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Breaking Dawn Pt 2 Premiere: Stephenie Meyer, Jeremy Renner and that Jumping Rob

One last time!

Dear LTT-ers,

As you know we were back on the red carpet for Breaking Dawn Pt 2 on Monday and if you were following us at all you know A LOT went down. And we don’t just mean a certain jumping gentleman. We’ve been working all day to get the footage edited and shined up and presentable (on approx. 4 hrs of sleep) but you have a TOOOON to look forward to in the next few days —

– We didn’t yell “ROB” in Mike Welch’s face this year! Instead we made him play a game with us that involves semi-embarassing voices
– Kellan kissed our site buddy from Twilightish over a package of cookies! Imagine what he’d do for some black market German protein powder
– Taylor has ideas for a Twilight related tattoo
– Tons of randoms answered questions you totally don’t want to hear! (Spoiler: male actors in Twilight are obsessed with women)
Everyone wants to be Jasper!
– Our “little bottles” got cock blocked on the red carpet
– Erik Odom said the word “carbon-fiber” with a straight face when describing his suit

And tons more!

But really what better place to start than with the first lady herself, Stephenie Meyer. Guys, who knew she was a super fangirl for Jeremy Renner? Seriously, all she wanted to do was talk about him. Not what we can blame her, we’ve seen The Town, The Avengers and like Stephenie, The Bourne Legacy. The dude is hot. Perhaps she needs to start Letters to Jeremy?

Uuuuhhh if you’re serious Stephenie you know our email address… send us your letter girl, we may know some people who knows some people who can pass it along to some people who might be able to get it posted on here. Just know we will all know expect at least one Jeremy Renner mention.

Bonus points to Stephenie for being the first person to notice Jumping Rob (more on that at That’s Normal) all night! We may never know what tweets of ours you were loving but it was worth it to hear you call him Jumping Edward.

Stay tuned we have heaps more to show you… and we will, just as quickly as our computers can render the footage.

Moon and UC

PS You know what’s normal? Taking Jumping Rob to the Premiere with us! Check out the full video, Rob’s reaction and more at That’s Normal!

  • MrsKowski

    Stephenie so unbelievably fabulous. I hope she does write you guys a letter. A letter to her & from her would be an amazing and fitting way to wrap up the past 4 years on this blog. *wipes tear*

  • Blondieinco

    Great interview! She is a class act. Bringing Jumping Rob was genius…

  • Goldberrybecca

    You guys rock. Thanks for making it happen! Also, SM saw The new Bourne 5 times??!! My cousin is in that movie! Ha! He is just a marine in the control room but he does have a speaking part….. Also he is the Macy’s guy. Watch for those commercials.

  • Luludee

    Woo-hoo! A letter from Stephenie would be awesome! Dorky is our middle name! Plus you could always write under a pseudonym 😉

  • operarose

    I really love Stephenie – and am not just saying that because she potentially could be reading (hi!) but because she’s so well spoken (and always has been) and poised amid all of the…everything…that is the Twilight universe. I adore that she fangirls over things (“obsessions aren’t healthy!” – we know, but we still love them, too, obviously). And yes, how can you not love that she saw “Jumping Edward” first. Good for you for asking her about the characters. I love that she gets so into and attached to her characters – I think that’s why Twilight was so likeable to begin with. I think few writers can really do this well; bring us characters that we can so easily obsess over. What I have maintained from the beginning of my Twilight obsession was that the characters are what made this series. (Except for Ben. I think she forgot about Ben, too. Oops.:)

    • KStewBoy

      Who’s Ben?

  • TeamSeth

    “Erik Odom said the word “carbon-fiber” with a straight face when describing his suit”

    So, what you’re saying is that I should’ve definitely shoved the Krisibians out of the way to get him to sign my Return of the Volturi fake Breaking Dawn 2 Star Wars poster (that I didn’t even bring with me because I knew…. I KNEW!… I’d be on the bleachers and it’d be absolutely pointless to have anything to sign — and I was right)

    Or is Han Solo not carbon fiber frozen? 😉

    Me: I love you.
    Erik: I know.
    Me: No, er, sorry, I was talking to Michael Sheen who just walked up behind you.

    Okay…not to pimp myself out, but if you want the un-glamorous commonfolk view of the Fan Camp week, we over at Ashram Esme will be updating this week, and probably this week only, if you wanted to check out that coverage 😉 I promise, there is NO video. NO great photos (except one of Rob). And NO special treatment. It’s the harsh reality of Fan Camp told in snark and hyperbole, of course.

    For the Campers, By the Campers! http://ashramesme.blogspot.com

    Um… but it was the best thing ever, and I would totally do it again. And if I knew what I know now, I would’ve gone to the beach WAY more than I did. And NOT had sushi at that one place the first day, epic waste of $25.

    Also, do we remember when I was all into Charlie Bewley and would post photos of him on LTT daily in the comments…like back in 2010? Because I met him!!!!!!!! And he hugged me!!!!!!!! (dances)

    • Luludee

      What?!?! Awesome!! I bet he smelled nice and was a good hugger. Excuse me while I imagine being hugged by him….. Was it everything you dreamed it would be?

      Sidenote: I watched Like Crazy about a month ago and almost didn’t recognize him at first, with the exception of the thought, “Whoa, that guy is hot.” And then much later, “Oh that’s right, it’s Charlie!! No wonder he’s hot!”

      Any sign of Daniel or a glimpse of Billy Burke?

  • granny dn

    What, only 7 replies?? Where are all of the fans? Don’t cut out yet. We still have a couple of weeks of the big 3 at various dos, plus DVDs to eventulaay come… Good work you two

    • Luludee

      I was just wondering the same thing!! FINALLY they’ve met Rob and there are only 7 comments??? Whaaa??

  • I love how chill and relaxed she is talking to you ladies! She is not like that with everyone! Its great to see her personality shine through! I am so excited for you gals that you got to go do this! You deserve it!

  • What are we all going to do after tomorrow and its out 🙁 I dont want you ladies to go away :(((

  • Stephanie looks fantastic and I love that she treats you guys like old pals. Well, you did leg hitch her that once… you can’t erase that kind of bond-i-ness. 😉

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