abusive relationship”-conversation and the “why is Bella such an awkward person in the movies”-conversation (this with the only teenager I know who has actually both read Twilight and seen the movie).

    If I ever encountered any “Is Edward gay”- comments they would swiftly be beaten down with a withering look and the words: “I can see why you would say that. Because you SO wish YOU looked like him. Meh.”  

    • The “Edward is gay” comment is definitely borne from jealousy. 

      I should mention that despite how cool my husband seems with all things Twi, it didn’t start out that way. Several years ago, before we were engaged, one of our largest fights was because of Twilight! I had just read the series and was talking about it nonstop. One day on a particularly long car ride, he kind of cracked and got pretty upset and said he never wanted to hear about Twilight again. We laugh about that now, because it was so ridiculous, but at the time we were both pretty upset. I didn’t talk about Twi again with him for about a year, and like I said by the time New Moon came out and I had no one to go to and see it after work that night he (being the nice guy he is) offered to go. Things turned around at that point, but I still avoid talking about it with him TOO much.

  • Anonymous

    There are so few words to decribe my terror over seeing this movie.  I have been doing mental excercises to prepare.  My husband has informed me that he WILL NOT be attending this one with me, and all my twipeeps have moved (I am starting to think on purpose)
    We are few and proud.  We can make it through BD.

    • MariaCecilia

      I haven’t talked with my husband about BD yet, because I think this is one of those instances in a marriage where any information may be too much information, and you keep to your marriage vows best if you don’t say anything. *blushing*

      (Meaning, I really don’t want to go alone to BD, I have no IRL Twi friends, and I think it will probably be..ehm..educational for my husband to learn about the mating habits and birthing techniques of vampires first hand.) 😉

  • blackgirltwihard

    LMAO!!!! @

    “Is Bella kidnapped by Columbian drug dealers?” he joked.


    I shook my head. “I wish.”

    Oh yeah I have a hard time trying to explain BD to anybody…

  • Anonymous

    I am living in fear for the day that Mr TJE comes home and says;

    “I was listening to the radio today and they were saying that the werewolf in your teeny-bopper books falls in love with a baby.  THAT is what those books are about?!?!?” Horrified look

    No!  He just won’t understand and will tease me worse.  *sigh* 

    I’m not looking forward to November as much as I thought afterall.

    • MariaCecilia

      Dear TJE, just take the high road, look superior, smile and befuddle Mr TJE with some literary jargon about how “the subtext of this work” may be beyond him, and how you “really have to have done some groundwork in the field of fantasy literature to be able to see through the overt actions of the characters to the mythical core of its message”.
      Or change the subject and point out that your local bar has happy hour on margaritas right now, so what are you waiting for?

      • Anonymous

        “really have to have done some groundwork in the field of fantasy
        literature to be able to see through the overt actions of the characters
        to the mythical core of its message”

        Higher education finally put to good use! I have been wanting to lay a literary smackdown on some of my non-Twi peeps lately, for being snotty bitches. This is a good starting point.

        • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I bet Stephenie is smacking her forehead right now…”Dammit! I should have consulted Mr. OperaRose! I didn’t have to write that Chris Hansen-bait plotline At All!”  

    Although, a bat or short hunchback would have been good, too. As long as it was named Jennifer or Ruby or something Not Insane. Mr. Slut will only watch the DVDs with me, but he’s pretty good about it. Thankfully I have a couple “safe” people to go to the theater with who are on nearly the same level of crazy that I am. That is, unless I can strongarm/seduce Jack Morrissey into inviting me to the premiere. So far no luck, but such are the limitations of Twitter. Also: Oh the latent homophobia of pretty much every somewhat straight dude…whatever shall we do with you? *shakes head*

    • MariaCecilia

      *rofl* “a bat or a hunchback – named Jennifer or Ruby – would have been good too”

      Yes! Stephenie must be crying her eyes out after today’s post on LTT. So much epicness forever lost…. (But maybe the TV miniseries can pick up on some of these great ideas?)

    • The Old One

      The little bald hunchback made me think of Gollum, who maybe has  more than a little in common with Renamesme, being mostly CGI.
      Ruby would have been a perfect name, by the way, for a vampire-human offspring.  What could have been.

    • chochang

      “Also: Oh the latent homophobia of pretty much every somewhat straight dude…whatever shall we do with you? *shakes head*”

      I was going to point this one out but thank you MNS for doing the honors.

      Anyhow.. Maybe someone can write some sort of imprinting manual? Something where one can detail the non-creepiness of the wolf falling in love with baby situation. Anyone?

      • MariaCecilia

        OK, here goes. Thank you, Konrad Lorenz!
        First described by Konrad Lorenz, imprinting is said to occur when innate behaviours are released in response to a learnt stimulus. Most imprinting promotes survival of newborn animals and shapes their future breeding activities. Imprinting has a number of characteristics.
        Characteristics of imprinting
        Imprinting occurs at a particular time (termed the sensitive period) during early postnatal life. For example, in anserine birds such as ducks and geese, the time for imprinting is 24-48 hours after hatching when the ‘following response’ is learnt. At this time a gosling learns to follow his mother who is normally the first large moving creature in his world. In fact, of course, the visual stimulus that he imprints on does not necessarily have to be Mother Goose. In these species imprinting can occur on any object within a certain size range regardless of its colour or shape. Movement helps to attract attention but is by no means essential.
        Although the dominant sense involved in imprinting is sight, sound and olfaction are also involved. In a variety of experiments, young chicks and ducklings were imprinted on humans, wooden blocks and classically even old gum boots. They bonded with a single item and would follow it wherever it went. Rather like Mary and her little lamb, Konrad and his little gosling were to go on to form a life long association. Although Lorenz was the first to record his observations in a scientific manner, the essence of imprinting had long been recognised. Indeed, Chinese peasants have for centuries capitalised on the tendency to imprint in making ducks more effective in the control of snails that otherwise damage rice crops. By imprinting ducklings onto a special stick, the peasants can not only take their brood out to the paddy fields as required but, by planting the stick sequentially in different parts of the plantation, they can ensure that molluscs in all areas can be subjected to predation.

        • chochang

          I’m going to be honest in saying that this is the first time I’ve heard of the scientific explanation. The practice does seem familiar but I didn’t know there were studies about it.

          The key sentences above would be: “In a variety of experiments, young chicks and ducklings were imprinted
          on humans, wooden blocks and classically even old gum boots. They bonded with a single item and would follow it wherever it went.
          Rather like Mary and her little lamb, Konrad and his little gosling were
          to go on to form a life long association.”

          There’s our scapegoat of an explanation. Imprinting may be strange but it is essential. We can say that imprinting is like being a mentor or parental figure to someone–a baby, in Jacob’s case. And as is said in the books, it’s similar to being someone’s “anything” for the time being.

          Let’s just make sure to leave out the part where said imprintER may possibly father said baby’s children in the future.

          • Ms. J

            YES!!  I totally get it now – there was even a movie about a bunch of baby ducks that start following a little girl around.  My own ex-husband has been imprinted on by 5 baby snakes at the golf course he works at.  Whenever he gets close to their green, they come a running – or crawling as it were.  So take that naysayers – imprinting is NOT creepy, its just nature.    
            Ummmmm – although for it to fit this model it should be the baby that imprints on Jacob, but that is just a small technicality.

  • natteringyeahrobber

    Hmm. Has me thinking about Trey Parker and Matt Stone writing a Broadway script for Breaking Dawn. Where everyone except Bella and Mike Newton realizes they are gay (The Bold Ones), where a Columbian drug lord (Mr. Molina) plunders Forks in search of nightshade family plants that melt down into gold,  and where Ewoks tell stories about their Llama elders being transformed into small two-footed beings due to global warming.  It could be epic, over the top politically incorrect (“like pedophilia isn’t” could be the tag line), with many goofy musical numbers and my husband and would actually finally want to see Breaking Dawn.

    • I’d see that musical.

    • MariaCecilia

      But since the Ewoks are small and furry the theater will probably be picketed by the animal rights’ movement, demanding that the little ones be set free.. No way can you be politically correct all the time to all people.

  • KS.Boy

    Now I’m imagining my wife mud-wrestling with Bella.  That’s a new one for me – thanks!

    • Anonymous

      KSBoy—if that’s a new one, you are just not trying that hard! 🙂 Join the Perv Pack!

      • KS.Boy

        Consider me joined!

        • Anonymous

          hooray and welcome!

    • Anonymous

      Poor Bella. It would be hard to have married someone clumsier than her. Your wife is going to school her in mud wrestling.

  • Stacey

    What a great letter! I needed a smile and you gave me one OperaRose!

    I was thinking about getting my husband to watch all the Twilight movies with me on the portable video player (no electricity due to Hurricane Irene, day 6 now without it), but decided I couldn’t handle the questions/comments and jokes about Vampire Diaries, Harry Potter, and strangely Lord of the Rings. It’s getting tense here and I worry for his safety if he mutters one joke about Edward’s hair.

    Instead we settled on Vince Vaughn in Dodgeball and Marky Mark’s version of the Italian job wearing head flashlights and drinking warm beer. Sigh. (Please ignore any spelling/grammatical errors due to IPhone typing)

    • Anonymous

      I’m sorry Stacey.  Had some issues too here, non-hurricane related, but will pull through as we always do. 

    • Anonymous

      are you really still without power? come to me, love! I will watch All The Things with you! Our beer is cold!

       ( I know it’s creepy and we don’t really know each other but I promise not to stab you and you really are welcome. Besides, I have been wanting to watch them again and Mr. Slut is slightly reluctant as well. Men are bitches. )

      ( and I just bought a 12 pack of Hogarten. It’s yummy! and cold! )

    • chochang

      I don’t understand why it’s okay for us women to just accept doing such disgusting manly things while it’s not okay for them to enjoy our obsessions! And don’t even get me started on the underlying homophobia.. Am I right or am I right?

      P.S. Stay safe!

      • Anonymous

        Okay, that’s the second time now that I’ve read homophobia in a comment as hemophilia.

        Apparently my brain thinks that excessive bleeding / lack of clotting make a more appropriate Twilight topic.

        …it does kind of have a point.

        • MariaCecilia

          Makes way more sense than a vampire suffering from hemophobia anyway…

    • Anonymous

      You poor thing!  No power for an extended period with little munchkins running around!  Hope all is well soon!

  • alice_av

    My dad think every actor I like is gay, why is that??? OperaRose this letter is fantastic and your husband is a mentalist he will be surprise he almost go it right lol.
    I love the alpaca-ewok love pic =D

    • MariaCecilia

      Alice_av, my dad (may he rest in peace) used to think every guy I brought home was a douchebag. Any connection to your problem, do you think? (I may add, he was only right about 10 % of the time.)

      • alice_av

        The wisdom of the parents, but they can be wrong right? lol

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Operarose for making my friday.  This totally sounds like a converstation my and Mr. E would have.  He has seen the movies but not read the books either.  He likes to guess the end of movies as well.

  • Anonymous

    This is phenomenal. I want your husband to write the BD epilogue. Please make sure Storm Troopers have a cameo.

    • MariaCecilia

      Yeah, the Storm Troopers could be the Volturi body guard in this version! And the body armour makes sense, since they wouldn’t want their masters to be too attracted by the smell of their blood..

  • kstewboy

    As a straight, married guy – introduced to Twilight (movies first, books second) by his wife, and kept interested in Twilight by Kristen – I can say that the Edward-is-gay comments are definitely coming from a place of jealousy.  And any confusion/upset over the Jacob/Renesmee stuff is just due to a lack of interest in any fantasy type of story.
    Most guys just like dumb action movies.  I don’t get it either 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Yey! A unicorn! I wish my husband would just “giveTwilight a chance”

      Welcome… or if you’ve been here, sorry I’ve not paid attention. My memory sucks.

      • Thanks for the welcome…Been reading for quite some time, just staring to post now.

        • Anonymous

          Awesome! We love unicorns! <3 I hope we don't scare you away.

          • No – I don’t scare easily 🙂

    • I hesitated to include the “he’s gay” comments because I really hate throwing “gay” out in such contexts (something that my husband is well aware of, by the way, so he knows that comment irritates me all the more and is thus a surefire way to end a Twilight conversation). But, I think many of us can all relate to having husbands/boyfriends that are at least sometimes jealous of Edward. If Edward were gay, it would be just so easy for our guys to have an excuse not to be gentlemen all of the time! They don’t have to dress nicely! They don’t have to set up romantic honeymoon destinations with Pier 1 lamps! That’s for your gay best friend to do! It’s a whole other complicated issue, so I’ll leave it at that.

      Of course, when he starts acting too jealous, I just remind him that Edward also has creepy emo stalkerish tendencies, and in reality that doesn’t float my boat.And actually he’s surprisingly open to non-action movies. I guess that was the key to getting him to Twilight. 

      • MariaCecilia

        Reminds me of the great comedy In&Out with Kevin Kline, where he plays a teacher who is “outed” on national television by a former student. Only problem is he himself doesn’t think he’s gay. When his students explain to him why this is an easy mistake to make they point out things like: “You’ re a really nice guy, you’re clean and you dress well. Of course he thinks you’re gay.” Edward. What can I say?

  • Amy

    This made me seriously giggle 😉

  • SammyB

    Operarose I understand the whole thing about not having anyone else to go see it with. My husband finds the whole thing absurd and refuses to go see the last two with me so I will be seeing it by myself.

  • Pdaddy

    He sounds more like a metalurgical engineer then an industrial engineer.

    • Ooh… 10 points to Gryffindor. Yes, you are correct. That’s his specialty (& undergrad major) but his research involves optimization in metallurgical processes so it’s somehow industrial engineering for the PhD.

  • Anonymous

    ‘“So it’s not quite a vampire, it’s much smaller. Is it a bat?” He asks, joking again.’ 


    Also, you moved to South America from Moantreal? Sounds fun and exciting! Will you have easy access to BD in the theaters where you are?

    • You could say it’s exciting- the move is only temporary so I’ll be back!

      We should get BD the same time as everyone else. Thankfully! (I may joke about it, but I’ll be darned if I don’t see it opening day…) The local movie theater has a BD poster up already, so it looks promising.

  • Anonymous

    I really feel sorry for Taylor, his career is ending alright 🙁

  • contrarianlibrarian

    There have been various comments scattered throughout LTT’s history alluding to Bella and/or Kristen Stewart being anorexic. As someone trying very hard to recover from an eating disorder, I find this very unsettling. I don’t mean to sound like I don’t have a sense of humor (I do), but I personally feel a disease as destructive and deadly as anorexia isn’t really funny. Perhaps posters could be more sensitive to this in the future. Thank you.

    • Anonymous

      Things that are very personal often have less capacity for humor, except Twilight itself. When I see those mentions, I always think of how Bella “loses her a appetite” and “forgets to eat” “couldn’t even think of food right now” and “pushes away” food in the books. She does, sometimes it feels like it is mentioned every few pages (thinking back to my recent mini re-read of Eclipse). There is no issues mentioned, but dang.

      • contrarianlibrarian

        Thank you very much for your kind reply. You are right–there are definitely a lot of eating disordered things in Twilight, and it’s one of the first things that triggered me to become sick. I know I thought a lot about how the Cullens just sit in the cafeteria, picking at at their pretend lunches, and how they never get older. They stay young and perfect forever. And it can’t be denied: how thin Kristen Stewart (naturally) is.

        I’m glad you tend to keep an extra eye on your friend and I hope she’s okay. I’m trying to get better now for the first time in a few years, and it’s hard work.

        • Anonymous

          Oh I would have no idea what to say if I did think she had a problem that needed tending to, luckily I don’t think she does. I have known few people that have questionable eating habits. For example, if someone eats, eats healthy food, but knows exactly how much they can eat to stay fashionably (very) thin? Not painfully thin, like anyone walking down the street looking at them would know they restrict their eating quite a bit, but to anyone who has known them over time or has witnessed their habits would know. ED, or not? Worth putting friendship on the line and taking a stand against, or not?

          • contrarianlibrarian

            Well, I used look “painfully thin” (as I said, I’m in recovery now), and no one ever said anything to me, not even my family.  Some people were in denial, and some just didn’t realize because I hid things really well.  But looking back now, I wish someone had reached out to me.  It is always worth putting a friendship on the line.  She might get mad at you initially, but she will eventually thank you for saving her.  🙂

    • Ms. J

      No offense intended sweetie.  I am sure that most comments (mine at least) come from someone who just wishes they were a dress size or two – dozen – smaller.  Same as with the “Edward is gay” cracks from the guys.  It just come from a jealous place.

      • contrarianlibrarian

        Thank you, Ms. J. I appreciate it. And you’re probably right–those kinds of jokes are made out of jealousy, but probably by people who don’t understand the full devastation of eating disorders. Sorry to get all serious here. I know this is a funny website, but that kind of stuff just gets under my skin.

        • operarose

          As someone who has worked with young teen girls before, I assure you my comment actually comes not from jealousy but from a sensitivity to knowing how Hollywood images can really affect women (young and old). I am actually quite disturbed that to be more beautiful for her vampire transformation in BD, Kristen appears to have decided (or been encouraged) to drop weight from her already-slim frame. 

          I ordinarily don’t pay attention to these things, as I fortunately have never had to struggle with weight one way or the other, but the promo pics from BD certainly have given me pause.

          I realize that the casual context of the comment was perhaps not an appropriate venue to bring up such a complex topic, though I assure you no harm nor spite was intended. 🙂

          Wishing you the best in your recovery.

          • contrarianlibrarian

            Thanks for mentioning that, Operarose.  KS’s weight loss is very disturbing to me for a lot of reasons, and you’re right about Hollywood standards can affect girls and women.  (You’re also right that this isn’t exactly the place to get into such a thorny issue.  It just kind of came up, but we can certainly let it drop now.)  

            I appreciate your kindness 🙂

            P.S.–I’m actually far from a teenager.  I’ll be 33 at the end of the month.  

  • Anonymous

    Am I the only one who gets a little sad seeing papparazzi pics of Rob? I am happy to ogle his hot v-neck tshirted chest and his adorable giggly smile and all, don’t get me wrong. But I sort of put myself in his shoes and I would be hella irritated getting off an international flight to cameras in my face. Or at a restaurant or whatever, I just think they are weird and they sort of bum me out. I am probably in the minority here or else the paps would not have jobs.

    I also get extra sad when Rob goes anywhere and the Robsteners are all OOH he’s so happy because he’s going to see Kristen OMG TrueLoveForever they will die in each others arms squeeeeee


  • Anonymous

    It is almost incentive to chat more about Twilight to the husband to get gems like those. I think mine’s only goodies were “You don’t want me to dress up like that guy when we do it, do you? Because I’m not doing that.” (and of course I’m thinking “well I wasn’t planning on making you, but I wouldn’t say no”) and the time (out of the blue) he pulled my leg and told me his dentist looked just like Robert Pattinson to see if I would bite. I did, but he didn’t let me get all the way to his dentist to find out before admitting that he did not.
    Baby love would be quite hard to guess I think. I still kick myself for reading the reviews/summaries of BD before reading the actual book. WHY!?

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