This if how you found us? Vol. 2

f-a-k-e l-e-s-b-i-a-n-s

f-a-k-e l-e-s-b-i-a-n-s

Dear LTT/LTR Readers and Random Googlers –

It’s that time of the month again! Time to go trolling through the search terms that led people to our site. Last month we started this feature because we wanted to share with you awesome readers some of the funny stuff UC and I see on the ‘backend’ of the blogs that never get seen by anyone else. For the uninitiated wordpress has this handy dandy feature that shows us every day what terms people google to find us. Most searches that lead people here are obvious ones like: Twilight, Letters, Rob, shirtless Kellan pics… you know the usuals! But every so often we get a real winner that simply must be shared with the world and here are this months…

Top searches:
These are terms people used to find us

  • filet-o-fish fan site – uh no, not us but this sounds like the perfect name for our new LetterstoTaylorsDad fan site. We LOVE you Taylor’s Dad!
  • a shirtless jackson rathbone – it warms my heart that we’re thought of as a place where shirtless pics of the cast can be found. Someday I will unveil my gallery of all the shirtless pictures I’ve been collecting since we started these blogs
  • kristen stewart looking like shit – so uh you’re looking for just ANY picture of Kristen, huh. Is there any other way she looks?
  • robert pattinson buttcrack – Oh HALE nah, who does Rob think he is? Our lover Buttcrack Santa. NEVER!
  • Robert pattinson win a date contest 2009 – Brought to you by a Nigerian Prince and the UK Lottery (which you’ve won!). Just ask these girls
  • im rob pattinson ex-girlfriend – no you’re not! SHE is!
  • robert pattinson hamburger – ok fakerpattz we know this one’s you!
  • unicorn jasper – He does speak eloquently about Twilight, but these guys might have something to say about that!
  • pornos – um, wrong place dudes. Unless we’re talking Rob, then head over here
  • sass family crest – Sass? Was this you?
  • does rob pattinson brush his teeth – this is still up for debate

More funnies after the cut…

  • why did rob give the name spunk ransom? – I ask myself this question all the time cause God knows if he had time to think that one through he wouldn’t have nicknamed himself after seminal fluid
  • creepy actors chris hansonDateline NBC is onto us!! OH NO!
  • twilight fanfiction submissive edward’s – um WTF! This sounds like some real messed up shiz that we’re not down with
  • how many calories does taylor lautner eat – I don’t know… how many calories you think are in egg whites and jello?
  • what is the purpose of the vampire – wow this sounds kinda deep. Wanna guest write a new Twilosophy? Maybe we should get Anne Rice, SMeyers and Bram Stoker to do a round table in inner essence and esoteric values of a Vamp… hmmm…
  • jobros – I just died a little on the inside
  • breaking dawn virginity – Ask your parents!
  • ming reading – Action figure Edward, the all powerful MING reader!
  • edward cullen pea coat – of all our search terms this one in all it’s variations is the one we see the most. seriously, what is with the coat?? it’s a regular ol peacoat and from what i hear it was from old navy. end of discussion, stop searching for this!
  • twilight 7 minutes in heaven – What!!? Where do i sign up? With my luck i’d get Eric Yorkie
  • robert pattinson on puberty – this sounds like an after school special wherein Rob explains “the change” to a group of 6th graders in a smelly cafeteria
  • rob 30th birthday big bear – And you didn’t invite US??!! As Stephanie Tanner would say, “How Rude!”

Stay tuned for next month and keep ’em coming weird googlers!

What’d you freaks search last month?

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