Twitter Blows Up with Shocking US Weekly Cover

Dear Kristen,

You can imagine my surprise, shock and confusion when I came across this picture from US Weekly on twitter last night:


What is your bestie Katy Perry doing with the womanizer John Mayer?!? Isn’t Taylor Swift a good friend of Katy’s? Didn’t she hear her song?

Thank goodness UC texted me last night to get online so I could see this. I would hate to see Katy get her heart broken again.

Staying strong and still believing in the magicness,



  • Tiffany

    Im not too concerned about this considering all the other stories on the cover are also a load of crap. I’m pretty sure that’s not even Molly Sims baby.

  • dinogrrl

    I am annoyed that I waited years to get even a proper hand holding picture of Robsten and yet, there are apparently lots of pictures of “Sandstew” frolicking about?! Oh, and I find the positioning of KStew’s head kinda weird in relation to her shoulder but…what do I know? Maybe I just wanted my Camelot to go on forever. I think I will wait for confirmation before throwing Stewart on the cheater pyre.

  • BeaDee

    Seriously… does ANYONE go out with Mayer post-Swifty?

  • Merbar

    This doesn’t seem like Kristen, PDA and cheat? I think it is a set-up.

  • Adrienne

    can’t wait for the official LTT statement – please hurry!

  • Masarstar321

    I disagree that no studio will want her now America eats this kind of crap up, ub money for them right?

  • The Old One

    This interview is fantastic, but now I feel like all the fun has just drained out of the saga for me and I can’t be properly snarky.  It’s ugly out there.

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