Kellan Lutz Appreciation Day

Come on ride the Kellan train and ride it!

Come on ride the Kellan train and ride it!

Dear Kellan-

Most people might not know but you were the very first person we ever wrote a letter to so you hold quite a special place in our hearts. But it seems as of lately Letters has been ruled by the holy trinity of: The Jailbait, the Sourpuss and the Holy Rob with little time left over for that hot brother. So since we declared yesterday Mike Newton Appreciation Day I’ve decided to declare today, a Sunday (of course!) Kellan Lutz Appreciation Day. I know a ton of our readers are HUGE Kellan fans and heck, we love your face and your love for life affirming literature too!

So let’s talk about the reason I heart you Kellan…


One of my favorite things about you is your ability to “whore yourself out” for lack of a better phrase and that means that you’ll show up to any Hotel Ballroom within the continental US if there’s a Twilight Convention banner hanging over head and then gladly pose for pictures with total whackos and cute girls for hours on end. And not just any pictures you really get into it with hugs and prom poses and kisses. I gotta say I love you for it cause not everyone would do it or even feel comfortable with that kind of attention. But like any good fame whore/teddy bear you man up and smile!

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.3453720&w=425&h=350&fv=id%3Dv205677846%26shareEnable%3D1]

You were in a Hinder video. While I can’t personally stand Hinder or music like this, it makes me smile to see you as the High School Jock cause it’s pretty much you playing yourself! All they needes to add was a Bible Study scene and this could be a video of your life circa early 2000’s.

Follow the cut to see what else we appreciate about Kellan!

You went to the Barbizon school of modeling. Ok, maybe not but where else do these poses come from?

Your Tyler Shields video… While doing on of these types of videos seems to be “the cool thing” apparently, you make taking off your suit jacket to flight of the bumble bee not seem completely retarded. Kudos. Too bad they didn’t just forgo the “art” and make you take off your shirt to Right Said Fred’s “I’m too Sexy” but maybe that’s too obvious.

Save the horse, ride a Kellan

Save the horse, ride a Kellan

You posed for this photo shoot with Ryan Eggold for People Magazine. The same magazine that had a crusty old Rob picture in it. I’m sure you know which one I was more interested in. Yea, the Rob one. Sorry. (I kid, i kid!)

Ya man, we be jammin'

Ya man, we be jammin'

You wore this disguise at Comic Con so you could hit the convention floor. You didn’t go for a baseball hat, or a hoodie you went ALL out with the hobo, lumber jack, Jamaican me crazy – chic look. At a place with a bunch of nerds wearing Star Wars costumes and tshirts that read “May the source force be with you.” You stuck out like a sore thumb. Poor poor Kellan you are not a nerd my friend embrace your jock status and ask the nerds what to wear next time.

You walk around looking like this minutes from my home… life is cruel sometimes.

And last but definitely DEFINITELY not least you look like this………….
Yowza!!! What were we talking about again??

Besides all the above stuff I think I love you most for your personaility and joi de livre Kellan. You even said it yourself you want to laugh and have a good time and I can appreciate that for serious. So know that you were our first (letter virgin popper!) and we’ll alwatys love you, even when the holy trinity gets in the way.


So what’s your favorite thing about Kellan? Who out there loves Kellan more than the trinity? Is he anyone’s favorite Cullen? Discuss…

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