My name's Chris Hanson and you're on Dateline NBC…

Which way to the gunshow?

Which way to the gunshow?

Dear Taylor-

By now we’ve all read at least 4586969 times that you are OFFICIALLY back as Jacob Black for New Moon. Team Jacob can now officially squeal with joy, and the rest of us can put that whole icky Michael Capon thing behind us. Whew.

Access Hollywood just recently talked to you and asked all the ‘hard hitting questions’ we wanted to know, and I have to say, Taylor, I totally have a new found respect for you. You are one of the only cast members who can intelligently talk about the books, the movies and everything in between and not get freaked out by the fangirls too much. You take it all in stride and you’re 16!!! I can’t say the same for some other train wreck interviews we’ve had to endure during the Twilight press tour. Ahem KStew, AHEM.

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The only other thing I can say after watching this interview is I totally felt 2nd hand embarrassed when the weird creepy interviewer guy said “how many inches around is that?” and then asked you if you had a “sixer” going on! And made you lift up your shirt! Uh? EW.  I looked over my shoulder to make sure Chris Hanson wasn’t going to jump out and surprise me with the Dateline film crew cause it felt so skeezy. But I do have to say uh, WOW. You are ripped for a 16 yr old, and now I feel weird.

this reminds me, I need to do my laundry

this reminds me, I need to do my laundry

And back to normal stuff… your hair looks about a billion times better than the previous spiky/ed hardy wearing WeHo douchebag hair you were sporting before. Bravo! Now if only we can talk about the heinous wig they made you wear in Twilight. As one of the Atlanta housewives would say, it was beyond “low budget.”

But dear, as much as I’m giving you props right now after you said:

“Jacob’s in, Edward is out”

I laughed because Edward will NEVER have to compete with you.

Even though your new man-body will make Edward look like a nerdboy.

Much loves and glad you’re back!
Me (themoonisdown)

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Access Hollywood

  • Amber

    When I watched that video and he said Edward was out, all could think was “Oh little one, the cougars will never go for that.” Hopefully his new bod will sway some more of those 13 year olds to leave Rob for us!

    Also, commentator guy was totally creepy!!

  • christapie

    As usual, too funny!

    I definitely felt creepy posting about this on my own blog, but then I didn’t feel so bad when a record 110 people flocked to my site within hours.

  • seriously… any team jacob lurkers out there??

    time to represent cause i’ve given him some mad love in the last couple-la posts!


    ok have to look away again the abs are scaring me… in a good way.

  • vickyb

    @moonisdown, Check back after 3:30 that is when the middle school gets out!!!

    As for the abs…you know how I feel (per my last letter) I think Rob is gonna have to step up his game *crosses fingers*. I mean geez even Charlie probably has a sixpack under all that flannel.

  • @vicky – oh i totally forgot teens dont have computers in front of their faces all day long like the rest of us. must be nice 😀

    and i think you’re right about rob. he’s gonna need to hit the gym. can you imagine? we’re going to be seeing interview from the hotel gym where rob and taylor are working on. it’s time for a crunch-off! AND GO!

    no lie: charlie is shredded!

  • vickyb

    Good to be back….real work sucks! I love my happy TW place so much better. You girls rock!!!

  • kdgrimmer

    Taylor is adorable I must say! and he loves the Twi-universe…its great! I’m so Team Edward….but I don’t mind being Team Taylor too! *drool* oh err right Im married. woops!

  • Cindy

    themoonisdown, I am defenitely Team JACOB! 🙂 and might I add that I am no teen! I love Taylor, he looks amazinggg.

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  • I love the Rob doesn’t have a sixpack. God knows why, Ive debated with myself about my tastes for ages. Maybe it’s because english girls dont like sixers? nope its not that.
    I think it has to do with normality, ya know… the boy next door thing. the possibility that he’s in my league.
    I was a hot dancer for years and hated dancing with ripped muscle guys, always feeling not quite good enough. But I loved dancing with the less hunky pretty boys. Makes me sound like a looser. I’m not, its just nice to know the guy is lucky to be with you.

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  • everett

    Attention: Chris Attention

    Several years ago you did several programs on Pedophiles at Junior High Schools. One such was the interviews made in Middletown, Cromwell and Rocky Hill Connecticut. I made a local video on the high school level. I understand a whole truck load of professional video equipment was used for audio and video equipment. I merely used 3 dv cams and xlr wire mikes. In editing and equipment there was a noticeable difference. Do you remember doing it and what ever happened to the dvd?

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