Breaking Dawn Red Carpet: Behind the Scenes

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Dear Twilight,

While Moon was busy holding the golden mic & being felt up by a D-lister Red Carpet guest (yes that happened. No, she won’t let me tell you who in fear that one day he’ll be an A-lister and somehow desirable), I was in the “other” corner of the carpet, holding down the LTT fort & getting the Behind the Scenes scoop. This basically means I got to wonder FIRST why the likes of Heather Locklear & Seth Green were there. (Still wondering)

I'm told she's a Kardashian relative

By the time the red carpet attendees got down by me, they had gone through two rows of fans, all the photographers & then the International press. The spot was where they relaxed before going into “major” press interviews. And by “major” I, of course, mean that one 16 year old Kardashian half-sister who was filling in for Ryan Seacrest. The spot is also where the handlers & dates of the celebs congregated while the interviews were being conducted. It was also like a C-list celeb meat market. Everyone was hugging everyone & I can only assume they all knew each other because once they were bad guys or murder victims on the same CSI episode. If I knew who half the people were it would have been fascinating.


  • Getting my picture with the most important celeb on the carpet
  • When the crowd thinned a bit, I decided to have a snack. Since I snack like a 3 year old, I pulled a sandwich bag filled with Goldfish crackers out of my Chanel bag. And proceeded to do what I do every time I eat Goldfish crackers. Drop them. If you’re wondering if an orange baked cracker blends in on a dark black carpet, the answer is no.
  • Finding out that a certain cast member of a certain movie couldn’t pay his rent last month
  • Seeing Nikki Reed run away from International Press to give her husband, Paul, a big hug, before running back for more interviews. It was adorable. So adorable I thought it deserved a piano ballad:
  • When Jackson came over, the person to my left got a picture with him and so did the person to my right. When he looked at me wondering if I was going to ask for a picture too, I just smiled and contemplated giving him a high-five or asking to stroke his velvet suit.
  • Seeing first-hand how little moments that happen can change into these big, fabricated or exaggerated stories. There is this rumor floating around that Kristen and her publicist got in a fight on the carpet & she RIPPED the sharpie out of her publicists hand and ran over to her adoring fans. I caught that moment on film & if talking means fighting & taking a marker your publicist is handing you is RIPPING it from her hands, then yes, that’s exactly what happened:


  • No Big Daddy in sight
  • Rob didn’t fall in love with me when he was mere inches from my face. I think he saw the goldfish crackers stuck in my teeth
  • Taylor gave the International press a thumbs up instead of me
  • Kristen didn’t throw anything in my face. Neither did a crazed Krisbian on an initiation mission. I was even wearing my “Kristen-hater” Sign* Sigh.. there’s always next year
  • It was sooo cold. Not just California-cold, but winter jacket cold. And my short lace dress (and no tights) was NOT keeping the warmth in.
  • I left that night still holding the grenade I was gonna throw at Bruno Mars. I never saw him come down the carpet.

It was incredible night- one I could go on about for hours & hours, but I’ll just leave you with this montage of the random, the weird, the great & the pretty: The REAL Red Carpet:


Yep- just noticed a misspelling in the above video. Too late to care. Oh well! It’ll be a contest. First person to spot the mistake gets a fake prize —-> a photoshoot in Carlisle’s Breaking Dawn wig. Lucky you.

*This is false. I left my sign at home**
**Also false. It’s at my office ***
***Do you get it now? We don’t have a Kristen-hater sign****
****It’s a Build board we took out on the 101. Too bad Nokia line is off the 110*****
*****I could go all day….******
******In case you’re new: All of that is false.

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  • JodieO

    Was it Chon?  I bet it was the Chonster wasn’t it?  C’mon Nikki! You can tell us!

    • Anonymous

      I have trouble believing Chon gropes anyone.  I’m hoping it was Michael Welch…. but sadly doubt it.  

  • superhumanmoron

    I am still trying to figure out why Gwen Stefani was standing next to you.

    • Jerzeylisa

      hahaha, I thought the same thing

    • Sisterpenguin

      And why she has an annoying Marilyn skin on her phone

      • MariaCecilia

        An iconic blonde just has to be jealous of THE iconic’s like an “I hate Marilyn – ironically”-phoneskin.

  • Jerzeylisa

    Wow this is awesome! But the fact that I’m not working is not…thanks. 

  • Sisterpenguin

    Ah you’re a star madam!

    You know that Ron actually saw the crackers in your teeth, knew that you were the ONE but was artfully hiding his despair at the shiny ring on your third finger…

    • Anonymous

      For realz dude! Actually, I’m thinking that he maybe did NOT notice the crackers in UC’s teeth, because he totally would have wanted some for himself. Goldfish crackers are the perfect topping for hot-pocket caserole, a new dish he invented when trying to impress Kristen with his mad culinary skillz.

      • MariaCecilia

        Oh great! Let’s petition for him to give us the “Robert Pattinson Hooked on Cooking Cook book” next! The perfect gift for the day when our sons leave home: 100 variations on Hot Pockets for your everyday delicious dinners..

        • cosi bella

          am I the only person in the whole world  who doesn’t ‘get’ what’s impressive about being able to cook?  Can you read?  You have a timer?  you can cook!

          glad to get that off my chest!

    • MariaCecilia

      Yes, definitely despair lurking in those deceptively carefree blue eyes, because hiding despair must be second-nature to Ron Paddington now, seeing as how he encounters such droves of lovely but illeligible (is that even a word??) ladies all the time..

      • Sisterpenguin

        Well, many of we ladies are enigmatic and difficult to read… 😉

        • Anonymous


        • MariaCecilia

          Okay, that’s my next t-shirt: “Enigmatic and dififcult to read” – and on the back “says Ron Paddleston”.

          • Sisterpenguin

            I’m placing an order. 

            I’m now also off to the midnight view of Breaking Dawn. Throat spray at the ready for squeeeing!

  • purplescool

    Can’t believe you were so close to Mr. Paddleston….I mean Ron…*sigh*.

  • Anonymous

    Ron Paddleston made me snort coffee out my nose. 

    YOU look fabulous and Normal. Those crowds make my belly ache and oh lord I do not want to be a part of that. It just makes me feel bad for the actors and I KNOW they would have wayyyyyyy less money and movie opportunities if we weren’t there and all and totally you sign up for that shiz when you think in your head, “HEY! I am super pretty I should totally act or something!” but …. *shudder* I think it would be weird, to be like, “Okay, I am going to walk down this carpet and total strangers and going to scream my name and want pictures on their Marilyn Monroe Phone and my signature or random things and body parts. Then I am going to go somewhere else and just be all-SoThatJustHappened. Then I will fart.” 

    In Other News, just as we were going to sleep last night, Mr. Slut says, out of the blue, “Renesmee is a shitty name.”

    I know, baby. I know. 

    • Anonymous

      I love completely random things that husbands say about Twilight.  I’m saving all of the ones I hear at my house up until there’s enough for a whole letter.

      • Anonymous

        I could do one with you. Mine come out of nowhere, like last week: “Whatever happened to the redhead? Is she dead?”

        • MariaCecilia

          A fair question, after all, considering the fact how hard vampires are to kill. Are we sure Eddie didn’t just scare her away, or pay her off? Really?

          • Anonymous

            especially if you are only ever half-paying attention!

          • MariaCecilia

            I know: it’s like Days of our lives all over again for us with short attention spans: you turn your head and then you go: “What? Wait – THAT’S Victoria now??”

          • Anonymous

            Since mine’s read it (repeatedly, though no one is to know that on pain of death) I don’t get stuff like that.  I get stuff more like how Twilight relates to Star Trek.  Truly awesome commentary.

    • MariaCecilia

      That is one of the reasons why I am having doubts as to whether I should take my husband for these last two films. He’s been surprisingly tolerant so far, but with all the bed breaking, weird pregnancy, perimeter running and Bad Baby Names, plus bloody uterus extras, I’m not sure I want to let him in on the secret: This is how Twiligt ends: not with a bang, but with a fart. Sorry, meant “whimper”!

      • I had the same worries – but Mr. Operarose liked the movie and was surprisingly less critical than I. So, go for it! Bring Mr. MariaCecilia! Besides, men like farts.

      • Anonymous

        My Unicorn-in-Denial’s favorite of the books is BD, though… but what he really likes is the part that’s going to be the next movie.  However, he has actually asked to see this one after being subjected to the previous ones.  

  • Munkee

    I love it.  Give it up for Spoon!

  • Justthetip,EH?

    I wonder how many of those celebs secretly wanted to eat your crackers….. Off the carpet.

    • Anonymous


    • MariaCecilia

      You just invented a new fetisch! “Eating-Goldfish-crackers-off-red-carpet-while-within-twelve-feet-of-C-list-celebs”-fetisch. Suck on that, Sigmund Freud!

  • Anonymous

    Woohoo! New stuff 2 days in a row. Feels like the old days. 🙂

    I love the pic of you and Gil and love that you rightfully called Stephenie “The queen” 🙂

  • Janetrigs

    Again, I love you, I mean like Whoa.

  • Anonymous

    I love that you brought us the behind the scenes, UC!  Here’s hoping for Big Daddy next time around!

  • Anonymous

    DUDE. So awesome! Love the pic with Gil! Did you get to chat with him a bit too?
    I think you should give us a some hints about hands-y Mc-D. Is Moon waiting for him to get famous so she can sell her story to a tabloid? I kid, I kid.
    I’m curious about the actor who couldn’t pay his rent too, and how you even found that out. It is a fascinating little glimpse into the reality of “the job” and making ends meet amongst the flash and glamour of the moment on the carpet.

    A couple of things:
    – clip on bangs?? seriously? That they exist is bad enough. That you could tell, just sort of makes it sad…like a bad toupee.
    – I gotta say, I’m kind of loving NReed’s real life romance. It’s sweet.
    – UC, you didn’t hug Jackson?! You left him hanging last year and again this year! You tease! ;-P
    – So sad, no big Daddy 🙁
    – I almost forgot about Lee Pace *swoon* If I had remembered, that’s who I would have voted for in last week’s poll.

    Can’t wait to hear more!

    • Anonymous

      Who knew Summit made clip on bangs too?

      • Anonymous

        So either this lady is yet another victim of the Twilight bad wigs brigade or else she is in fact the evil entity behind it all, showcasing her own work on herself.

      • MariaCecilia

        But admit it: after you saw Rosalie and Jasper in New Moon you WERE beginning to wonder..?

  • MariaCecilia

    After all the FF I’ve read I think it would TOTALLY be in character for Mike to grope the prettiest girl he dared put his hands on, and since I just know for a fact that Michael Welch reads FF too, I’m sure he was just getting into character again when he did…(Immediately backing off, hands in the air, yelling “Whoa! Flashback! I was having flashbacks! No harm intended! I am a victim too!”)

  • The Old One

    I’m kinda worried about Big Daddy–I mean, when is the last time anyone saw him?  Did he get stuck in the little boys’ room at the Olive Garden and no one cared enough to go looking for him?

    And Jackson–I’m sure he was thinking, “oh it’s that hot chick who interviewed me in Philadelphia!”, and he was sad because you didn’t acknowlege him or pet his suit…

    • MariaCecilia

      Are we having pet suits now? Should we name this one “Bear”? No, sorry, that name’s already taken..

    • fayted17

      He actually wore the suit just for UC. He was really stoned during the Philadelphia interview and couldn’t remember exactly what she said she wanted Jasper to look like in the last movie, but was pretty sure he remembered something about a red Muppet, and that suit was the closest he could get. And after all the humiliation he went through to fulfill her Muppet fantasies, she still rejected him. Way to go UC.

  • Late Arriving

    I’ve been reading you guys awhile now (not at the beginnning. I was a late Twilighter.) and have never commented, but I had to now. LOVED The Real Red Carpet Video! LOVED! The whole post had me laughing. Thank you!

    • Anonymous

      et Yeah, Moon and UC are great for you’re daily dose of laughter. 🙂


    • Nelle

      Welcome! Don’t be shy. This is a great group. Hey- you’re not Smeyer are you?

      • Can’t be Stephenie, I think she said she posts under the name “kinda chicken”

      • Late Arriving

        No. I wish though!

  • twiprof

    hey moon and UC….this is some impressive footage! I am so excited to hear all your thoughts….I would be happy to hear more! love you guys!

  • Youweregone

    I will watch BD tomorrow, and this little video puts me right in the mood!!!Thank you guys!!! Spoon!!! Great choice!

  • Stacey

    Wait a minute…SETH GREEN was there? Did you get a picture? Did you ask him about Buffy? Was he there to hang with his buddy and hang with his Can’t Hardly Wait costar Carlisle…I mean Peter F? I so fangirl over Seth Green. Sigh.

    Whoa… Carlisle is the reason that Seth Green and Jennifer Love Hewitt were there!?! Can’t Hardly Wait reunion! Obviously, Peter misses his 90’s teen comedy days.

    • Anonymous

      The hysterical thing is that as soon as she said Seth Green I though, “Oh, the Staceys are going to love that!”  

  • Youweregone

    Did you sniff The Pretty? or The Stew? Does she smell of strawberries???
    Do tell.

  • OCDmom32

    I am so in love with this site right now…and so jealous! I am making a promise to SOME HOW go tent city next year and the final premier!!!

  • smalltown

    LOVED the montage, especially that random D-lister.  😀

  • LMAO! That montage’s captions are brillz!

  • Skyemiller88

    Hey – what is the piano ballad accompanying the video of Nikki Reed hugging Paul McDonald? It’s so lovely 🙂

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