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Dear LTTErs,

We know you come to us for the latest & greatest Twilight news and we haven’t delivered that in like… umm probably a year and 1/2 so we have a lot to get caught up on. Let’s not waste time. In the latest Twilight news;

Taylor Lautner joins Twitter
as @ActualTaylor and I don’t believe it for ONE second because he’s currently following 0 people and you KNOW the Real Taylor will be following @OliveGarden a second after he signs up. Plus his picture is too press-y and less karate-choppy. Another sign this is NOT the actual Taylor. [Update: Summit has informed us that this is 100% for sure NOT Taylor’s Twitter. He actually runs @olivegarden.*]

Edward Cullen wears a Turtleneck
We read it in the books and now we’re going to see it on the screen Ladies & Unicorns. It’s not white. And it’s not a sleeveless button-down but it is a turtleneck. Also I think I just dressed Edward even worse than Stephenie (no offense) did: A white turtleneck sleeveless button down shirt? Yuck

Edward Cullen is full on “Dad’s on Winter Vacation” in this scene

Ashley Greene willing to take Kristen’s Place come press time
According to a fabulous gossip piece by the very best at gossip Lainey Gossip, Ashley is cozying up to SOMEONE at Page 6 who is printing all sorts of nice things about her for no reason at all, even after her latest film tanked (Down to a 2% on Rotten Tomatoes- I think that’s worse than the Kellan Lutz- Mandy Moore debacle that OMG I COMPLETELY FORGOT MOON & I WATCHED THAT LATE ONE NIGHT WHEN I VISITED HER LAST. What a horrific movie) and supposedly this “source” talking to Page 6 is actually Ashley hoping that the news travels to Summit that she is willing to “stand in” in big press situations when it might be awkward to reunite ROBSTEN on stage. How selfless of her!

Work it girrrrl

Kellan Lutz thinks someone is going to remember him after Twilight
And therefore he was rolling around in a Lamborghini this past weekend in LA. He joked to TMZ “I finally got my Twilight check” which supposedly net him 1.25 mil for Breaking Dawn. Kellan Lutz can afford a Lamborghini? I don’t think so: Let’s throw in another mil for the other 3 movies for good measure (although that’s probably generous) plus the $2000 he made for that Mandy Moore movie, a couple hundeys here and there for the blow jobs he gives his pals checks his grandma sends him in the mail and the stipend his church gives him for leading a Bible Study ($50/month) and he’s made about 2.25 million (that doesn’t add up, don’t try). According to the google that Lamborghini starts at $350,000 which is 14% of what Kellan is worth assuming he never spent a dime. Somebody thinks he’s going to continue/start-to get big pay days so he can make his Lamborghini payment every month. Somebody is relying on the Prayer of Jabez a little too much…

Okay that’s all I have in Twilight gossip.

Oh and ROBSTEN is still apparently not #RobstenisUnbroken (double negative there, y’all)

Always happy to provide the gossip,

*Taylor Lautner does NOT run @olivegarden (he wishes) nor is @actualtaylor his real account

  • Sisterpenguin

    The best part of the Taylor Twitter rumour? @erikodom’s disappointment that it wasn’t real. Very sweet

    • MarbleNutSlut

      YES. I think I need to give Odom a lesson in social media. I will get my Stern SchoolMarm outfit. He will be shirtless.

      • TeamSeth

        I really think he needs a lesson. Everyone tells me he’s great, but his twitter personality is YAWNFEST. At least Guri has bursts of awesome in between his droughts of inactivity. Erik’s twitter is as boring as Daniel Cudmore’s. And I only follow his so I can pretend I’m living in Vancouver when he discusses the weather and hope for photo updates of himself (which there was one of the other day that was basically just of his chest. I’m not sure he realized precisely what he was doing when he posted that, but I’m glad he posted it.) I had to quit following Bewley because all he talked about was his running in marathons and 5ks all the time, and Nike.

        Also, if you’re going to give Erik a lesson while he’s shirtless, can you please make it into a vlog post? I mean, so Cudmore can watch and learn, too…

        • Sisterpenguin

          I think I should also watch because really I’m still just a newbie and need all the nips I can get.
          I mean tips *coughs*

          • TeamSeth

            Clearly, when you come visit we can both watch together. Then again on the flight to LA with MNS… to prepare for BD2 Fest 2012. (nods) TRACI! Get crackin!

          • Sisterpenguin

            Preparation is everything. LA better be prepared

          • MarbleNutSlut


  • MariaCecilia

    1. I’m not on Twitter, nor following, but I obviously need to be…
    2. Hasn’t anyone tried to hi-jack LTT on Twitter, you know, posting awesome sarcastic comments on Robsten under a “@LTTreally” pseudonym? Hey, maybe THAT’S why I should join Twitter…
    3. We should all start a collection for Kellan in our respective congregations, to make sure he meets his payments. We could call it “Poor Little Rich Boy Collection” and include raffle tickets promising prizes: signed posters of his Calvin Klein ads.
    4. Ashley will obviously soon be a judge on something fashion-related on television. Or so she hopes… (Saw her on an episode of Pan Am and couldn’t help thinking “Oh, Alice, you’re so…chirpy!”)

    • TeamSeth

      You should definitely join twitter.

    • Luludee

      I’m not on the Twitter either. I’ve thought about it a few times, but have yet to pull the trigger.

    • Maria, you NEED to be on Twitter. It’s LTT-level awesome.

  • TeamSeth

    Good news update, LTT! Let’s hope Kellan was playing the sarcastic card and that was a loaner for the night. Otherwise he’s just like a mediocre NBA player who thinks the money won’t run out just because there are 6 zeros behind it… for your 5-year contract, sweetheart! Divide by 5, take out 30% for taxes, and then see where you’re at. (omg, Erik Odom would’ve hearted this comment because he loves him some Timberwolves)

    I had a chat last night about Rob with my guy friend. It was about how he could* just retire right now and disappear for life. He’s someone who has the money. I mean, he hasn’t bought new clothing in… ever, plus his car (does he have a car? I only see him riding about with others… and by that I mean, LTT only post pics of him not driving cars) is a share service, he’s couch surfing atm, and he eats microwavable frozen food and cheap fake-imported beer (US Heineken is primarily brewed here, not imported from the Nederlands, hence it tastes differently here due to different water), and any time we see him dressed up it’s either for a photoshoot and thus borrowed for 2 hours from GQ’s “closet’ or it’s at an event, which means it’s probably also borrowed. I’d have to say, the most expensive thing he owns is his surprisingly non-hipster watch (no, not the Chanel piece from Cosmopolis), and that’s probably a gift from his mom for his 18th birthday. Dude LIVES hipster cheapness. God, he should totally come live in Brooklyn down the street from me. Oh! He could buy Josh Wald’s house!!!

    *perhaps should

    Also discussed last night w/ my friend: Rob should take 2 years to go to drama school in Engerland. I would love to see him play Horatio in a proper Royal Shakespeare production. Though, he’d make a sexy Mercutio. What do you think? Crap. Now I’m thinking about David Tennant and Tom Hiddleston in delicious, delicious ways.

    • Special Diet

      Didn’t David Tennant play Hamlet, not Horatio? Anyway, yes he should come home and be on our telly/stage all the time.

      • TeamSeth

        Yes, Tennant played Hamlet. And Hiddleston played King Henry V (and not for Royal Shakespeare, I don’t think, but don’t quote me on that)

        • TeamSeth
          • Luludee

            Does Royal Shakespeare do tv movies? Cuz that’s what this is (Note to self: find out where and when I can watch this!!!).

            Did you read the comments? So funny! If we started a Letter to Tom blog, we would have millions of followers, just sayin’. Also, Dayum! and Rob who?

        • Sisterpenguin

          Team Seth isn’t sure?!! (funny what programmes you keep on your HDD eh?)

          • Sisterpenguin

            Ignore this: it was my phone deciding it knew better than me. More idiotphone than smartphone

        • Sisterpenguin

          “Team Seth wants me??!!” (Funny what you keep on your HDD eh). I can freeze frame anytimeu heh heh

          • Sisterpenguin

            Damn it! Load my pic

    • Luludee

      And now I am thinking of David Tennant and Tom Hiddleston in delicious ways! Thanks 😉

      I’m thinking I need to start watching some Dr. Who. I’ve spent far too much time this month on the Geek category on Pinterest, which is full of Dr. references and I’m starting to feel like I’m missing out. As the resident expert, where do you suggest I start?

      • TeamSeth

        From the beginning!

        Um, yeah, you can start from the first series of the new shows (2005ish) starring Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper. But make sure to set your DVR for Saturdays at 6pm, because Season 7 starts this Saturday! 🙂 (unless you’re in Australia. ABC is showing it starting Sept 8)

    • ladyofthemeadow

      I heart you so hard for working in Josh Wald.

  • Luludee

    Hahaha, yay Olive Garden and Taylor references! Love it.

  • Nelle

    I don’t care. I think turtleneck Rob is hawt!!!! Love him all grown up!

    • Agreed! It’d take a lot more than an LL Bean catalog get-up to un-hawt RP.

  • BeaDee

    We NEED a Vanity Fair style breaking down of the Kellan/ Mandy Moore debacle. It’ll give me all the enjoyment of watching it without having to actually watch it. I would, however, sit through it if y’all had recorded audio commentary as you watched…

  • Ed = “Dad’s on Winter Vacation” reminded me of this article.(which is kinda creepy and I don’t agree w/ but whatever)


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