Some real reasons I’m thankful for Twilight

Dear Twilight,

This past Turkey Day during our annual “Go around the table and say what you are thankful for” (which, in actuality, was “Oops- we forgot to go around the table & say what we were thankful for so let’s talk about it quickly while we’re doing the dishes”) I shared that I was thankful for you. And I knew it sounded silly to my family, so I explained a little further that it wasn’t the 4 glasses of Thanksgiving wine talking. I was truly thankful that Stephenie Meyer wrote a story that a work acquaintance suggested I read that was turned into 4 movies and gave me 5 excuses to go to Los Angeles over the past 3 years. So much has happened in my life because of a silly little story about a vampire, human and werewolf, and I’m just so glad. Here are a few of the very real things I was reflecting on:

I’m thankful for Moon because without her I’d be a much different person. She makes me better in so many ways, including having better eyeshadow shading.

I’m thankful for ALL the LTT friends who have become real-life friends:

KrazyKidd, myself & Brookelockart, occupying the backseat of our rental car

I’m thankful that BooBoo Stewart had more lines than most of the Cullens. Cuz I mean, finally.

I’m thankful for fun Midnight movie Premieres where we have reserved seats and where 1/4 of our crowd are BOYS:

I think Moon said it best in our Breaking Dawn recap “Fade to Sad-isfied,” but I’m thankful that BD wasn’t a Robsten porno & that Edward & Bella were actually Edward & Bella and  not Rob & Kristen. Bill Condon really GOT how to direct them together.

I’m thankful that a 3 am blogging session brought out the phrase “Fade to Sad-isfied.” Come on. That’s FUNNY!

I’m thankful for the new LTTers we got to meet this trip. And all the LTT shirts they owned:

I’m thankful that I have eyelids that I’m able to shut because I REALLY needed to during the gory birth/back-breaking/edward eating baby out of Bella scene!

More thankfulness after the jump!

I’m so very thankful to cardboard Edward for officiating our Fake lesbian wedding in tent city 2011:

I’m thankful that I have a beautiful, normal friend like Moon that I can do weird things with and it’s okay (see above):

Example #1

That's Normal

Example #2

That's also normal

I’m thankful Jasper’s hair looked normal. For a vampire.

I’m thankful that someone brilliant thought to put in that montage where Renesmee is older so that the whole storyline WE are used to but the rest of them are not used to is less … creepy. Or illegal

I’m thankful that Bella’s wedding dress made me want to cry in a good way and not in a bad way:


               Good Cry                                                  Bad Cry

I’m thankful that I have a husband (Mr. Choice) who not only tolerates my blogging, love for Twilight and flying across the country to partake in the crazy, but actually participates in it. Did you know that Mr. Choice took over our tweeting while Moon & I took part in a Yahoo! podcast two weekends ago? Here are some highlights:

click to enlarge for Mr. Choice LOLs

And he created his very own “Bella’s Blood” Sangria for our LTT party where he was the ONLY guy (until towards the end when funnyman @kevinavery showed up). And it’s the ONLY drink we ran out of!

I’m thankful that Renesmee was pretty cute except for that one scene where she wasn’t. You know the one.

I’m thankful that no matter how heart-breaking the scene is where Jacob cries over Bella’s “death,” I will only ever think of the .gif image Moon made with the caption “I was abducted?” and how each time we saw that scene in the theaters we erupted in giggles while we said that line:

I was abudcted?

I was abudcted?

I’m thankful that Sue Clearwater is getting to have some “good times” with both Billy AND Charlie. I mean what woman HASN’T wondered for a fleeting moment what it would be like to be with their husband’s fishing buddies?

And I’m thankful for YOU. Plus I’m thankful for my dear closest friend since I was 2 years old who was so proud of my Twilight accomplishments she bragged to our classmates at our 10 year high school reunion this past weekend “UC runs a fun Twilight blog where she basically makes fun of Twilight but it’s so cool even the author has admitted to reading it.” It was a gesture so sweet and our classmates were pretty impressed so I had to step in & say, “Thanks, A, for making me sound so cool, but… basically I’m just a huge Twilight fangirl.” And it’s true. I am.

And I’m so very thankful



I know you (Americans) were reflecting on thankfulness this week especially- what REAL Twilight things are YOU thankful for!?

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