IMMA WINNER!! Contest winners announced!

*EDIT: if we did not post your entry YET please don’t post it in the comments, we will be featuring entries ALL weekend! THX!*

Dear Imma Contest participants and LTT-ers,

UC: Remember last week when we announced that we’d be hosting a contest for our readers with awesome prizes from Bella Bejeweled?
Moon: Totes, I almost entered under my pseudonym: TheButtcrackisDown cause I wanted to be just like Alice and Bella and wear jewelery like theirs, but I figured you’d know it was me when that email came through. And I don’t lie so well- my non-poker face gives it away.
UC: Yea, you never did know how to make a kitty meow, but you love those little bottles.
Moon: Truth.
UC: ANYWAY all week we received a TON of entries on Twitter and to our email address from you funny gals making us both laugh till we cried and making it SO hard (that’s what she said) to pick only TWO winners so-
Moon: *grabs the mic keyboard out of UC’s hand* Hey, Sorry I gotta interrupt here! UC you’re a great blogger and winner announcer and all and imma let you finish but our readers are the best in the whole blogosphere and we need to reveal the winners right now!
UC: Ok, Ok… and the winners are:

Submitted via Twitter

Winner: @Chelseaheptig !!!!!
You slayed us with your use of the 100 Monkeys and the worst band in the world: Creed! You deserve a medal for bravery in laughs and some earplugs!

Submitted via Email

Winner: Beth!!!
You interrupted Martha Stewart to let her know she had nothing on Rob’s sewing skills. I mean after all he did resurrect both the old stoli shirt AND those heinous pants with probably nothing more than a hotel sewing kit. He should get a girlscout badge or something!

Congratulations Chelsea and Beth you gals are the winners of some beautiful jewelry courtesy of Bella Bejeweled!

Let’s give a HUGE round of applause to our winners and to ALL (there were a ton) the participants! And because there were SO many good entries we simply couldn’t NOT show you some of the best so this weekend we’ll be showcasing all our favorite entries… starting with the runner’s up. Follow the cut to see the one who ALMOST won

You know what’s convenient? We had ALL these categories in mind for runners-up and it just so happens that someone fits EACH category. WOW! If that’s not fate then I dunno what is.  We don’t have real prizes for all these dolls, but we do have a TON of fake ones. Enjoy!

via Twitter

Best Entry featuring an adult balding man in jorts AND an underage boy in jorts

@alashawright  wins a get out of jail free card! You gonna need it girl!
Tobias Funke + Jorts = UC and Moon girly boner

Best entry featuring two Barbizon boy models with body hair issues

lissashoff & robsten4life wins a gallon of brain bleach. Please share!

Best entry that reminded us to have our cholesterol checked

Alice & Bella from Notanaddikt – you win, what else? Some of Harry Clearwater’s homemade fish fry! In that nasty greasy paper bag, of course!

via Email

Best non-Twilight entry featuring a Canadian housewife with a video camera and too much spare time

Alice from NotanAddikt – You win your own camcorder from 1997 and a makeup lesson with AmanDUH herself! Maybe she’ll teach you the prison tear drop makeup trick!

Best entry featuring a past Presidential indiscretion and urban slang

Amy, Cheryl and Ben – You win a lifetimes supple of Tide Sticks and one month’s free dry cleaning service from Vancouver Celebrity Dry Cleaning: We don’t “clean and tell!”

So folks you can see it was a hard choice. Now I know how Big Daddy feels in the drive through at McDee’s! So many great choices, all so good, but you can only choose one TWO.

UC and I spent hours debating back n forth trying to decide which ones were the best and funniest and deserved the bling the most but it was SOOO difficult. We wish there could have been 10 winners, at least! We cried, we laughed, we gagged… but in the end it was Chelsea and Beth. Congrats ladies! You will now be bejeweled in the finest jewelry the world has to offer!

Where everyone’s a winner!
Moon and UC

PS Didn’t win but still wanna get those Alice earrings or that Bella bracelet? Head over to our sponsor Bella Bejeweled and get your order in!
PPS Check back here ALL weekend for more of the best runners up in the Imma Contest!

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*EDIT: if we did not post your entry YET please don’t post it in the comments, we will be featuring entries ALL weekend! THX!*

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