New Moon Music we're freaking out about

f_MusicSavesMm_03e9391Dear Music-loving Twihards,

Moon & I are music freaks. We met at music school, we send each other mixes all the time (and by “we” I mean Moon sends me mixes). We both have music business degrees, and we have both worked in the music industry at one point in our lives.  So needless to say, music is really important to us- especially when it involves things we love, like the New Moon Soundtrack.

Add to the list of things we love about Chris Weitz, it sounds like he has kick-ass music taste.  We read that he’s confirmed Thom Yorke from Radiohead on the soundtrack as well as Bon Iver (my fav artist of 2008- please learn how to pronounce his name so I don’t get 2nd-hand embarrassed “BONE-EE-VAIR”). Moon & my friendship really blossomed in the days while we were obsessing over Adam Brody on the OC, and we can’t mention Adam Brody/Seth Cohen without mentioning Death Cab for Cutie who is rumored to have a track on the soundtrack as well.

We’re psyched.

Today, enjoy the music. Maybe you know it Or Maybe it’s new. This isn’t about the videos. You don’t even have to watch them- just push play and let the music fill your soul. This is about the amazing artists that we’re so exicted to hear in New Moon:

Bon Iver

Skinny Love

Actually watch this vid. I got goosebumps. So appropriate. Song is called Woods

This vid has a :34 sec intro- push through it. The song is called Bloodbank

Death Cab & Radiohead after the jump!


This song is really special to me, and “I will follow you into the Dark” (the title) is inscribed on my husband’s wedding band!

Sad! So Short, but it’s called We looked like Giants

Radiohead Thom Yorke is their lead singer & has only released 1 solo album and I found no songs of his linked with Twi vids!

Obvs, all Twi fans know this because it was during the very last scene of Twilight, and while I’ve heard it so many millions of times because when this album came out I played it for 3 months in a row (not kidding), it’s still so.damn.good: 15 Steps

An oldie but a goodie song of Radioheads that is about obsession with a girl: Creep

Can’t wait to hear what songs get on the soundtrack! Do you know these bands? What songs are your favs & what would be appropriate if they don’t put new tracks on the album?


The Forum is always a fine place for music discussions

LTR probably rocks today with Moon. Check it out!

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