Breaking Dawn Part I: The Musical

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Dear LTTers,

We have these friends Alice & Bella Not an Addikt (You remember them from their defunct website. RIP) who live in Belgium. They’re normal 20-somethings- ya know, speak 4 languages (or is 5?), in PhD programs (I think Alice is done hers actually. And Bella was “too busy” defending her dissertation last week to get this video done for us) are gorgeous, friendly, bring me macaroons when they visit me in New York on hot Spring days and are about to BLOW YOUR FREAKIN’ MINDS with what they did for us at LTT.

Yes, Bella & Alice are bringing us Breaking Dawn Part 1: The Musical complete with original lyrics set to Broadway favorites. Stop what you’re doing. Put down that contract you’re combing through at your boring desk job. Drop that kid. Pull that car over on the side of the road (seriously, don’t read LTT while driving) and Watch This Now:

We know. We cried too! Feed the wolves? Don’t cry for me Jacob Black? Who is that rediculously brilliant & funny? Is this a sign we should retire from LTT & give our Belgian friends the reigns!?

Hear from Alice & Bella themselves after the jump!

Right after we saw breaking dawn, we loved the movie, but we couldn’t help thinking how it would be an even better musical. Bill Condon could have definitely made that work. And now, hearing the news of Twilight being turned into a musical, it’s time LTTers take action before it’s too late. We have to make sure this project does not turn into a total fiasco. These people need our advice!

So what would we definitely like to see in this musical:

Alice_NaA : Dancing! Preferably random dancers in funny costumes who just show up and disappear without adding anything to the story.
Bella_NaA: You know, like Buttcrack Santa… except our Buttcrack Santa would be dancing.
Alice_NaA: Oh! And a Can Can. Every musical should have a Can Can. Otherwise I’d want my money back.
Bella_NaA: Can do! (bad pun so very intended)
Alice_NaA : Kitschy effects. Fake rain, snow, fireworks. Sliding décor. But no wire-work, it doesn’t need to be tacky.
Bella_NaA: Plus, we already had wirework in the movie anyways. Been there, done that (thanks, Cathy Hardi!)
Alice_NaA : A good emo-moment also never killed anyone.
Bella_NaA: Nor did the frequent use of jazz hands.
Alice_NaA : And please… do some subtle copying of the classics. Everyone prefers a good copy over a crappy original.
Bella_NaA: YES! You know, with all this SOPA and PIPA stuff going on, better hurry up and copy some of the classics before it’s too late.
Alice_NaA: and if it’s not toooo much to ask … some full front nudity would be nice.
Bella_NaA: that depends on who’s going to be nekkid, of course (Forget it, Waylon. Stop waving your hand in the air.)

In case you were wondering, yes, that is indeed Bella_NaA torturing your eardrums throughout most of the musical, helped occasionally by Alice_NaA. Feel free to run for eardrum bleach now (or to offer us a record contract, of course).

So, what would YOU like to see in a musical version of Twilight? Any songs that would lend themselves well to Twilightification? Hey, can we make Twilightification part of the LTT canon now?

Yes… Alice & Bella.. yes you can. You can do whatver you want for making our day. Or our week. Hell, I better win the lottery in 2012, because I don’t think my year is gonna get better than this!

UC, Moon, Alice & Bella

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