Ashley Greene our new BFF

ashcloseuplttltrDear Ashley,

Friday night was a night of amazing luck.  Not only did my flight get in 52 minutes early, but Moon BOOKED IT over to Hollywood after work (without eating any dinner- that’s commitment) got us tickets for your appearance at Hot Topic, picked me & the hubster up at LAX, and drove us BACK to Hollywood where we showed up at 10:04 and live twitted our entire evening’s experience. And though the night ended around 2am, I still had enough energy to drag my bag up Moon’s bajillion stairs into her house, even though it was 5am my time. Luck, I tell you…

Because we had tickets, we decided NOT to wait in the long-ass line of ticket holders since it was freezing and FAR away from the action. Instead we got up close and ashwalksinlttltrpersonal with all your fans and the camera crews waiting outside of the Hot Topic Store.  There we met some pretty great new Twi-friends (and made fun of and took pictures of some way weirdo Twi-fans) and got to be with Mini-Edward for his first MTV experience.  It was so fun being with all the hyped-up fans (minus the one girl who seriously needs to be kicked for her insane screaming fits) that we didn’t even mind waiting for you for two hours. Plus when you finally showed you were in this adorable red dress flashing your famous, gorgeous “Ashley Greene” smile that we didn’t even mind the crowd rushing us from behind and pushing us into the security gate. (Okay…we minded a little…)

usashAfter you went into Hot Topic we decided to be super smart and, again, forego the long-ass line and get us a midnight snack. Johnny Rockets rocks the fries at 12:15am.  By the time we were done, we jumped back at the end of the line, made it into Hot Topic within a 1/2 hour, snapped some adorable shots of you behind the counter, picked up our signed copies of the DVD & swooned over your adorable Twilight earrings (and after viewing some of the professional vids of you that night- we realize you didn’t show up with those earrings and must’ve put them on mid-evening… we’re guessing you were wearing a fan gift, which makes you even more bff-worthy in our minds).

Plus, we ended the night meeting the BEST Unicorn ever in line- Kynt from season 12 of The Amazing Race. He’s the biggest Twilight fan and we wanna invite him to our next sleepover with you and Rachelle, if that’s okay with you.

Really, not much could’ve made our night better (well, maybe 5-8 degrees, a soft comfy chair, 1 less screaming, crazy girl, & you coming 2 hours earlier serving us Rob on a platter). It was amazing and so wonderful to know without a doubt that you are the graceful, beautiful person you appear to be on screen, up close & personal!

Bffs already,

Seriously, amazing night. I was high on adreneline and that’s the only reason I wasn’t falling asleep standing up. Thanks to Ashley Greene for being your adorable, awesome self. Thanks to Moon for not eating dinner and running all over town to ensure we had an amazing night- plus putting the Edward Cullen PillowCase on the bed to welcome me to your home. Thanks to JBell who is our best cheerleader on Twitter! Thanks to the hubster for sitting by himself for hours in downtown Hollywood and enduring the people pretending to be Jesus & Spiderman in the street. And thanks to Kynt, our new friend, who blogs here, and who was so fun to meet at 1-something in the am. Oh, and thanks to Rob Pattinson because you’re hot and… why the hell not?

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  • This all makes me want to sing a rousing chours of “Friends…” Because, you know…a lifetime’s not too long…

    • themoonisdown

      kellan and rob where in the corner singing this as a duet… to the taped version, OF COURSE!

  • brummielover

    @UC ….glad you are having a blast..don’t forget to come back! Pennsylvania needs you..the East Coast needs you. LA has enough cool chicas. Enjoy your time and BE SAFE 😉

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  • Dawn

    Funny, when I was reading Twilight for the first time, I thought that Alice was definatly someone that I wanted as a best friend.. and then to hear that Ashley is just as warm and caring with her fans, as I imagined Alice would be, it makes me love her all the more. oh.. and my Ex says: Dude, if I was Edward, I would have been bagging Alice.. there not related.

    You ladies are great. Much love…

  • Hey that’s Kynt from Amazing Race! How cool ;))

    The live twitter was FUN! I’m so happy you guys got to meet Ashley. Now you are 1 degree from Rob :))

    • themoonisdown

      loved having you on board for the madness that was the live tweet!

      <3 YOU!!!!!!!!

  • Kerry From Ireland

    id jst like to say that i wish i was u rite now!! i live in Ireland and as ive complained many a time, NOTHING happens here and so i envy u for living in America!!!lol. i think that Ashley is the perfect person to have this fame cuz she cn handle it with such grace and she is so warm and friendly!!i wish i lived in america!!lucky u!!and im glad u had a good nite!!

  • emmmes

    Just posted in LTR…but anyway…thanks for keeping us updated in Twitterville, it was some Robrrific vicarous living! Oh, and thanks to Rob Pattinson because you’re hot and… why the hell not?

  • g_row

    Thanks for all the twitters! They were great. Have fun in LA LA Land. Tell Rob I said HI~

  • Valerie(momof3crazykids)

    Wow, what a great night for you!
    My was fun, not as much as yours though. Yes, JBell rocks, she got me to my spot at Blockbuster, where Catherine Hardwicke was. I wasn’t planning on going and was at my teen’s basketball game when I found out. My daughter and I booked it over to Frisco & got in line for the mystery guest that turned out to be Catherine.
    Called the husband and he brought me my Director’s Notebook to be signed. Also got a pic with a tween & my Lil’ Edward, they were all in love with him. Yes, I had him, he was in my purse. No big deal, right?

    • themoonisdown

      thats how little edward always travels!! first class baby all the way!

      thats awesome that she signed your directors notebook, she seems like a real fun whacky gal! did you get pics?

      • I did, they are on my blog. added the link to my blog, just click my name. It’s the 2nd post down.

  • JBell

    *Bows* Thank you, thank you. Happy to provide my services where needed. I’m still laughing about the 5 @tweets, 1 e-mail, 1 DM and 1 comment I left at LTR trying to get the address to you. 🙂 <3 you girls AND Val!

    • themoonisdown

      you were command central that night! and rocked it like a pro!!

    • It’s like she’s a pro and knows all the deets about everything. JBell, you are now our go to gal!

  • Ashley Fragomeni

    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii guys!!! It was so nice to meet you!
    I was the blonde standing in front of you asking you who might be appearing at Hot Topic…and wishing it was Peter!!!
    Thanks for the memories, wanting to hit those girls in the face, and everything else.
    I ended up going and buying the Borders DVD after we left, it’s BEAUTIFUL and so glad I got it.

    So nice to meet you, add me on Facebook!

    • yay! you found us:) we’re so glad! check out b/c we posted the pics of your friends that were behind us!

    • themoonisdown

      hey ashley!! so glad you found us, welcome to our crazy blogs! we loved meeting you and your friends and suffering together through all the ear piercing shrieks!!

      lets do it again!

  • neen

    In 6 degrees of seperation you are now ONE DEGREE from Rob! Yay!

  • You two are such rock-stars. Srsly.

    MTV….Ashley…lil Edward.

    Next? World Domination.

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  • I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  • What an adventure! You’re going to have to start getting paid for the entertainments you provide.

    I’m so excited you got to see Ashley Greene AND that she was so nice AND that you saw Kynt AND that so many new Twi-friends will be blogging here. You ladies are amazing!

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  • A+++++ would read again! 😉

  • Walking_Disaster

    I was there too! My friend Kris and I got there around 9:30 and did wait in line, we had an obnoxious screamer right behind us too. I was wondering if you two would be there and almost went through the line asking if anyone knew if Moon and Dawn were there! Anywho Kris and I made a vid of our evening for Will over at It’s on youtube here . Maybe next time we’ll all meet up!

    • bummer! we would’ve loved to have met you!!!! I loved your video!

    • velazcoz

      hahah, i came out in your video, that was so random
      i am the one with the grey and white pola dot shirt, lol
      i remember you guys were a couple of people ahead of us in the line 🙂

  • Jena

    I’m way late here but wanted to bop in and say how excited I am for you two that you got to see Ashley and got to be together for the dvd release! LOL @ the sign above your head in the photo with Kynt. “What may trigger an asthma attack may surprise you” LOL!

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