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Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2 – Our REAL Review

This is really it, yall!


WARNING: If you have NOT seen the film, do not pass go, do NOT collect 200 dollars or a fake passport from J. Jenks. Proceed directly to a time depravation chamber or join an Amish communion till you are able to get to a movie theater near you.

Dear LTT-ers,

I feel like Donna Summer’s Last Dance should be playing in the background of this post because well, this is it y’all. This is the last review we’ll write at 3AM after seeing a Twilight movie for the very first time. Sad trombone, yall. SAD.TROMBONE.

Now’s not the time for tears, save that for the credits. Now’s the time for our thoughts WITH SPOILERS on Breaking Dawn Pt. 2.

Top Moments in Breaking Dawn Part 2

1. Charlie and Sue ARE together after all our years of speculation. No need for Match.com

2. Jacob’s totally unnecessary yet totally welcome strip scene in front of Charlie. We think they just used his audition for Magic Mike (spoiler alert: he didn’t get cast)


3. Aro really needs to update his computer’s OS. All of this (the fighting, changing Bella, using  up all their frequent flyer miles to fly all the witnesses to Forks) because he has a crush on Alice? Has he never heard of Skype? And Jasper needs to be worried right…? Aro has that hair.. and that accent… and that marching band uniform… and a bunch of crazy henchmen.

4. The Battle: aka TWI-MAGEDDON
Our hands still hurt from squeezing each other’s hands so hard they might fall off. The battle scene is the definition of on-the-edge-of-your-seat, scream-out-loud, hyperventilate and then pass out moment. I mean Carlisle’s head hitting the ground?! I don’t know about you but we screamed out WTF if happening?! It’s so well done that you don’t question it for one second and then when we snap back to Aro seeing it through Alice’s vision it’s simultaneously relief and outrage! But mostly relief! Thank God! We’re excited to see what everyone thinks about the Twi-mageddon twist. If Stephanie can change her mind & come up with that ending, we’re pretty sure the rest of the fandom could accept it.

5. Jackson’s non-laughable hair. FOR ONCE! Clearly, when they drew straws for who would get the worst wig in this movie Jackson won while Carlisle & baby Renessmee lost. Their hairlines moved up and down between scenes more than our heart rates during the Twi-magedon twist.

6. THANK YOU Bill Condon/Stephenie Meyer/Melissa Rosenberg for creating a non-gratituous, classy-enough, not-over-the-top, fanfic worthy sex scene. It was enough to set the scene while not making us want to crawl under our seats and die from embarrassment while people hoot and holler and yell about things being “unbroken.” No thank you though to the extreme close up of Rob’s hairy thigh.

7. We finally get to see Bella became fully realized. She is powerful– and doesn’t need a man (She drove to Seattle on her own. Big step guys) yet is the perfect counterpart to Edward (that flying kick/roll thing in the Twi-mageddon scene, anyone?!). This is our favorite Kristen performance since New Moon. She makes us laugh after she publicly humiliates Emmett by beating him in an arm wrestling match and then sells us an entirely believable performance as mother and daughter with Renesmee. Truly, theirs was one of the most believable relationships in the films. So yes, she’s a fierce, bad-ass who’s better than all of us. There, are you happy Krisbians? Now please leave us alone. Forever.

Nope, not so weird.

8. Chris Hansen will be disappointed. Somehow the Jacob-Renesmee stuff doesn’t seem creepy, at all. Taylor walked the line carefully and it never went into the WEIRD territory it could have. Besides how can you be creeped out by Taylor, who is like the definition of the boy next door. Also, MacKensie Foy was downright adorable with the CGI wolf. Snaps to everyone here.

9. Lee Pace and Michael Sheen for Presidents of everything. Those two killed EVERY scene. They can deliver ONE line with just the perfect intonation or stress on one word and have us rolling or clapping or panting. Are we SURE Lee Pace is gay?

10. Allistair- what was his deal? Dude, if you’re such a bore stay home in England or wherever you came from and stop being such a negative Nancy. Shit is getting real here and you’re busy lurking around on tree branches or hanging out in the attic by yourself like a weirdo. Either go home or put on your big boy vampire pants and “let’s do this!”

11 .Carlisle was the first to bite the dust (and we were NOT surprised). As much as we love Daddy-C, it just seemed right that he’d go first. NOT THAT IT DIDN’T KILL US and not that we totally didn’t screamed and shout WTF IS GOING ON!?!?!?! But ya know, it had to happen. Also, who has the stunt double/prosthetic Carlisle/Peter Facinelli head now that filming is over? Ebay auction anyone?

12. Alice’s hair looked great. She was wearing less fur, less gloves and less dumb shit. Always a plus.

13. But the music- We talked about it on Monday but it’s still true. TURN IT DOWN! Sometimes you just need an aural break not 2.5 hours of score and music and battle scenes. Give our ears a break PLEASE. Someone please go to Carter Burwell’s house and break every electric guitar and electric bass he owns. PLEASE! Our favorite score is still New Moon, no one else brought it like Desplat did. Also, we still want to know what happened with the Howard Shore, Eclipse score. What a tragedy. Sorry Carter Burwell, we just weren’t feeling this.

Now that we’re at the end, we’re left wondering: WHAT IS NEXT? While discussing this post we came up with all our ideas for what could possibly follow Breaking Dawn Pt 2. We have wild imaginations y’all and we really just can’t say goodbye so here’s what we’re thinking…

Do you think Alice will like my Marching Band uniform?

– Don’t make us read fanfic to find out if Aro ever signs up for a Google + account so he can have a virtual Hangout with Alice and stop dragging every vampire in the world into an unnecessary Vampire Battle to the Death. He should “Indecent Proposal” Alice for a few gabillions, offer Jasper a weekend of all the humans he can eat and see if he can make it happen, FINALLY. Aro: totally DTF.

– Will Nahuel have a “Best Abs Throw Down” with Jacob for Renessmee’s heart? Who will win? Will Jacob rip off Nahuel’s loin clothe in the battle? PLEASE!

– Does Leah ever stop being a raging biotch? Does one of the other wolves take one for the team just so she’ll shut up for a while?

– Will Rosalie ever find her go-to shade of blonde on the Loreal color scale? Will she and Alice ever be able to make her brows match?

– Does Mike Newton inherit Newton’s Outfitters from his folks & can it compete against Sports Chalet during these down economic times?

– How quickly will Sue move in with Charlie? Will Seth move into Bella’s old purple room? And more importantly: WILL SUE PAINT THE CABINETS THEIR RIGHTFUL COLOR: YELLOW!?

– Can we watch Lee Pace & the girl who plays Kate get it on? No? Is Kate able to turn off that electricity shocking thing she does, or is Garrett into that sorta thing?

These two. Get a room!

– Will Jasper challenge Aro to a dual over Alice? Will they walk 20 paces and then turn and shot each other with old-timey pistols?

– Do Carlisle & Esme ever choose their grandparent names? Is it Papa or Nana or do they prefer CC & Grandma E?

– Does Bella pull out that blue blouse & khaki skit when she wants to “slip into something more comfortable” for Edward? And Does Edward still rock the white sleeveless top to turn Bella on? Will they pull out the matching oatmeal sweaters for this year’s Cullen Family Christmas card with Renesmee?

– Is Bella and Edward’s safe word “The Meadow?”

*insert ugly cry here*

Ok, so here we are, the end of our last review of a Twilight movie. STEPHENIE, YOU BETTER WRITE MORE. WE HAVE QUESTIONS THAT NEED ANSWERS. So don’t make us read FanFic, we want the REAL answers to what happens after Breaking Dawn and we want them FROM YOU. Not our imaginations. If you’re game, Stephenie, we have this secluded spot (my dirty, full of clothes, walk-in closet) with an electrical outlet, a computer, a desk chair and a janky, full size Jumping Rob peeking out from behind my jackets, all set up and ready if you ever want to step in, disappear for a little while, and head back to the meadow.

Also, we won’t tell you all that we may have been discussing this post and what we’d say and perhaps got a little misty. We were also in public, eating a salad. Crying. Freakin’ Twilight.

Is that really it??
Moon & UC

PS So, that baby?! Weeeeellll… that’s a whole other letter.

SOoooooooo what did you think?! Did you jump out of your seat during the Twi-mageddon?!

  • GMB

    I LOVED IT!!

    1. Alice looked great! Her wig, her clothes and she kicked ass!

    2. I disagree with the Jacob/Renesmee thing. It was a little creepy. Especially Alice’s vision of the 4 of them at the end…

    3. I damn near died when Carlisle’s head was taken off!!!! but when Jasper died and then Seth and Leah I knew something had to be up.. well I was hoping.

    4. I think this is the most screen time Esme has had in all 5 movies, good for her!

    5. I was a little unsure about the Denali coven in BD part 1 but I ended up really liking them.

    6.The credits!! When they showed ALL of the Saga cast and the book pages turning was really special. I had a huge smile on my face (to hide the tears).

    I’m glad the audience in my theater was rowdy cause my loud WTFs and OMGs were drowned out.

    #RIPTwilight 🙁

    • celestialchic

      Prettiest Alice ever, for sure. Bella too. Denali’s were cool, loved Garret.

  • Natasha

    The end was awesome. Much better than the let down in the book where everyone got together and then nothing happened. Well I guess nothing happened for real in the movie either, but the vision of what could be was great.

    Also when Aro did that crazy creepy “AhhhHHHHaaahhhhhhHHHH” moment….I lost it laughing. What a weirdo.

    • celestialchic

      Agree, agree, agree! That creepy, maniacal clown laugh was awkwardly funny.

    • Luludee

      LOVED the laugh!! It was creepy and hilarious and soooooo Aro!!

    • Stella

      The lady behind us shouted, “now I’m sure THAT was not in the movie!” Bahahhahhah

      • Stella

        Ahh, I mean the book!

  • Jenn R.

    I never saw Twim-mageddon coming. I literally jumped up and down in my seat, the best twist in a Twi movie. Bill Condon did a top notch job with this movie. It’s crazy, over the top, and yet so amazing.

  • celestialchic

    Loved the Ending!! I watched Twi-meggdon through my fingers, held my hands to my face the whole time – all I could think when they ripped Carlisle’s head off was PUT HIM BACK TOGETHER!! YOU CAN STILL PUT HIM BACK TOGETHER!! Then they set him on fire – and I was like all – damn the critics for whining that nobody important dies in the series and that makes it less good or whatever – then when Jasper’s head was ripped off I was all – PUT HIM BACK TOGETHER!! YOU CAN STILL PUT HIM BACK TOGETHER!!! Then Seth died, and his little eyes went blank, and I was screaming, enough with the death! Leah sacrificed herself to save Esme and died, and I was all – eh, good riddance. I think it’s the best movie of the series, by far. I’ve never been on such an emotional roller coaster during a Twi movie, and totes was not expecting to be last night!

    PS. The baby was weird looking, but I was prepared, so I got over it.

    • JellyBeanRainbow

      That’s what I was thinking before realizing that too many of the important characters died to be a true battle: Put them back together, now!

    • Fel

      I was definitely thinking that, as well. “They’re okay, right? Put them back together NOW!” 🙁

    • Xylem106


    • TeamSeth

      I completely forgot you COULD put them back together. I was just like, “Oh well. I guess that makes sense Carlisle would die.” I mean, let’s not pretend I wasn’t leaned forward, jaw dropped, mouth hanging open in utter disbelief and shock, because I was, but I mentally made peace with Carlisle dying. Then like everyone else did and I was all, “Hm…. this must be a vision, right?” BUT THE TRANSITION WAS SO GOOD! And it went on FOR SO LONG!

      The best was when EVERYONE cheered when Jane died. #epic

  • recee13

    I think I knew something was up when Jasper bit it without rendering everyone in his power range mentally incompetent

  • JustthetipEH

    I thought Aro’s weird laugh was just for us. A little nod to us for always picking up on the WTF moments.

    Twi-mageddon? I thought the twist was just that there would be a battle. Not a Cullen massacre. When I saw Carlisles head I almost threw up. Then Jasper? When Edward fell down the hole is when I started sobbing and shaking. It NEVER occurred to me it was Alices vision. Then when it went back, I was like, DUH! Of course it’s just a vision.

    What a way to go out with a bang. I overheard a girl who had a meet and greet with Stephanie (Hi Steph!) say she wanted to go nuts and kill all the Cullens but Bill had to reign her in. If that was reigned in, I think I would have had a heart attack had she gotten her way.

    I loved fierce vampire Bella. She was the Bella I always wanted her to be but didn’t think Stew had it in her.
    (BTW that was her leg, not Robs.)

    Anyhoo, I LOVE YOU GUYSSSSSS!!!! Thank YOU for 4 years of giggles! I can’t believe Twilight is done!

    • Bubs

      I thought I saw Robs leg too [?]. Looks like I’ll have to go back for a 3rd look..n4th…n5th….etc.

    • TeamSeth

      “I thought Aro’s weird laugh was just for us.”

      That’s exactly what I thought! I died laughing and looked at the LTT girls with me. I thought I might cry at that part. Then for 2 days straight we said, “EHEHEHEHE Come here, my child.” When all the stars said they wanted to play Aro, it was FOR THAT LAUGH.

    • TeamSeth

      Oh, also, I heard that they originally had Edward run for Alice (which makes more sense to me anyway) and have the same fate occur, but the test audience COULD NOT HANDLE IT. So they had to change it. Who knows… that’d be a lot of reshooting, and I didn’t think they did FULL BATTLE reshoots.

  • GMB

    Did anyone else notice that when they did the montage of Bella’s memories at the end there were no clips from Eclipse?? Edward’s proposal to her, nothing at all…or did I just somehow miss them?

    • Luludee

      I noticed that too. I think there was like one brief one from the end of the movie in the meadow before she gives her girl power speech. It lasted like 1 second and then jumped to seeing Edward at their wedding.

    • TeamSeth

      Maybe because she makes out with Jacob in that film… 😉

      Actually I didn’t notice. Interesting though. I wonder why?

  • I thought there was going to be a riot in the theater last night during Twimaggedon. So happy to review LTT’s take this morning on it. I can always count on you guys!

    • Blondieinco

      Agreed! I wish I had a picture of everyone’s faces when Aro holds up Carlisle’s head – it was a collective gasp and then freak out and then more freak out as Jasper/Seth/Leah die. It.was.awesome.

      • Fel

        It would be awesome if there were taped audience reactions online at some point. I have never heard an audience freak out like that before, I know mine did for sure.

    • Sisterpenguin

      Saw it again last night in Worcester. Couldn’t have been more different from LA if they’d tried: very slight gasps at Carlisle’s beheading and then a groan at the vision reveal.
      Humph! Bloody English

      • MariaCecilia

        There was plenty of screeching in the audience over here in Sweden. All of us Europeans aren’t jaded: or maybe that’s the British stiff upper lips gasping? 😉

  • BeaDee

    Someday soon I will get to that theatre… until then it’s goodbye, internet!

  • Kathleen

    I almost lost my damn mind during Twi-Meggadon. I literally had to hold a tissue to my mouth in case anything were to come burping out. Really had no idea it was a vision, but like someone said it made total sense. Now I know why people said the scene was not in the book but could have been.
    The baby/CGI was awful and pissed me off. Why, why, why can’t they do a Twilight film without making something so damn laughable?
    I loved Kristen as Bella. I totally could tell the difference between human Bella and vampire Bella and it was awesome! Her “fight” scene with Jake was ball kicking good!

    Final meadow scene is when the water works started. Never mind that I had just sat through the marathon and had just watched those movies. I loved this part.

    The credits. The credits. The credits. I was BAWLING. Loved how they incorporated the book. More proof that Bill and everyone just GOT IT. This is for the fans, and it all started with the books.

  • Kathleen

    Oh, and did anyone else piece together that Sue and Charlie are awfully cozy less than a year after Harry died? Makes you wonder what else Charlie was hiding under that mustache.

    I also had a hard time spelling mustache.

    • TeamSeth

      When she sat on his lap I actually felt a tinge of jealousy towards her. #notlying

  • Luludee

    It was so good!!! but different in a way too….which really was how the book was, so hey! Obvi because of vampire Bella. She made some pretty fierce facial expressions in this. I loved how BA she was. Those “still more facial expressions than KStew” memes might be outdated now…

    Lee frakin’ Pace. Need I say more? Ok I will. Tricorn people. I’m telling you, it would have been hot. (Sorry, I can’t let it go!)

    Aro’s Laugh. So creepy and so perfect. I laughed hard and thought about LTT. I’m surprised you didn’t mention it!

    Twi-mageddon: we talked here about how it had to be a vision, so I totally had that in mind and was expecting it… except it didn’t lead into it that way. Carlisle’s head fell on the ground and my brain refused to process what it was seeing. I kept thinking “it’s a vision, it’s a vision!” but then Jasper died and it just kept going and going and I started to think that they really, truly changed it. And then I was all Esme and Alice when their mates died “NO!” and then I was like “get that little blonde bitch Alice!!!” I breathed a sigh of relief when it all came back around.

    Marcus being all “finally” – HA!

    I honestly didn’t even notice the wigs this time. I think it was because I was too busy trying to block the image of that damn CGI (really?) baby. They just kept showing it and like zooming in!! It was sooooo distracting!! I barely remember what happened in those scenes; I was practically rocking back in my forth in my seat mumbling “make it stop! make it stop!”

    I liked how they did the credits, but I did not get misty-eyed. I actually really enjoyed the beginning credits a lot too.

    Can’t believe it’s over 🙁 I’m still in my post viewing endorphin haze and can’t wrap my head around the fact. Let’s go again! 😉

    • Guest

      I love Marcus saying “Finally”! I don’t think people that didn’t read the encyclopedia would understand why he said that. It was like a nod to the die hard fans.

      And I enjoyed the opening credits as well, very different then the previous movies.

      • Scruffy Taylor

        agreed! I found a few moments where I was thankful for the illustrated guide…a nod to us.

      • lonedroid

        Absolutely loved the Marcus part. Had to be one of my favorites.

      • Blondieinco

        Loved opening credits. I don’t know why but I did 🙂

    • I was lucky enough to see the movie last week and I was shocked when Carlisle’s head flew off and I was like, “no way it must be a vision” but still was unsure until everyone started hitting the deck then I just started laughing because I KNEW it had to be a vision. Last night was a bonus because (unlike last week) everyone in the theater was a fan and the reactions were PRICELESS. I almost spent more time looking at the audience during the battle then at the screen.

      I’m so glad we can all talk about this now (sigh).

      • Luludee

        Having to wait a week to discuss would have sucked.

        I was just thinking and remembering, part of why I was so taken by surprise at Carlisle being taken out so quickly, is that when he got mad and attacked first, I was like “holy cow, Carlisle’s attacking!? He’s gonna mess some people up!” And then SREETCH/CRACK. Dead. I was not expecting that.

        Although now that I think about it, it would make sense that the pacifist vamp would be the first to die as he’s probably the least skilled at fighting.

        • Guest

          After the movie was over and I was walking to my car I realized something was very wrong with the fact that Carlisle attacked first and that no one ran with him. Emmett, especially, wouldn’t have let him attack alone. I should have known it was real. It was a great emotional rollercoaster though!

          • Nelle

            I wasn’t surprised really, because they were taking Alice away- and he is sort of like her father. So I thought it was quite sweet the way he went after them.

          • Luludee

            Good point! Didn’t really think of that.

        • Sisterpenguin

          I don’t think he’s the least skilled, I mean he’s had to survive all this time. He wasn’t exactly wimpy for the Eclipse fight. Just as Nelle says, he’s protecting his daughter and I think they were all in shock.
          Remember this IS what would have happened if Aro didn’t back down. It’s all about the choice

          • Luludee

            True. I always understood him to be more of a diplomat than a soldier. But I really wasn’t expecting him to be taken out so quickly! And then THE soldier, Jasper gets taken out 2nd. So I guess skill only takes you so far 😉

          • TeamSeth

            Remember when Jasper got slapped in the face? hehe That actually happened, too. It was pre-vision. Regardless, he was being held, was he not? It makes sense he’d die pretty quickly, no?

          • Luludee

            I do not remember the slap. But yeah he was being held. I forgot about that until I saw it the second time.

            Part of me was expecting Jasper to like fling them off and then go wild killing a bunch of them.

    • TeamSeth

      Let’s go again! 🙂


      The opening credits sequence was so fun! Also, I only teared up when Edward thanked Carlisle for the incredible life he gave him. It was so touching.

  • kitten_mitton

    I am so happy for Jasper and his hair.

  • Scruffy Taylor

    AHHHHH! Well, I found myself criticizing lots until Twi-mageddon. Some of the vampire movements…cheesy. The CGI baby face..creepy. WHY must they still change the wigs? The music…loud. And then…..it happened. Twi-mageddon. I never say it being her vision, but of course, when it was revealed, it made perfect sense. OF COURSE Alice would see how Aro’s decision would play out and OF COURSE Edward would read her mind and also know the consequences for Aro choosing to fight. It was perfect!!!! But when it was occurring and I was blind to it being a vision (the torture), I was on the edge of my seat. Carlisle? NOOOOOO! Jasper? SETH? NOOOOOO! I was shaking from such a strange mix of emotions, but it was oh, so good! Marcus saying “finally” when he was going to be destroyed…the best!

    How about a shout out to my lover, Taylor. He had some of his best moments in this film, and he delivered them perfectly. He really has become Jacob, and do so beautifully. The car ride with Bella when he mentions how creepy Dracula #1 and #2 are….brilliant!

    Gosh, I could go on and on. But one thing I’ve yet to come to terms with is that it is over. I don’t accept it yet.

    • Luludee

      Forgot about Dracula #1 and #2! Great moment!

    • Scruffy Taylor

      geez…..sorry for the errors. say=saw and do so= done so. I think I need to see it again!

    • Bubs

      Yep, Taylor should do a comedy-he could so pull it off. Rob too for that matter.

      • Bubs

        FINALLY, one of my comments gets posted !!! Silly me has been trying to put them through DISQ for weeks now n they never turned out. No more DISQ for me until they work their Sh ** out.
        Sister Penguin…how was the Red Carpet etc. for you ???

        • Sisterpenguin

          Amazing and… scarey. Amazing from seeing these people in RL: they are so pretty and nice – still not turned by Rob but yes to Kristen (to KSBs delight).

          Scarey ’cause some of the fans are really bat-shit crazy and the security behave as though you’re all that way

          Best thing about it though was meeting the LTT folks. They’re all gorgeous (which means intelligent, funny and beautiful)!

          • Bubs

            Glad you got to meet the cast. Thought Rob was quite “beautiful” to look at when I met him and very gracious. Would have LOVED to have met Taylor though. As for Kristen, she looks beautiful/amazing in whatever she wears.
            When Rob was in Sydney doing the BD 2 exclusive fan event last month, Dean was doing his best “serious” Bodyguard role [never smiled once]. I commented to him that he was “looking good” [he was] and obviously had “lost some weight”. Well, not one reaction from Dean, however, Rob smiled n turned to Dean n gave him a big grin as if to say…somebody’s noticed. Thought that was interesting compared to Deans reaction to Leaping Rob-he really wanted Rob to see it and couldn’t stop smiling. Moon/UC pulled off a an amazing reaction all round !!!!
            Did Kristen n Taylor get to see Leaping Rob too ? Would have loved to have seeen their reactions. I’m sure they all read LTR….
            Glad you met the LTT group [I’m envious :-] ].
            Is Warm Bodies worth reading ? Yesterday I read about and also recommended the All Souls trilogy. I think the Universe is telling me to try something other than the Fifty Shades books [2nd time reading-need something new]. Wonder if Bill Condon should direct 50 Shades-although I really can’t see it being made in he US. Half the book would disappear. The French tend to do good sex scenes-maybe EL James should ask for it to be done there-otherwise I’m visualising nothing but “fade outs”……

          • Luludee

            Warm Bodies is interesting. It’s different for sure. I would say it’s worth the read. Only 1 book and it’s not very long. Give it a try! 🙂

      • Scruffy Taylor

        AH-GREED! God, I love me some Taylor!!!! Jacob, Emmett, Charlie, Aro, and Garrett….scene stealers!

    • TeamSeth

      “Marcus saying “finally” when he was going to be destroyed…the best!”

      THIS! Awww! It was so wonderful.

      And let’s talk about how squee hilarious Dracula #1 and #2 actually were! hehehehe But that moment in the car was so New Moon. It was actually great having just watched Twilight and New Moon that week so they were fresh in my mind. There are a lot of references to both movies in BD2, especially to Twilight.

      • BeaDee

        My hubby loved this part when we saw it today, and I revealed my total nerdiness by explaining Marcus’s backstory to him.

  • Julie

    I loved this review! you guys really are the best twi- fans. I hope Stephenie takes you up on your offer and writes more(in your closet). I want more reviews and hilarious LTT. thanks for the good times.

  • Scruffy Taylor

    oh, and Emmett! He finally gets lines and they are the greatest! He was on point!

  • operarose

    Yes, yes, yes and all of this. I don’t know what to say that you haven’t said. Everyone had their best performances. Everything was true to the book and flawlessly done. I’ll just mention two small details: how awesome was it that they put the book pages in the movie? When has a movie ever had the book it is based on in it? Love that. And, the credits at the end. I think my entire theater of 300 people was sitting, breathless, as they watched the actors roll on screen, and everyone squealed for Rob and Jacob and clapped really nicely for Kristen. What a truly thoughtful ending.

    And I loved that you added to this letter: what next? Because that is what I am thinking. I am still holding out hope that Stephenie will write something more for us. It is all still there and open for continuation…

    LTT has been as much a part of Twilight for me as Bella and Edward have been. I think Twilight alone have grown old for me a long time ago without the wonderful dynamic you have created on here. Sorry I couldn’t make it to LA last week to say hi to you in person, but maybe there will be another chance. (C’mon, Stephenie!) I get the feeling this isn’t your last letter, but even if it is, this part heartfelt/part funny letter is a great and very fitting ending to what was very much a part of the Twilight experience for me – you.

    • GMB

      Very nicely said.

      I got on the Twilight train fairly late in the game but LTT & LTR have really helped fuel my love for the movies. You ladies are hilarious! Thank you!

    • Luludee

      As always, Operarose, you put perfectly into words, that which I cannot seem to. Brava!

    • Blondieinco

      I got so choaked up at the credits! It was a great way to say goodbye to all those characers

    • Xylem106

      What she said! You ladies rock. I hope you can find a platform to continue to do this somehow…even if about real life issues sans jorts… Because I would read what you guys would have to say about your day at the mall (sans Edward cutout: sadface).

  • GMB

    When Jane threw that Immortal Child into the fire my mouth dropped open…no one else in my theater seemed bothered by that though..

    • TeamSeth

      Someone else on here said the same thing in another comment, I think. Was this really shocking? It was so explained in the books that all of the immortal children died at the hands of the Volturi that I saw no surprise in it at all.

  • Stella

    YES to all of this! And I’m with you Operarose on the horrifying baby in the fire scene!!! After four movies and a few bottles of wine (shared with friends of course!) I’m pretty sure I missed some of the movie and will have to return to see it a dozen more times or so. That’s normal right?! I think I’m more sad about the end of letterstotwilight than twilight itself. It’s not over yet is it? You ladies have definitely kept the obsession alive! OMG I’m NOT crying!

    • Sisterpenguin

      Yes. It’s the LTT I’ll miss but That’s Normal lives on

  • Scarlet19


    Gotta love him as Garret! HE HAD ME FROM THE START. I loved the scene in the meadow too! And when they started fighting, I was like, WTF WTF WTF THAT WASN’T IN THE FREAKIN’ BOOK. And then when I saw Alice blink, WTH I JUST GOT PUNK’D and everyone in the audience really sighed loudly in relief. Stephenie, you sly genius you. AND Aro’s face after the vision. Everyone was laughing. Everything Aro did after the vision was hilarious. I was like, YEAH THAT’S RIGHT BITCH, YOU SHOULD BE SCARED,

    All in all, THE BEST FLICK IN THE SAGA. 5 stars! (And all those accents! Swoon)

    • Fel

      Loved Garret! I was so happy that they left in my favorite line “the red coats are coming!” It was perfect! And Aro’s reactions after the vision had me on the floor. Loved it!

    • TeamSeth


      Lee Pace STOLE the film. If Michael Sheen wasn’t in the film, then the whole film would be Lee Pace. Can you believe that I forgot there was even a sex scene in the movie? But I sure as hell remembered that Lee Pace was HILARIOUS and awesome. Sigh. More Lee Pace, world! MORE!!!!

  • Scarlet19

    I really thought someone from the Volturi would come up break dancing because of the music when they all met at the clearing.

    • Scruffy Taylor

      yeah….music wasn’t so great this time around. Some of their song/score choices didn’t fit the scene. Bleh!

  • I totally agree with the New Moon score, it was beautiful. I still play it in my car while driving.. And yes, the whole audience gasped when Carlisle lost his head.I cried when Seth bit the dust. I was glad to see Jake being his playful self–he had the best lines. Finally, humor. This was the best of the Twilight movies, by far.

    • TeamSeth

      I listened to it while reading this post, haha. I was like, “What will be sad enough and in theme? OH, I know! ‘Edward Leaves’ from New Moon score.” #win

    • Luludee

      I was too shocked to cry the first time, but the second time, even though I knew it was a vision I was totally tearing up when Seth died… and then when wolf Jacob was crying. Ugg, my heart! Doggy/wolfy cries are so sad!

  • Nelle

    Just got back. Loved it. (But I think BD Part 1 is still my favorite)
    1. Loved that they played the scores from the other movies in the opening credits, since I love the New Moon score.
    2. Baby Nessie was a little creepy. They should have given her some curls and then the wig wouldn’t have looked so bad. But I had to sort of unfocus my eyes when she was onscreen. I guess a half CGI/half real baby is hard to do right.
    3. Twi-mageddon had me in shock. I kept thinking “How can they do this.” Even though I saw battle scenes in the trailers and wondered if they were just adding in a battle to keep the audience happy, I didn’t guess it was Alice’s vision. Seamlessly done. Kudos to Bill Condon.
    4. Loved the ending credits with the book pages and the whole cast. Made me a little teary.
    5. For those of you looking for some help with your Twilight withdrawal- I highly recommend the All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness. The first book is “Discovery of Witches” and the 2nd is “Shadow of Night.” 3rd is due out next summer maybe. It’s a more grown up Twilight about vampires, witches and demons. REally very good.
    Finally- thank you Moon and UC and other writers for a really fun time.

  • JellyBeanRainbow

    I’m just home from my first solo watching. The movie theatre was silent the whole time. Few candy wrappers and popcorn munching was heard at the beginning, then nothing. No yelling for Bella’s red eyes or Edward and Jacob both being so hot and beautiful it was almost unbearable, no screams of horror during the battle, no sounds of relief after it, no clapping for final closing credits. Apart from few ah and oh, nothing. Of course I could hear the dialogue, but it was a lonely experience. So much different fom the premiere in L.A. That was amazing, the whole audience so ino the movie, the screams of horror, the cheering or every name at the end. My whole trip was worthy if not for all the lining and madness and at the same time awesomeness of Tent city and the friends I met there, it was the experience of watching the movie for the first time in a company of true fans and Twilight connoisseurs.
    I loved Edward having a happy expression on his face all the time, I loved Jacob, I’ve always loved Jacob, I think Kristen wasn’t as beautiful as she could have been, we all have seen her looking gorgeous at some events, she should have looked the best ever, but she wasn’t. Good job, make up & hair , oops, wig department !? Not.
    I loved the Cullens wardrobe this time, the colours and the skinny silhouettes.
    My favourite was Guri Weinberg as Dracula 1, lol Jacob, he was so funny and unexpected.
    There wasn’t enough Seth in human form, people, have you seen Boo Boo lately, he’s even more adorable than he was if this is possible.

    There wasn’t enough vampire, Bella and Edward precisely, sex in the movie. One more scene would be perfect.

    • Blondieinco

      I just saw it for the second time this afternoon. I wasn’t at the premier in LA but the midnight showing last night was just packed with fans – everyone was seriously into it – and it was a blast. Today – still loved the movie but I missed the energy of the midnight show.

    • MariaCecilia

      I agree with you on all points! And I still envy you your LA experience…happy for you, girl!

    • TeamSeth

      Aw Guri. He was so worth it, despite that Noel rocked more lines. The twos of them had me so giddy. (you guys’ nudging didn’t help) Who knew they’d have such ridiculous accents, right?! I mean, I guess I knew, but I forgot. The real Romanian Vladimir that I did sort of date one summer did NOT talk like that… but whatever. It was hilarious. Oh man. This made me a little sad.

  • Luludee

    Haha guys, I just found this Twilight virgin review of BD2, written by non other than 2 guys!!! Unicorns in the making, perhaps? Check it out!

    • Scruffy Taylor

      perfect!!! they know NOTHING about the series, yet they loved it!

      • Luludee

        I know, right!?

  • Laughed so much at this….but wanted to cry. Man, I’m going to miss this. Don’t remember what life was like before Twilight. I started this journey when Eclipse wasn’t even out in book form yet. I need a new hobby. Warm Bodies anyone?

    • Sisterpenguin

      Summit showed us an advance screening of Warm Bodies last Sunday. Entertaining, not as good as the book and unless UC and Moon are posting, well…

      • GoWithIt

        I saw the preview and felt they pretty much showed the entire movie in that preview. They didn’t leave much to the imagination there.

      • Luludee

        Really? That’s disappointing :-/

  • Bubs

    Ah, the Volutri Marching Uniforms…”the Red Coats are coming-the Red Coats are coming”. Is Lee Pace really gay ??? My girlfriend n I thought he was REALLY HOT [nearly as hot as Taylor]- there was some great lines in this Movie. For once, I will congratulate Melissa R. for not stuffing up the books [still think she left out too many relevant moments in the other Movies scripts though].
    Having seen it twice already-I was suprised I was as nervous and upset during the fight scene as I was the first time [go figure?]. It was fun listening to the “ohhh’s” at the end of the scene for all the audience who hadn’t seen it previously.
    Stephenie PLEASE don’t leave us hanging. Aro has soooo much more to give/take from the Cullens !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Moon/UC. We LOVE you !

    • TeamSeth

      Aro has soooo much more to give/take from the Cullens


  • It’s funny when Carlisle died I actually was that girl who screamed “what is happening!!!???” So loud I embarassed my friends. In my head I kept thinking okay this is what’s going to happen to make them all mad enough to kick ass. So i quickly mourned him and thought, “can i live with this? Carlisle is dead!” Then Jasper died and I was like no way, this can’t be really happening, it must be Alice’s vision. All I could think of was “moon said not to worry everything is going to be okay” mixed with the countless interviews where the entire cast said they were surprised when the read the script because it was so different. All I have to say is that I was as shocked in that moment as I was when I read in New Moon (and threw my book across my apartment) that Edward thought Bella was dead and wanted to die too. My theatre was the perfect mix of whoops,sighs,gasps and cheers I love opening night!!

    • Luludee

      I already wrote out what I was thinking, but I was also thinking exactly what you just described. LTT mind-meld; love it.

  • Blondieinco

    I don’t really have anything new or different to add. I just loved the movie! I loved seeing Edward happy! Nothing was cringe-worthy to me. Even Bella’s shield, which I feared might come off as cartoon-ish, was really well done. Thank you Bill Condon!!! And thank you LTT – it has been so fun breaking down this crazy obsession with you!

    • Scruffy Taylor

      but Alec’s mist? eh, that was silly. Bill definitely has a cheese factor to him.

      • TeamSeth

        Alec’s mist was basically as described in the book. I thought it was a little too much LOST smoke monster, for my taste, but, whatevs.

  • lonedroid

    LOL Aro and his obsession with Alice. I can’t believe there are no fanfics about these two, or are there? Did anyone register his hurt face when she kicked him? And yes, Alice should introduce him to Skype just like Ashley introduced Michael Sheen to Youtube (his words!). Oh the parallels.

    • TeamSeth

      Ashley introduced Michael Sheen to Youtube (his words!)

      STOP! I can’t handle this.

  • Melissa Twilightlover

    I’m beyond sad that this crazy train ride is ending. What would have happened had my hubs not “forced” me to buy the Twilight movie tie-in paperback book at that Walmart in Ohio? I was a library only kind of girl and with two small kids I hadn’t read a “me” book in years. I admit that I read the back said “yuck vampires” and put it back. He said “oh just buy it” and the rest is history. He regrets ever opening his mouth. I thank SM for giving me my life back!! Thank you ladies for years of LOL moments. I was a sometimes commenter but read everything.

    • Melissa Twilightlover

      On a side note, I’m going with 9 other ladies to a meet and greet with Peter F. In the Chicago burbs and I can’t guarantee I won’t be a blubbery mess when I see him. That twist just gutted me. Even though months ago we speculated that the “battle” was going to be a Alice vision I still fell for it and sobbed like a baby. I truly feel like I’m having a touch of PTSD. Wow, it got ugly in our theater. I have me ER attended a film where the entire crowd just

      • Same

        Lost their minds.

      • Sisterpenguin

        P Fach is lovely in RL. Hubba hubba big time baby!

  • Roog

    Literally could not take my eyes off of Dakota Fanning…’s eyebrows!! Girlfriend needs to get in touch with an aesthetician stat! I was transfixed by their unruliness! Did this bother no one other than me?

  • Okay, several of us seen “mouths on some of.the trees during the campfire.scenes. what do you think that is a lead to?? You only see it 3 times, and.it’s quick

    • Scruffy Taylor

      going to see it again in a few hours…I’ll be looking!

    • Luludee

      I looked at my second viewing but the only thing I saw was what looked like an axe chop in a tree.

    • shiloh

      I saw the mouths too. Freaky.

  • Fel

    Twi-mageddon definitely had me fooled for quite a bit. I remember my jaw was on the floor for a probably a few minutes when I realized Aro was holding Carlisle’s head and thought I was going to be sick. I’m pretty sure the word, “WHAT?!?!?” came out of my mouth lol. Most of the audience at my theater had similar reactions. I don’t think I’ve ever heard people scream like that in a theater before. It just kept getting worse and worse, but Seth may have been the worst in terms of heart-shattering, with that broken wolf whimper and then his eyes going blank. The audience loved the Volturi deaths though. A girl behind me screamed out “Hell YEAH!” at the top of her lungs when Alec was killed, and that set the rest of us off laughing and yelling at the screen for the rest of the battle. I finally turned to my friend near the end of it though and said, “please tell me this isn’t real”– the relief in the theater was infectious. 😀 Oh, and creepy Aro’s laugh– if that disturbingly awkward sound doesn’t make it into my nightmares at some point, I’ll be surprised. It just came out of nowhere lmao.

  • Fel

    Can I just add in a comment on the adorable factor of the scene with Edward and Nessie playing piano together? *Warm fuzzies all over for that part*

  • BDing

    Wait a minute. Alice can’t see the wolves in her visions. What’s up with that Stephanie?

    • Sisterpenguin

      Did notice that but thought about it more for the grown-up Renesme vision

      • Scruffy Taylor

        I, too, wondered how Alice saw Jacob/Renesmee flee and also how the wolves were part of the fight in her vision. I did assume that she saw them together when Renesmee is older because Bella & Edward were in the vision.

    • MariaCecilia

      Yes, I thought about that too, but it was never clear to me how that was supposed to work: is the vision clouded when you’re on the rez? Within ten feet of a wolf pack member? Where are the boundaries? But then, logic was never a big part of supernatural YA fics…:)

  • sjaantje

    I love your review! Thank you for the laughs.
    You guys didn’t say anything about Aro’s laugh? That was another WTF moment.
    Loved the epic battle scene! What is even better is when you see it the second time and here everyones reaction to it. As this one girl said last night, “That was f@*ked up!” the whole time she was clapping.
    Thanks for the wonderful memories, you two!

  • Sue G.

    Saw it twice so far! Could not believe when Carlisle’s head was ripped off! We sat there in shock! Loved the movie. Loved Edward when he was dressed in blue! Yum! Jacob showing Charlie he was a wolf was great! Love Billy Burke! Still can’t believe it is over.

  • kandnandb

    Coming back to comment for old times’ sake. :'(
    I didn’t hate it!!! Sure there were some cringe-worthy moments (Kristen’s ‘smell the fart’ acting was at its worst, that baby-creeeepy!!!, Carlisle’s hair) but overall, I thought it was decent.

    Aro made it for me. And Billy Burke and that Rami (Remi?) guy. And Lee Pace too….I didn’t even get too distracted by the wig & guy liner. I knew the “twist”-it was leaked last summer and I thought everyone else knew it too. I had no idea they were trying to make it a surprise. But it was still cool to watch. Poor Carlisle and Jasper and Seth.

    I totally disagree about Kristen’s performance as a mother but hey, that’s just my opinion. I realize she’s not a mom, but neither is MSheen a crazy Sgt Pepper vampire and he sold me. *shrugs*

    I’ve been reading LTT and LTR for over 3 yrs now and what a crazy ride it’s been. I’m not exaggerating when I say Twitter & this place got me thru a really, really, really rough 2010. And 2011 didn’t start off that well either.

    Thanks, girls (all of you), for the laughs!

    PS-what’s the name of that very weird girl who used to reenact the movies with her husband and put them on YouTube? Good times.

    • Luludee

      Amanda or AmanDUH as I think UC and Moon dubbed her.

    • TeamSeth

      (hugs) LTT is the best thing ever. I owe so much to the good feelings they’ve made me have over silly vampire books. SO MUCH. 2010 for sure. Sigh. It’s going to be sad…. but I’ve been weaning myself off of it, and they off of us. So, it won’t be like pre-New Moon and the birth of ‘jortspack’, when LTT was in its daily posts’ prime. That would’ve been too harsh! And now I have time for other things… and life is better now, so I want to have time for other things.

      <3 But I will miss everyone. So much.

  • grannydenninelli

    Tons of fantastic comments here. I enjoyed the movie too, tho I found the battle a little bit long. Thought the pace of the movie was excellent. Good to see Edward smiling and much more natural. Same for Bella and Jacob. Guess the actors have learnt lots about their craft along the way .Aro’s laugh made me both grin and cringe. I too will be having major withdrawal symptoms – guess I’m stuck with the tons of FF I haven’t read yet to ween me off. Even the stuff there is evolving…

    Thanks to you girls for keeping me occupied, happy and laughing for the last 2 years.

  • twifan

    Thank you guys. Couldn’t have done it without you. I refuse to think that this is it…hugs

  • OCDmom32

    I was full on shocked when Carlisle’s head rolled on the ground! I yelped and covered my face, I just could not wrap my head around it. The Bella and Edward ripping off Aro’s head! That was perfect. The moment it was realized that it was Alice’s vision, the collective “HOLY SHIT, THANK GOD” moment from the theater was awesome!
    I had to wait to read your post, I was not fortunate enough to go to the midnight show, but now that I’ve finally seen it, I came straight home to see what you wrote! This can’t be your last post ladies! There is much to discuss still! Like the ribbing Emmett was supposed to give Bella in front of her dad, totally wanted to see that! (the look on his face when he realized Bella was going to win the arm wrestling match almost made up for it though!)
    THANK YOU! You ladies have made this series wonderfully bearable for me, I am thrilled to have found a group who love the series as much as I do and are willing and able to make fun of it at the same time!

  • MariaCecilia

    I’ve been working, so it’s really no point in commenting now, but I need to, because this is THE LAST MOVIE people!!! I loved it, and can’t really explain why, so I’m glad you did! I loved this version of Edward, I loved vampire Bella, Charlie is for marrying and Aro is – Aro. The fight was a satisfying alternative ending even though on some level I knew that this was a Bobby-in-the-shower moment. Loved the credits and the frostnipped introduction; so cool! I want MORE! And I love you guys, but that goes without saying now.*sigh*

  • janetrigs

    “less gloves, less dumbshit, always a plus” Also, I HATE You for making me feel sad at work. Ohhh welll

  • MichaelSheenIsADILF

    My boyfriend went with me (because there were no other movies playing at the same time) and when Emmett and Bella are about to arm wrestle and they really show Emmett up close for the first time, my boyfriend leans over and goes “Is that guy CGI?”
    Amazing. Also, Dat Aro.

    • Luludee

      I thought about you while Aro was on screen, lol.

    • TeamSeth

      Aw! Great to see you here again 🙂 I saw Sheen in the flesh. I wish I could give you that moment (though let’s not pretend I didn’t enjoy it immensely myself)

  • pokeymomma

    All good twilight things shouldnt come to an end.

  • Xylem106

    Truly the end of an era! BD2 was visually gorgeous and very well acted by everyone… Even by Kristen. It’s Ike she finally read the books or something. Where was Bill C four movies ago?

    Things that I loved:
    -Adherence to the books
    -inclusion of visions (how come Edward never had one when reading people’s minds in the whole saga?)

    Things that could have been better
    -The pace soooo slow
    -less uncomfortable close ups of EVERYONE
    -The franken-music… I spent too much time trying to figure out which movie a particular score was from… They used all of them.

    • TeamSeth

      You thought the pace was slow? Really? I thought it was so fast! It was just like, “That scene is done. Oh, there’s that one. This thing has happened. Okay, Christmas, JJenks, Imma die *sad*, we’re all gonna die *sad*, FIGHT SCENE.” then like 30 minutes later, “We’re alive! Peace out, Volturi! Slightly fewer false endings than in LOTR Return of the King. CREDITS.”

      It was fast, like vampire fast.

  • TeamSeth

    Finally read this!

    My favorite part was when Caius brings up the werewolf situation and Aro looks at him and shakes his head.

    I lol’d.


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