Oh It’s that time of Year! New LTT T-shirts!

Dear LTTers,

We’re so HAPPY to announce that we have new fashion for you to wear proudly for the Breaking Dawn season! You can put your embarrassing out-of-date Eclipse, New Moon & Twilight fashion away & impress the crowds with these new babies:

Breaking Headboards: If they do it onscreen, does it mean it’s real?

Forget your college sports wear this Fall football season, it’s Robsten-time

And of course we’d never forget you Nonstens! Robsten isn’t real! Denying it since 2008

What’s the theme for this year’s Breaking Dawn craziness? Um, all of the above?! #BreakingHeadboards2011

And we’re REALLY hitting our theme home with yet another Breaking Headboards 2011 design

The Cullens Don't Come hereAnd my personal favorite from the 2011 Collection: The Cullen’s Don’t go to Tiffany’s

In case the newest designs are too couture for you, but you really want something new for this year’s events, might I suggest a few pieces from past collections that are destined to be classics in any girls (or mans or child’s) wardrobe?

Moantreal: Where the magic happens








Alpaca Farm: Those animals love jorts









And how about a little something to wear to the Pattinson Family Reunion?



With all these options we are certain you will be the most stylish fan at your midnight showing, hottest host at your premiere party with friends, best looking mom showing up to a PTA meeting mere hours before the movie releases or least-creepy looking Holy Trinity stalker in LA in a month!

Shop LTT Fashion now!


PS: Thanks to the ever amazing @Snowwhitedriftd for the AWESOME new designs!!!

PS: It was posted later in the day yesterday, but don’t you dare miss Moon’s hilarious LTT letter!

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  • Sue G.

    Love the new styles!  It’s tough to decide which one I like best!

  • Sisterpenguin

    Loving it but I’d like a “Really-not-bothered-sten since 2008”. 
    Currently overexcited since the cinema tickets have been booked. What’s scarier, the Volturi or a mob of 40ish-year-old Twihards? Hee hee hee

  • KStewBoy

    I had to click on the links just to see if the shirts are real… I’m still a little dubious that something so cool can actually be purchased.
    Neither a Robsten nor a Nonsten shirt seems appropriate for me… and the other ones would just raise too many questions in my cubicle row.

    • Anonymous

      As the infomercial guy always says… “But wait! There’s more.” 

      Check out the official store (link in the upper right of this page “LTT Fashion”).  Or just click here:  http://www.cafepress.com/LTT_LTR

    • Anonymous

      You need a Break it Down shirt… it’s one that has to be examined really closely to raise eyebrows.  Or maybe the Fish Shack… that can be easily passed off as a vacation souvenir.  Sadly for you the KStew shirts are either rather mocking or Rob related– not exactly appropo for your situation.

      • KStewBoy

        Funny – I went to look at the Break It Down shirts – and all the sizes are either Jr. or Women’s… it LTT trying to tell me something?

        • Anonymous

          Mmmmm…. I’m gonna go with so many unicorns have bought that shirt that they’re sold out of the guy’s sizes.  That must be it.

  • cosi bella

    i see the word rez on the alpaca but what do the letters LP stand for  (I’m worried – should I know this?)

    • Anonymous


      • cosi bella

        Thanks BeaDee – SMH shoulda known that

        i fail

  • TeamSeth

    Wow. I’m an idiot.  I *just* realized that Breaking Headboards is like Breaking Dawn.  All it took was a really obvious tshirt design in Twilight lettering… (rolls eyes at self)

    ALSO, I’m in Moantreal RIGHT NOW and there’s a bar/resto called Big in Japan!!!! But on the door it doesn’t say that…there was no Big in Japan sign! I was gutted. 🙁

  • smalltown

    The hashtag design is quite possibly my favorite, if only because of the #isthisoveryet line.  Love that!  Because really, I know I’ll be that person in the theater, watching the movie, thinking to myself at some point “Oh my goodness, what was I thinking??  And now my popcorn is all gone, great.”

    And I’ll still enjoy it.  🙂

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